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07:26<Moz>Hi, When trying to login on linode I keep getting 404 Not Found nginx/1.15.12
07:26<Moz>I'm in the UK - anyone else having this? The status page shows everything is operational
07:29<Moz>I tried with an incognito browser as well, in case there's some cookie stored locally which is sending Linode to a different place, but I get the same thing - 404 not found error from nginx
07:32<@pwoods>Moz: I'm not seeing that myself, but maybe that's because I'm working from the Linode network.
07:32<@pwoods>I'm not seeing any additional reports, though you might just be the first.
07:32<Moz>It's just come online now. The error I was getting was from nginx so I presume that's coming from your web server.
07:33<@pwoods>Yeah, that sounds accurate. Just not sure what would have caused it.
07:34<Moz>argh. I managed to login and thought I'd test it by logging out and then back in, but now I've logged out and clicked to login again and it looks like it's going to get the same response
07:34<Moz>oh no, just a long delay and now it has logged in.
07:35<Moz> is giving a 401 error according to chrome developer tab
07:35<Moz>and then eventually it gave "504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time.".
07:37<@pwoods>Moz: thank you for that addtional tidbit. Our team is looking into this, and they think they have identified what is causing this.
07:40<Moz>great thanks.
07:47<dubidubno>dwfreed: My certificates didn't renew so I wanted some debugging.
08:05<@pwoods>Moz: should be resolved at this time. Appreciate the report!
08:07<Moz>great thanks. It seems to be working fine from here for me now.
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10:57-!-mode/#linode [+o scrane] by pwoods
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11:55<linbot>New news from community: I am unable to set up Jetpack for my Wordpress Website <>
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12:46<linbot>New news from community: How do I restore a CentOS 7 image with full hard drive space? <>
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13:20<polecat_>Hello does Linode provide a Cpanel ?
13:21<cyveris>polecat_: Not unless you install one, and cpanel is a disaster anyway.
13:21<polecat_>Why a disaster?
13:22<cyveris>It tends to severely mangle the OS upon which it is installed in ways that are difficult or impossible to diagnose.
13:23<polecat_>I see well if I bought a Lionode hosting then how could I install Wordpress onto there server then?
13:24<cyveris>By setting it up yourself.
13:25<cyveris>I suspect there's a tutorial in Linode's collection of them.
13:26<polecat_>Okay thanks for the help will give it some thought then decide what hosting to pick then .
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14:26<linbot>New news from community: How to update PHP to 7.3 for Wordpress One-Click App and Debian 9 <>
14:37<LouWestin>There is a tutorial on Wordpress installation. Basically you have to through the initial setup, PHP, MySQL, etc. Then run the Wordpress setup as normal. Setting the file permissions is one of the main issues people run into
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16:56<dubidubno>Why would Putty drop the connection when I'm on my home network (fiber broadband)?
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17:15<Zr40>because it's not Putty that drops the connection, but your NAT router
17:16<Zr40>some bad NAT implementations conveniently forget about connection state when nothing is being sent or received over that connection
17:28<dwfreed>^ that
17:29<dwfreed>PuTTY has keepalive settings
17:29<dwfreed>(use the SSH settings, not the TCP one)
17:32<dwfreed>linbot: errno 54
17:32<linbot>dwfreed: EXFULL (#54): Exchange full
17:43<dubidubno>dwfreed:is there a keepalive setting under the SSH settings tree? I can only find Enable TCP_keepalives on the Connection category.
17:48<dwfreed>dubidubno: on the connection panel, the "Seconds between keepalives" is SSH keepalives, not TCP
17:48<dwfreed>it's technically cross protocol, as it's also supported by Telnet
17:48<dwfreed>which is why it's not on the SSH panel
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18:59<primitiv>im trying to allow a dev to ssh into my server
18:59<primitiv>but it times out
18:59<primitiv>for me it works fine
18:59<primitiv>any ideas? running nginx
18:59<millisa>what does nginx have to do with ssh in this case?
18:59<primitiv>nothing i suppose
19:00<millisa>do the logs show anything when they try to connect? is your firewall set to allow them in? are you running something like fail2ban that might have blocked them?
19:03<primitiv>which logs
19:03<primitiv>i do have fail2ban
19:03<millisa> depending on os, /var/log/secure or /var/log/auth.log
19:04<millisa>whatever fail2ban is watching
19:16<primitiv>how do i search secure for a specific ip without cat the whole thing
19:16<millisa>grep text infile
19:21<primitiv>how do i check fail2ban again
19:21<primitiv>been a whilw
19:23<millisa>there's probably a nifty fail2ban command, but I usually use ipset -L
19:24<millisa>something like 'fail2ban-client status sshd' assuming sshd is the name of the jail
19:29<primitiv>nobody seems banned
19:31<primitiv>would sftp login attempts be logged in secure?
19:31<millisa>should be
19:32<primitiv>ok this is their IP
19:32<primitiv>and secure logs
19:33<millisa>looks like their key didnt work
19:35<primitiv>no key is needed for filezilla
19:35<primitiv>they are using same creds i use
19:35<primitiv>i dont use a key
19:35<primitiv>only connecting via ssh putty does it rquire a key
19:35<primitiv>it just times iut for them
19:36<millisa>and that is the right username? 'sandbox.primitiv'?
19:41<millisa>what does this look like: grep ^[^#] /etc/ssh/sshd_config
19:45<millisa>and if you use filezilla with that same user, it works fine?
19:46<millisa>(that sshd_config looked fine to me with a quick glance)
19:46<primitiv>yes i can login no issue whatsoeever
19:47<primitiv>it seems like i block everybody else
19:47<primitiv>also i havent tried myself outside my ip address
19:47<primitiv>going to on Monday\
19:47<primitiv>anything else I can check?
19:47<millisa>if you were blocking the ip at the firewall level, you wouldn't see the entries in the secure log/auth.log
19:47<primitiv>I'll turn off fail2ban just in case
19:47<primitiv>although i doubt it
19:48<millisa>have them try another client, cyberduck or something. it's probably something they are checking/not checking in their filezilla setup is my guess
19:48<primitiv>they tried another client
19:48<primitiv>same issue
19:48<primitiv>at first we thought it was the client
19:50<millisa>moving back another level I guess would put the problem between the keyboard and chair
19:50<primitiv>so u think its a user error?
19:51<millisa>best guess right now. your linode's IP was in the log you put. i can see port 22 open on it from one of my linodes.
19:51<millisa>you could temporarily create a non-sftp account for them to try using putty or some other ssh client
19:52<primitiv>splendid, thanks for the assistance happy holidays btw!
19:52<millisa>happy festivus
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21:29<syscrusher>Hi, all. I'm currently hosting about a dozen small domains (personal and for some local nonprofit orgs where I am a volunteer) and have been a Linode customer for over a decade. I use Linode's DNS services because "why reinvent that wheel". :) Currently I'm consolidating my two small Linodes onto a new larger one. Makindg the DNS changes, about half my domains worked fine, but the other half have "error" in the domain lis
21:29<syscrusher>Where can I see a more specific error message?
21:30<millisa>It just says 'error' somewhere?
21:31<syscrusher>Yes, in the list of domains where it should normally say "Active".
21:32<millisa>if you click on the domain that has that it takes you to the editor - nothing odd looking there?
21:32<syscrusher>Not that I can see, and the same records seem to be working for other domains.
21:33<syscrusher>I found that my SOA record had an outdated email address for a couple, and I thought that was the problem. Fixing that caused one or two to toggle green again, but applying the fix to the others didn't help.
21:33<millisa>you have an soa record and the ns1-5 ns records?
21:34<syscrusher>I'm using Linode's DNS, and the "dig" command from a non-Linode test client does reveal the right SOA and NS records.
21:34<syscrusher>And now a bunch more of the domains went red.
21:34<syscrusher>As it, within the time I've been typing here.
21:35<millisa>what's the domain?
21:36<syscrusher>My primary (which is working fine, thankfully) is
21:36<millisa>what's one of the domains that shows the status 'error'?
21:36<syscrusher>For an alternate to test, try (I had to buy that because Java and C# won't accept namespace segments beginning with a number, so I can't mark code with "com.4th.whatever".)
21:37<syscrusher> has the error
21:38<syscrusher>Here's the SOA result from dig on
21:38<syscrusher> 300 IN SOA 2019121567 14400 14400 604800 300
21:38<millisa>nothing jumps out at me as looking wrong with the couple digs I did on what does it look like if you use the old manager?
21:38<syscrusher>Dunno -- let me try that. Brb.
21:40<millisa>the old manager also has a 'check' in the options column; not sure if that got added to the new manager or if it just does it without you having to initiate it
21:43<syscrusher>Ah, that helps! The "check" option says it doesn't like one of my CNAME records.
21:43<syscrusher>I'll take a look at that -- there are only two present, so shouldn't take long.
21:44<syscrusher>I think I found the issue, but I also think it's a Linode bug.
21:44<syscrusher>They won't let me create a CNAME that points to another domain.
21:45<millisa>screenshot it? I have some that point to other domains
21:45<syscrusher>The desired CNAME record is "lists IN CNAME"
21:45<syscrusher>They won't accept the period on the end, and if I don't have the period, the zone file is rejected because "CNAME and other data".
21:45<millisa>try killing the trailing period
21:46<millisa>i haven't added one in a while. sec and I'll try one
21:46<syscrusher>That's what I was saying -- the web UI won't let me add it, but without it the CNAME is not accepted.
21:46<syscrusher>This has worked for me a long time, until Dec 22.
21:46<gparent>quit pushing the boundaries of what's possible in this world
21:46<gparent>yeah maybe a bug
21:47<millisa>just added a syscrusher cname that pointed to didn't seem to get upset
21:47<syscrusher>I've always instinctively wanted the period because on non-Linode environments I maintain some BIND servers, so I'm used to hand-editing the zone file.
21:47<syscrusher>Let me try deleting and re-adding that record.
21:50<millisa>in the old manager, you can pick 'zone file' next to that check optino and it should create a bind looking zone file. (the cnames I have that don't have periods get them added in that file it generates)
21:50<syscrusher>Right, that's what I'm examining now.
21:51<millisa>pastebin it if you want more eyes on it
21:51<syscrusher>They do put the periods on the end of the domain, but they are putting the wrong domain there.
21:52<syscrusher>So I enter as a destination for CNAME whose key is, and the result I get is (with the period). Note that it's not the intended destination domain.
21:52<syscrusher>I may have to work around this by creating some A and AAAA records in each of the alias domains.
21:52<syscrusher>That's probably why this broke Dec 22. That's when I moved the MX records and so forth.
21:53<millisa>You saw that linode does its dns publish about every 15 minutes, yes? (I don't remember if that zone file that gets generated also depends on that - my test doesn't show up there yet)
21:53<syscrusher>I was aware it's a batch cycle, didn't know exactly how many minutes. What's in the dumped zone file is, however, objectively wrong. :)
21:54<syscrusher>Thanks for pointing me at the old manager. I never would have thought of that.
21:54<syscrusher>Sounds as if I need to send some feedback to the Linode team that these are important diag tools that shouldn't be lost in the new portal.
21:55<syscrusher>There's a notice that they're removing on Jan 31 2020
21:57<syscrusher>This is kind of strange. I deleted all CNAME records from that domain, added back only the one I actually need right now (lists). The zone dump shows that one within a couple of minutes, but the ones I deleted are still in the dumped zone file.
21:58<syscrusher>They must be doing some kind of incremental propagation?
21:58<Peng_>I think they're still adding features to the new manager, so it's possible that this stuff is on the list already. Or it's possible they're planning to get rid of it.
21:58<millisa>it looks like they just removed it?
21:59<millisa>(the only test cnames I had in my linode dns zones had 'peng' in them...)
22:00<millisa>other mention from the last couple weeks:
22:01<syscrusher>I have a theory on what's happening with my domains: That pointing of the CNAME at the wrong domain seems to only happen if there's an A or AAAA record in the source domain that happens to be the same as the first hostname segment of the destination.
22:02<cyveris>syscrusher: Does that mean you're trying to put a CNAME and an A record in the same zone with the same name?
22:03<syscrusher>No, I know that isn't valid. I didn't explain myself well. :)
22:03<cyveris>Sorry, I misread.
22:03<syscrusher>Here's an example.
22:03<cyveris>No, it was the last part I tripped up on.
22:03<syscrusher>You read fine, I didn't speak clearly. :)
22:03<syscrusher>Assuming I have domains and
22:04<syscrusher>If I have an A record for and an A record for, Linode doesn't like me making a CNAME from to
22:04<syscrusher>Does that help>
22:05<gparent>inverting the fieldsÉ
22:06<millisa>seemed to work for me, if I'm following you
22:07<cyveris>That's bizarre.
22:09<syscrusher>Here's the zone file right now:
22:09<syscrusher>I redacted my Google verification key (not that it would have mattered, because it's obtainable from dig anyway).
22:10<gparent>two lists
22:10<millisa>one is a txt
22:10<syscrusher>That *should* be valid, right?
22:10<gparent>don't think so
22:11<syscrusher>The fact that I have a separate SPF record is required according to Google's documentation.
22:11<millisa>looks ok to me?
22:11<syscrusher>The one thing that concerns me is the TXT record for "lists" appearing before the last @ record.
22:12<gparent>might just be ordering by type
22:12<syscrusher>That's what it appears to be doing. But if the dumped zone file is really a dump, maybe their DNS daemon (BIND or otherwise) doesn't like that?
22:12<cyveris>That is invalid.
22:13<millisa>when did you make those spf record additions?
22:14<cyveris>If a CNAME exists at a given node, NO OTHER RECORDS may exist there.
22:14<millisa>those periods at the end of them; that's not right is it?
22:14<cyveris>That includes TXT records.
22:14<gparent>that is also odd
22:14<gparent>nice catch
22:15<gparent>two bird with one pastebin
22:15<syscrusher>The periods are needed to prevent DNS from appending the domain from the SOA to the CNAME destination.
22:16<gparent>he means your TXT
22:16<gparent>the actual value
22:16<millisa>line 15/16
22:16<gparent>or they*
22:16<millisa>it's not related to the cname/txt issue
22:16<cyveris>There should not be a . at the end of the ~all, that's correct.
22:16<millisa>period snuck in after your ~all
22:17<cyveris>That said, the major issue I'm seeing is that the 'lists' label is invalidating that zone file.
22:18<syscrusher>But you're right about the CNAME not coexisting with other records --- good catch, @gparent.
22:19<millisa>!point gparent
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22:19<gparent>jesus I gotta spend these
22:19<syscrusher>I'll turn that into an A/AAAA and see if that helps.
22:19<virtual>save them for a rainy day.
22:19<syscrusher>Is there a point system here that I can use to thank folks?
22:20<syscrusher>(i.e., millisa were you kidding or serious?)
22:20<millisa>I'm saving up for the walkman
22:20<syscrusher>!point gparent
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22:20<syscrusher>!point millisa
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22:20<syscrusher>!point cyveris
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22:20<millisa>*and* one of those little stretchy sticky hand things
22:20<gparent>way to show off, millisa
22:21<millisa>!boo millisa
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22:21<virtual>is that to live in the sun of your enemy's carpet, millisa?
22:22<syscrusher>I ran the SPF check from mxtoolbox on my SPF records. Apparently that period at the end is ignored, but you're right that it's syntactically invalid (or so it seems). I cut and pasted from GSuites documentation and apparently was a bit over-zealous at the end of the string.
22:22<@jyoo>The official exchange rate of points to sticky hands is the same as Schrute bucks to Stanley nickels. For your future planning purposes :)
22:22<gparent>the standard with SPF is to ignore it anyway
22:25<syscrusher>That period *is* invalid, so I'll remove it.
22:25<syscrusher>My typo, apparently. :(
22:32<syscrusher>Confirmed -- the conflict between the TXT and the CNAME records was the cause of my zone loading fails. You folks rock!
22:32<syscrusher>Consider this one solved, and many thanks from me.
22:32<gparent>another success story
22:33<millisa>a new years eve eve eve eve eve miracle
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