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14:59<sm[m]>hey all. How would I find out the age / creation date of a linode ?
15:00<millisa>i think it's in the csv in the old manager
15:00<millisa>not sure how the 'created' column in that is impacted by migrations/upgrades
15:01<millisa>if you want to fiddle with the api - that has it in bits it returns
15:02<sm[m]>thanks millisa
15:02<millisa>looks like the 'download csv' is in the new manager too
15:03<sm[m]>2010-12-23, that seems about right, preserved across migrations & upgrades
15:04<sm[m]>apparently it's still got a lot of 32-bit DNA in it, even though uname -a says x86_64. Eg gcc is 32-bit.
15:07<sm[m]>I only noticed because this has triggered some warnings from GHC. I wonder what other effects there have been, and how common this is.
15:09<sm[m]>one way to check: does "apt-config dump APT::Architecture" say APT::Architecture "i386";
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18:42<linbot>New news from community: How to upload an ISO using Virtual Box to a Linode <>
19:14<chesty>sm[m] a few years ago some people were suggesting to use a 64 bit kernel with 32 bit user space. I guess the 32 bit user spaces uses a little less memory, and the 64 bit kernel, I'm not sure, maybe a little faster, can address 2g+ memory more efficiently?
19:16<sm[m]>chesty: yes, I might have followed some advice like that to pick a 32-bit image when I created this linode
19:16<sm[m]>or, some such choice
19:17<sm[m]>to get a fully 64-bit system means creating a new linode from scratch I think
19:18<chesty>i thought you could change it on a running system. I have a vague memory of following a tutorial to do it
19:19<chesty>there's /lib32 and /lib64
19:19<Peng_>I think Debian has a tutorial about it. It sounds intimidating.
19:20<chesty>good point. I keep forgetting there's more than one distro
19:20<virtual>what's the other distro?
19:21<Peng_>sm[m]: You said "creating a new linode from scratch", but it's always possible to wipe and reinstall a Linode. Or shrink your disk images and deploy a new OS and dual-boot.
19:22<Peng_>You probably care more about your files than your IP addresses, but still.
19:23<Unit193>The term there is 'crossgrading', I've done that once. A bit of fun...
19:23<chesty>also if you wanted to play around, there's the rescue image, chroot your disk and mess around
19:24<chesty>or not even chroot
19:24<sm[m]>Peng_: noted. I meant, to get a pure 64 bit system I'd have to start from a fresh image. In theory it seems not, but in practice, yes that's what I'll be doing (some day)
19:25<sm[m]>I should be doing that anyway for hygiene & repeatability
19:26<sm[m]>just as soon as I figure out which configuration management tool is the best ....
19:28<chesty>haha, you mean there are others besides saltstack? I don't know why, seems pointless.
19:29<virtual>sm[m]: if you find out which one is best, please let me know ;)
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