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03:09<Hen>I have a problem
03:10<Hen>I have a problem with my vps server that it cannot access (connection refused)
03:10<Hen>I need help
03:10<Woet>what do you need help with?
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04:42<Peng_>Dear Linode: For Christmas, please fix :D
04:43<Peng_>I also want a pony and random price cuts. ;-)
05:17<Zr40>I'd settle for just the pony
05:18<Zr40>but a kitten would be great
05:19<chesty>i'll offer a spider and a slap across the face
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09:39<cews>I'll take the spider.
09:39<cews>oh. "and" - I'll sell the slap across the face, to Peng_
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10:52<linbot>New news from community: How do I automate a migration to another datacenter? <>
11:12<nyancat>there's a problem with my kvm server
11:12<nyancat>i tried to feed it turkey and it doesnt work anymore :(
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12:33<linbot>New news from community: OpenVPN server.service fails to start <>
13:00<cews>try chicken
13:00<cews>in the raid.
13:01<cews>hdparm -I /dev/what/is/cuckling
13:48<LouWestin>Merry Christmas! I always remember that DDOS attack which lasted about two weeks.
13:49<Toba>i wish people were just nicer ya know
13:52<cews>Script kiddies
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13:59<LouWestin>I don’t even want to know what that was like being tech support during that time...
14:00<LouWestin>Toba: totally
14:02<Peng_>Can't file tickets when the manager is down!
14:03<LouWestin>Essh manger is down?
14:04<Peng_>not sure if typo or Christmas pun
14:04<LouWestin>Typo lol
14:05<LouWestin>On my phone so it tends to make up words that I didn’t intend
14:05<LouWestin>But it does make a good pun too lol
14:46<cews><3 Linode
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19:16<Cromulent>so which is the best domain name registrar at the moment? Been using namecheap for years but I'm happy to give another company a try
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19:16<millisa>dunno about best, but I like porkbun currently
19:27<dwfreed>I use Gandi, which is nice
19:28<dwfreed>their new admin panel supports u2f
20:05<Cromulent>I have a yubikey so that would be useful
20:24<dwfreed>apparently porkbun also supports u2f
20:48<Cromulent>hmm how do you fund your account - I've added my credit card and I'd like to pay in $100 of credit
20:48<dwfreed>Cromulent: for gandi?
20:48<dwfreed>or porkbun?
20:48<Cromulent>set up google authenticator and my yubikey though so that is cool
20:53<dwfreed>it seems like you can only do that with cryptocurrency
20:53<Cromulent>ah that sucks
20:54<Cromulent>oh well guess I'll have to try and buy a domain name tomorrow and see how it works and then decide if I want to transfer my domain names over or not
20:55<dwfreed>gandi you can credit your account at any time, using either a saved credit card or via paypal
20:55<Cromulent>I'll have to sign up for an account there as well
20:55<Cromulent>in that case
20:56<dwfreed>I have to use paypal, so that I can use my Discover credit card; their card processor only handles Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
20:59<Cromulent>gandi seems to be a better bet long term from looking at their dashboard - I rely on having a prepaid credit limit on my domain account
21:03<@mcintosh>i like namesilo
21:03<@mcintosh>but i've also had good experiences with gandi
21:03<@mcintosh>(and i've heard good stuff about porkbun)
21:19<gparent>gandi is great
21:19<Cromulent>gandi it is then - thanks everyone
21:19<gparent>ever since I learned the real Gandhi didn't sell domains, and that I got scammed, I switched.
21:20<dwfreed>gparent: lol
21:20<gparent>nah for serious I switched because they had good ipv6 support, good actual support, and a decent enough panel
21:20<gparent>I think they do non-phone 2FA too
21:20<Cromulent>yeah the namecheap panel is annoying as hell
21:20<Cromulent>better than godaddy but that isn't saying much
22:02<kharlan>porkbun is great
22:02<kharlan>I'm stuck with using 1and1 for my primary domains since I can't port without making my info public ;/
22:08<dwfreed>Gandi redacts everything from WHOIS except state and country
22:11<dwfreed>and even that is modified depending on TLD
22:12<cyveris>Hardly impressive.
22:13<cyveris>Everything is redacted in my WHOIS data. Name, address, city, state, contact information, email address.
22:14<dwfreed>state/country may be a requirement for the TLD
22:15<dwfreed>even if not, most US states have a large population, so it doesn't really narrow down the search at all
22:16<dwfreed>my point is that transferring to a different registrar doesn't mean you give up whois privacy
22:17<cyveris>I lost that context, fair enough.
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22:45<nate>Some TLD's have non-anonimity rules though as well, like .us ccTLD and I believe many other ccTLD's usually require explicit public citizen info
22:46<nate>I mostly like my domains at 1&1 (or well Ionos now) cause their privacy service is still free
22:48<virtual>I don't know if AWS is a bad word here, but they do privacy by default on their domains - and they don't seem to be that badly priced, but I may not be the best shopper
22:48<virtual>a lazy shopper, though, I can win that title.
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