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00:44<FluffyFoxeh>If something is revamped, then does that mean at some point that thing was... vamped?
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01:50<wehaye>hello linode support
01:50<wehaye>please help
01:50<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:50<wehaye>i cant login to linode dashboard
01:50<millisa>why not?
01:51<wehaye>always get error message "Incorrect authorization token."
01:51<wehaye>even though I didn't lose google authenticator
01:52<wehaye>Is the linode manager having a problem?
01:52<millisa>use your scratch code to login; you can remove 2fa and set it up again
01:53<wehaye>i don't have scratch code
01:53<millisa>if you've lost your scratch code, you'd have to talk to support.
01:53<millisa>(as far as I can tell, the manager is working. i'm logged in)
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02:02<shailesh>i m looking for best solution for my wordpress website
02:02<@jyoo>wehaye: We aren't aware of any login issues with the Manager. Please feel free to reach out to us so we can investigate!
02:02<shailesh>can you plz suggest
02:03<millisa>shailesh: linodes are vps; mostly linux. you get root access to do the setup
02:03<Peng_>wehaye: ...Is your clock correct?
02:03<@jyoo>wehaye: We also suggest making sure the time on your device is accurate, as that can cause issues with 2FA apps.
02:04<millisa>shailesh: check out the getting started guide to see if it's the type of thing you'd like to do -
02:04<wehaye>@Peng sure. I just login and logout.
02:05<wehaye>but when I login for the second time after I deposit the balance from paypal, I can't log in.
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02:47<@jyoo>wehaye: We're looking at your ticket now and we'll have an update out soon.
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05:21<Georgios>is anyone here from Linode?
05:21<Georgios>am getting some weird emails
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05:21<Guest12209>Payment Number: 9557245 Payment Date: December 21, 2019 This is your receipt of payment against your credit card in the amount of $1,000.00. Thank you. Please note that charges will appear as "" on your credit card's statement. For account information and current balance, please visit the Linode Manager at If you are not the appropriate recipient of this notice, please forward to the correct pers
05:21<Peng_>I'm not, but there's an ongoing phishing campaign
05:22<Guest12209>WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???
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05:27<nate>I would suggest perhaps logging into the linode dashboard from your own typing instead of any links in the email just to be sure
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05:28<Peng_>Yes, don't click the link to login dot linode dot something or other dot phishing site dot net
05:29<Guest12209>I dont even have an account on this site?!!?
05:29<nate>What you pasted seems 'legit' enough however your client could potentially be converting what are funky/unicode/etc characters in the actual email that lead to a phishing site
05:30<nate>Well that's the general format of linode payment receipt emails, though they usually also include the last 4 digits or payment method used to pay
05:30<nate>if that's not in your actual email, or doesn't actually match any cards of yours then it's probably something fishy/spammy (perhaps intended to provoke this exact response of causing linode drama)
05:31<Guest12209>thats what I thought
05:31<chesty>is this the first time you've received a phishing email?
05:31<nate>If the email does have payment info/4 digit numbers that match anything of yours then you might want to double check all your financial stuff
05:31<nate>email addresses are super easy to spoof if you have nothing really in place to block spoofed email
05:33<nate>chesty: I'm thinking it's more someone trying to create drama for linode by sending out fake invoice receipts, at least assuming their IRC/Email client didn't do something to normalize the URL since it seems otherwise legit
05:33<Peng_>The emails I got were HTML.
05:33<Peng_><a href="https://phish phish/"></a>
05:33<chesty>harder to spoof email with dkim and dmarc
05:34<nate>chesty: sadly linode doesn't seem to do DKIM, at least on billing emails
05:34<nate>Peng: Ah that might be why it pasted like that then
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08:42<dubidub>On debian 9.11 I added this to root's crontab: * * * * * echo $PATH &> /root/TMP.log
08:43<dubidub>Tgis results in an empty TMP.log beeing created and the output sent to root by mail. Why?
08:43<dubidub>I expected the PATH to be written to the file.
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08:56<dilbert>"Almost there! We're currently reviewing your account. You will receive an email soon with more information." - How long does this usually take? I just signed up, want to create a server on priority.
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08:58<dilbert>Any official support team online?
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08:58<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
08:58<rsdehart>I wish they had a bit more information about time frames in that message
08:59<rsdehart>so many people come in to ask that very question about account review
09:00<dilbert>You're right.
09:00<dilbert>Do you know how long it takes? rsdehart
09:02<rsdehart>It varies
09:02<rsdehart>how long has it been so far?
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09:03<rsdehart>yeah, it takes a bit longer than that
09:04<rsdehart>I really should pay closer attention when they talk about this stuff
09:04<dilbert>Alright, weird they do this with all new accounts? why?
09:04<rsdehart>not all
09:04<rsdehart>to protect against fraud, though
09:05<dilbert>Alright, if thats the case, let me just open a support ticket.
09:05<rsdehart>probably your best course of action
09:07<dilbert>True, sent an ticket.
09:09<rsdehart>great, hope they can expedite
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09:57<chesty>dubidub, &> I believe is a bashism, i don't think it works on sh and maybe it doesn't work in crontab either
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12:49<dubidub>chesty: /bin/sh -> dash
12:54<dubidub>I found this:
12:54<dubidub>bash: >& and &> change to command > file 2>&1 or command 2>&1 | othercommand
12:55<dubidub>Learnt something today :)
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15:12<rsdehart>\o\ /o/
15:13<Toba>get the hell out of the water there's a shark in here
15:13<Toba>IT'S GOT MY LEG
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16:49<purplesalad>h guys, i am using a ubunu machine for some reasons for the past two days i am unable to install any packages, is there any solution to resolve this?
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21:14<linbot>New news from community: Access Webcam for php <>
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