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01:58<rollo_bolo>get list
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02:04<Ikaros>Oh dear, you scared him off. Bad bot. Bad.
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04:33<nate>So has there been any official adjustments to the pending ToS changes on the sillier shit?
04:33<nate>I haven't paid attention in here much since the weekend lol
04:38<chesty>did you take a copy of them last weekend?
04:40<nate>A copy of the ToS?
04:40<nate>I have not, though I didn't mean in that form, I meant more of as in statements about them doing any changes before the 1st. I didn't expect any immediate changes (since I imagine it would need some decent legal re-review)
04:43<chesty>i mean they didn't discuss them before they announced them, there was a question posted on the website q/a and the response from linode was something like everyone else is doing it too
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10:14<jimcooncat>Good morning. I'm running ubuntu-server on Linode and have monit installed and running fine. Is there a way to get notified if apt has any upgradeable packages?
10:15<grawity>I thought ubuntu-server just quietly upgrades them on its own
10:19<cyveris>security updates, and only if unattended-upgrades is configured that way
10:25<jimcooncat>yeah, I'd be happier just getting a daily list of upgrades.
10:38<cyveris>Would be better to let it install him.
10:44<cews>I never trust unatttended upgraded
10:44<cews>Rather be around to fix things should they break
10:48<chesty>jimcooncat, there are lots of ways to do it, you could install unattended-upgrades, configure it how you want and change the cronjob to --dry-run
10:48<cyveris>I'd love to see a case of unattended-upgrades actually breaking something that wasn't attributable to completely jank configuration.
10:49<jimcooncat>thanks, chesty!!!
10:49<cyveris>And I don't mean that sarcastically, I would actually like to see one.
10:50<cews>I sensed sarcasm
10:50<cyveris>Hence the clarification.
10:54<chesty>I run unattented-upgrades, I'm a fan, but if someone is worried about it breaking does it matter why it breaks? ie if an error in a config breaks an upgrade, the upgrade is still broken at 2am whereas if the upgrade was done manually it would break while you were at the keyboard
10:56<cews>It depends on how critical the service is, at the time of the update - I suppose. Maybe I should trust
10:57<chesty>how critical could the services be if one host going down takes it out...
10:59<cews>This is true
11:02<cews>If Host 1 – goes down with something ‘preventable’ and Host 2 - happens to flop in the middle of the night. It’s something that could have been avoided with one simple command.
11:02<cews>You could argue, why not add a third box in there, but hey – when you’re working on tight budgets for your clients. Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do.
11:12<cyveris>One thing that tends to annoy me is how literally everyone says that to justify whatever they're doing. "Working on tight budgets for a client." As if no one else has ever done that.
11:13<cyveris>I'm not questioning what YOU'RE doing, don't take it that way. Just a pattern I've noticed in a general sense.
11:16<cews>I will refrain
11:17<cyveris>Two reasons: Every budget is tight. :P That's why it's a budget. Second, if you're doing work for a client, I feel that you have an obligation to not do stupid things or design things poorly.
11:17<Zr40>you could interpret that as "I really wish I could, but $client isn't going to pay for that"
11:17<chesty>I run stuff on a tight budget with a single point of failure, but it is understood downtime is a possibility.
11:17<cyveris>cews: The fact that you have dual-host redundancy is leagues beyond what I see most people doing when they use the budget/client line, so kudos to you.
11:18*Zr40 actually set up a third host in our case
11:18<cyveris>Zr40: I know exactly how to interpret it. Response to client: "If you want a solution that is going to satisfy your requirements in any reliable way, this is not optional."
11:18<Zr40>cyveris: "It's not part of our requirements"
11:19<cyveris>"If you want it to be online when you expect it to be, then yes, it is."
11:19<cews>Yeah I do not rule out downtime within the spe - I prevent my fingers impacting my clients pockets, if it's something external then so be it.
11:19<cyveris>cews: Like I said, I'm not questioning anything you're doing (or anyone else here, for that matter). Just ranting about a pattern.
11:19<cews>We all have different opinions and that's a beauty
11:20<cyveris>Commiserating, if it were.
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12:23<huzz>do you guys have VPS server with 10 RDS Cal licenses installed ?
12:24<Toba>are you talking about
12:24<Toba>(I don't know the answer to your question)
12:27<Woet>huzz: Linode doesn't even officially offer Windows
12:27<Woet>why would it include RDS Cal licenses
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14:37<mallorn>Are there any known issues in the Dallas datacenter? Disk started having I/O errors, reboot is now failing.
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14:46<Peng_>Check if Linode has opened a support ticket. If not, open one yourself.
14:47<@rdaniels>mallorn: We have received any reports of issues in our Dallas DC. Would you mind opening up a ticket. Then, we can take a look and see what's going on.
14:47<mallorn>They did, about ten minutes later.
14:48<@rdaniels>Ok. A member of Support will be looking at it soon.
14:48<mallorn>Ticket says there's emergency maintenance on my Linode's physical host, so it looks like things are happening. Wanted to make sure it wasn't more systemic. Thanks.
14:50<@rdaniels>Yeah. There will be an update oo that ticket once there is more information avaiable.
15:11<linbot>New news from community: Download a backup <>
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18:59<dubidubno>This works on the command line (bash, Debian 9): /usr/bin/dehydrated -c 2>&1 | /usr/bin/ts >> /var/log/dehydrated/dehydrated.log 2>&1
19:00<dubidubno>It does not work with cron (/etc/cron.d). Nothing is written to the dehydrated.log. 'Any suggestions?
19:04<dubidubno> /etc/cron.d/dehydrated:
19:39<dubidubno>grep CRON /var/log/syslog|grep dehydrated is empty
19:40<millisa>i've only glanced at dehydrated - is the '-c' the same as '--cron'?
19:42<millisa>n/m. found the syntax (it is)
19:50<dubidubno>username is missing in cron
19:50<dubidubno>after adding that, it runs
21:25<dwfreed>dubidubno: the output from dehydrated is not really meaningful except when failures happen; I'd just use chronic
21:44<chesty>depends how dehydrated you were, the output could be zero, no pee, no sweat, dry mouth. boom boom
23:01<Toba>chronic is less good when it's dehydrated
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