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00:10<chesty>that was an interesting read.
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02:14<linbot>New news from community: AWS SDK createBucket() succeeds but, hangs until timeout <>
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08:46<linbot>New news from community: Terraform: Orchestrating creation of A record and rDNS <>
08:48<@jackley>whois ttaylor
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12:36<Winckle>I could use some advice with the image creation function
12:37<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:37<Winckle>I was typing the rest mate, jeez
12:38<Winckle>the total usage is 1.3GB according to "df -lh --total", but creation still fails
12:38<Winckle>I was wondering what other common pitfalls I could be falling into are
12:41<Winckle>good point, I had assumed that it would be. It's a CoreOS base image, and according to df it's a mixture of tmpfs, ext4, and vfat
12:44<millisa>what is the message you get when it fails?
12:44<millisa>(if you click the little bell in the upper right in the cloud manager, it should show it)
12:46<Winckle>Image creation failed.
12:46<Winckle>This likely happened because your disk content was larger than the 2048 MB limit, or you attempted to imagize a raw or custom formatted disk.
12:46<millisa>the disk you picked 'imagize' on - does it say 'raw' under the 'type' column?
12:47<millisa>or something other than 'ext4'?
12:55<Winckle>you mean the disk I chose in the web gui? "core os container linux disk" there is no type column. That label seems to map to /dev/sda in the linode, which is partitioned several times (this is all default, I've made no changes here) /boot is vfat, the others are ext4
12:59<millisa>this column
13:02<Winckle>it's raw
13:03<Winckle>I'm assuming that's a no go then lol
13:03<millisa>no go for raw
13:03<Winckle>ok, please recommend me a base image that will be under 2GB so I can make a custom image from when I've made my minor changes
13:04<chonk>Winckle: you can also open a ticket and you might be able to get that limit raised
13:04<millisa>unless something's changed, the disk's got to be ext3 or ext4 in that type column
13:04<millisa>single partition
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13:05<Winckle>the feature seems useless if none of the base images plus a few text files and config changes is under 2GB and requires a ticket raising ๐Ÿ™ƒ
13:23<Winckle>ok, take three, let's try Debian 10, base install seems to be a little over 1GB
13:55<@jcardillo>Winckle: yeah 2048MB isn't much. we've had others request this to be bumped up as well. I'll pass your feedback on internally since we've been tracking requests for this.
13:56<@jcardillo>if you open a ticket to request a bump in the meantime we'll do what we can.
14:07<Winckle>I'll do my best to get in under 2GB. I see it as a challenge now ๐Ÿ˜‚
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14:28<wcws>Why there is no daily backup option on linode
14:28<William>Hi. Can I ask a compliance/abuse related question?
14:29<millisa>wcws: there is a backup service that can do daily backups
14:29<millisa>William: Ask away
14:29<wcws>I dont really see that under my account - I just create my linode and select $5 forbackup
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14:30<William>Is it acceptable to host a usercsript tool on a Linode-hosted website that modifies Steam Store webpages to include a link to where one can download the game illegally?
14:30<millisa>wcws: a linode with backups enabled should have a backups tab that shows the backups.
14:30<William>I have confirmed the website is a dedicated IP on Linode.
14:31<millisa>William: sounds like abuse. Give them details at
14:31<William>Does Valve have to complain or will you force a customer to take down an obvious warez link?
14:32<millisa>You'd have to write them to see
14:32<William>I am working on filing a Steam Support ticket to the same.
14:32<millisa>It looks like they even have a form to use now (that's new)
14:33<William>Since it is proxied through Cloudflare, does Cloudflare intercept reports of piracy?
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14:33<millisa>if it's proxied through cloudflare, how did you determine it's a linode ip?
14:33<Demonicpagan>I need some assistance trying to reinstall certbot after upgrading do Debian 10 (Buster). When using apt install certbot python-certbot-nginx it errors. It boils down to needing < 3.7 but 3.7.3-1 is to be installed for python3-zope.interface
14:33<millisa>(cloudflare has their own abuse contacts)
14:34<William>And they botch it on purpose to keep the top warez sites up.
14:34<millisa>Do they
14:34<William>Check out for some horror stories.
14:36<William>Cloudflare has been the host of the warez site it links to for years.
14:36<William>The userscript that is.
14:37<millisa>I'm still not clear how you've picked out the linode IP when it's behind cloudflare?
14:37<William>greasyfork is where the userscript is hosted.
14:38<William>that enables access to abusive website igg-games
14:38<William>They don't seem to have a proper reporting mechanism for all kinds of abuse.
14:38<William>And I have confirmed IP address is exclusive to where the offending userscript is hosted -
14:42<William>I have reported directly via email and have given Steam Support the same email address.
14:43<William>But definitely consider dropping your use of Cloudflare MITM on your main website or I may consider looking for a different hosting provider.
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14:44<millisa>You've really lost me at this point.
14:44<Woet>William: an userscript adding a link to a page is not piracy nor abuse nor MITM.
14:45<Woet>William: and a website that lists userscripts is definitely none of that.
14:46<Woet>William: however, if you have a massive moral problem with that and you are in fact a Linode customer, you're free to cancel.
14:48<William>I can't un-send the e-mail to Linode abuse and won't un-send the ticket to Steam Support.
14:50<nate>I'm reading up and can't really figure out what the shit is being explained
14:50<William>If either act on it Greasy Fork will be required to take down the userscript.
14:50<nate>other than apparently someone claiming something is being hosted on linode abusively but won't show how they've determined that
14:50<William>A userscript that adds warez links to Steam Store pages, confirmed to be hosted on a Linode IP address.
14:51<millisa>The script is 3 lines - searches a site called igg-games (using http...) and then gives links to something else.
14:51<nate>Also it's worth noting steam's literal API lets you "download games" otherwise period. Actually running them however is a different story
14:51<millisa>igg-games appears to be one of those free2play knock offmobile game makers... clash of lords, castle clash, that sorta thing
14:51<nate>(it's largely intended for use of people just downloading stuff for intents of server stuff, but it has a bit of a broad function, steam generally won't let an account actually run the game however without it having an accompanying account license)
14:52<millisa>i dont have any idea how cloudflare is involved other than that igg site uses them?
14:52<nate>William: Okay so it's not actually allowing download from steam, it simply links to a piracy site? This sounds more like an issue for steam/valve to be filing a complaint about
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14:53<William>nate: For that reason I have filed a Support ticket with Valve.
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14:53<nate>By general definition in the US, what you're reporting is very middle-area legality junk, so the fact you're threatening to cancel your account if linode doesn't 'take action' over something that is quite possibly legal, is a bit silly
14:54<William>I'm threatening to cancel my account if Linode doesn't stop using Cloudflare.
14:54<millisa>Probably should follow through then.
14:54<millisa>I like linode using cloudflare
14:54<William>Why shouldn't they use Fastly or another CDN instead?
14:55<nate>As far as I can tell isn't using cloudflare? What is? And even at that, are you going to offer them the money to setup some alternative mitigation middle point?
14:55<William>They only proxied their website about the time they overhauled it.
14:55<nate>Because if you're spending that much on linode that deleting your account would somehow make a dramatic impact, perhaps you should talk to them about becoming an investor and share ideas that way?
14:56<dwfreed>nate: Linode uses Cloudflare for DNS Manager
14:56<millisa>nate: -> cloudflare.
14:56<William>How do we know Cloudflare doesn't tamper with the contents of abuse reports?
14:56<dwfreed>and non-www is hosted on Linode and redirects to www
14:57<dwfreed>William: I think your tinfoil hat's on a little too tight
14:57<dwfreed>William: also, how do you know fastly won't tamper with abuse reports?
14:57<nate>William: I'm beginning to question if you even are actually a linode customer if you're -that- paranoid
14:57<Woet>William looks more like a troll
14:58<millisa>nate: (if you wanted to see it)
14:58<nate>indeed. Don't get me wrong, I'm no cloudflare fan myself but this is a pretty dramatic overreaction and one that quite frankly you don't even seem like you have any authority to be having
14:58<millisa><---admitted cloudflare fan
14:58<William>I wouldn't hate them so much if they didn't get someone who reported 8chan doxed.
14:58<nate>At best maybe if one of your games were impacted by this on steam, at which point I don't see that linode is necessary to involve at all unless you can prove linode was otherwise hosting illegal content
14:59<nate>(or well a linode customer was)
15:01<William>I am not directly blaming the site owner but they don't have a sufficient reporting mechanism that doesn't involve registering an account.
15:01<William>An abuse report should scare the site owner into removing the abusive content?
15:01<nate>That's your personal problem, just because you don't want to register an account on their site does not mean linode should be your personal mail service
15:01<nate>Especially on something that, by all intents, likely isn't even illegal
15:04<warewolf>William: you have no legal standing.
15:04<warewolf>you're not linode, you're not valve.
15:05<William>I vowed revenge against abusive websites when a VPS provider shut down due to abuse complaints.
15:05<warewolf>also this is the 2nd time you've raged about cloudflare/linode
15:06<warewolf>so, if you have evidence of a crime, report it to law enforcement.
15:06<warewolf>you're trying to be an internet vigilante, and trying to elbow Linode into doing something *you* wish.
15:07<nate>William: Your opinion does not define 'abuse'
15:07<Peng_>William: How is that revenge?
15:07<William>Which of you are Linode employees?
15:07<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
15:08<warewolf>linode employees are also under no obligation to tell you *what* they do with an abuse report.
15:09<nate>At least not in here
15:09<warewolf>the most you can expect to receive from them is an acknowledgment that the report was received.
15:09<warewolf>anything _more_ than that would require you to be A) a party with legal standing B) a member of law enforcement
15:10<warewolf>William: respectfully, as a linode customer, I don't appreciate you attempting to strongarm Linode.
15:11<nate>Even being a member of law enforcement most things work by a court order design thankfully lol
15:17<linbot>New news from community: expected side-effects if changing hostname <>
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15:48<dubidubno>Is Adobe ColdFusion still a thing?
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16:30<Winckle>ok, image creation is still failing, it's definitely under 1.5GB and in the ext4 format
16:30<Winckle>I'm getting prety frustrated now :(
16:30<millisa>Same message?
16:32<millisa>(which location, I'll try a quick test spinup and see if I can replicate. still testing with deb10?)
16:33<Winckle>yeah same message, deb10
16:33<Winckle>I installed docker-compose and added some configs in /opt and /root
16:33<Winckle>also added a cron job
16:34<millisa>which datacenter are you doing it in?
16:35<@jackley>Winckle: I can bump the image size a bit for you, if you like
16:36<Winckle>if you think that would help, but I should be well under, the total disk usage is 1.4GB
16:41<millisa>hm. just created an image in london and a deb10 nanode that was a fresh install
16:42<millisa>fresh install appeared to only use 987MB
16:42<dwfreed>now add docker-compose
16:43<millisa>looks close. added 350.
16:43<dwfreed>now try to imagize it?
16:43<millisa>still waiting on it to finish installing
16:44<millisa>after install /dev/root 1.9G 1.5G 359M 81% /. (interesting that mine is larger)
16:44<dwfreed>apt clean
16:44<dwfreed>get rid of some crap
16:45<millisa>1.5 should still fit. waiting on the image now
16:46<millisa>interestingly, the successful image that only had 987MB used shows an image size in the manager of 1589MB
16:46<@jackley>Winckle: i bumped your image size to 3GB
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16:47<Winckle>millisa I appreciate your testing thanks. I know an intermediate amount about unix, but I'm still a novice regarding the inner workings of linode
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16:47<millisa>after composer, it still created a good image. shows it as size 2000MB (which is the size I made the disk itself)
16:48<@jackley>i'm also testing this
16:48<@jackley>nearly done
16:49<millisa>looks like you had deployed using up the full amount of storage on a 2gb node
16:49<millisa>maybe something quirky with that?
16:50<@jackley>i initially deployed an image with the max amount of storage for my Linode
16:50<@jackley>I then resized the disk down to 2GB
16:51<@jackley>^ this is after installing docker, docker-compose, and updates. had to run apt-clean a few times
16:51<@jackley>my image seems to be working
16:51<millisa>Winckle: try that - try resizing the disk down to 2gb. shutdown the node, then do it from the 'advanced' tab (the little ... next to the disk)
16:51<@jackley>Winckle: could you try resizing your disk down to 2048 MB?
16:52<@jackley>ya that
16:52<Winckle>will that cause me any issues, because when I do create a linode from this image, it will need space to put the container images it runs
16:53<millisa>you can resize a disk back up - or set up a second disk that mounts from /dev/sdb and put it whereever you want
16:53<@jackley>yeah, after you deploy the image, you can grow it a bit to make room
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17:01<Winckle>jackley giving me the extra overhead seems to have done the trick
17:01<millisa>how big did it say the image was?
17:01<millisa>(you can see them if you select 'images' on the left menu)
17:03<Winckle>yeah it says ~2.3GB
17:18<Winckle>Thanks for the help all. Image captured, linode destroyed, further work can be carried out tomorrow. Good night.
17:21<William>Thanks for the reminder - time to run backup
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19:12<FluffyFoxeh>why is it that every time William comes in here, he's on about something crazy and nonsensical
19:15<nate>Didn't know there was previous events, first time I've encountered them
19:21*mcintosh backs out of the room slowly
19:23<Toba>dubidubno: very sadly yes
20:37<chesty>probably more constructive than protesting against chemtrails.
20:37<chesty>everyone has to have a hobby
20:38<dwfreed>I'm about an inch away from god-banning him
20:43<Peng_>Someone named William asked about <marquee> last month. What a monster.
20:43<millisa>The God Tag
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23:22<LouWestin>I spent about 5 mins going back to see what excitement I missed. It was kind of let down actually
23:23<LouWestin>Canโ€™t figure out why someone would be that upset about some alleged steam game download links.
23:25<LouWestin>Unless itโ€™s effecting your intellectual property or business.
23:38<Ikaros>, I was in the middle of fighting with my pfSense gateway at home ('cause IPv6 tunnel would not stay connected, turns out it was NDP, but that's not relevant), so I wasn't seeing the entirety of the convo, but was he actually complaining about the mere fact Linode uses CloudFlare for things...? Or was there more I missed while I was busy messing with the local firewall machine
23:38<dwfreed>well, that too
23:38<millisa>he seemed to be upset about lots of things
23:48<Ikaros>Reads like a troll with a stick up his ass about CloudFlare that seems to have gone too far up it, with a clear inability to comprehend he could have just sent an abuse report and left it alone instead of whining like a little kid about something he can't do a thing about that's not even related to the initial complaint to begin with. Threatening to cancel over *THAT*? OK. Bye Felicia.
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23:58<rsdehart>Looks like William Williaming
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