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02:23<Yahya>are you there ?
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02:33<linbot>New news from community: Resource use for Longview <>
03:35<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: to answer an earlier question, any quit message that starts with "Quit: " is sent by the client, not by the ircd
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03:39<Peng_>Usually jerks write prank quit messages, not bouncers.
03:40<AugustusCaesar24>if you harden ssh and get locked out would you still be able to use the lish to get access to your server?
03:41<Peng_>Lish doesn't use your system's SSH. It's basically a virtual serial console.
03:42<AugustusCaesar24>i see
03:42<AugustusCaesar24>so i would get access if i get locked out from my own ssh right?
03:42<dwfreed>as long as you know username and password
03:43<AugustusCaesar24>that sounds great!
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11:39<Rahmati>We need help
11:39<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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18:08<warewolf>lol another linode payment phish
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18:32<cps>warewolf: hah yes, i am up to about a dozen so far. most for $85, but the last one i just got a few minutes ago was for $1,000. i must have more linodes than i am aware of :-D
18:38<warewolf>yeah this one was $1k too.
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19:31<packetcat>yep just got a bunch too, they are coming from Sendgrid IPs now
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20:07<millisa>i think this is my first one. $89.95 for me
20:11<millisa>oooh, i got the $1000 one too. first one was a new invoice mail, second one was claiming i paid a thousand for it
20:12<Peng_>wow, you love prepaying
20:12<millisa>it's my favorite
20:14<Peng_>I also got a "Linode Events Notification" phishing email saying two of 'my' nodes had just shut down
20:15<Peng_>Would you know it, apparently Linode's website has moved to dot something or other dot net, what a surprise
20:16<millisa>both mine had a domain '' in them
20:21<packetcat>yep, I sent an abuse report to the host that is hosting that
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20:24<Peng_>I'm tempted to log in to the manager just to make sure I don't have magic new Linodes that have shut down. :(
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20:48<Aizuddin>Hello any support here ? Just now my server got emergency migration. But i got 502 status from my end even support ticket said "During the live migration, your Linode will remain powered on and you should not experience any downtime."
20:51<Peng_>What do your application's error logs say?
20:51<Peng_>Has your Linode been unexpectedly rebooted?
20:52<Aizuddin>I cannot access my server
20:52<Aizuddin>got this ticket today
20:52<Aizuddin>The physical host that your Linode resides on requires emergency maintenance and we feel the most prudent course of action is to migrate your Linode to new hardware.
20:53<Aizuddin>But also mentioned there i'll not have any server downtime.
20:53<dwfreed>so your downtime is probably unrelated to the migration
20:55<Aizuddin>But we doesnt update anything. We got this error today. first got 522 error then after restarted we got 502
21:00<dwfreed>you restarted, so something broke in the restart
21:00<dwfreed>hence the 502
21:01<Aizuddin>Oh damn it, what should i do now ?
21:01<dwfreed>figure out what broke by logging in via SSH and looking at your logs
21:02<Aizuddin>Which logs
21:02<Aizuddin>My apps or server logs ?
21:02<dwfreed>webserver error logs would be a good place to start; depending on how your app is started, it might have logged an error
21:03<dwfreed>or there might be an error in syslog about it failing to start
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21:21<Aizuddin>Thanks ! it resolved my problem
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21:22<Peng_>!point dwfreed
21:22<linbot>Peng_: Point given to dwfreed. (89) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
21:52<linbot>New news from community: Suspicious Invoice Email Pretending to be Linode <>
22:26<Ikaros>^ hah, saw a phishing attempt in my work email inbox today, trying to pilfer my work SSO password. Too bad for them I couldn't email back and say "Hah, nice try, loser." (outbound domain-restricted email gateway, would just bounce back). Oh. And of course web filter that wouldn't allow navigation to an untrusted site anyway. But I COULD forward it to corporate IT's spam report inbox. Which I
22:26<Ikaros>did. Then promptly deleted it.
22:45<millisa>not that surprising, but I just noticed that the address the two phishing mails I got were to an address that isn't associated to any linode accounts
22:47<millisa>semi interesting - their payment receipt numbers aren't that far off from what they should be
22:47<Peng_>Hm. Was it associated to a Linode forum account?
22:47<millisa>had a mid month invoice on 12/19 that had 'payment receipt [955926x]'. the one I got in the phish was 955724x
22:48<millisa>not associated to anything linode. general mail address that is on some websites. r easonable that any spammer would have it
22:49<millisa>so very likely whoever is sending them does get legitimate linode invoices
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23:21<Ikaros>Hm. Receiving legitimate invoice numbers, then increasing that number by a certain number and using that in their phishing attempt.
23:22<Ikaros>Or decreasing, or a combo of both to throw investigation off a bit
23:23<gparent>they probably wait on IRC for people to disclose their invoice numbers then use those
23:23<millisa>that does explain the extra X's
23:24<gparent>"Why is my invoice number a perl regex of what numbers it could be?"
23:25<Ikaros>I never got any phishing attempts on my end thankfully, probably because I've extensive checks in place to check that stuff. I've set filters up for places I commonly do business with (like Linode) on my email system, and these automatically recognize when it's not a legitimate email by examining the headers extensively.
23:31<Ikaros>As for the one I got into my work email inbox today...soon as I reported it (and IT confirmed the report), I got rewarded for it. We have "point bounties" to encourage everyone to immediately report these attempts, these points can be used to purchase things. Someone came up with the idea as encouragement to send those reports in, instead of foolishly clicking on it.
23:32<millisa>how many times do I need to click on this to get the reward? I'll be able to trade this in for the walkman, right?
23:32<millisa>do you only need my credit card? Or do I also need to get my corporate cards?
23:32<Ikaros>I got a Nintendo Switch from the program.
23:34<Ikaros>It's kind of a funny thought really...these phishers are actually lining my own pockets in the form of rewards, such as that Switch. So go ahead, phishers, do your worst. Give me more free stuff.
23:41<FluffyFoxeh>I want a free stuff
23:42<linbot>New news from community: I'm trying host my website using linode, but it's not working for me. <>
23:43<kharlan>darn. I need stop racking up these personal linodes.
23:43<kharlan>It's getting addicting ;/
23:45<kharlan>I am kinda enjoying having my unifi controller on a linode though...
23:48<Ikaros>Heh. Speaking of systems. I've just completed a Ryzen build, which means my old hardware is sitting in a corner unused. I'm thinking of taking and throwing a small drive in it, and then throwing pfsense on it, have it act as my ISP router/gateway for my home network on both IPv4 and IPv6.
23:49<kharlan>lol I'm using my 10 year old amd x2 as a router
23:49<kharlan>it's pretty fast though. I get 800-900mbps throughput.
23:49<gparent>I use the famous firewall distribution "Debian".
23:50<Ikaros>Current system doing that on my end is a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 running Ubuntu Server.
23:50<kharlan>gparent: "use arch"
23:50<kharlan>Ikaros: oh ho :P. That sounds rough.
23:50<gparent>what do I look like, a man in dire need of reckless update cycles?
23:50<Ikaros>Well it works at least.
23:50<Ikaros>I like my IPv6 traceroute rDNS too >.>
23:51<gparent>Ikaros: Why go Ryzen? My AMD E350 can handle 500mbit up and down with netfilter running
23:51<gparent>your Q6600 surely can too?
23:51<FluffyFoxeh>GNU > BSD
23:51<gparent>oh nvm you wanna use the hardware prior to the ryzen
23:51<gparent>I see
23:51<cyveris>gparent: Eh, I've had fewer stability issues on Arch than on Debian.
23:52<gparent>a beautiful anecdote
23:52<cyveris>Sure is.
23:52<kharlan>I love debian too much to use anything else.
23:52<kharlan>those 4 hours of setting up ddns between isc and bind? beautiful
23:53<kharlan>nd b4 dnsmasq ( or whatever it's called )
23:54<cyveris>gparent: By the way, completely dismissing someone else's experiences like that makes you look like a bit of a jerk.
23:54<cyveris>I wasn't making any assertion. Simply stating my experience and opinion.
23:54<gparent>I don't think I was dismissing anything. My Debian experience doesn't mean much either.
23:54<cyveris>It was pretty dismissive, yeah.
23:54<gparent>You can choose to keep feeling that way, but that wasn't the intention.
23:54<gparent>Arch is a great OS
23:55<cyveris>You are responsible for how your statements are delivered and the reactions they generate in others.
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