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00:25<gparent>kharlan: what's the advantage of that versus using their remote one? I thought the point of having your own controller is you can use it while your net is down
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01:01<chesty>cyveris, you can also choose to interpret good intentions behind every message sent to you. for example, were you trying to say debian is unstable and therefore not as good as arch? I could choose to interpret your message that way.
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01:01<Waqas>how are you?
01:02<Waqas>is linode providing core hosting
01:02<Woet>Linode offers Linux VPSs
01:02<millisa>linode is a vps provider
01:02<Woet>what you install on that is up to you.
01:02<Waqas>I needs to configure windows VPS
01:03<Waqas>which will contains
01:03<Waqas>windows server==== sql server+IIS
01:03<Waqas>for my personal use in house development
01:03<chesty>you can install windows but i believe it's not officially supported
01:03<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
01:04<Waqas>linode will provide managed server
01:04<Waqas>or unmanaged
01:04<Waqas>no managed
01:04<Waqas>if customer needs managed
01:04<chesty>unmanaged, you can ask for a quote but I believe if they do decide to do it for you, you won't like the price
01:04<Waqas>then linode provide services?
01:05<LouWestin>Isn't the managed plan somewhat limited?
01:05<chesty>there's also the professional services option
01:07<Waqas>let me check
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04:05<linbot>New news from community: .htaccess does not work when using https <>
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06:31<cyveris>chesty: "I've had" makes it unambiguous that I'm speaking of personal past experiences. No reasonable person would interpret that as an assertion of fact.
06:53<chesty>so it was a beautiful anecdote.
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07:34<dubidub>I#m getting a lot of phishing emails pretending to be from Linode. They claim new invoices have been created, payment has benne taken or that a server has been shut down. How can I know for suire that a particular message really is from Linode_
07:36<dubidub>I have set a filter in Gmail/Gsuite to never sen email from to spam, so I don't miss any important stuff, but that seems to let fake mail through also.
07:41<dubidub>One solution could be that Linode creates an archive of emails sent to a customer in the manager so one can go there to make sure the message is real.
07:49<chesty>you could change your email in linode to be (change dubidub to your real gmail) and I thought the bell in the cloud manager had what you were looking for, but I'm not certain
08:02<dubidub>Yes, changing the email could help. How do they know I'm a Linode customer? Through DNS and whois?
08:05<chesty>you weren't targeted. they grabbed a list of email addresses from somewhere and sent them to millions of people, most weren't customers of linode
08:08<dubidub>I've changed my email, got a notification about that. I then logged out and back in, but the notification about trusted computer added was sent to the old address.
08:10<dubidub>That notification does not show up at the bell.
08:11<dubidub>No request to verify my new address.
08:13<chesty>linode staff will see this chat, but you could also email them and make suggestions
08:14<chesty>being able to change email addresses without 2 step verification seems dangerous
08:14<dubidub>I do have 2-step enabled.
08:15<chesty>I mean the send an email to the new address and ask you to click a link to prove you own the email, and probably send an email to the old address and say the email has been changed
08:15<dubidub>I'll wait a bit to see if my new address is propagated across their systems.
08:16<linbot>New news from community: Server update guidelines <>
08:16<dubidub>The old address got notified.
08:17<chesty>but they didn't email the new one and ask you to click a link?
08:37<dubidub>I had to change my email in two places, in the billing address, and for the user.
08:38<dubidub>Now notifications goes to the new address.
08:53<warewolf>X-Mailer: Never Gonna Give You Up
08:54<warewolf>linode support rickrolled me. A++++ good troll, would open support ticket again.
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12:29<kharlan>gparent: the biggest advantage for me is that I can control multiple APs across multiple clients from 1 central controller
12:30<kharlan>rather than having 1 controller onsite at each location
12:31<kharlan>Also, most of my personal clients ( that I work with when I'm free ) don't have servers since they're so small.. so I end up having to install it on a workstation which a. Would require me to have remote access to that machine b. Interrupt the end-user that's operating it c. May be prone to drive failure, which would require me to do a factory reset if I don't have a config backup.
12:35<kharlan>The net thing is a good point, but I've already connected the controller to my mobile app so I can use it over mobile data if I need to.
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16:23<cews>OK - Two windows machines; 1. Windows 10 pro | 2. Windows 10 home. SSH IP6 does not work on Windows 10 home via putty. Exactly same setting, could this be a driver issue?
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16:30<kenyon>cews: you'll have to be more specific than "doesn't work"
16:31<cews>kenyon: basically, "not detected"
16:32<cews>DNS6+IP4 = OK
16:33<cews>It feels like theres something preventing Windows seeing the IP6 - I can achieve IP6 via tor, not using Putty.
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16:34<root_>hi there
16:35<root_>just joined my first ever irc :)
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16:52<FluffyFoxeh>What's not detected?
16:54<gparent>kharlan: thanks for explaining that
17:18<dzho>is there a linode somewhere in all this?
17:41<kenyon>cews: you might get better help in #IPv6 on freenode
17:56<Zr40>you didn't perhaps disable ipv6 at some point on that system?
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18:34<FluffyFoxeh>Ah. So it's not related to SSH or PuTTY at all. You just don't have IPv6 connectivity. Check your network settings?
18:36<FluffyFoxeh>Also, Tor isn't relevant either, because Tor routes IPv6 connections through an IPv6-capable exit node for you.
18:38<FluffyFoxeh>And it can do this even if you don't have an IPv6 address
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22:23<bonhoeffer>for the second time -- i'm getting javascript hacks in my wordpress site
22:23<bonhoeffer>wondering if there is a good guide to figure out what is happening
22:23<bonhoeffer>i followed the hardening guides
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22:34<BrayRhino>does Linode support python/Django apps
22:35<millisa>linodes are (mostly linux) vps's. you get root access to do whatever (legal) thing you want with them
22:42<BrayRhino>ok so I can setup a django website
22:48<BrayRhino>thank you FluffyFoxeh
22:50<FluffyFoxeh>lots of nice guides and info
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