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00:00<Hydroxide>slight privacy improvement
00:03<dwfreed>yeah, just a bit
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00:18<William>Does it still not load unknown images automatically by default? That's the best defense against email trackers.
00:20<dwfreed>William: yeah, but every normal person clicks 'show images'
00:21<dwfreed>and I believe it will still download them even if it doesn't show them
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00:30<Jay>I am receiving ping to my server from
00:30<Jay>can you please let me know why your server pinging ?
00:31<Jay>is this your IP address
00:31<millisa>That's a linode IP. It's probably a customer of theirs
00:31<Jay>can you please help me out in it?
00:32<millisa>er, include any relevant logs.
00:33<Jay>okay thank you
00:34<Peng_>It could be spoofed
00:35<Peng_>Is it doing any harm?
00:36<dwfreed>welcome to the internet, people ping you
00:37<Jay>ok thanks
00:37<Jay>it is not harming
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00:41<FluffyFoxeh>Haven't got my NewToS email yet
00:41<FluffyFoxeh>Not complaining, just data pointing
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00:46<FluffyFoxeh>millisa: Does it make a difference that they're doing this near the end of the year?
00:47<millisa>Some folks take all of this week off through the new year.
00:47<millisa>Or there are complete freezes in environment
00:50<FluffyFoxeh>I guess they go2uh
00:51<FluffyFoxeh>my keyboard got oom killed. Thanks android ._.
00:51<FluffyFoxeh>I guess they wanted to effect it on January 1. Perhaps they should have announced it sooner.
00:51<Peng_>Who needs a keyboard when you can feed auto-play YouTube videos into your brain
00:51<dwfreed>yes, to both
00:52<FluffyFoxeh>Peng_: Mental junk food!
00:52<millisa>some of that california gdpr thing goes into effect in january too
00:53<millisa>this thing -
01:21<JamesTK>Peng_: apparently my personal use falls foul of one of the MSA clauses?
01:21<JamesTK>"You will immediately notify us in the event your use of any Service is for a non-business purpose" yeah what
01:23<dwfreed>that's not a "you can't do this" clause
01:23<millisa>Geologically Immediate
01:23<JamesTK>But what if I don't want to notify them XD
01:25<FluffyFoxeh>I've put in a ticket asking for clarification of what the purpose and the effects of notifying them are
01:25<FluffyFoxeh>I apologize for the bad grammar
01:26<dwfreed>[02:22:19] <@jackley> [...] you can continue to use your Linode services as you always have. that section is related to compliance needs, which sometimes requires that we distinguish between business and non-business uses
01:27<FluffyFoxeh>yes, in my ticket I asked what those needs are and if/how it affects my interactions with or obligations to Linode or vice versa
01:28<FluffyFoxeh>I imagine the answer is "it doesn't" but I'm curious
01:28<FluffyFoxeh>because it has to mean *something*
01:31<JamesTK>dwfreed: aha
01:32<Peng_>"A tiny country where we have three customers passed a new law, EMAIL EVERYONE!"
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01:36<pk>actually this is regarding sponsorship of an event
01:37<pk>this event is spread all over India
01:38<pk>and from all india participents would be there
01:38<Woet>no thanks
01:38<millisa>You'd probably want to write them about it
01:39<millisa>There's an Email section there
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01:59<Woet>i was trying to save him time
01:59<Woet>now he will hear "no thanks" from someone else
02:14<chesty>millisa, "Or there are complete freezes in environment" good point, can't decide to change service providers if there is a freeze on changes.
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02:23<dwfreed>just got the third notification email; this one for my dormant account; 5 hours after the last one
02:25<chesty>i haven't got any
02:26<chesty>actually, I got one 3 days ago
02:27<chesty>maybe they are have "order by id"
02:27<dwfreed>which is why the OFTC one came yesterday
02:34<@mcintosh>!boo Woet
02:34<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from woet! (27)
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03:30<Woet>mcintosh: sir, can you sponsor my event
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05:17<JamesTK>!boo mcintosh
05:17<linbot>JamesTK: Point taken from mcintosh! (21)
05:18<JamesTK>Peng_: will you sponsor my country?
05:20<Peng_>I have asthma
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05:29*dcraig tickles jamestk around a bit with a large grenadier
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06:40<@pwoods>If anyone is interested in Linode sponsoring their event, they can use the "Apply for a Hackathon Sponsorship" form located here:
06:40<@pwoods>Support will direct them there, so posting here to reduce steps and make others aware.
06:42<Peng_>The new website has everything eh
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06:57<linbot>New news from community: Linode slave DNS zone not updating <>
07:04<chesty>does it have a flight simulator?
07:07<@pwoods>chesty: I think that's planned for an upcoming sprint.
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07:16<nate>Peng_: Except the reasoning why we have to explain personal vs business use >.>
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07:50<dwfreed>pwoods: perhaps instead of saying "hackathon" that form should just be titled "Apply for an Event Sponsorship"
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08:05<bazlur>anyone here ?
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08:06<bazlur>I am trying to reset my password not getting the reset password email to my inbox.. also checked SPAM and other folders
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08:42<linbot>New news from community: My CentOS 6.5 system readonly,How fix it? <>
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10:53<kharlan>darn. using ipv6 is hard when certain services don't support it lol
10:53<kharlan>how can a windows vps provider in 2019 not support it ;/
10:54<Zr40>how can customer ISPs in 2019 not support it
10:55<Zr40>it's almost as if they don't care about their service
10:55<kharlan>I know right. gah it's putting me in a weird situation since I can't get another ipv4.
10:56<kharlan>I might just need create a new linode for this then.
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11:16<koenig>If someone from Linode is here, there's a small spelling mistake in the new MSA document.
11:17<koenig>Section 3.2 - Privacy
11:17<koenig>"... which in part requires online service providers Linode [use] to protect personal ..."
11:18<koenig>"... which in part requires online service providers Linode [uses] to protect personal ..."
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11:20<cews>Not the only thing wrong with the TOS.
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11:21<nate>I kinda feel bad for the attorney/lawyer that did the new ToS, cause man response has not been well lol. Though it also makes me wonder if an attorney/lawyer even -did- have involvement in it :P
11:22<@jackley>koenig: thanks for this, i'll take a look
11:22<cews>Definietly had their arm twisted
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11:32<koenig>I'm surprised that Linode's attorneys want them to adjudicate "hate speech" (from Section 6 of the AUP).
11:33<koenig>I was under the impression that once a service provider started doing that that they then sort of assumed at least some responsibility for what's going on on their service.
11:33<koenig>I guess this would come into play if "hate speech" was pointed out to them...
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11:37<@jackley>bbigger: u ok?
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11:40<@jackley>koenig: the MSA has been fixed, thanks for pointing out that typo
11:42<koenig>No problem!
11:42<@jackley>koenig: re: hate speech: your last comment is correct – we don't explicitly define hate speech, and we don't moderate or police content on our platform. we simply respond to complaints (e.g. if someone sent us a complaint and pointed out hate speech, we'd review their complaint)
11:44<koenig>Yep, that makes sense.
11:45<koenig>BTW: I'm not sure your edit to the MSA text ended up correct.
11:45<koenig>So, I originally thought that the text was about the "online service providers" that Linode might *use* to protect personal Data.
11:45<koenig>But now it's worded as "online service providers like Linode".
11:46<@jackley>"Privacy. Linode complies and operates under various privacy frameworks between the US and the international community which in part requires online service providers like Linode to protect personal Data of Covered Users from disclosure, subject to actions that satisfy legal due process and your consent (collectively the “Privacy Frameworks”)."
11:46<koenig>Ahh, okay. Then that makes sense.
11:50<koenig>That second bullet point under Section 9 of the AUP ("Use of Assigned Identification") basically says that if you land on any kind of abuse database (e.g., a spam blacklist) even if you didn't do anything yourself to cause it, you're still in violation of the Policy.
11:51<koenig>That's a pretty tough one, in my opinion. People could easily end up in violation of the AUP unknowingly and through no direct fault of their own.
11:52<warewolf>I'm so glad Linode has their own BGP now, back when I was on a ThePlanet IP address it was blacklisted from touching NetSol whois servers, due to large chunks of ThePlanet being blacklisted.
11:53<koenig>Ahh, I bet that's the type of case that bullet point is meant to address.
11:53<cews>koenig: I suppose with correct justification you'll be fine
11:54<cews>Technically it's not your fault however, you are technically / legally responsible for the content your server hosts.
11:55<koenig>cews: I'd suspect you're right. I read a fair number of these types of documents, so I am always curious to see what they say when I'm agreeing to one.
11:55<koenig>I don't think I've ever had an experience where I violated some ToS somewhere, but I at least like to understand what the ToS say.
11:56<cews>1-2 blacklist listings is totally different to 10+
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11:58<koenig>That's very true too.
11:59<koenig>Actually, if updated ToS caused fewer situations where an entire IP subnet got blacklisted, I think I'd be all for that.
11:59<koenig>I have run inbound and outbound SMTP on my Linode for years and sometimes get bounces when somebody on my subnet has done something screwy.
12:00<cews>It's good for all
12:00<cews>End of the day, Linode becomes responsible for the whole network
12:01<cews>Note - I've never been given a blacklisted IP with linode
12:02<@jackley>the SMTP policy we rolled out last month should also help with this, over time
12:02<@jackley>(for new customers)
12:03<cews>Well, you guys do a great job of mantaining!
12:03<koenig>Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking about that updated SMTP policy when I saw it.
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14:05<ThunderBox>It seems that Linode is going the way of Facebook and Twitter with their feel-good, zero-tolerance policies. From the new AUP: "You shall not Process any content or link ... [that results] in retaliation against Linode by offended viewers."
14:05<ThunderBox>Also: "You agree that if a Linode IP address assigned to your Account becomes listed on an abuse database that you will automatically be in violation of this Policy, and that Linode may take any reasonable action to protect our IP address, including suspension and/or termination of your service, regardless of whether the IP addresses were listed as a result of your actions." - So, anyone who hates my business can just get my IP listed somewhere and Li
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14:07<millisa>it must have been offensive
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14:10<cews>I think/hope they will be reasonable
14:13<linbot>New news from community: issues installing Sophos antivirus? <>
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14:32<Julie>hello - looking to switch servers for my website .. looking into various options like linode. Can you please tell me more about it. Thank you!
14:32<millisa>What do you want to know?
14:32<Julie>How easy it is to switch from another hosting site
14:32<Julie>The process of that
14:33<Julie>What is different about other hosting sites
14:33<millisa>Not different than moving to any other provider really. Linodes are mostly unmanaged linux VPS. You do the setup and mgiration
14:33<Julie>What is the turn around time for customer service if something happens to the website
14:33<Julie>You have to do the migration yourself?
14:34<millisa>You do everything yourself. setup the server, pick the OS, install the packages, do the updates. you get root access to a system that typically you have linux installed on
14:35<millisa>check out their getting started guide and it gives you an idea of what that's like
14:35<Julie>thank you
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15:05<dzho>"you do everything yourself" "oh thanks" *click*
15:06<dzho>goodness help people stuck on some expensive shared hosting with a million bells and whistles they've never touched and don't know how to drive anyway
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15:41*cews F5
15:42*Toba ⌘R
15:42<Toba>my terminal kernot handle this.
15:47<FluffyFoxeh>C-b r
16:22<@mcintosh>C-b 4
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19:24<ska>I reimaged both my servers and set them up with Ansible. I had to update my ansible but it was well worth it.
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21:07<linbot>New news from community: I don't have permission to create new linodes and/or any other new services <>
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