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02:55<linbot>New news from community: List of Linode's IP ranges? <>
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04:54<mindbreaker>Hello all, I'm following this guide for postfix/dovecot mailserver configuration:
04:54<mindbreaker>but I'm getting ERROR 550 User doesn't exist
04:55<mindbreaker>I don't know why since with postmap I can find the user correctly, you have some hint?
05:23<nate>Check your logs? They almost always have more information. Also keep in mind running your own mailserver is something that is usually more suited for those having decent sysop experience, you can potentially open yourself to abuse problems at the slightest misconfigurations
05:24<chesty>Regulators. We regulate any stealing of his property
05:24<mindbreaker>nate: the mentioned error is the only thing that I've in the log. Anyway at the moment all the daemons are listening on localhost so the mailserver is not open to the world
05:24<chesty>did you run the sudo postmap -q mysql:/etc/postfix/ tests?
05:25<mindbreaker>chesty: yes it works
05:27<chesty>what about `postconf | grep virtual_mailbox` do the lines look correct?
05:28<mindbreaker>yes, seems correct:
05:28<mindbreaker>virtual_mailbox_domains = mysql:/etc/postfix/
05:28<mindbreaker>virtual_mailbox_maps = mysql:/etc/postfix/
05:29<chesty>what do you run to get the ERROR 550?
05:29<mindbreaker>mail <email_address_present>
05:30<mindbreaker>after send the email, I see 550 in /var/log/maillog
05:30<mindbreaker>seems that is not able to lookup virtual email address in mysql db i suppose
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05:30<chesty>when you restart postfox do you get any warnings?
05:30<chesty>warnings in the logs
05:31<mindbreaker>chesty: no errors or warnings
05:31<maalik>hi guys, im joining irc for the 1st time
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05:35<chesty>and the email address you're trying to send an email to, let's say it's, isn't in anywhere and isn't `hostname -f`?
05:40<mindbreaker>chesty: yes, it's in myhostname and mydomain
05:40<chesty>hmmm, I don't think it can be both a virtual domain and a myhostname at the same time.
05:42<chesty>"NEVER list a virtual alias domain name as a mydestination domain! "
05:42<mindbreaker>chesty: ok then I'm tring to remove now, but I've a question, If I want to create a mailbox without unix account for a domain that exist this is not the correct way?
05:43<chesty>it's one way to do it, mysql is pretty overkill unless you have a million mailboxes
05:44<mindbreaker>ok so for example is I've a domain and the server is on a vps let's say I want to create virtual mailbox for domain then I put this domain on mysql and in myhostname and mydomain in postfix i must set and respectively. Right?
05:46<mindbreaker>chesty: also I've changed mydomain and myhostname but the error is the same: Dec 24 11:45:11 vps767823 postfix/lmtp[28468]: A071E20D9D53: to=<>,[private/dovecot-lmtp], delay=0.1, delays=0.03/0.02/0.01/0.05, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (host[private/dovecot-lmtp] said: 550 5.1.1 <> User doesn't exist: (in reply to RCPT TO command))
05:47<Woet>did you try switching to Linode
05:47<Woet>it resolves all issues
05:48<chesty>yeah, postfix works fine on linode. could be a problem with ovh
05:48<chesty>maybe try the ovh support
05:49<Woet>don't try OVH support unless you have a managed server
05:49<Woet>anyways, stop with the mydomain/myhostname
05:49<Woet>give us the actual domains and configs
05:51<mindbreaker>ok just a second
05:54<mindbreaker>Woet: /etc/hosts ->
05:54<mindbreaker> ->
05:55<mindbreaker> ->
05:57<Woet>did you restart postfix after all the changes?
05:57<mindbreaker>for sure
05:59<mindbreaker>Woet: maillog ->
06:02<Woet>not sure then
06:02<Woet>I just use gsuite
06:03<mindbreaker>this is the db:
06:03<mindbreaker>anyway thanks Woet, i'll try to understand what is not working
06:04<chesty>myhostname = is wrong
06:04<chesty>I think, it might not be
06:04<Woet>mindbreaker: did you try the testing commands
06:05<Woet>sudo postmap -q mysql:/etc/postfix/
06:05<Woet>sudo postmap -q mysql:/etc/postfix/
06:05<Woet>sudo postmap -q mysql:/etc/postfix/
06:05<Woet>those ones
06:05<chesty>but ty removing from completely as a test
06:11<mindbreaker>Woet: the first 2 works, the 3rd no vbecause I haven't any alias configured
06:11<mindbreaker>chesty: I'm repeating the test removing from
06:12<mindbreaker>chesty: postmap still works removing from
06:13<chesty>for now set it to localhost, but I would set it to and set up dns so resolves to you server ip address and host <you ip address> resolves to
06:14<mindbreaker>chesty: dns is already configured, if you ping doesn't respond since ICMP is dropped but resolves correctly my vps ip
06:15<mindbreaker>with localhost same 550 error
06:15<chesty>post now
06:21<chesty>dont know, double check `postconf` doesn't have in it
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19:25<cews>Merry Chrismas!
19:25<cews>Christmas. - Haven't even had a sip yet.
19:32<virtual>cews: :)
19:32<virtual>to you too
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19:59<rsdehart>cews: sounds like a personal failing
20:04<virtual>"must try harder" on the report card?
20:06<rsdehart>virtual: probably. or "not achieved"
20:07<rsdehart>which apparently here in nz you have to get less than -23999294385234% to get
20:08<virtual>sounds you've seen some experience of this. :P
20:08*rsdehart coughs]
20:08<kharlan>he's a honor student
20:09<rsdehart>I was, which means as an adult I'm unequipped to cope with life
20:09<virtual>doesn't matter how hard you tried, you got an A in some awkward subject that I can't think of.
20:09<rsdehart>virtual: I'm a US expat with a stepkid in nz
20:10<rsdehart>no end of frustration
20:11<kharlan>some awkward subject.. like the migration patterns of african jungle elephants
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20:17<virtual>^^ lol
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20:34<cews>Maybe, it is.
20:36<virtual>working today seems extra dull
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