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00:41<chesty>i understand the need for a tos, and because of the complex laws and number of laws and jurisdictions it's unavoidable for the tos to be long and complicated, but i hate them. linode's tos isn't too bad in terms of understandability for non lawyers, it's still a long read with many opportunities for misunderstanding.
00:43<chesty> the tos for my local lotto is absolutely ridiculous in terms of length and complexity. I can't remember the exact time estimated to read, but to read and understand all points would be a days works easily
00:44<virtual>those poor lawyers, how will they feed their families
00:55<FluffyFoxeh>I'll probably throw what I wrote above into an e-mail/support ticket
00:55<FluffyFoxeh>because I am curious what the answer is
00:56<FluffyFoxeh>I could have been a lawyer.
00:57<FluffyFoxeh>I mean, I guess I still could
00:57<FluffyFoxeh>But I'm not really into it
00:57<chesty>Based on (7) readability formulas, we have scored your text:Grade Level: 15Reading Level: difficult to read.Reader's Age: College graduate
00:57<FluffyFoxeh>Computers are more fun
00:57<FluffyFoxeh>to me
00:59<FluffyFoxeh>Any document written to be very precise will probably score like that.
00:59<FluffyFoxeh>that's just my hunch
01:00<chesty>linodes score is actually good for a tos
01:00<FluffyFoxeh>Yeah, I don't find Linode's ToS hard to read. Well, at least not the previous one. Have only skimmed the new one
01:01<@mtjones>FluffyFoxeh: Please do! We'd love to hear your thoughts. You could also send it to if you'd like.
01:01<chesty>it still indicates to me all toses are problematic. I've seen a car park entry tos on a massive sign as you enter that would take 10-20 minutes to read
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01:02<FluffyFoxeh>They have to be precise in order to be effective when disputes arise.
01:02<FluffyFoxeh>Most of it is common sense anyway
01:03<FluffyFoxeh>But when someone has weird esoteric questions or requirements, it's there.
01:05<FluffyFoxeh>And if it ever goes to court, the reasonableness of expecting the person to have read and understood it is taken into account.
01:05<FluffyFoxeh>I think they're fine.
01:06<FluffyFoxeh>mtjones: Great :)
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01:07<chesty>oh, they do take into account how likely people are to read and understand it? that's makes it a lot better.
01:09<FluffyFoxeh>Yes. Like if it's excessively long and important details are borderline obfuscated in complex language, you can bet the defense will take issue with that and it could render it unenforceable
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01:43<revechat>anybody there
01:45<revechat>seems everyone offline here
01:45<@mtjones>Anything I can do to help?
01:46<revechat>@mtjones !!!!
01:46<revechat>yes sure. i am new here. particularly in linode
01:46<revechat>i was working to setup IP sharing with keepalived. facing some issues. it is not working as per expectation friend.
01:47<@mtjones>We have a guide on Keepalived that might help:
01:47<revechat>yes i have followed everything reported there
01:48<revechat>i have 2 major queries here
01:48<revechat>1. how to get floating IP .
01:49<@mtjones>The floating IP address is just an additional IP address added to one of the two Linodes, that is then set up for IP Sharing in the Cloud Manager. Open a ticket and we'd be happy to add a new IP address to your Linode to use with IP Sharing.
01:49<revechat>2. Do we have configure ip sharing from both Node (Linode A and Linode B) if we think 2 node failover.
01:49<@mtjones>IP sharing will work the same if it's configured from either Linode. There's a guide here for reference:
01:50<revechat>or configure IP sharing only into main node
01:50<revechat>and also add Private IP or Public IP of secondary Node?
01:51<@mtjones>It depends on how you have things set up. With Keepalived I think you'd need a public IP address in most cases.
01:53<revechat>i am thinking very basic setup like if main server goes down or main server application stopped or dont respond, then it will be served from seconday linode instance
01:54<revechat>i am very new into keepalived and related things so dont know much.
01:54<@mtjones>It sounds like you'd need a second public IP address in that case.
01:55<revechat>i have requested a floating IP but still not received from your end.
01:57<revechat>i have requested a floating IP but still not received from your end.
02:02<@mtjones>Let me know the ticket ID and I'll take a look.
02:03<revechat>sent you in private message
02:13<revechat>thanks a ton. one more query sir, i added public and private both ip of my secondary linode instance from ip sharing option, now i want to remove the private ip but it is not removing.
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02:22<revechat>hi Luonglam
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02:32<revechat>hi @mtjones, are you there
02:37<@mtjones>Hello! Could you update your ticket with which one you'd like to remove? I'll take a look.
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02:40<revechat>yes @mtjones i have replied over ticket
02:40<@mtjones>Thanks! I'll reply shortly.
02:43<Lam>Please check this ticket (# 13145815). I've waited so long
02:44<@mtjones>Hi Lam! I'll take a look in just a moment and myself or another member of the Support team will send you a reply soon.
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03:04<Adam_Bartczak>good morning/evening
03:04<Adam_Bartczak>i am looking for list of Linode var partners
03:04<Adam_Bartczak>anyone knows where to find it?
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03:17<revechat>hi @mtjones
03:17<revechat>are you there sir
03:17<revechat>i have sent you a reply again
03:20<@mtjones>Hi again revechat. I'm no longer working at the moment, but someone else from the support team will reply to you soon.
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04:06<Lam>Please check the ticket # 13145815, thank you.
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04:24<linbot>New news from community: how to configure a domain name step by step on a linode server platform <>
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07:19<NgocBich>Please check the ticket # 13146213, I have waited a long time, thank you.
07:26<@rdaniels>NgocBich: Thanks for the ticket number. I'm looking into it now, and I'll update you in the ticket.
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07:46<NgocBich>Thank you very much @rdaniels
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07:50<@rdaniels>You are very welcome! :D
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10:46<linbot>New news from community: Unable to use DENIC or .de domains with Linode DNS Manager? <>
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12:10<wh1t3>Really there are someone active?!
12:10<wh1t3>hmm this Is My first tíme here
12:11<wh1t3>is this better then Messenger or nah?
12:11<rsdehart>well I mean
12:11<@pwoods>This is a public forum
12:12<wh1t3>what are you doing here?😂
12:12<@pwoods>I work for Linode. Anyone with an "@" on their handle does.
12:13<@pwoods>I work Support, so I'm here for you.
12:13<rsdehart>pwoods: I'm going to guess wh1t3 followed a tutorial to get here
12:13<wh1t3>why I cant root my device?
12:13<wh1t3>how you know😂
12:13<rsdehart>because you don't seem to know the purpose of this channel
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12:14<wh1t3>it doesnt matter
12:14<rsdehart>and I know there's a linode-hosted tutorial that directs to this channel
12:14<rsdehart>yes, you know that I know because I just told you
12:14<wh1t3>but every server I tried is off-line😂
12:15<rsdehart>what servers have you tried?
12:15<@pwoods>wh1t3: If you've opened a Support ticket, I'd be happy to take a closer look.
12:15<rsdehart>that would be a channel
12:15<rsdehart>pwoods: wh1t3 isn't a customer
12:16<cews>Russian bots
12:16*cews walks out.
12:16<wh1t3>I Am not russian!
12:16<wh1t3>I Am just a noob
12:17<rsdehart>wh1t3: this is the community chat channel for a server host
12:17<wh1t3>how can I root my device?I tried Everything
12:17<cews>root your device, as in, login as root?!
12:17<rsdehart>we don't know what device you have
12:17<wh1t3>it doesnt work
12:17<rsdehart>cews: probably referring to an Android mobile device
12:17<dwfreed>cews: I feel like he's not talking about a normal Linux device
12:17<cews>I thought that!
12:18<dwfreed>(Android is not normal Linux)
12:18*cews actually walks out this time
12:18<rsdehart>I would have thought #linux on this network would have people in it
12:18<wh1t3>I am chatting here from termux and thats App for android
12:19<wh1t3>but i will download Kali linux on pc
12:19<rsdehart>oh dear
12:19<rsdehart>that's my cue to pack up and get ready to go home
12:19<rsdehart>good luck
12:20<millisa>we mostly talk about linodes and linode based accessories here.
12:21<wh1t3>btw do you know how to get ip address except Angry ip or those shits?
12:21<millisa>typing 'whatsmyip' in google usually spits it back
12:22<wh1t3>not my
12:23<wh1t3>I Mean
12:23<wh1t3>someone else
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12:26<linbot>New news from community: Can't make whois queries from IPv6 address <>
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16:02*Peng_ sees title, thinks "is it RIPE again?", clicks, it was RIPE again
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16:04<cews>why is coding such a pain, sometimes.
16:05<cews>Maybe not the right place - but whos scored a .IO?
16:17<cews>.io domain - if anyone bought one with their first name e.g?
16:24<nuevu>I have .io domains. Nothing to do with my name, however. What's your question?
16:26<cews>Do you find SEO is treated differently?
16:27<cews>I keep seeing .IOs at top results.
16:28<nuevu>Don't actually care about search engines for those, to be honest. They aren't the type of sites I'm trying to advertise.
16:28<cews>Ah okay sure thing
16:29<nuevu>You'll find that certain TLDs are more popular (very much a fad) in certain fields. If your searches are all technical, it wouldn't surprise me to see a lot of .io results.
16:30<nuevu>Anecdotally, at least.
16:33<Peng_>The .io TLD is colonial theft
16:34<cews>114usd for 2 years
16:34<Peng_>If the fake country still exists in 2 years
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17:03<@mcintosh>/window scroll bottom
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17:09<cews>can u see this.
17:09<cews>scroll success
17:34<packetcat>whee for phising spam targeting Linode customers coming from Linode IPs, sent off another abuse report
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17:47<linbot>New news from community: Outgoing email from mail client failing <>
17:49<cews>Bad customers suck
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17:57<linbot>New news from blog: Launch: Linode Solutions Partner Program <>
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18:19<LouWestin>We finally have an official partner program
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18:47<linbot>New news from blog: Launch: Linode Solutions Partner Program <>
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19:02<FluffyFoxeh>i c
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21:09<warewolf>linode ops: I just forwarded an awesome phish targeting myself from a Linode POV to support@linode, just as a heads up.
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21:12<newdriv>so our domains are secure
21:12<newdriv>but for subdomain we use wordpress
21:12<newdriv>and i keep getting UBH (united blanglasdesh hackers attack)
21:12<newdriv>and thus google search console warning
21:13<newdriv>i had reinstalled the backup
21:13<newdriv>changed the permissions
21:13<newdriv>at this point i just don't know how they are getting in
21:13<newdriv>any help
21:27<newdriv>anybody there?
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21:53<nate>newdriv: They're probably getting in still because 1) they breached before your backup (and as such you backed up their backdoor), 2) You haven't updated everything vulnerable on your install
21:56<FluffyFoxeh>Check shell startup files, init scripts, and anywhere else they could stick code that will run automatically
21:57<FluffyFoxeh>By shell startup I mean
21:58<FluffyFoxeh>.bashrc, .profile, .bash_profile, .bash_logout, /etc/bash.bashrc, /etc/environment
21:58<FluffyFoxeh>And probably others, especially if you use a different shell than Bash
21:58<newdriv>no bash
21:58<newdriv>but they are able to attack only one site
21:59<newdriv>not the other wordpress site
21:59<FluffyFoxeh>Ah, I missed that
21:59<newdriv>so i am assuming plugin are also the problem
21:59<FluffyFoxeh>Yeah, I don't know much about WordPress but I imagine the principles are similar
22:00<FluffyFoxeh>Find where they stuck their backdoor and anything that might be rigged to automatically reinstall it
22:00<newdriv>so instead of bash files, should i simply tighten the run permissions
22:00<nate>newdriv: ultimately you need to check the entire install for any backdoor code, then check the plugins for updates (and consider getting rid of any not updated in ages)
22:01<nate>otherwise they're going to continue getting in. It's probably not a bad idea to actually hire a PHP auditor of some sort
22:01<FluffyFoxeh>Tightening permissions is good, but it won't remove whatever they've added to allow themselves access
22:02<FluffyFoxeh>You'll have to check the install. There are ways to optimize that procedure (diff 3rd party components with known good - Fresh from upstream - copies)
22:03<FluffyFoxeh>Or you may consider rebuilding the installation and copying the website data over *after inspecting it*
22:04<newdriv>rebuilding wordpress sounds a better option
22:04<FluffyFoxeh>And if this kind of thing is not something you know anything about, I'd find someone who does
22:04<newdriv>the reason that we used worppress is to save time of our devs
22:04<newdriv>and focus on main thing
22:05<FluffyFoxeh>That's an option, but you *must* check over whatever you preserve from the old installation
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22:08<newdriv>would the googlel search console work if we simply remove the blog for some time?
22:09<newdriv>anyone with some experience with that
22:09<FluffyFoxeh>What do you mean by "will it work" ?
22:09<newdriv>so our main domain is showing phishing warning
22:09<newdriv>because of that blog. subdomain
22:10<newdriv>which is a wordpress attached bu UBH
22:10<FluffyFoxeh>If you remove the offending content, then I imagine the warning will go away the next time it scans, yes
22:12<FluffyFoxeh>Also one thing to check for when you rebuild the site, if you plan on preserving wp-uploads (or is it wp-content/uploads) is for unfamiliar PHP scripts in the uploads directory.
22:13<FluffyFoxeh>Or in any part of what you keep, really. But that just came to my mind.
22:14<FluffyFoxeh>The idea being that if they left their own scripts in there, they could visit them from the web and cause them to execute.
22:19<newdriv>ok thanks for the help
22:19<newdriv>i guess i would just rebuild
22:20<newdriv>and tigten the perssions avoiding all the plugin Hah :)
22:20<newdriv>i would have rather prefeered a regular site than wordpress at this point and time
22:38<nate>Then have your devs do that? If you literally have nothing but a static site with no dynamic need, it shouldn't be hard to otherwise convert it to a static site
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