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04:20<anthoni>I want to ask something,can I change the package for decicated cpu plans cpu 2core / monthly , to a higher plan cpu 16 core in one day and return to normal cpu 2 core again?
04:21<anthoni>for every month
04:23<anthoni>because it takes more higher, just one day, for other days there is little traffic
05:02<Peng_>Yes, but upgrading and downgrading would cause some minutes of downtime...
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10:10<Guest13468>what's up buddy???
10:10<Guest13468>so great to chat with you
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10:30<rsdehart>that was weird
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10:38<primitiv>hola gang
10:38<primitiv>Couldn't find readable volume - /var/www/websites/Sidewinder1337/public_html/assets/uploads/1/
10:38<primitiv>not able to fix this issue even with 777 perms
10:40<primitiv>what do i type to see the perms starting from var/www/etc
10:42<@jcardillo>you could try namei -l /var/www/etc/
10:47<primitiv>looks fine to me?
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10:55<primitiv>]its identical to my other sftp user who doesnt have this issue
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16:31<primitiv>I'm unable to use is_writable for the life of me
16:31<primitiv>is somebody here familiar with this php function
16:32<primitiv>i tried everything i can think of to debug
16:32<millisa>what isn't working?
16:32<primitiv>well it returns false for one
16:32<primitiv>the path is correct
16:32<primitiv>i gave 777
16:32<millisa>have you setup a simple example?
16:32<primitiv>define simple example
16:33<millisa>something like <?PHP $thisfile='/blah/foo.txt'; echo is_writable($thisfile);?>
16:33<primitiv>i have a function that is doing something on that sort yes
16:34<millisa>people don't want to troubleshoot a custom function. does the simple example behave as expected
16:34<nate>paste your code
16:34<primitiv>it's code part of the file manager
16:34<millisa>for all we know there's nothing wrong with the function and it's something with php or selinux or similar.
16:34<primitiv>but the whole platform doesnt seem ableto access upload folders etc or display images within the file manager
16:35<nate>Well the function itself is almost certainly not a problem, so it's either your actual permissions or you have something in the middle that is (security apps, etc)
16:35<primitiv>I inserted $test to output the full path it's having issues with
16:36<primitiv>i dont think so
16:36<primitiv>i have two versions of this app
16:36<nate>And it is properly showing the full path? And the user that PHP is running as has -full- capable access to that path?
16:36<primitiv>the regular one files work fine
16:36<primitiv>i created another sftp and copied the files over
16:36<primitiv>only thing not working is the files
16:36<primitiv>i tried matching exactly what i have for the working app
16:36<primitiv>besides the sftp user respectively
16:36<primitiv>still no dice
16:37<primitiv>this is as far as ive gone now idk what to check for but its not server
16:37<primitiv>that i can gurantee
16:37<primitiv>i can access the images within the directory fine yes
16:37<primitiv>within brwose nate
16:40<nate>That has nothing to do with PHP, your httpd would be serving those
16:41<nuevu>primitiv: Does the directory/file you're checking actually exist?
16:41<nate>Unless your php is running as mod_php, which is pretty odd and rare in this day and age, PHP will be running with it's own permissions likely under php-fpm
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16:43<primitiv>millisa i tried a simple setup and doesnt echo anything
16:43<primitiv>yes it does
16:44<millisa>this was my simple example I used a moment ago -
16:45<primitiv>mmm returns file does not exist...
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16:47<primitiv>it says file exisst
16:47<primitiv>but not writable
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16:48<millisa>ls -l thatfile
16:58<primitiv> -rwxrwxrwx. 1 Sidewinder1337 nginx 28332120 Jan 9 20:34 /var/www/websites/Sidewinder1337/public_html/assets/uploads/1/welihane-5d7d9a331c2c8.mp4
16:59<nuevu>SELinux audit logs, or really any of your webserver/PHP logs, would be a place I'd start looking.
17:00<millisa>what does 'sestatus' say?
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17:02<primitiv> SELinux status: enabled SELinuxfs mount: /sys/fs/selinux SELinux root directory: /etc/selinux Loaded policy name: targeted Current mode: enforcing Mode from config file: enforcing Policy MLS status: enabled Policy deny_unknown status: allowed Max kernel policy version: 31
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17:03<primitiv>it works on my other app tho
17:03<millisa>tail your /var/log/audit/audit.log (or whatever the path is your audit log)
17:03<primitiv>so i dont think this would be a server thing
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21:03<primitiv>sorry i had to step out
21:03<primitiv>i still cant figure out the issue
21:04<millisa>did you tail your audit log while doing the test?
21:08<primitiv>i just did now
21:10<primitiv>denied write
21:10<primitiv>is that saying php-fpm is the user
21:10<primitiv>trying to access?
21:11<millisa>selinux is saying know to that php-fpm process trying to write to the file
21:11<millisa>er 'no' . ..not 'know'... long day.
21:11<primitiv>why tho
21:14<millisa>presumably it doesnt have the read/write context
21:15<millisa>search terms you'll want to use are 'chcon' and 'httpd_sys_rw_content_t' probably.
21:16<primitiv>but why is this happening for this sftp user
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