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05:24<chesty>this turned up in my news feed it's amazing how many people don't know how to exit vim, many people became experts at vim because the ran it, couldn't work out how to exit it, so had to keep using it. this guide aims to help those.
05:25<chesty>hmm, help those? kind of an english like sentence.
05:25<Zr40>I did learn something from the HN comments about this
05:26<Zr40>ZZ and ZQ do the same as :wq and :q!
05:27<Zr40>not that I'm going to change my :wq ways
05:27<chesty>ZQ is new to me, I knew of ZZ but never used it. I prefer :!kill -9 $(find /proc -name "cmdline" 2>/dev/null | while read procfile; do if grep -Pa '^vim\x00' "$procfile" &>/dev/null; then echo $procfile; fi; done | awk -F'/' '{print $3}' | sort -u)
05:28<Zr40>but now you have .swp files everywhere
05:29<chesty>apparently it's quite common to never exit vim, I always exit.
05:29<Zr40>also, what if vim exits by itself while executing this command, and then a database process is spawned that happens to reuse that pid, and then you kill -9 the database, corrupting your data?
05:30<chesty>no one ever said exiting vim was risk free
05:30<Zr40>I mean the kill -9 bit
05:30<chesty>yeah, there are risks
05:30<chesty>but if you want to exit you have to accept the risks
05:31<Zr40>you should just use LISH to terminate the linode
05:31<Zr40>or just delete the linode and start over
05:31<Zr40>it's the only way to be sure
05:32<linbot>New news from community: Configuring Keepalived for budget friendly 2 node setup <> || IP transfer Swap IP <>
05:32<chesty>that's covered in the tutorial. not a linode specific way, you'd have to modify the curl command to work with the linode api
05:34<chesty>I like `timeout 600 vim` I haven't used timeout for a few decades, forgot it existed. you just have to guess before you launch vim how long your session will take. probably the easiest method of the lot
05:45<Peng_>Zr40: How can you really be sure? What if the Linode API malfunctions?
05:45<Zr40>then all hope is lost
06:21<Xion>I added a custom boot entry to my grub configuration, how do I actually boot into that? I don't see how to get to the grub screen
06:24<chonk>You can usually catch it if you have a Lish window open while booting
06:24<Xion>nm, waiting on the lish screen caused the GRUB menu to pop up
06:25<Xion>Yeah, I didn't see it even show up when I ran "boot"
06:25<chonk>Could increase the timeout too eye suppose
06:26*Xion is unfamiliar with GRUB TBH
06:26<Xion>Wasn't even sure if he did it right
06:28<Xion>Hmm, it's stuck on "Booting command list"
06:28<Xion>Hmm, it's stuck on "Booting a command list"*
06:30<chonk>anything happening in Glish?
06:30<Xion>Just checked that and I see it
06:31<chonk>You'll sometimes have to configure your setup to work with Lish if you are booting a customer distro
06:31<chonk>err, custom*
06:31<Xion>I am, is there a document explaining what I'll need to do?
06:32<chonk>though the rest of the guide is worth a read in case you run into anything else
06:35<Xion>So I just add console=ttyS0,19200n8 as a commandline option to the linux kernel?
06:38<chonk>i am not too familiar with messing with grub options but i think you'll have to also set GRUB_TERMINAL and GRUB_SERIAL_COMMAND so you have input in Lish
06:38<chonk>i could be wrong though and a kernel option might be enough
06:41<Xion>I'd be rebuilding using syslinux, and I don't know what the options are to get syslinux itself to connect, but if I can at least get the kernel going that'll make things simpler later down the line if things break
06:42<Xion>Thanks for the help so far though
06:43<chonk>np, good luck!
06:48<chesty>Is /etc/default/grub distro independent? I know debian and debian based ones have it, I don't know if red hat and other ones do too.
06:49<Xion>Arch has it too
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07:19<@pwoods>!point chonk
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07:25<Xion>Hmm, I think I would've just been better off building the VM locally, then dd over ssh onto the linode system
07:26<Xion>I'm getting a basic GRUB shell now, does that mean it reinstalled GRUB? Did that erase my MBR?
07:26<chonk>Hard to say, it might have just not found your kernel or boot paritition
07:27<Xion>I know I forgot to set the boot flag, but I thought I got that with `parttool hd0,msdos1 boot+`
07:27<chonk>are you booting as GRUB2 as your kernel in your Linode configuration profile or Direct Disk?
07:27<Xion>glish doesn't connect fast enoguh for me to see what happened
07:27<chonk>you can leave the Glish window open and reboot your Linode, it should refresh as the connection comes back up
07:28<Xion>I installed syslinux to the MBR, which is why I'm a little confused to as why I'm getting a GRUB shell
07:28<chonk>if you have installed a custom bootloader, you'll likely want to select 'Direct Disk' as your kernel in your config prfile
07:31<Xion>Got the syslinux console, thanks!
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07:43<Xion>Got it all working again, thank you for the help
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11:12<Cromulent>afternoon all :)
11:12<@bbigger>hello o/
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11:21<Cromulent>this is probably a really stupid question but I'm struggling to decide between PostgreSQL and a NoSQL database such as MongoDB - my thinking is that PostgreSQL is the better choice because it is a well known database with a strong development team behind it and if I ever need any unstructured data I can just use the JSON type to store it in PostgreSQL
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11:34<rsdehart>Cromulent: they're two different paradigms, suited to different things
11:34<rsdehart>"if I ever need any unstructured data" tells me your decision was made out of the gate
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12:55<Sopan>i have project with Nuxt.js
12:55<Sopan>can you please guide me which server needed for that ?
12:55<Sopan>or command to set up server
12:57<nuevu>Choosing the right sized server is something that you're going to have to mostly decide yourself. Linode allows you to resize up or down at any time (there is short downtime), so what most people recommend is starting small and scaling up if/as needed.
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17:24<linbot>New news from community: How long do changes to domain "A" record take? <>
17:25<virtual>as long as it takes
17:37<@mcintosh>!point virtual
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17:38<linbot>New news from blog: Seven New One-Click Apps on Linode <>
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17:48<linbot>New news from blog: New One-Click Apps in the Linode Library <>
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18:18<nuevu>FWIW, I'm not actually trying to install from the One-Clicks, but the ones announced in that blog post don't appear in my list in the Cloud Manager.
18:22<nuevu>I guess I'm not sure, based on the final sentence of the blog post, if I *should* be seeing them or not. The rest of the article reads as if they're available right now.
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19:22<retro|blah>Looks like the 2020-01-08 blog post may have been taken down? The link 404s.
19:44<linbot>New news from community: How do I view all of my invoices using the API? <>
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20:14<millisa>what's the green bird sticker in the lower right for?
20:31<chesty>I take it you know what the skater dude is for then?
20:32<millisa>Not yet. I'm asking in the order I might put them on my car.
20:37<millisa>most of those stickers fit with one of the things in the blog post. reduction in transfer fee skater? maybe he's the 'solution partner'? half-price-balancer-budgie
20:40<chesty>The sydney DC one is interesting, it looks like the sydney football club's logo, but with a few changes.
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21:15<linbot>New news from community: Galera stopped working after reboot <>
21:17<FluffyFoxeh>[17:25:42] <virtual> as long as it takes
21:18<FluffyFoxeh>longer if you keep trying to query it and fill up the intermediate caches with stale data
21:19<virtual>yes - the ability to hold back on querying needs to be strong :)
21:19<FluffyFoxeh>pro tip: If you want to query it without messing that up, query the authoritative nameserver directly with dig: e.g. `dig`
21:22<Peng_>Some servers also have caches. \o/
21:22<Peng_>authoritative servers*
21:22<FluffyFoxeh>why would they cache themselves though?
21:23<FluffyFoxeh>And when they get the updated zone I would assume it would purge that
21:23<Peng_>Complicated architectures and efficiency
21:26<FluffyFoxeh>ah, well
21:26<FluffyFoxeh>It's never caused a problem for me when I've tried it. YMMV
21:58<linbot>zifnab: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
21:58<linbot>zifnab: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
23:19<linbot>New news from community: How do I communicate with Raspberry Pi? <>
23:19<millisa>that's not creepy
23:23<jkwood>Very carefully
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