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01:45<LouWestin>I remember a few who’d come here with some question, then turned into wanting to know our Facebook account profiles
01:45<LouWestin>Such strange trolls...
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04:56<chesty>48.9 degrees in sydney today, that's 120 F for people living in the past. I feel like visiting hell to cool off a bit
05:55<Unit193>Well it *is* 33°F in Hell right now, so that's very doable. That's seriously miserably hot.
06:06<chesty>and that's not the worst part. it's really dry, we're running out of water, there are massive bushfires allover the place, 7 million hectares burnt so far and the fires probably won't be under control until march/april or there's no more bush left to burn, whichever comes first. and the fires have taken out 2 power stations and other power infra so
06:06<chesty>we will probably have blacks out soon
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08:24<Woet>chesty: at least your 5.8 million fireworks looked great
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08:30<chesty>not as good as shanghai's drones. I have no idea what our fireworks looked like this year and some people had a problem with them, but cancelling them wouldn't have saved any money, and it raised millions in charity for fire affected people and boosts the economy by a 100 million
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12:27<LouWestin>I finally got around to checking my offical join date with Linode. Feb 27, 2015. Almost five years now.
12:33<LouWestin>I should get a Linode T-shirt to celebrate. lol
13:22<Winckle>when creating a linode from a private image using linode-cli (the python wrapper around the linode API), can I define the size of the disk with the create command, or must I first create, then resize, then boot?
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14:01<Dragon>you should be able to specify the size
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14:35<Winckle>I can't see a parameter for that
15:26<DrJ>LouWestin: congrats!
15:27<DrJ>October 22nd, 2010 for me
15:28<DrJ>I don't recall specifically how I discovered Linode, but I know I was happy when I did. I was with Bodhost before then and ... well... wasn't that satisfied
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15:50<jmckinney12307>hello could is anyone free to help a noob lol?
15:54<Toba>just as your question
15:55<Toba>maybe someone will, maybe not, it's impossible to say until you say what you need help with
15:56<jmckinney12307>sorry i am new to linux and followed the suggested setup guide using ubut 19.(latest) and i have vncserver on the linode machine and it is started , i use putty as suggested and when i try to connect via the vnc client i get a connection refused and suggestions?
15:57<jmckinney12307> Ubuntu 19.10 is what the machineis running
15:59<Toba>what port are you connecting on?
16:01<jmckinney12307>via putty 5901 but via vnc its :1 as per the instructions
16:02<jmckinney12307>i used as the instructions
16:02<Toba>run this command and then put the output on please: sudo iptables --list -n
16:04<Toba>oh I see, so you're using an ssh tunnel?
16:04<Toba>the ssh tunnel means that you need to connect to localhost:5901 if you're using the command from that article.
16:04<Toba>It doesn't "open the firewall" or something, it opens a socket listening on localhost for you, and any connection that you make to it, gets proxied through the ssh connection
16:05<Toba>That's how ssh tunneling works. You're telling vnc to listen, but I'm not entirely sure that :1 is actually a TCP port. I think that's some kind of symbolic vnc server name or something.
16:06<Toba>what about this command: ps auxw|grep ssh && sudo netstat -pan|grep 5901
16:06<Toba>yeah I was wrong this hasn't got anything to do with the firewall.
16:07<Toba>And, is your ssh tunnel currently running?
16:09<Toba>gotta install netstat apparently
16:10<Toba>and try that again
16:14<jmckinney12307>that is the latest output
16:15<Toba>are you sure vncserver is actually running?
16:15<jmckinney12307>ok holf on lol
16:16<jmckinney12307>it is now for sure
16:17<Toba>ok make sure ssh tunnel is running and connect to localhost:5901
16:18<jmckinney12307>the exact msg is connection closed unexpetedly
16:18<Toba>out of ideas. maybe someone else will know. good luck
16:19<jmckinney12307>ok ty
16:21<@jyoo>jmckinney12307: Just a hunch, but do you have keepalives set up in PuTTY?
16:21<jmckinney12307>what is that?
16:21<@jyoo>This link might help:
16:22<@jyoo>Sometimes timeout errors with PuTTY are caused by a lack of keepalive settings
16:22<jmckinney12307>looking at it now\
16:28<jmckinney12307>jyoo looked at page adhusted keepalive to 30 min per the page instruction still get he connection closed unexpectedly.
16:28<@jyoo>Hmm, looking at other possibilities, one sec
16:30<@jyoo>Your PuTTY connection was set up under SSH --> Tunnels --> Source port 5901 with Destination set as $linodeIP:5901 right?
16:30<@jyoo>Sorry to backtrack just want to make sure we're covering the bases
16:31<@jyoo>Were you able to set a password when running vncserver :1 in PuTTY?
16:31<@jyoo>(Toba is correct, the :1 indicates which VNC session and isn't related to the port itself)
16:32<jmckinney12307>when i first setup vnc on the machine yes
16:32<@jyoo>For RealVNC viewer...localhost:1 right?
16:33<@jyoo>& did it let you get as far as entering the password or is that where the error happens?
16:33<jmckinney12307>no enter of password that is where i get the error
16:33<@jyoo>Gotcha. Hold please, looking into something for you
16:34<jmckinney12307>ok as i said im a noob if it were windows i could have sorted this lol
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16:39<jmckinney12307>jyoo could my local machine be the issue?
16:39<@jyoo>No worries! So based on which I think is your netstat output, it doesn't look like anything is listening on port 5901. I might have missed it somewhere but would just like to confirm
16:40<Toba>next pastebin link.
16:40<@jyoo>It's not as likely as there being a misconfiguration between the Linode, PuTTY, and VNC
16:40<Toba>thats outdated
16:40<@jyoo>Oops - looking now
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16:44<jmckinney12307>jyoo just ran ps auxw|grep ssh && sudo netstat -pan|grep 5901 will make a new pastebin if you need it
16:46<@jyoo>That's okay
16:46<@jyoo>Try changing your /etc/vnf.conf file as per
16:47<jmckinney12307>i cant even get that open idk how i would do that
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16:47<@jyoo>Are you able to SSH into just the Linode command line using PuTTY without VNC?
16:48<@jyoo>So on your local computer you would need to find the file for vnf.conf for TigerVNC in order to change the setting for localhost. I'm looking to see whether there's a more straightforward way to do it via Windows
16:51<@jyoo>No. Sorry. It would be the /etc/vnf.conf file on the Linode itself, which you would edit using a command like nano /etc/vnf.conf
16:52<@jyoo>You're also welcome to open a ticket with us so we can make sure things are alright on the Linode's side. This is beyond the bounds of our support, but we like to help troubleshoot where we can.
16:54<jmckinney12307>ok jyoo i waws unsure if i could do that as my buddy is the one who has the machine and has given me limted fuction access as a sub user
16:54<@jyoo>Ahhh gotcha. That would depend on how much access they gave you
16:56<jmckinney12307>well i can do a rebuild of the sytem im working on lol
16:56<@jyoo>Welp I think opening a ticket and/or editing files is probably an option then! haha
16:58<jmckinney12307>ok so vnc.conf is un writable
16:58<jmckinney12307>here ill open a ticket right quick maybe someone is free to look at the system
16:58<@jyoo>Hmm...did you run using sudo by any chance?
16:58<@jyoo>We'll be on the lookout for it :)
16:59<jmckinney12307>no no sudo lol
16:59<@jyoo>That might be why, the error message isn't always the most verbose lol
17:02<jmckinney12307>ok ticket is open hy00
17:02<@jyoo>Thanks! We'll get an update out to you soon
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17:18<Winckle>are stackscripts I create totally private? So I can store secrets in them? Or is there a better way of passing a stackscript secret data such as private keys or passwords?
17:23<@mtjones>Winckle: I'd use a variable for that:
17:26<@jyoo>jmckinney12307: We just sent over your ticket update
17:30<Winckle>I see. Do you have further documentation on how to provide the answers to UDFs when provisioning a linode via the api? this page describes an object that should be provided to the stackscript_data parameter for these answers.
17:30<Winckle>Am I right in saying it should be a json object where the keys are the UDF names?
17:31<Winckle>nevermind, no further documentation needed. I just needed to be smarter and read it more thoroughly 🙃
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17:40<jmckinney12307>no luck with that command jy00
17:48<@jyoo>jmckinney12307: Hm, that's unfortunate... We have your ticket reply, we'll follow up there soon
17:49<jmckinney12307>ok np ty
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18:09<jmckinney12307>hey jyoo i dont think my local machine is even hitting putty do you know of any way i can test this?
18:11<@jyoo>We have a guide for PuTTY that's separate from VNC here:
18:11<@jyoo>If you can successfully SSH into your Linode using PuTTY then your local machine is able to connect via PuTTY
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18:31<jmckinney12307>hey jyoo is there a version of the linux distro that comes from you guys with a gui already setup?
18:35<@jyoo>Not directly. You can install a custom distribution if you'd like, and use the Glish console to interact with it, as mentioned here:
18:36<@jyoo>Alternatively, you can try using different VNC clients if you think the client itself is the issue rather than PuTTY
20:12<chesty>jmckinney12307, did you get it sorted?
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