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01:45<cuong-nguyen>hi, iam Cuong
01:46<cuong-nguyen>my country is Viet Nam. I need support about the Linode Service
01:54<linbot>cuong-nguyen: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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05:58<linbot>New news from community: How do I migrate a mysql database to linode <>
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06:19<Vietnamer>Xin chào
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08:21<LouWestin>Fedora Magazine posted an article about setting up a DNS server using Bind. Is that one the common ones for DNS? Just curious.
08:22<rsdehart>I thought it was the de facto standard
08:22<rsdehart>used to be, for sure
08:23<LouWestin>I’ve asked way before what folks are using for DNS, but I forgotten the answers
08:24<rsdehart>I just use Linode's DNS
08:25<LouWestin>Me too. Much easier. There’s some who do custom stuff.
08:36<Xion>BIND is still used on the majority of DNS servers
08:36<Xion>It's also the reference implimentation
08:38<chesty>there was a time where 99% of dns servers were bind, most of the root servers, isps, enterprises, etc, all ran bind. Now enterprises probably use windows, small devices and linux desktops tend to use dnsmasq, I have no idea about isps or companies like google. I guess google wrote their own.
08:38<Xion>There's also PowerDNS now too
08:38<grawity>the big ones that I know are BIND, Knot, NSD, and PowerDNS (only counting unixlike systems ofc)
08:39<grawity>found this quote about Knot's history: "When CZ.NIC started to run its own name servers ... there were only two usable open-source DNS servers with full standard coverage and the ability to run a TLD: BIND and NSD"
08:39<grawity>so I guess there are three now
08:41<Unit193>`kdig` is handy as their version has support for DoT.
08:42<chesty>powerdns rings a bell but I haven't heard about it for a decade. I never heard of knot or nsd
08:42<chesty>DNS over T? what's T?
08:42<chesty>ah, is that different to DoH?
08:43<grawity>DoT is like DNS-over-TCP, just inside TLS
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08:43<grawity>while DoH stuffs everything into HTTP request/response
08:45<chesty>DoH doesn't bother me but firefox sending everyone's queries to cloudflare is a little eye raising but for 90% of users that's probably better than using their ISPs server, or public wifi's server, etc
08:47<grawity>yeah Cloudflare is like the next Google in a way...
08:50<Unit193>In some ways, harder to avoid.
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09:39<dubidubno>WHat would be an appropriate ufw rule to allow connections from the private neersighted
09:39<dubidubno>What would be an appropriate ufw rule to allow connections on the mysql port from the private network?
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09:59<@jdutton>dubudubno: the mysql port is 3306, so you'll basically just allow connections from a private IP to that port
09:59<@jdutton>sudo ufw allow from <IP> to any port 3306 proto tcp
09:59<Woet>dubidubno: I hope you are aware that the "private" network on Linode is not actually private
09:59<Woet>anyone in the same datacenter can communicate with each other over it
10:00<@jdutton>the Linode guide for ufw setup is has good examples of this, too:
10:00<Woet>so I'd recommend using a SSH tunnel or MySQL SSL.
10:02<@jdutton>Woet: You can certainly do that, too. That said, depending on use case, you can also deny all (sudo ufw default deny incoming) and then allow via specific private IPs
10:03<chesty>but it would still be unencrypted unless ssh or mysql ssl. I prefer wireguard to ssh myself
10:09<Woet>jdutton: what chesty said ^
10:09<Woet>chesty: I'd be curious to know which of the 3 introduces the least overhead
10:16<DrJ>I had a credit card compromised and Linode is one of the very few places I've ever used this card. Not saying it had anything to do with Linode, but has there been any known compromises lately?
10:17<DrJ>again, unlikely it was Linode
10:22<Peng_>LouWestin: For an authoritative nameserver or a recursive nameserver?
10:23<@jdutton>chesty/Woet: that's a great point about the encryption, and wireguard is a great idea
10:26<LouWestin>Thanks for replies about DNS!
10:27<LouWestin>Peng_: Not too sure, so I’ll say both.
10:28<chesty>Woet, I'm sure someone has done some benchmarks, my guess would be ssh would be the slowest and if the connection drops out it would take a while for it to reconnect. wireguard was designed to be fast and simple, I think it has just 1 modern encryption algorithm so no need to negotiate and worry about downgrade attacks.
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10:41<primitiv>whats the best way to check what user is running the weboage
10:41<primitiv>webpage as **
10:43<rsdehart>you mean what user the webserver is running as?
10:44<primitiv>i have nginx
10:44<primitiv>then php fpm
10:44<primitiv>i want to find out what user my webpage is running as
10:44<primitiv>for example is is www or nginx or a different user
10:47<rsdehart>your webpage isn't running. your webserver is
10:47<rsdehart>try ps aux | grep nginx
10:50<primitiv>this is what it returns
10:52<rsdehart>so then it's nginx
10:52<primitiv>so php is trying to use mkdir
10:53<primitiv>i have perms 775
10:53<primitiv>and nginx is the group
10:53<primitiv>what do i check for next?
10:53<rsdehart>not sure. I'd think it should work
10:56<primitiv> Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /var/www/websites/Sidewinder1337/public_html/app/controllers/PluginController.php on line 112
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10:58<primitiv>im not sure what to do to fix this
11:01<LouWestin>Sounds like a permission/user issue for that directory
11:01<primitiv>but it should b nginx
11:01<primitiv>nginx is now the owner so it shouldnt be giving this issue?
11:03<primitiv>what do i check for next
11:05<chesty>didn't someone ask you to check selinux?
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11:06<LouWestin>niginx for both owner and group? If so, then check the permissions. Might need to make them recursive for that directory.
11:07<dubidubno>woet: there's also authentication and encryption.
11:09<dubidubno>ssh tunneling for a database isn't the easiest to do. Wouldn't that have to be set up separateley to the script / program you're writing, and have issues with staying alive?
11:09<primitiv>i did -R
11:09<primitiv>for both 775
11:10<primitiv>and chown
11:10<primitiv>just to be safe
11:10<primitiv>ill try again
11:10<dubidubno>Or is it integrated in the database libraries in Python, for example?
11:11<rsdehart>primitiv: what about that selinux check chesty referred to?
11:11<dubidubno>The database administration program I use, DBeaver, supports ssh tunneling.
11:12<Woet>dubidubno: I use autossh myself
11:12<Woet>just requires one command
11:14<primitiv>sorrry what selinux check?
11:14<dubidubno>Woet: for database connections in the same datacentre?
11:14<Woet>dubidubno: sure
11:14<rsdehart>primitiv: 05:05:58 [ chesty] didn't someone ask you to check selinux?
11:15<primitiv>was this today
11:15<primitiv>ive been in the chat for 30 mins
11:15<rsdehart>I don't know, I assumed chesty saw something before that I didn't
11:15<primitiv>i dont have a history
11:15<rsdehart>this was 10 minutes ago
11:16<rsdehart>all I know about operating selinux is how to turn it off, which isn't strictly what you're supposed to do
11:16<primitiv>is there something u want me to check
11:16<primitiv>im confused
11:16<primitiv>i see chestys comment
11:16<rsdehart>I thought you might have asked about this earlier
11:16<rsdehart>I don't pay attention in here *all* the time
11:17<rsdehart>a lot happens that I don't notice
11:19<primitiv>i doint think so i asked this for the first time todayt
11:19<rsdehart>ah, sorry, I'm at a loss
11:20<rsdehart>try making the permissions 777 for just a moment and see if it solves it. If not, something definitely is amiss
11:20<rsdehart>grasping at straws here
11:21<rsdehart>if it doesn't solve it, it might well be selinux related
11:24<primitiv>kk its 777
11:24<primitiv>and nging:nginx
11:25<primitiv>Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /var/www/websites/Sidewinder1337/public_html/app/controllers/PluginController.php on line 112\
11:25<primitiv>same issue
11:27<primitiv>aha fixed it!
11:27<rsdehart>what was it?
11:27<primitiv>sudo chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/www/websites/Sidewinder1337/public_html
11:27<primitiv>!point chesty
11:27<linbot>primitiv: Point given to chesty. (4)
11:27<rsdehart>now you can put your permissions back from 777
11:27<primitiv>same command i needed tor un on my u ploads folder to fix the file manager not working with is_writtable()
11:28<primitiv>needed to run it on the public_html
11:28<primitiv>so selinux was the issue
11:28<rsdehart>I hope you didn't make your whole public_html writable by the webserver
11:28<rsdehart>ah hell, you did
11:28<primitiv>is that bad?
11:29<primitiv>not the whole webserver
11:29<primitiv>just this one sftp user
11:29<primitiv>well path to files to server*
11:29<rsdehart>the command you just posted applied to your whole public_html
11:30<rsdehart>you generally want to minimize the scope of write access by the webserver
11:30<rsdehart>to what's strictly necessary
11:31<primitiv>fair enough, i guess i could have ran it inside my plugins folder
11:31<primitiv>how do i undo that comand or reverse it?
11:31<rsdehart>I don't know
11:31<rsdehart>like I said, I don't know selinux
11:33<primitiv>im glad i was able to fix it tho
11:49<LouWestin>777 is bad for public
11:50<rsdehart>LouWestin: it was temporary
11:50<primitiv>yes 777 is removed
11:50<LouWestin>Ok good
11:51<rsdehart>when I proposed it I specifically stipulated "for a moment"
11:51<LouWestin>Just checking :p
11:54<LouWestin>I’d break that habit though since you don’t need to assign public write access unless you actually want the public to write to your disk/directory
11:55<rsdehart>It was a *test*
11:55<LouWestin>My opinion stands
11:55*LouWestin throws down the hammer
11:55<rsdehart>what should have been done instead?
11:55<rsdehart>enlighten us
11:56<LouWestin>Read access only.
11:56<rsdehart>what would that have accomplished?
11:56<LouWestin>That you can access the directory
11:56<rsdehart>not the objective
11:56<rsdehart>primitiv could already do that
11:56<rsdehart>we wanted to determine if it was selinux causing the trouble
11:57<rsdehart>which opening the permissions accomplished
11:57<rsdehart>I repeat: what should have been done instead?
11:58<LouWestin>I’m giving general advice here.
11:58<rsdehart>try something that applies to the situation at hand, please
11:59<rsdehart>saying not to employ an effective test isn't helpful
11:59<rsdehart>saying not to do something that wasn't being done (that being leaving permissions open permanently) isn't helpful
12:00<rsdehart>no one was confused about the wisdom of leaving 777 on
12:00<LouWestin>My question is then, is public write access going to stay public?
12:00<rsdehart>this has already been answered multiple times
12:01<rsdehart>05:50:39 [ primitiv] yes 777 is removed
12:01<rsdehart>05:50:56 [ LouWestin] Ok good
12:01<rsdehart>you even acknowledged it
12:02<LouWestin>So if the directory isn’t keeping public write access then, did making it 777 fix the SElinux issue?
12:03<rsdehart>I'm genuinely confused by this whole exchange
12:03<rsdehart>why are we repeatedly rehashing things
12:03<rsdehart>no it didn't. It diagnosed it.
12:03<rsdehart>as such, it was an effective test
12:03<rsdehart>and having served its purpose, it was immediately reverted
12:04<rsdehart>again, I'm struggling with why this needs to be stated repeatedly
12:04<primitiv>did i not do the right thing?
12:04<rsdehart>you did fine
12:05<rsdehart>you set the permissions for only long enough to determine the nature of the problem then changed them back
12:05<rsdehart>a calculated but probably acceptable risk
12:05<LouWestin>Are you running Fedora or CentOS?
12:26<primitiv>centos 7
12:41<millisa>rsdehart: to answer what you could do to confirm - viewing the audit log (usually /var/log/audit/audit.log) or a journalctl command like 'journalctl -t setroubleshoot --since=00:00' would confirm if selinux is doing the block
12:43<primitiv>journalctl -t setroubleshoot --since=00:00]
12:43<primitiv>returns nothing
12:43<LouWestin>Primitiv: Centos ok
12:49<millisa>primitiv: I'm not great with journalctl commands; the audit.log is hard to read but should always have something that coincides with an selinux block
12:51<primitiv>]ii mean my issue is solved so i should be OK
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14:15<aman>Is there a limit to concurrent connection on node balancer?
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14:15<aman>Anyone from linode who can urgently anser?
14:16<Peng_>Have you checked the documentation?
14:17<Peng_>> Nodebalancers do have a maximum connection limit of 10,000 concurrent connections.
14:17<@rdaniels>aman: Here is the documentation Peng_ referenced.
14:17<Peng_>!point rdaniels
14:17<linbot>Peng_: Point given to rdaniels. (8)
14:17<Peng_>I wasn't being sarcastic -- I knew it used to be documented, but had not checked recently.
14:18<@rdaniels>I didn't think you were. :) Just providing resources in case aman has other questions that the guide can answer.
14:19<aman>What do we do to scale more than 10k connections?
14:19<Peng_>You can get two NodeBalancers
14:19<nyancat>When you publish a Stackscript, how long does it take for the script to show in Community Stackscripts?
14:20<nyancat>Also, the link outs to profiles in script informations such as are broken it would seem
14:21<@rdaniels>aman: The connection limit is the most you can have at one time. It can not be increased, and is a current limitation of the service. This is something that is on our radar, but we do no thave an ETA.
14:22<aman>got it
14:22<@rdaniels>Looking now nyancat. Thanks for letting us know.
14:22<nyancat>You're welcome!
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15:51<linbot>New news from community: Mixing Object Storage and a build server <>
15:55<@blaboon>greetings, denizens of #linode! sad that the classic manager will be going away at the end of the month? i'm currently working on a side-project to re-create a modern version of it that's compatible with the new API
15:56<@blaboon>i have a beta version that is currently accessible at
15:56<@blaboon>and you can track my development progress at
15:57<millisa>!point blaboon
15:57<linbot>millisa: Point given to blaboon. (3)
15:58<@blaboon>so far just linode, block storage, and image stuff is working. the rest is WIP
15:58<millisa>the initial login was nice, too
15:58<millisa>where it let me know that the app was requesting certain access and then directed me back all seamlessly
15:59<@blaboon>yea, i integrated it with linode's oauth2 provider
15:59<dwfreed>classic manager is so much better for power users than cloud manager
15:59<dwfreed>so I appreciate it
15:59<millisa>!point blaboon
15:59<linbot>millisa: Point given to blaboon. (4)
15:59<dwfreed>!point blaboon
15:59<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to blaboon. (5)
15:59<millisa>it deserves more than 1
15:59<dwfreed>!point blaboon
15:59<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to blaboon. (6)
15:59<@bbigger>!point blaboon
15:59<linbot>bbigger: Point given to blaboon. (7)
16:00<millisa>just not having to remember where the new locations of things are when I need to do something quick/easy
16:01<linbot>New news from community: Why is my WordPress page showing my IP address instead of my domain name? <>
16:01<millisa>if you are taking requests on order to do things, the dns manager would be the one I use the most that isn't in there yet
16:02<dwfreed>millisa: DNS manager is actually one of the few things where cloud manager and classic manager are basically identical
16:02<dwfreed>except for tags vs display groups
16:02<@blaboon>millisa: noted. i was gonna start working on profile stuff tonight, but maybe i'll do DNS instead
16:04<millisa>scratch that. the 'logout' function actually logging me out would be top of my list
16:05<millisa>right now when I click logout it takes me to the main page and a 'Log in with Linode' button, but that button doesn't actually make me authenticate again
16:05<@blaboon>that one is tricky, because does not support redirecting back to another app on logout
16:05<@blaboon>only login for some reason
16:07<millisa>is there a workaround? (i frequently logout of one linode account to immediately log in to another)
16:07<@blaboon>so barring an upstream change/fix to that, the two options are 1) revoke the token and stay logged in, or 2) revoke the token and really logout, but don't get redirected back to the app
16:07<millisa>hitting and logging out from there seems to kill it.
16:07<@blaboon>a workaround could be to handle navigation to in a new tab
16:08<dwfreed>or popup window
16:08<dwfreed>so you can kill it off after loading
16:08<dwfreed>(non-ad popup windows are fine)
16:09<@blaboon>i'll consider that
16:09<millisa>still. this is just plain excellent.
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16:24<nuevu>!point blaboon
16:24<linbot>nuevu: Point given to blaboon. (8)
16:24<nuevu>That's really nifty
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16:29<cews>!point blaboon
16:29<linbot>cews: Point given to blaboon. (9)
16:29<cews>Great work!
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16:32<@mcintosh>!boo blaboon
16:32<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from blaboon! (8)
16:32<@mcintosh>linbot: no! I was saying boo-urns...
16:36<cews>Simpsons reference ^
16:37<LouWestin>Has everything from Classic manager been moved over to the cloud manager?
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16:38<rasul>I can not log into my account
16:39<rasul>The system writes that my account is not
16:39<rasul>can you check what is the problem?
16:40<millisa>Did you just signup?
16:41<rasul>no, I registered on January 12, and I also created several servers in my account, they are all suspended
16:42<LouWestin>You might need to contact support then
16:42<millisa>check your email, too. they'd likely have sent something
16:43<rasul>Hello rasul! The following activity has recently occurred: * aa1 - (185599715) System Shutdown - Pending Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:29:50 GMT * aa2 - (185599716) System Shutdown - Pending * aa3 - (185599717) System Shutdown - Pending Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:29:56 GMT * aa4 - (185599718) System Shutdown - Pending Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:30:00 GMT * uk3 - (185599719) System Shutdown - Pending Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:29:54 GMT * uk6 - (185599720) System Shutdown - Pending Mo
16:43<rasul>they sent only that, and all
16:44<rasul>what should I do? How to restore access to your account?
16:44<millisa>You'll want to contact support
16:45<LouWestin>Email them at or call
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17:00<dwfreed>His account was canceled as fraud
17:00<dwfreed>I can tell just by the timestamps on those shutdowns
17:01<nate>Any sort of account suspension would probably shut them down in sequence potentially no?
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17:02<dwfreed>nate: probably
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17:06<LouWestin>Oh, the time stamps being only seconds apart?
17:09<LouWestin>I figured it was either that or he got hacked and his password was changed.
17:16<@mcintosh>!point dwfreed
17:16<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to dwfreed. (92) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 18)
17:16<@mcintosh>for being clever :p
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20:21<linbot>New news from community: I received the following error message - does anyone know what it means? <>
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21:11<primitiv>ok so im running into anoither weird issue
21:11<primitiv>something somewhere in my code or one of my files is deleting some posts when i try to edit them
21:11<primitiv>i cannot find the code anywhere
21:12<primitiv>how do i use mysql to check what command was run from what file etc that triggerred the deletion of records
21:12<primitiv>like what querie used
21:12<millisa>as in how to enable the general query log?
21:13<millisa>This thing -
21:14<millisa>(I find this mariadb doc a bit more straight forward - )
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21:14<primitiv>is it on by default
21:14<primitiv>and where does the log go?
21:15<millisa>It's not on by default. The log goes where you tell it to with general_log_file
21:16<millisa>(assuming you don't tell it to go to a table)
21:17<primitiv>ok i found it
21:17<primitiv>i will now make the deletion happen
21:18<primitiv>so i dont see the query anywhere
21:18<primitiv>in the log
21:18<millisa>do you see any queries?
21:18<primitiv>none whatsoever
21:19<primitiv>this si the last timeprint
21:19<primitiv>not even close to current time
21:21<millisa>what's the output of show variables where variable_name like 'general%';
21:22<primitiv>im not sure im followig sorry
21:22<millisa>at the mysql prompt, when you type: show variables where variable_name like 'general%';
21:22<primitiv>sql query
21:22<primitiv>general_log OFF general_log_file /var/lib/mysql/primitivmedia.log
21:22<primitiv>so its turned off
21:22<millisa>yes, it is off by default.
21:23<millisa>set global general_log=1; would turn it on
21:23<primitiv>ok done
21:23<primitiv>let me retry that deletion
21:25<primitiv>general_log OFF
21:25<primitiv>its still off..
21:25<primitiv>i ran that command u gave me
21:26<millisa>when you run: set global general_log=0; you don't see the general_log show 'on' when you do: show variables where variable_name like 'general%'; ?
21:27<primitiv>ok had to write it inside my cnf file
21:27<primitiv>now its showing ON
21:27<millisa>it should be dynamically changeable
21:29<primitiv>i still dont see anything my my log file
21:29<primitiv>i dont understand
21:29<millisa>show variables where variable_name like '%log_output%'; what does that show
21:33<primitiv>found it
21:33<primitiv>was looking at the wrong spot!
21:33<millisa>it wasn't at /var/lib/mysql/primitivmedia.log ?
21:36<primitiv>okay sweeet
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22:19<Jusadys>I cannot register for a linode account, can you help me?
22:20<millisa>Why not?
22:20<Jusadys>I have tried to register three times but after review I received a notice of account cancellation
22:21<millisa>The mails they send usually indicate reasons why they may design it. If none of those apply to you, you'd probably need to reply to support for more details
22:22<millisa>er, sorry, why they may deny it...not design it
22:23<Jusadys>I tried mailing support but they told me I was a "high risk" customer so I couldn't recover my account, but this is my first time using Linode :(
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23:08<LouWestin>Jusadys Hi
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23:16<chesty>Jusadys, sorry to hear, I guess there are a lot of good people living in countries considered high risk, so the good people are tainted through no fault of their own. I don't know what you can do other than try a different provider.
23:49<Jusadys>Using a credit card at countries high risk can't register?
23:53<LouWestin>Sometimes they put an account on hold before activating it. I don't work for Linode, so I don't know what their sipulations are.
23:58<FluffyFoxeh>Jusadys: Most of us aren't Linode staff, if you have more questions about your account, you should contact support again
23:58<FluffyFoxeh>All we can do is speculate
23:59<Jusadys>I tried contacting support but they did not open my account and informed me that I was flagged "high risk", there are many coupon users on in my country who are suffering the same situation as me.
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