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13:05<linbot>New news from community: How do I configure my domain name to send and receive mail through third-party mail services? <>
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13:14<victor_>Someone knows why Linode is down?
13:15<millisa>mine seem ok. what are you seeing?
13:15<FluffyFoxeh>Which data centre?
13:16<FluffyFoxeh>And what's the issue
13:16<victor_> is not loanding
13:17<millisa>(the link you sent redirected me there)
13:17<millisa>What about the old manager at ?
13:22<victor_>do you enter to login ?
13:22<victor_>sorry, can you enter to linode login?
13:22<millisa>Both work for me. I am able to log in to both.
13:22<millisa>Are you not getting the login pages to load at all? or are the pages loading but you can't login?
13:24<victor_>i'm not getting the login pages to load at all
13:29<millisa>Can you ping either or
13:30<victor_>i'm trying from Argentina
13:30<millisa>what IP does it resolve to when you try to ping
13:31<linbot>Peng_: ('The read operation timed out',)
13:31<millisa>that's definitely one of their ip's. what does it look like when you try to mtr to them?
13:32<Peng_>.!mtr-dallas was unable to resolve Suspect their ISP runs their own nameservers and there's a routing issue between them and Dallas
13:32<millisa>(202 i think is their website IP. new manager is 207, old manager is 204)
13:32<Peng_>!web title
13:32<linbot>Peng_: [mtr] 5. AS2914 ( 0.0% 3 1.6 1.6 1.5 1.7 0.0 -- 6. AS??? ??? 100.0 3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- see for full mtr
13:32<Peng_> uses a CDN so the routing is different
13:56<victor_>ok. The problem is in Argentina.
13:57<Peng_>Well, maybe
13:58<victor_>yes. I enter from digital ocean and it was ok.
13:58<victor_>from other Country, not Argentina
13:59<Peng_>and, for example, Linode's Atlanta data center works
13:59<Peng_>There's a problem with your ISP, or with another ISP.
14:00<victor_>yes, thath's rigth
14:00<victor_>thank's people!
14:01<victor_>sorry for my english :D
14:02<Peng_>DigitalOcean NYC1 doesn't work for me:
14:02<Peng_>And, of course, Linode Dallas doesn't:
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16:44<AlexMax>What is the range of private IP addresses available?
16:46<AlexMax>I have, but I just saw a server outside of those ranges
16:46<millisa>same datacenter?
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16:49<Peng_>Where and how did you see it? What was its IP?
16:53<millisa>(don't think I've seen any outside that first range. still digging through the ones i have)
16:53<AlexMax>Peng_: ATL, and I'm talking about servers I have control over
16:53<AlexMax>three of the four are outside of those ranges
16:54<AlexMax>I don't want to necessarily spill the beans on specific IP addresses in a public IRC channel, for obvious reasons
16:54<AlexMax>not that I think I have security issues, just would prefer not to
16:55<Peng_>I didn't know happened either
16:58<AlexMax>I can't remember where i got these cidrs from
16:58<millisa>the remote access tab in the old manager shows the private ip
16:58<AlexMax>oh wait
16:58<Peng_>The new manager doesn't show it?
16:59<millisa>it probably does, i just don't know where it is off the top of my head
16:59<AlexMax>that's for vagrant, not linode
16:59<Peng_>Oh :D
16:59<millisa>the new 'linodes' tab shows the private ip's, but leaves off the /17
17:00<millisa>you have to go to the networking tab, it'll show the private ip, then click the '...' and view details to see it give the subnet mask... bleh
17:04<AlexMax>ah, i see it now
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17:07<AlexMax>okay so it looks like there are now two CIDR's, and
17:07<AlexMax>so baiscally the same thing as
17:07<AlexMax>if i have my math right
17:07<millisa>are you seeing that second range in the manager?
17:07<AlexMax>yes i'm getting that second range from the manager
17:08<AlexMax>well i'm getting those two masks from the manager
17:08<AlexMax>then i work out the /17 and "standard" IP for that range from there
17:10<millisa>Across my linode, I've only got things in that first range. but yeah, those two ranges together would be the /16 you have
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17:10<Zr40>I've also never seen
17:14<AlexMax>where are your 'nodes
17:14<millisa>dallas/fremont/newark. none in atlanta anymore. most are in dallas.
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17:56<linbot>New news from community: Want to migrate a cPanel WHM server from AWS 16.04 ubuntu EC2 server to Linode. <>
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19:46<nate>weird, had a live migration apparently initiated of an instance that was just migrated less than a month ago for a retirement o.O
19:47<Peng_>Second time's the charm?
19:56<nate>Apparently, must have been something critical, was no forewarning of this one
19:56<nate>at least it was a live migration I guess lol
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21:12<chesty>you sure it was initiated by linode?
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21:59<nate>I certainly didn't do it lol
21:59<nate>I may be forgetful about some stuff but I think I'd remember that :P
22:01<Peng_>How do you know it happened?
22:01<Peng_>I've had a couple stealth live migrations -- or so I think. None recently, and I haven't had any retirements, though.
22:03<chesty>nate, you don't have ansible or something hooked up that could do it? I fully believe you, just wondering if there could be another explanation out of interest
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22:19<nate>Peng: Got the email about it lol
22:19<nate>The "recent activity" one that is
22:20<nate>chesty: I do not, even at that when has ansible been capable of doing host migrations?
22:20<nate>I've never really seen it on linode used other than deployment
22:21<nate>I'm guessing there was just a hardware/issue like it notes it could have been, was just noteworthy for being the first one I've ever had occur, or at least was notified of lol
22:27<chesty>I realise it's a moot point, but can you not trigger a live migration through the api? if you can, then I don't see why ansible couldn't trigger a migration. not that it would become sentient and just do it for a laugh, it would need to have the code and something to trigger it
22:28<Peng_>nate: Oh, interesting, I never got emailed.
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23:31<jkwood>I just got the live migration notification too.
23:31<jkwood>And here I am SSH'ed into it
23:42<Peng_>I didn't get notified. :<
23:42<Peng_>I mean, in the past.
23:43<wraeth>Just out of curiosity, you mean a migration to another host in the DC? Or to another DC?
23:44<Peng_>I've meant another host in the same DC.
23:44<wraeth>Fair enough. Just wondering, since AFAIK cross-DC migrations mean new IP(s).
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23:59<Ikaros>I'm just going to leave this here... (has to do with nginx, odd as this seems to be)
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