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00:28<linbot>New news from community: Ubuntu 18.04 VNC doesnt work - grey box screen <>
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04:39<Cromulent>FluffyFoxeh: yeah I have an annoying habit of always changing what I want to do so I never stick at things
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05:46<Cromulent>hi laithmedia
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09:01<dubidub_1>On my recently provisioned Linode running Debian 10 where I just changed the hostname, when running 'sudo su -', I get: "sudo: unable to resolve host ln8: Name or service not known". Why can that be
09:02<dwfreed>you didn't update /etc/hosts
09:03<dubidub_1>of course
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09:27<pratham>hello team, i have applied for hackathon sponsorship for SheHacks, the largest student held female-only hackathon in India
09:27<pratham>Can I know by when I can expect a response from Linode
09:27<pratham>I applied for the sponsorship last week but havent received any reply yet
09:28<dzho>!to pratham ops
09:28<linbot>pratham: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:29<dzho>which is to say, this probably isn't the best channel for reaching them for that
09:29<dzho>(queue linode employee op whose client highlights that factoid popping in)
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09:39<rsdehart>dzho: given it was just a follow up on a previous communication, this might have been an ok place to get a time frame at least, if an op were around
09:41<dzho>might have been
09:42<dzho>but I wasn't liking their chances given its a Sunday morning at HQ
09:42<dzho>and given that ops seem a lot thinner on the ground these days
09:50<rsdehart>no, that's fair
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10:02<bhhussain>I have registred my website with some other company and want to map with Linode server to run website
10:02<dubidub_1>My client says there are 21 ops connected.
10:03<bhhussain>Can any one help me?
10:03<dubidub_1>bhhussain: Have you set up a Linode with a webserver etc.?
10:04<rsdehart>bhhussain: this should help
10:05<bhhussain>Yes apache is ready
10:06<bhhussain>is same for everyone?
10:06<Peng_>The same in what way?
10:07<dubidub_1> I just found out I should have transferred my additional IP to another server before deleting it. Now I have to go through support to get it back for my new Linode.
10:08<rsdehart>bhhussain: yeah, like in the link I posted, is correct for everyone using linode's dns
10:09<bhhussain>OK THANK YOU
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11:12<dubidub_1>Strange thing, I can't connect with ssh between ln3 and ln8, but it works from ln5 to ln8, all three host in the same datacentre. Works fine to ln8 from home. ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused. ufw:
11:13<Peng_>Are you sure they're using the same IP? Maybe DNS caching or /etc/hosts is pointing somewhere else?
11:13<dubidub_1>I haven't set up anything IP specific.
11:15<dubidub_1>Tried with the IP address: ssh jarle@ // ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
11:17<dubidub_1> /etc/host on ln3 has no entry for ln8
11:18<cews>dubidub_1: Private or public?
11:19<cews>Seems odd double check IPs
11:19<dubidub_1>from the manager:
11:20<dubidub_1>oops, sorry
11:20<cews>Set a A record and try
11:21<dubidub_1>I have set
11:22<Peng_>...Are you running DenyHosts or fail2ban or something?
11:23<dubidub_1>fail2ban, yes
11:23<cews>Connection refused = the service is denying the connection
11:23<cews>disable fail2ban and try
11:26<dubidub_1>It made no diffence and fail2ban-client status sshd said Currently banned: 0
11:27<dubidub_1>ln 8 Debian 10, ln3 Debian 9
11:29<cews>sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches
11:29<cews>try that
11:30<dubidub_1>on ln8: Failed to flush caches: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.resolve1.service not found.
11:31<dubidub_1>no message on ln3, ssh still refused
11:33<dubidub_1>If the connection is actively refused, should it be logged somewhere?
11:38<dubidub_1>It's strange since it works from another host in the same datacentre. I haven't done anything IP specific setup on ln8.
11:39<cews>My suggestion would be top stop all firewall / fail2ban services and retry
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12:03<dubidub_1>I've stopped fail2ban and ufw, but I'm struggeling on how to disable firewall altogether.
12:03<chesty>check the arp entries on ln3 and ln5, `arp -an `
12:05<chesty>do you have a .ssh/config on ln3 or ln5?
12:07<dubidub_1>which package is arp in? I don't have it on the new machine.
12:07<chesty>`ip neigh`
12:10<chesty>run `tcpdump -nevvi wlp3s0 host and port 22` on ln3 and try sshing to ln8
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12:10<dubidub_1>no .ssh/config
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12:10<chesty>oh, change the ip address
12:11<chesty>and the interface name
12:15<dubidub_1>ip neigh:
12:16<dubidub_1>tcpdump: wlp3s0: No such device exists
12:17<chesty>tcpdump -nevvi eth0 host and port 22
12:17<dubidub_1>right, change interface name
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12:18<dubidub_1>I'm getting nothing from tcpdump when ssh'ing.
12:19<chesty>what ssh command are you running?
12:19<dubidub_1>tcpdump: listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes - but no output
12:19<dubidub_1> ssh -vvv
12:19<dubidub_1>as user jarle on ln3
12:20<chesty>first try instead of ln8...
12:20<dubidub_1>same result
12:20<chesty>`ip ro ls`
12:21<chesty>on ln5
12:21<chesty>sorry, ln3 not ln5
12:23<chesty>has to be line 6
12:24<chesty>what was the reason for adding it?
12:24<chesty>hmmm, it's wrong whatever the reason, the src address is ln8, right?
12:25<dubidub_1>this is greek to me.
12:25<chesty>who added it?
12:26<chesty>this line on ln3 ip ro ls -> dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src
12:26<dubidub_1>Not me
12:26<dubidub_1>I'm the only one with access.
12:26<chesty>did you configure netplan or something?
12:27<chesty>so you didn't make any config changes relating to the network?
12:28<chesty>try `grep -r /etc`
12:28<dubidub_1>Not sins provisioning ln8, and before that only ufw and fail2ban
12:31<chesty>i don't get it, I guess you have ip failover configured?
12:31<dubidub_1>not that I'm aware of.
12:32<dubidub_1>Can Linode have reused an IP address?
12:33<dubidub_1>ln3 had tree extra IPs. I transferred one of those to ln7, and deleted ln7 before provisioning ln8
12:35<chesty>oh, that's why. edit /etc/network/interfaces and remove the lines about
12:35<dubidub_1>I did reboot ln3
12:35<dubidub_1>with network helper on
12:36<chesty>i don't know how network helper works
12:36<chesty>it might only add and not remove, I don't know though
12:36<dubidub_1>Looks like i manually edited /etc/network/interfaces
12:39<dubidub_1>So no quarantine before reusing IPs.
12:40<dubidub_1>ssh works now!
12:40<dubidub_1>I would never have worked this out myself.
12:41<dubidub_1>Thank you!
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12:42<chesty>happy to help. I think linode tries to make ip addresses sticky to an account, so when you deleted ln7 it wouldn't have been given to another customer unless there were no other spares. (I think, I don't know for sure)
12:44<chesty>you might want to check out /etc/apache2/sites-available/ as well, it might not be needed any more on ln3
13:07<dubidub_1>I'm migrating away from ln3.
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20:37<FluffyFoxeh>no one
20:38<Sakib>I own linode :D
20:38<Sakib>need a promo code?
20:39<millisa>Are you asking for a promo code?
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21:30<virtual>but he owns Linode.
21:30<virtual>they, sorry.
21:30<virtual>assumptions. pfft.
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22:12<ehler>Hi, I’m interested in having a cheap web server just to play around with; right now I have an EC2 with AWS, but I was wondering how Linode’s “bill for what you use” actually works??
22:13<millisa>Have you seen this?
22:13<ehler>millisa: I have not
22:14<ehler>What defines the use by hour, I guess is my question?
22:15<ehler>Just the hours that server is running?
22:15<dwfreed>hours the server exists
22:15<millisa>the time the server is provisioned
22:15<ehler>Great, thank you both!
22:16<millisa>( section is relevant)
22:16<dwfreed>millisa beat me by 17 seconds to that link
22:17<ehler>:D Great, thanks. I was just wondering if somehow my minimal use would somehow bring this under the $3.50/mo plan that I’m currently running for the needs I have; I appreciate the clarity!
22:23<LouWestin>ehler if you have it for 24/7 for 30 days, it'll run $5 at the lowest plan price.
22:27<LouWestin>If you want to stay under the $3.50 budget then you'll have to delete it before the bill reaches that price. The account manager will tell you.
22:27<LouWestin>how much you're racking up.
22:30<ehler>LouWestin: Thanks! Linode is really tempting, even though I don’t need it for anything other than a teaching tool for myself. The docs are stellar! Can see why people with actual server needs love it so much
22:31<LouWestin>Well the hourly rate is nice because you can fire up a test server, try it for an hour or whatever, then delete it. You're looking at few cents just to test.
22:33<LouWestin>$.0075 / hr
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