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05:09<JamesTK>pacman -S ubuntu
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05:26<rsdehart>thanks for stopping by
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10:54<skyfaller>hi folks, I'm a little confused: I see that the Classic Linode Manager is EOL, but I don't see a way to resize my disks in the Cloud Manager. Is this a missing feature that will be added soon, or am I doing something wrong?
10:55<@bbigger>skyfaller: you can resize disks in Cloud Manager > Dashboard > Advanced tab
10:59<skyfaller>@bbigger thank you! Is messing around with disks somehow passé? I have my disk sized to 1/2 of my Linode's alloted space, so I can easily install an image from backup.
11:13<@bbigger>skyfaller sure thing! not so much passé, more-so a practical change to avoid confusion
11:13<skyfaller>is there a better way to do things?
11:14<millisa>I lean towards not using the full allocation and consider it 'better'. it leaves room for other images, migrations go quicker, and resizes (down) are easier.
11:15<@bbigger>I think your approach makes sense especially if disk space isn't so important. Another option would be to restore a backup to a new Linode then transfer IPs from old to new.
11:23<Peng_>Customers coming over from [large competitor] don't have any experience with resizing disks being possible. Have to ease them into it ;)
11:25<cews>I feel who the [] are.
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13:02<FluffyFoxeh>I like how flexible Linode is and the configuration options it offers
13:06<cews>Deffo - I'll be moving all my boxes across, apart from 1 next year :)
13:07<cews>CPU / I.O is way faster compared to most competitors
13:11<cews>Best of all, the support / staff seem to listen
13:12<cews>and action, immediately should the need be there
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15:19<kimina69>hello world
15:19<kimina69>works doesnt work
15:19<kimina69>i dont know
15:19<millisa>(also, Greetings)
15:22<kimina69>bye stranger
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15:23<millisa>another job, well done.
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16:30<dzho>well, that was better than most drive-by's
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18:39<cews>Mal fu n c tion
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