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05:09<chonk>this is an excellent talk on how selinux works with the regular linux permissions/security magic
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10:22<dubidub_1>According to this document, , there should be an Advanced tab. I do not have a tab named Advanced.
10:23<FluffyFoxeh>Are you using the manager at ?
10:24<FluffyFoxeh>Oh, actually, I don't have on either apparently.
10:24<FluffyFoxeh>Maybe they changed it
10:24<FluffyFoxeh>The part you're looking for is under Disks/Configs
10:25<dubidub_1>Ah, yes they have renamed it.
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11:26<dubidub_1>I have just added a second IP to a Debian 10 server and added an apache virtual host. tracert (windows) gives timeouts. Will I have to do something to my firewall? ufw status: Network helper is on.
11:28<dubidub_1>ifconfig -a:
11:30<dubidub_1>IP is
11:32<Peng_>I can ping both your IPs...
11:33<Peng_>I can't traceroute to either one.
11:33<Peng_>I guess your firewall is blocking traceroute's ports?
11:34<Peng_>Hold on
11:34<Peng_>From somewhere else, I can only ping one of your IPv4 IPs.
11:35<Peng_>Windows traceroute uses ICMP by default anyway doesn't it
11:42<dubidub_1>Froma linode in the same datacentre: PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
11:42<dubidub_1>--- ping statistics ---
11:42<dubidub_1>36 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 35455ms
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11:44<dubidub_1>Will I have to do something special with ufw if I have two IP's?
11:45<Peng_>It doesn't look like your rules specify anything IP-specific.
11:46<Peng_>Also, as I said, I can ping both your IPs sometimes.
11:46<dubidub_1>I can't.
11:46<Peng_>I'm curious, can you pastebin "ip -4 a" and "ip r"?
11:49<dubidub_1>I actually transferred the IP from another linode, it it matters.
11:50<Peng_>Maybe part of the network still thinks it's at the old host? Though it's been a while.
11:51<Peng_> <- Have you tried the note about ping or arping?
11:51<Peng_>Could the WireGuard configuration cause problems?
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11:52<dubidub_1>I did reboot
11:52<dubidub_1>An abandoned attempt to set up wireguard.
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13:46<millisa>!point chonk
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13:46<millisa>That video is a little fast paced, but I think it's pretty good.
13:47<primitiv>:point millisa
13:48<primitiv>!point millisa
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13:48<primitiv> sudo chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/www/websites/Sidewinder1337/public_html/assets/uploads
13:48<primitiv>this fixed my issues
13:48<millisa>you logged off before he posted this video - - you should watch it. it's pretty good explaining selinux contexts and labels
13:48<primitiv>thank you
13:50<primitiv>i have another issue at hand now
13:50<primitiv>its and sql query
13:50<primitiv>distinct isnt working the way id like it too
13:51<primitiv>#1055 - Expression #7 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'nextpost.o.paid' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
13:51<primitiv>trying to sue group by instead bu receive this error
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15:29<teapack>If I rent your basic $5 VPS, which has 1TB of bandwidth per month. If I go over that 1TB of bandwidth can I make the server turn off automatically, so I don’t get charged?
15:30<Woet>teapack: not automatically, no
15:30<Woet>you can install plenty of software that monitors and does that though
15:31<Woet>weirdly enough, excess bandwidth costs 4 times more than an actual Linode
15:31<Woet>so if you need more bandwidth, just spin up more idle Linodes
15:32<Woet>that's what I did to avoid my $100 bandwidth bill
15:32<Woet>very weird and wasteful
15:33<teapack>how much bandwidth did you use to get a $100 bill?
15:34<Woet>5 TB
15:34<Woet>but, like I said, I just spun up a bunch of idling Linodes for a few hours
15:34<Woet>so it only cost me $25
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17:07<nate>I wish unused traffic carried over
17:07<nate>I'd have PB worth of reservation probably at this point
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17:14<shivgre>hello, I am new to linode and planning to buy a VPS plan for hosting LAMP based website.
17:15<millisa>Linodes are good for that.
17:15<shivgre>Does linode has chat support 24x7?
17:15<dwfreed>linode doesn't have a live chat support at all
17:15<dwfreed>but their support staff is available 24/7 by ticket, phone, or email
17:15<dwfreed>this is a community chat
17:16<shivgre>So if I raise a ticket they reply quickly like within minutes or it takes hours?
17:16<dwfreed>response time varies depending on severity of the ticket and support load
17:17<dwfreed>if it's just general questions about the service or setting things up, chances are we can answer faster than they can
17:17<dwfreed>(assuming somebody's around that knows the answer)
17:17<millisa>When something is critical, I've had good luck opening a ticket, then giving them a call to look at it. You'll want to check out their doc that talks about their scope of support -
17:17<shivgre>I am asking because I want to use linode as secondary backup server so if my primary A2 hosting server goes down(99% time its up) cloudflare will switch over to linode servers and if something happens here and I can't resolve it quickly than no point of using a secondary server.
17:18<dwfreed>^^^ what millisa said
17:18<@jyoo>shivgre: Just to back up millisa and dwfreed, you can always give us a call in that case. Our phones are staffed 24/7.
17:19<@jyoo>We aren't able to view your Linode's configurations, but we are always available to help however we can.
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17:23<shivgre>Oh, well I am the developer and all I need is some basic help most of the times. The plans seems reasonable though. The problem with call is that for me it would be an international call imagining the linode servers/support are in USA(though Skype can help in that case).
17:23<shivgre>Between thank you Millisa, dwfreed and @yoo for your quick answers :-)
17:24<millisa>Check out their getting started guide at - for the most part, they give you all the tools you need to fix things yourself (outside of actual hardware failures which are pretty rare)
17:24<virtual>and in my personal experience, they are sorted out pretty promptly too
17:25<@jyoo>Not sure where you're located, but we do have an international number if you come across something unfamiliar in our docs or have a more server-specific question :)
17:26<shivgre>Do the on call/support ticket covers any issues(or will I be charged everytime?) related to running a linux/PHP based website like installing new SSL certificate or common issues with website like server 500 or not responding.
17:27<millisa>Those type of issues would be your responsibility and outside of their scope
17:27<millisa>that being said, they will do most anything with their professional services
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17:28<@jyoo>We don't charge extra for support services. These types of configuration issues are beyond our scope of support, but most of us have experience with running websites, SSL, etc. and will do the best we can to help you.
17:28<shivgre>My client wants a cheap hosting plan and if I am getting charged everytime I need support than this wouldn't work :-(
17:29<@jyoo>Not to worry shivgre, we don't charge extra for support :)
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17:29<virtual>do you need sysadmin services? or are you able to do all that stuff yourself, shivgre?
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17:30<shivgre>@virtual, I am able to do most of the tasks using SSH myself like updating server config files and restarting servers if someone guides me(I am not a command line guy but I have done such tasks earlier).
17:33<virtual>I consider most VPSs to be 'self service'. Not sure who offers guidance with normal tasks as included with low cost support - but as jyoo said, Linode probably can help you. What sort of problems do you envision coming up though?
17:33<virtual>I mean, I've had one or two Linodes for many years, but I don't think i've ever had to email about sysadmin issues (except when a move from one host to another didn't go smooth, and I had to set a different linux kernel to be used - but Linode told me that instantly).
17:36<shivgre>I had faced an issue with nginx config 2 years back for one of my clients on linode, which I wasn't able to fix as they said it was a rare bug with uploading file limit, but that took pretty long to figure it out(I think my client was paying for the support ticket).
17:37<shivgre>I face usually errors like server running slow, or SSL certificate installation(Free/paid certificates) or some errors like 500 etc. Nothing too complex.
17:41<cews>shivgre: That'd most likely be the upload limit set in nginx.conf / sites-enabled
17:42<shivgre>Yea, but that didn't work. They later said it was a rare bug and they had to destroy and create the server again or something like that.
17:43<cews>Seems odd, but I guess without knowing the particulars, it's not easy to dismiss
17:44<shivgre>Between thank you all, the community support channel is indeed great.
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17:47<dubidub_1>Why is this command so slow? Less than 500 KiB/s. It's between tow nanodes in the same data centre. ssh root@my.ip.adr.ess "dd if=/dev/sda | xz" | pv | dd of=ln7.img
17:47<millisa>er, block size that is
17:48<dwfreed>if you don't specify a block size, dd uses 1
17:49<millisa>(i dont know if that is why it is slow, but a larger block size might improve things)
17:49<dubidub_1>isn't that a property of the file system beeing copied?
17:49<dwfreed>that is dd's read size
17:49<dubidub_1>The remote machine is in rescue mode.
17:50<dwfreed>dd will call read() with a size of 1, and thus get 1 byte
17:50<dwfreed>regardless of what it's reading from
17:51<dubidub_1>so what parameters do you suggest?
17:51<dwfreed>you want this instead: ssh root@ "dd if=/dev/sda bs=16M | xz" | pv | dd of=ln7.img
17:51<dwfreed>replace with your ip address, of course
17:51<cews>!point dwfreed
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17:51<cews>!point millisa
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17:55<dubidub_1>It's not faster.
17:55<millisa>what kind of speed are you seeing?
17:55<millisa>oh. you said <500Kib/s
17:56<dubidub_1>Varies form around 200 to 700 KiB/s
17:57<millisa>what speeds do you see if you don't run it through xz?
17:57<dubidub_1>Is it xz on a nanode that's slow?
17:58<cews>Let me see if I re-create this
17:58<dubidub_1>50+ MiB without xz
17:58<millisa>might also be worth trying xz with the --fast switch
17:59<dwfreed>xz is just compressing really well
17:59<dwfreed>and so the pv is not giving a useful read
17:59<dubidub_1>I probably want a small file size.
17:59<dubidub_1>Is decompression fast?
18:00<dwfreed>I don't know if the rescue environment has pv, but if it does, you should put it before the xz
18:00<dwfreed>or put the xz after the pv
18:01<dwfreed>because otherwise you're going to be confused by the rate numbers
18:01<dwfreed>if xz hits a block that compresses really well, it's not going to output much, and pv will say the transfer is going slow
18:01<dwfreed>(like a bunch of zeros)
18:02<dubidub_1>but it is...
18:02<millisa>(the name of my band)
18:02<dwfreed>dubidub_1: there's a difference between no data needing to be sent and no capability to send data
18:02<dwfreed>(also, you should run zerofree on the disk before imaging it)
18:03<dubidub_1>So it's cpu constrained?
18:03<dwfreed>could be source disk constrained
18:03<dubidub_1>I did run zerofree :)
18:03<dwfreed>could be a lot of things; pv is not going to be able to tell you
18:04<dwfreed>you can run multiple pv's in a pipe to watch the speed change; there's a flag covered in the manpage to ensure they print properly
18:05<dwfreed>xz does tend to be CPU bound, though
18:06<dubidub_1>ssh root@ip "dd if=/dev/sda bs=16M| pv | xz" | dd of=ln7.img - does not print anything.
18:07<dwfreed>probably because lack of terminal, so pv doesn't write anything
18:07<dwfreed>ssh -t
18:07<cews>same after M ?
18:07<dwfreed>cews: irrelevant
18:08<dwfreed>bash sees an unescaped pipe and splits there
18:08<dubidub_1>ssh -t closed the connection pretty fast.
18:09<dubidub_1>0+3 records in \ 0+1 records out +
18:09<dubidub_1>238 bytes copied, 10.4357 s, 0.0 kB/s
18:09<dwfreed>cat ln7.img
18:09<dwfreed>see what it sent
18:09<dwfreed>probably an error message
18:09<dubidub_1>xz: Compressed data cannot be written to a terminal
18:13<dwfreed>ssh -t root@ "dd if=/dev/sda bs=16M | pv -N before -c | xz | pv -N after -c" | pv -N post-network -c > ln7.img
18:13<dwfreed>pv will trick it :)
18:13<dwfreed>and you'll get 3 different transfer stats; the second and 3rd should be basically identical, however
18:15<dubidub_1>post-network: 4 B 0:00:34 [ 0 B/s] [ is all I get.
18:16<dubidub_1>And the file is not growing.
18:17<cews>or use ssh -t root@IP "dd if=/dev/sda bs=16M" | dd of=ln7.img ?
18:22<cews> 6.3 MB/s
18:42<dwfreed>at that point the -t is not necessary
18:42<dwfreed>cews: without compression or sparse conversion, though, that'll fill the whole disk on the destination
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18:54<FluffyFoxeh>pipe through lz4c ^^
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20:03<Cromulent>I'd like to use one of the GPU instances Linode provides for AI stuff but I know nothing about it - can anyone recommend a decent and up to date book on AI that I can use to play around with GPU instances? I'd like to do text and image analysis
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21:56<FluffyFoxeh>This is what I've always wanted
21:56<FluffyFoxeh>Linode silly putty
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23:11<FluffyFoxeh>Seems like you're always doing something different, Cromulent
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