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00:01<hoapc>millisa : How long does Linode spend 1.5 TB for 1 month?
00:01<nate>Not sure I understand that question
00:02<millisa>The 'Transfer' column on the pricing page is the amount you could transfer in a month without an overage if that is what you are asking.
00:03<hoapc>Can you take a picture of that place for me to see?
00:04<millisa>The pricing page? This?
00:05<millisa>That appears to be the 8gb standard plan, it has 5TB transfer included
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01:05<FluffyFoxeh>hoapc: Only egress (traffic leaving your server; "upload") is counted toward the transfer limit, also
01:06<dwfreed>upload from the server's perspective
01:06<dwfreed>but since it's a server, most people view that as "download"
01:07<FluffyFoxeh>That's why I don't like the terms "upload" / "download"
01:08<Toba>obviously it's up to the cloud and down to the sewer of the user endpoitn
01:09<Toba>sideloading is when you transfer from one server to another.
01:09<Toba>I didn't just make that up.
01:09<Toba>I promise
01:09<FluffyFoxeh>Though I personally never found it confusing. It just makes intuitive sense to me that "download" == ingress traffic
01:10<dwfreed>sideloading is free as long as it's done on the IPv4 private network, or in the same datacenter on the IPv6 network
01:12<FluffyFoxeh>Sideloading? That's a new one for me.
01:13<FluffyFoxeh>Or did you actually make that up? :p
01:14<FluffyFoxeh>(my sarcasm detector is unsure)
01:15<FluffyFoxeh>Huh. It's true.
01:15<FluffyFoxeh>Well, it doesn't say "server", but yeah
01:16<Toba>yes, I did
01:16<Toba>but I guess it's not that innovative a term
01:16<FluffyFoxeh>I'm surprised the "installing software from third-party sources on an otherwise restrictive platform" use isn't mentioned there
01:16<FluffyFoxeh>oh :p
01:17<Toba>slideload is when you transfer data in hard drives down a slip n slide wrapped up in ziplock bags
01:17<Toba>glideload is when you use an unpowered aircraft to transfer data
01:18<Toba>debrideload is when you transfer data out of the SD card you sewed into your skin for insurance all those years ago
01:18<Toba>ok, i'm done
01:18<FluffyFoxeh>hideload is when you stash a storage device somewhere for someone to retrieve
01:19<FluffyFoxeh>tideload is when you throw it in the ocean
01:19<Toba>i have wished to tideload so much data you have no idea.
01:20<Toba>sideload has an anagram of 'dead oils'
01:20<Toba>thanks, wictionary
01:44<chesty>freeload is when there are no data transfer fees
01:45<chesty>guess what payload is
01:46<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: _I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle_
01:46<dwfreed>I suppose I could have actually underlined that; always forget oftc-hybrid still allows formatting with +c, just not colors
01:46<dwfreed>other ircds drop all mirc formatting codes with +c
01:46<linbot>New news from community: phpmyadmin <> || Xampp & Laravel <>
01:47<dwfreed>(which is why "New news from community" from linbot is in bold
01:48<chesty>my client underlined it
01:49<dwfreed>some irc clients will detect the old-style formatting and apply the intention
01:49<dwfreed>eg _underline_ and *bold*
01:51<dwfreed>irssi has a setting for it called emphasis:
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01:56<jack_>my website was hacked
01:57<jack_>what is the problem
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02:07<dwfreed>the problem is you probably forgot to update wordpress
02:07<dwfreed>(yes, I know they're gone)
02:09<Peng_>I was looking at the website for my tea kettle recently (cheap metal stovetop kettle) and it looks like some kind of compromised WordPress/WooCommerce. :<
02:09<Peng_>The website *looks* ok but the "recent posts" column is all spam.
02:09<Peng_>Computers \o/
02:10<Zr40>"I'm afraid to install updates because things might break!"
02:10<Zr40>if you don't, things _will_ break
02:17<joecool>usually the WP plugins do it in (lookin at you revslider)
02:22<dwfreed>joecool: yeah, WP plugins are the worst
02:23<dwfreed>not a single WP plugin was written by a competent programmer
02:23<dwfreed>You can't change my mind
02:25<chesty>interesting, can someone do me a solid and say something in the channel with an old school _underlined sentence_ please?
02:26<dwfreed>_underlined sentence_
02:26<dwfreed>_underlined_ sentence
02:26<dwfreed>both done with old-school _
02:26<Zr40>only the one without a space appears underlined in my irssi
02:27<dwfreed>Zr40: /set emphasis_multiword on
02:27<chesty>cheers. weird, i use kiwirc, the firefox on my desktop displays the underlined sentence different to my firefox on my laptop
02:27<Toba>do colors filter here?
02:27<Toba> a b c
02:27<dwfreed>Toba: colors, yes
02:27<Toba>that's +c yea
02:27<dwfreed>but not bold/underline
02:27<dwfreed>this is a mirc underline
02:27<dwfreed>and this is mirc bold
02:28<dwfreed>reverse video probably also works
02:28<Toba>mirc bold, the #1 dark roast on OFTC
02:28<dwfreed>dark roasts are just burnt beans
02:29<Toba>i prefer medium roasts myself
02:29<Toba>starbucks dark roasts are charcoal briquettes
02:29<dwfreed>I don't drink coffee; I do, however, help out at a coffee shop that has contracted with a local roaster to have all their beans roasted on-site
02:30<dwfreed>(the local roaster gets a part of our kitchen in which to put his roaster and supplies, we get fresh roasted beans)
02:30<Toba>i bet that smells awesome
02:30<dwfreed>it does
02:30<dwfreed>and I hate coffee
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02:33<LouWestin>How could you work at a coffee shop and hate coffee?
02:35<dwfreed>LouWestin: I have nothing to do with the actual production of coffee-based drinks
02:35<dwfreed>I'm their tech guy
02:35<LouWestin>Ok then that makes sense
02:36<dwfreed>they're also a game store (dealing primarily in trading cards) and the plan is also to have an internet cafe type setup
02:36<chesty>#1 is green on my screen
02:36<chesty>must be my client
02:36<Zr40>dwfreed: sounds like a fun place
02:36<LouWestin>I figured you weren’t a master roaster or anything
02:36<dwfreed>we have 1 public PC used primarily for gaming
02:37<LouWestin>MTG cards?
02:37<dwfreed>LouWestin: that's the primary product in the trading cards
02:37<dwfreed>the owner, and now all of the staff, all play it
02:38<LouWestin>I think Pokémon would be a second runner up
02:38<dwfreed>public PCs are fun; there's a program on it that'll automatically wipe it on logout and after 60 minutes of inactivity
02:38<dwfreed>LouWestin: pokemon has kind of died out; it still exists, but not to the level of MTG
02:38<dwfreed>the number of active MTG players is *nuts*
02:39<LouWestin>Yeah it’s more kids and online play. MTG can easily get expensive
02:39<dwfreed>I mean, that's only if you want really good cards
02:40<LouWestin>There’s decent budget decks that you can find on YouTube. Think budget MTG is one.
02:40<dwfreed>We regularly build Commander decks (which is our favorite format) around an inexpensive legendary and bulk C/U/R below $2
02:40<dwfreed>I have a budget Emmara deck that we built; it's great
02:41<dwfreed>tokens, all the tokens
02:41<dwfreed>also creatures whose power and toughness depend on the number of creatures you control
02:43<LouWestin>I grabbed that starter deck set from card kingdom, but the kids don’t seem too interested right now.
02:43<LouWestin>Rookie deck
02:43<dwfreed> this guy's a beast
02:44*LouWestin whistles
02:44<LouWestin>Only three land too
02:45<dwfreed> even better
02:45<LouWestin>That’s a nice card too
02:47<dwfreed>I've thought about running Shanna as the commander for a bit, but at the same time, I think Emmara's just better
02:48<LouWestin>I haven’t played commander yet. Only heard of it from the professor. I think that would be the way I’d go though
02:50<dwfreed>here's the commander:
02:51<LouWestin>The White adds I call’em. That would be a pain to fight against lol
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02:54<dwfreed>LouWestin: it's low and fast, and it goes super wide super easily; it's not easy to get tall, though
02:55<dwfreed>there is one board wipe in it, and that gets *really* tall
02:55<LouWestin>I’m going to try and get a DND group going. Gotta teach these kids real role playing. As long as you don’t block with it, it’ll serve you well I’d imagine.
02:56<dwfreed> this is the board wipe
02:56<dwfreed>I have had X equal 38 once
02:56<dwfreed>it was tasty
02:56<LouWestin>Whoa! lol
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03:38<Qupio>Can some admin check support ticket 13222692 then team can continue their work. Thank you. <3
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04:16<pawan>Hi all, iam not able to access my website after configuring the NS properly. Could anyone help me in this?
04:16<dwfreed>what's your domain?
04:18<Peng_>What error message do you get?
04:20<pawan>When i access it from outside it showing server IP address could not be found.
04:23<dwfreed>so, what domain?
04:35<trippeh>any linoders on? I think a host in london blew up (you are probably aware but anyway)
04:35<trippeh>yup hah ticket just showed up
04:59<trippeh>and we're back
05:01<trippeh>didnt last long :p
05:12<trippeh>all good now.
05:16<dubidubno>dwfreed: jdutton: I made a second user and logged in as that in private window. I proceded to cre
05:18<trippeh>the new cloudy manager is a bit funky if I use multiple tabs
05:18<dwfreed>dubidubno: is the second user under a separate Linode account?
05:18<trippeh>had the disk config of one host up in one tab, and the disk config for another in a different tab, the state gets all mixed up
05:19<trippeh>had a ffffffuuuuu moment here, thought I had deleted the wrong disks
05:20<dubidubno>dwfreed: jdutton: I made a second user and logged in as that in private window. I proceeded to create a bucket named dubidub-c, but it seems to have the same canonical IDs as the others:
05:23<dwfreed>so no
05:24<dubidubno>I'm sorry, two different *billing accounts*?
05:24<dwfreed>dubidubno: the way ACLs and bucket policies work right now is that a whole account has 1 user ID in object storage (ie, to object storage, everybody on the account is the same user); in order to restrict a user, they have to be on a different account so the get a different object storage user ID
05:26<dwfreed>I've suggested that this be changed already, so I suspect Linode already has an item in their tracker for it
05:27<dubidubno>I'm obviously not an expert on this, but wouldn't restricting which bucket an accesss key can interact with be the sane thing to do?
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05:29<dwfreed>sure, but that requires that each access key be its own user from object storage's perspective, which is not what currently happens
05:32<dubidubno>perhaps not the best thing if a key has to be revoked.
05:32<dubidubno>An extra user layer then, which in turn has access keys.
05:33<dubidubno>How does AWS do it?
05:33<Peng_>Yo dawg, AWS even has
05:34<dwfreed>dubidubno: access keys can still be revoked
05:36<dubidubno>dwfreed: yes, but if a key equals a user it can get pretty complicated with a lot of revocations.
05:37<dwfreed>you don't have to revoke all the keys, only the one the person had access to
05:37<dwfreed>there's no way to get the key out of object storage after it's created
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06:25<dubidubno>Why change your nick to Guestxxxxx?
06:26<Peng_>The IRC software does it when you're using a registered nick and don't log in
06:45<dwfreed>the user's original nick was last logged in 10 years ago, so I doubt the person that just connected is the same person that registered it 11.5 years ago
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06:48<dubidubno>No expiery?
06:50<rsdehart>apparently not
06:51<rsdehart>though some networks offer a process of applying to receive a nick that's been inactive over a certain amount of time
06:56<dwfreed>^ oftc does as well, simply by asking for it
06:57<dwfreed>we have no documented policy, but rule of thumb is pretty close to what freenode does, with it being 10 weeks, give or take
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06:58<primitiv>anybody here familiar with fail2ban
06:58<primitiv>cant seem to get my IP to get whitelisted for the life of me
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07:14<chonk>this artfully crafted website might be of some use:
07:16<primitiv>my IP changed last night
07:16<primitiv>didnt realize it lol
07:16<primitiv>all good :P
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07:29<primitiv>anybody here experimented adding text to images using coding?
07:30<chonk>a bit, the whole field of steganography is cool/spooky
07:31<rsdehart>chonk: I assumed primitiv just meant like captions
07:31*chonk backs away slowly
07:31<rsdehart>though it wasn't necessarily clear
07:31<rsdehart>maybe we'll find out
07:32<primitiv>is that what its called?
07:32<rsdehart>depends on what you're talking about
07:32<primitiv>yea like say you have and instagram pic and want to center some text entered via web and produce a new image from that
07:33<primitiv>or have the option to select where the text is positioned, color, font, etc
07:33<chonk>i mean, that kind of counts as steganography i think
07:33<rsdehart>I thought this was a solved problem, though
07:35<primitiv>seems faily straight forward i suppose
07:37<primitiv>y. Valid only at participating McDonald’s® restaurants in Ontario from December 27, 2019 to February 2, 2020. ©2019 McDonald’s Printed in Canada.
07:37<primitiv>this has to be a typo on their coupons right??
07:37<primitiv>a 5 day coupon?
07:37<primitiv>oh nvm im half asleep
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09:22<sang>Are you a Linode support staff?
09:23<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:23<rsdehart>pwoods is, yeah
09:23<@pwoods>sang: What are you looking for assistance with?
09:23<sang>Thank you I am a newbie
09:24<@pwoods>We all were at some point.
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09:33<FluffyFoxeh>He was just looking for reassurance that being a newbie is okay.
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09:35<rsdehart>and he got it
09:35<rsdehart>!point pwoods
09:35<linbot>rsdehart: Point given to pwoods. (13)
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10:38<linbot>New news from community: Android app <>
10:43<v0lksman>so the cloud manager doesn't update as quickly as the old manager does...will this be fixed before Jan 31?
10:44<v0lksman>have just done a restore through new UI and have been waiting like 30 minutes since it was "100%". Log into old UI and it's sitting waiting to be booted
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10:47<v0lksman>I did manually reload the page and flipped between the dash and the linode details with no change
10:50<@mcintosh>that sounds like buggy behavior of some kind - can you report that via
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11:28<linbot>New news from community: YouTube Embed Issues in London and Atlanta <>
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11:33<iSRAELi>duh hello
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14:09<linbot>New news from community: How Do I transfer/copy frile from my windows PC to my Debain9 server ? <>
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22:28<_7f15ch3r>Hi. My attempt to set up a linode account has just been rejected for the third time in three days. What can I do to get my account approved?
22:29<millisa>It usually gives info on why it was rejected
22:30<_7f15ch3r>It doesn't. The email lists three possible/general boiler platereasons, but nothing actionable.
22:31<millisa>Are you using a vpn while signing up?
22:32<_7f15ch3r>I did on my first attempt. One of the three boilerplate reasons given is about VPN use. I used no VPN on attempts 2 and 3, with the same negative result.
22:33<millisa>Probably should write to them then
22:35<_7f15ch3r>OK, will do. I was under the impression that this channel would be customer support...thank you for your advice.
22:36<millisa>It's a community channel. Some of the official folks hang out from time to time, but they wouldn't discuss account specifics
22:36<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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