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06:34<Winckle>hey, I'm looking for advice on a base OS image in Linode's library to use as a lightweight docker host. I've been developing my image on Ubuntu server, and I've got it on a private docker hub, so to save on money, I was looking to create a Linode image that on startup runs through a docker-compose file for my various microservices. My problem is
06:34<Winckle>that the linode ubuntu image plus the text files and docker-compose package is too big to turn into an image on my account.
06:34<Winckle>What base image would the community recommend?
06:45<chesty>You're talking about the linode image feature with the 2gb limit? I think there are a few options. i've never used coreos but I believe it's designed for running containers and be lightweight
06:46<Winckle>yeah chesty, that's right. The 2GB limit is pretty much impossible to deal with on ubuntu server
06:46<Winckle>I'm not wedded to ubuntu, I just picked it because I use it on my home server and so I was familiar.
06:46<chesty>another option is to use ubuntu server as your base and remove any packages not needed to boot, and have a boot script that installs all the things you want including docker-compose
06:47<Winckle>I just have a weird computing task where several times a month I want to spin up a relatively strong (I picked the linode $40 a month option) server and run a lot of containers on it for about an hour. Paying for it the rest of the month is wasteful
06:50<chesty>you can do that with a stripped down ubuntu server with a boot script. i would do it with saltstack myself. I'm sure you wouldn't even need to save your own linode image to to use saltstack or puppet or whatever else.
06:51<chesty>the other option is linode stackscripts
06:57<Winckle>Saltstack eh? I'll have a look and get back to you.
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08:04<soporteidf>Hello, I have a problem with my account and my VPS is shutdown. Anyone can help me please?
08:05<Woet>not without an actual question, no
08:08<soporteidf>Ok. My VPS is shutdown, I have write an e-mail to the support, but it wasn´t answer me. I have tried to login to my Linode account, but I forget the password. So, I try to recover my password, but the Linode web didn´t send the e-mail password recovery. So I am lost.
08:08<Woet>how long ago did you write this e-mail to conclude support won't answer you?
08:08<Woet>3-4 days ago?
08:09<soporteidf>one week
08:09<soporteidf>The e-mail has sent on 12/27/2019
08:10<soporteidf>My username is soporteidf and my e-mail account is
08:10<Woet>are you sure your email address is working properly?
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08:12<Woet>i recommend sending another email or calling +1-609-380-7100
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08:32<@rdaniels>soporteidf: Do you have a ticket number? I can take a look now. Also, which email did you use? The Support email is
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08:39<soporteidf>Yes, I send an e-mail to
08:40<soporteidf>I can´t open a ticket, because I forget my password, so I can´t login to my account.
08:42<soporteidf>I have sent another e-mail to recently.
08:42<chesty>when you email support don't you get back an automated response with a ticket number?
08:42<@rdaniels>I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this. You can reset your password using this link. A reset link will be sent to the email on file for the account.
08:43<soporteidf>@chesty: No
08:43<@rdaniels>Have you checked your spam folder for a reply from us? It may have ended up there.
08:44<soporteidf>@rdaniels: Yes, I have done this, but I have not receive any mail from LINODE.
08:44<soporteidf>Yes, I have checked my spam folder
08:44<soporteidf>I don´t know what happened.
08:46<@rdaniels>Hmm. The password reset link wasn't in your spam either? Would you mind sending another email now? I will personally check the Support inbox fo rit.
08:46<@rdaniels>Make sure to provide the last 6 digits of the payment card in the email. This will help me locate your account and authenticate you as an authorized user.
08:48<soporteidf>Ok, I will send a new e-mail with the last 6 digits of the payment card
08:49<@rdaniels>Ok. I will look for it now
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08:53<@rdaniels>I've found the email. We will respond to it shortly, @soporteidf
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09:05<Woet>rdaniels: 1+ week response time on support nowadays?
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09:08<@rdaniels>@woet: It is possible that there is something else at play here. You know we respond faster than that. ;)
09:11<@mcintosh>!boo Woet
09:11<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from woet! (26)
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09:43<soporteidf>Excuse me @rdaniels, Did you response my mail? (because I haven´t received any mail yet). Thanks.
09:49<@rdaniels>@soporteidf, I responded about 30 minutes ago. It's possible that there is an issue with the email address you used. Are you able to send another email from a different provider, like GMail? We are also available by phone: +1 609-380-71001.
09:53<soporteidf>Oh!, did you response to my e-mail address ( ?
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09:55<soporteidf>Please, could you re-send the e-mail?
09:58<@rdaniels>soporteidf: I followed the instructions that were given in the email. I think their may be an issue with hotmail receive our replies. are you able to give us a call? We have 24/7 phone support.
10:00<soporteidf>I prefeer the chat, because my english is not so good
10:02<soporteidf>If you want, I can give you a gmail address of my wife, because I have not a gmail address
10:16<dubidubno>Are there any differences in performance or reliability between a swap partition and a swap file on a system like Linode's (SSD, virtualization)?
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10:34<Woet>rdaniels / mcintosh: to be fair, that's the first thing I said: "are you sure your email address is working properly?"
10:34<Woet>then again, the "" part already answered my question
10:36<soporteidf>@woet, I have not any other e-mail address. How can we solve the issue?
10:37<Woet>honestly, Microsoft is known to silently drop emails as part of their "spam protection"
10:37<Woet>just sign up for a address and see how that goes
10:46<chesty>dubidubno, no performance difference these days
10:47<chesty>dubidubno, also checkout zram
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11:04<@rdaniels>soporteidf: Yeah. Let's try with your wife's email. Would you be able to send us an email from her account? Make sure to include your account email address and the last 6 digits of the payment card on file.
11:05<@rdaniels>woet: I'll give you that. :)
11:06<@rdaniels>!point Woet
11:07<linbot>rdaniels: Point given to woet. (27) (Biggest fan: woet, total: 18)
11:07<@rdaniels>You get your point back. (:
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11:28<fggg>i want vos hosting
11:29<fggg>how many email in your hosting plan per month or unlimited?
11:29<Woet>are you sure you want VPS hosting?
11:29<Woet>because your question makes no sense when you talk about VPSs.
11:29<fggg>what you mean?
11:30<Woet>it's like buying a bike and asking how many kilometres you can drive before you're out of petrol
11:30<fggg>tell me
11:30<fggg>about emails
11:30<Woet>the limit depends on how you configure your VPS.
11:30<fggg>or tell me you dont want talk to me
11:30<fggg>4gb ram plan
11:31<Woet>it depends on the software you install
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11:31<Woet>and how you configure it
11:32<Woet>again, are you sure you want VPS hosting?
11:32<kharlan>fggg: He's saying that every single implementation requires different resources allocated to it.
11:32<kharlan>Even within the same set of software servers.
11:32<fggg>4 GB 2 Cores 80 GB SSD 4 TB 40 Gbps 4000 Mbps $20 / mo ($.03 / hr)
11:32<Woet>you're not buying webhosting
11:32<Woet>there's no control panel
11:33<Woet>things like emails / domains / databases / aliases are all webhosting related limits
11:33<Woet>not VPS.
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11:41<linbot>New news from community: How can I achieve autoscaling on the Linode platform? <>
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11:51<Test123>test 123
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11:56<Woet>ah, yes, a very genuine question by my favourite customer "Linode"
12:06<warewolf>yeah those are funny
12:06<warewolf>IIRC they're customer questions posted essentially for FAQ purposes
12:09<@pwoods>warewolf: that's correct. We like to transfer questions that we think would be beneficial to more than just the customer in the ticket.
12:11<warewolf>I think at one point I suggested a way to curb the weird by making the posts as "A Linode Customer"
12:13<@mcintosh>I don't really see that as much different
12:14<dzho>Al Inodecu Stomer
12:14<@mcintosh>maybe there is some subjectivity involved but it seems like Linode posting common questions it gets, as itself, isn't that weird to me
12:14<dzho>(they've got a romanian grandparent you see)
12:15*dzho is probably missing a diacritic mark there but you get the idea
12:16<chesty>can you ask support any questions?
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12:35<nuevu>Anyone know how to (re)set a user's password in the new manager? Not my own account, a different one listed here:
12:40<@mcintosh>nuevu: issue a password reset via the login portal
12:41<@pwoods>nuevu: the exact URL is
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12:45<nuevu>That's slightly annoying as the old manager allows for changing the password right in the interface, but I'm guessing it's just because you didn't want to enable API access for that operation. Thanks for the info mcintosh and pwoods.
12:49<@mcintosh>nuevu: I can see why it's annoying given that classic Manager allowed for it
12:49<@mcintosh>fwiw, we are taking feedback on that particular issue into consideration (no promises, though)
12:52<nuevu>mcintosh: Totally understand. Thanks for the info.
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13:20<GM>whats the level of support lynode offers
13:20<dwfreed>(there's a "Managed" offering, but it's primarily monitoring and incident response)
13:20<GM>oh okay
13:21<GM>minor issues like changing php file size and all does lynode supports that?
13:21<dwfreed>no, that's all on you
13:21<GM>or server load increase
13:22<dwfreed>anything having to do with what's installed on the Linode is your responsibility
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14:32<linbot>New news from community: Any plans for a datacenter in Seattle, WA? <>
14:55<nuevu>The Canadian DC is in Toronto. That's completely the wrong side of the continent.
14:58<nuevu>(Esh, that sounded snippy. Sorry, not the intent.)
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16:04<FluffyFoxeh>Fremont is geographically closer
16:33<dwfreed>Fremont is close enough, imo
16:33<dwfreed>the connectivity from seattle to Silicon Valley is excellenet
16:35<Peng_>Could be interesting to have a British Columbia location though.
16:36<dwfreed>I've heard cross-Canada connectivity is like non-existent; everything crosses via the US
16:45<dubidubno>For what type of things (other than privacy, data protection) does datacentre location matter?
16:45<FluffyFoxeh>latency to those who connect to the server
16:46<dwfreed>people complain about latency more than actually matters
16:46<FluffyFoxeh>and bandwidth, to some extent
16:46<dwfreed>unless you're making the next Stadia, and you're not, latency is not *that* important
16:48<FluffyFoxeh>but servers that are more geographically distant can have worse throughput, in my experience
16:48<FluffyFoxeh>Try setting you Debian mirror to somewhere far away
16:48<dubidubno> is a site I use a lot that's hosted in the US. Would I notice it if they moved it to say London or Oslo? I'm in NO.
16:48<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: less of an issue unless you're crossing an ocean
16:49<FluffyFoxeh>yeah, that's been my experience
16:49<dwfreed>dubidubno: a little, at best; depends on how much back and forth there is to their server, and how much can be pulled from local CDNs
16:49<dwfreed>(one of the biggest mistakes people make is hosting their js libs themselves; there are several CDNs that host all the major ones)
16:50<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
16:51<dubidubno>They use S3 for images, at least. Don't know if they've enabled any of the CDN services.
16:51<dwfreed>their S3 setup may not be distributed
16:52<Peng_>dubidubno: Vulnerability to apocalyptic natural disasters?
16:52<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: FWIW, I tracerouted from my home in Ottawa to
16:52<FluffyFoxeh>Seems to hop from Toronto to Vancouver
16:53<FluffyFoxeh>Over what wires? I don't know
16:53<dwfreed>those latency numbers line up too well
16:53<dwfreed>seems odd
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17:56<beity>i have issue with my website
17:57<beity>can you plz take a look
17:57<beity>it stopped working suddenly'
17:57<millisa>What do the logs say?
17:58<beity>and giving some wordpress eroor. eventhough the wordpress is okay. but the home page seems destroyed
17:59<beity>can you plz take a look.
17:59<millisa>it looks like a wordpress site with a maintenance page
18:00<beity>i put it live now. plz check
18:00<beity>is there any backup of my site and you can restore? i realy appriciate that
18:00<FluffyFoxeh>Did you have the Linode Backup Service enabled?
18:01<millisa>looks like a wordpress site with lots of arabic.
18:01<beity>I a not sure/. you plx check at your end. i have or noe
18:01<millisa>You would be the one that needs to do any backups/restores.
18:02<beity>yes its arabic site but its home page is showing error. did you see?
18:02<millisa>You can check if you had the backup service by logging into the linode manager and checking that linode
18:02<beity>yes need the backup
18:02<millisa>They talk about it here -
18:03<FluffyFoxeh>If you didn't have it enabled already, it won't help you now though
18:03<beity>i dont have
18:03<FluffyFoxeh>So if you're not using the backup service, hopefully you keep your own backups.
18:04<beity>so whats the solution?
18:04<FluffyFoxeh>Check the web server logs and fix the website
18:04<millisa>Looking at your web server logs would be a good start.
18:05<beity>did get it
18:05<beity>did not get it
18:05<beity>plz explain
18:06<millisa>Are you able to ssh into your linode? Do you know where your logs are?
18:07<beity>in cpanel?
18:07<beity>yes i can see a tab name LOGS
18:08<beity>access logs
18:08<beity>error logs
18:08<beity>email logs'
18:08<millisa>Probably the access and error logs would be where to start.
18:08<beity>Ftp logs
18:09<beity>2020-01-02 19:30:32.744986 [NOTICE] [] No request delivery notification has been received from LSAPI application, possible dead lock.
18:09<beity>what is this LSAPI application?
18:10<Peng_>A Cloudflare IP address?
18:11<beity>can you guide me? how can i take help from logs?
18:12<millisa>you'd be looking for an error of some sort that corresponds to that wordpress error you see.
18:12<millisa>if you dont find one in the web server logs, that error had a link to how to debug wordpress errors
18:12<beity>ok thanks
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20:43<linbot>New news from community: Arch and IPv6 <>
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21:23<dwfreed>Peng_: around?
21:24<Peng_>dwfreed: Hi
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21:27<dwfreed>Peng_: could you look at that community post
21:27<dwfreed>the only odd thing in sysctl is addr_gen_mode is 1
21:28<dwfreed>but his link local is wrong, and he has a tempaddr, even though use_tempaddr is 0
21:28<Peng_>Hey, someone using Atlanta \o/
21:33<Peng_>"1: do no generate a link-local address, use EUI64 for addresses generated from autoconf"
21:34<Peng_>But they have an LL addr? So addr_gen_mode is also beingi gnored?
21:34<Peng_>Wait, no
21:34<dwfreed>I think the LL is coming from something else
21:34<Peng_>yeah, the LL addr is a privacy address
21:34<Peng_>I just noticed
21:34<dwfreed>does netctl use dhcpcd for stateless?
21:35<Peng_>I don't know :X
21:36<Peng_>The IPv4 address is marked "dynamic", does that mean it's DHCP?
21:37<dwfreed>it does have a valid_lft
21:37<dwfreed>guess who properly sets valid_lft? dhcpcd
21:38<dwfreed>pretty sure dhclient does not
21:38<Peng_>Does their config file literally contain the 'LINODE_PUBLIC_IPV4' strings?
21:38<dwfreed>I hope not
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21:40<dwfreed>posted an update
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21:42<chesty>could it be a firewall issue? what does iptables and tcpdump say?
21:42<dwfreed>less likely
21:42<dwfreed>IPv6 won't work if the LL address is wrong
21:43<dwfreed>so until we can fix that, no point in looking at firewall
21:43<chesty>i guess the ll address is wrong then. one day I should get back to learning ipv6
21:46<dwfreed>chesty: I mean, in a normal environment, that would probably work just fine; on a Linode, the LL has to match what Linode's expecting (which is EUI64 derived), or nothing works
21:47<dwfreed>the host firewall rules drop the traffic otherwise
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21:47<carl>hello, any support here ,we have a server can
21:47<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:48<carl>hello, any support here ,we have a server can't ping and even can't reboot, can help to have a look , ticket ID #13200930
21:48<dwfreed>have you tried logging into Lish?
21:48<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
21:49<carl>yes, tried, seems stuck in I/O
21:49<carl>need to force reboot
21:50<carl>from weblish can see it stuck
21:50<dwfreed>a reboot job will eventually (about 2 minutes) force the issue
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21:51<carl>it's already 15mins, still under shutting down process
21:52<carl>Shutting Down: 98%
21:52<boniface>why d id the digitalocean channel redirect me to linode
21:52<carl>22 minutes, 5 seconds
21:52<Peng_>carl: What command/button did you use to do it?
21:52<carl>the shutting down button on linod console page
21:53<dwfreed>boniface: as in a person in the channel told you to come here?
21:53<boniface>no it says in the topic
21:53<boniface> The topic for #digitalocean is: North Korea Best Korea | You may be looking for #linode. Just kidding, you ARE looking for #linode :^)
21:54<dwfreed>because the #digitalocean channel on OFTC isn't owned or run by DigitalOcean
21:54*dwfreed glares at JamesTK
21:54<boniface>do they have an irc
21:54<dwfreed>boniface: #digitalocean on freenode, I think
21:54<chesty>boniface, it's someone's prank, it has nothing to do with linode either
21:54<carl>can anybody help
21:54<boniface>yeah the north korea thing was a clue
21:54<boniface>but wanted to check lol
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21:56<dwfreed>JamesTK: fix the topic of #digitalocean to be useful, before I do it for you; that's not cool
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21:57<carl>can any body help
21:58<dwfreed>carl: not anybody here; your best bet would be to call Linode
21:58<dwfreed>see the "Call Support" box on that page
21:58<dwfreed>Skype can call US Toll Free numbers for free if needed
21:59<dwfreed>(Which is what the 855 number is)
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22:54<linbot>New news from community: Installing Nextcloud and Nextcloud Talk <>
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23:28<linbot>New news from blog: 2019: A Big Year of Innovation for Linode and a Big Thank You to Our Customers <> || Launch: Linode Solutions Partner Program <> || <> || Linode Expands Global Infrastructure with Sydney Data Center <
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