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00:10<FluffyFoxeh>I <3 Linode
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01:31<kharlan>LouWestin: rip. My unifi APs get a 'can't control to stun server' message when I block certain ports
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02:13<grawity>then don't block the STUN port...
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10:30<linbot>New news from community: Why do I get an Unexpected EOF error when using SFTP? <>
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10:48<LouWestin>Kharlan: I’m not familiar with stun, but like grawity said, you’re probably blocking a required port.
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11:15<FluffyFoxeh>doctor doctor, it hurts when i do this
11:31<@rdaniels>FluffyFoxeh: Then stop doing that. :D
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11:56<grawity>hmm HIBP just sent me an email saying that my email address has been found in linode2.sql on some shady site
11:57<grawity>but it looks like it's a 2014 dump of a devel database that was last touched in 2010
11:57<grawity>sure took a while to deliver the alert, I guess
12:04<Zr40>no email here, and I'm fairly sure I had an account back then
12:30<LouWestin>What’s HIBP grawity?
12:45<@mcintosh>grawity: it is indeed very old
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12:51<LouWestin>I’m sure my email address is probably on a few sites too.
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15:05<pingomister>If I am able to ping a VPS successfully but cannot establish a connection on any port from a particular IP address, is it likely to be a server issue or issue further upstream? Running tcpdump on the server shows traffic when the ping requests are made, but shows nothing for any other request being made, but only for the one particular IP making the request. All other public IPs accessing the server work fine
15:06<Zr40>it could be anything (since we don't know how that server is set up) but firewall misconfiguration is a likely reason
15:11<pingomister>Firewall misconfiguration on the server or upstream? Even if blocks were in place within iptables, I would still expect to see traffic over the network interface when running tcpdump
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15:24<primitiv>how do i prevent access to a folders files but allow my system crons access
15:24<nate>pingomister: Try LISH
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15:24<nate>Usually that should get around even firewall issues as I believe LISH is serial-access
15:25<primitiv>whats LISH?
15:25<primitiv>oh nvm \
15:25<nate>you made me double check I was still in linode
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15:27<primitiv>i think deny all for nginx should work yes?
15:27<primitiv>would still allow my server to execute the crons?
15:32<primitiv>im not sure how to approach
15:37<LouWestin>Primitiv are you asking how to deny lish?
15:38<primitiv>idk what lish is
15:39<primitiv>you can ignore that
15:44<chesty>LouWestin, primitiv doesn't have any linodes
15:44<nate>primitiv: LISH is linode's serial-access in case you can't access it via normal means
15:45<rsdehart>chesty: wait, what?
15:45<primitiv>chesty i do own linodes
15:45<primitiv>what are you going offf about?
15:45<chesty>sorry primitiv, mistaken identity
15:46<primitiv>who did u mistake me for
15:46<primitiv>once again, stop answering for me
15:46<rsdehart>answer faster
15:46<primitiv>oh i use LISH every once in a while then nate
15:47<primitiv>im asking how to prevent people from acessing /assets/php folder and its contents
15:47*rsdehart tunes back out
15:47<primitiv>i have a cron that executes files inside
15:47<primitiv>but want to disallow web browser access
15:48<chesty>there was someone else here a few weeks ago that was asking a bunch of questions, I think it was nginx, something network related, anyway, they posted their domain and it was on some other vps provider
15:50<chesty>primitiv, either file permissions or maybe selinux.
15:50<chesty>oh, you can do it with extended attributes (I think that's what it's called)
15:51<primitiv>whats easiest?
15:52<chesty>actually, I think it's called access control lists. I would say acls
15:52<LouWestin>To disallow browser access you could set the directory or file permissions to deny public access.
15:52<chesty>i would say acl's are easier than selinux
15:52<primitiv>Ok so my folder gived a 403 ngixn forbidden
15:52<primitiv>so its just the contents i need to disallow now
15:53<chesty>you want to prevent people and the web server from accessing /assests/php ?
15:54<LouWestin>There’s probably a way to deny on niginx too, but I’m not sure since I don’t use nginx
15:54<primitiv>yes specifically the files inside\
15:55<primitiv> the folders themselves give a 403 so thats taken care off
15:56<chesty>you can set the own and group to your own user and remove "other" users permissions, 640 for file, 750 for directories
15:56<millisa>location ^~ /assets/php/ { return 403; } ?
15:56<primitiv>i should b able to do it with nginx tho
15:57<chesty>I think I miss understood. I thought you mean you wanted to prevent people with shell access from accessing /assests/php
15:58<millisa>(or you might not misunderstand; question isn't entirely clear)
16:00<primitiv>so if i go to anybody can access it
16:00<primitiv>if you go to it gives a 403
16:00<primitiv>i need to disallow access to the files inside my php folder from within the browser so chrome, explorer etc
16:01<primitiv>but i need my cron to keep executing the files inside the php folder thats the only IF
16:01<primitiv>anybody else i dont want them seeing the files
16:01<chesty>did you reload nginx?
16:01<primitiv>i didnt change anything in nginx
16:01<primitiv>why would i reload
16:01<millisa>the location block above should do that, (unless you have your fastcgi/php-fpm stuff inside a location block that matches more explicitly/with higher priority)
16:03<primitiv>!point millisa
16:03<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (118) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
16:03<primitiv>say i wanted to do multiple folders
16:03<primitiv>can i do that in one location?
16:03<millisa>you could.
16:04<primitiv>is there an easier way?
16:04<millisa>easier than using a one line location block?
16:07<primitiv>i guess not no
16:07<millisa>I mean, if you have lots of directories/files you want to control access to in odd ways through nginx, you could probably use a map... but I don't know that it'd be easier to setup
16:08<LouWestin>I’d think setting permissions accordingly would be the most straightforward way
16:08<millisa>or if it doesn't need to be in the web directories, dont put it in the web directories
16:09<LouWestin>Or that^ Keep it out of public if it doesn’t need public access
16:10<LouWestin>Or allow read access and execute if needed, but not write access
16:11<LouWestin>Since it’s a PHP file it’s parsing on the server side anyway
16:12<LouWestin>Cron job access would be setup through whichever user/group you’d like to have handle it.
16:19<linbot>New news from blog: 2020 Winter Events <>
16:27<linbot>New news from community: How do I access my website's code? <>
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16:42<primitiv>okay so now im unable to update any plugins/wordpress on my clients site
16:42<millisa>why not?
16:44<primitiv>emtnot sure, i checked folder perms
16:44<primitiv>not sure whats next
16:44<primitiv>everythign seems ok
16:44<millisa>what do your logs say
16:45<primitiv>i checked the erorr logs for site
16:45<primitiv>but doesnt show anything there
16:47<millisa>access log, error log, audit log. one of them should show something, even if it's success. you haven't said why you can't update
16:48<primitiv>Update Failed: Could not create directory.
16:48<primitiv>when thats after a plugin upodate
16:48<millisa>what directory, where? there's probably entries in one of those logs when it tries
16:49<primitiv>access log shows
16:49<primitiv>"POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php HTTP/1.1" 200 58 ""
16:49<millisa>200 = ok
16:49<LouWestin>Is this a new plugin?
16:49<primitiv>nope existing
16:49<primitiv>im trying to update a few and wordpress itself
16:50<primitiv>error log shows nothing
16:50<millisa>what does your audit log say?
16:50<primitiv>last log is from earlier this morning today
16:50<primitiv>you mean secure?
16:50<LouWestin>did you have this issue before?
16:50<millisa>no. your audit log. the same log you looked at a few days ago.
16:50<millisa> /var/log/audit/audit.log or similar
16:51<primitiv>type=AVC msg=audit(1579125096.419:290511): avc: denied { write } for pid=13907 comm="php-fpm" name="upgrade" dev="sda" ino=1539513 scontext=system_u:system_r:httpd_t:s0 tcontext=system_u:object_r:httpd_user_content_t:s0 tclass=dir per
16:52<primitiv>so this is selinux AGAIN?
16:52<millisa>assuming that matches up with your update
16:53<primitiv> sudo chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/www/websites/
16:53<primitiv>should i run this
16:53<primitiv>so that all my sites dont have this issue
16:53<primitiv>or waitr until it arises then use the comman sd
16:53<millisa>that would replace all contexts with one that allows read write in /var/www/websites and below
16:54<primitiv>is there a downside to do so
16:54<millisa>the web server could write to any of those directories. the web server could feasibly write from a subdir of that directory into another if you dont have your filesystem permissions set well
16:55<primitiv>so this bypasses the file permissions and folder permissions ?
16:55<primitiv>for anything ?
16:55<primitiv>i have chroot setup
16:55<primitiv>they are jailed within their home dir
17:00<primitiv>that did indeed solve the problem
17:00<primitiv>is selinux supposed to be denying all the time like this
17:00<rsdehart>by default, yeah
17:01<rsdehart>that's sort of its purpose. to block things. it's meant to require you to explicitly allow what you want
17:02<primitiv>fair point
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17:07<kenyon>also if you do a relabel, it will get changed back...
17:40<cews>better that way imo
17:40<cews>Depends on your configuration of course
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21:52<primitiv>Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 3685 Illegal argument to a regular expression
21:52<primitiv>aanybody seen this before?
21:52<primitiv>its my first time and do not know what to do about it
21:53<millisa>is it coming from outofdate code?
21:54<primitiv>i do not think so no
21:55<millisa>is it your code?
21:55<primitiv> "[[:<:]]".$id."[[:>:]]"
21:55<primitiv>i think this is theissue
21:55<millisa>it is
21:55<primitiv>not my coed *
21:55<millisa>you are using mysql8+?
21:55<primitiv>i believe so yes
21:55<millisa>it's talked about here:
21:56<primitiv>so is the issue REGEXP?
21:57<millisa>"The Spencer library supports word-beginning and word-end boundary markers ([[:<:]] and [[:>:]] notation). ICU does not. For ICU, you can use \b to match word boundaries; double the backslash because MySQL interprets it as the escape character within strings."
21:57<primitiv>am i using ICU
21:58<millisa>mysql8 does
21:58<primitiv>so i need to change for \\b?
21:58<primitiv>[[:<:]] -> \\b
21:58<millisa>something like that
21:59<millisa>some software projects are accounting for it ( as an example). you should check if there's an update for whatever codebase you are using
21:59<primitiv>heck yea!@
21:59<primitiv>!point millisa
21:59<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (119)
22:13<virtual>Sometimes I wonder if there's a topic millisa does not know about :P
22:14<millisa>lots of stuff. how to signal factorio trains right the first time.
22:14<virtual>I've not played the game, yet (because of oxygen not included taking all my spare time), but I think I know what you mean :)
22:14<millisa>that was my holiday game!
22:15<millisa>I'm having a severe mental block when it comes to the input/output markers on things. I just want green to be input...
22:15<millisa>an option to turn off that green marker would be enough.
22:16<virtual>I've finally gotten used to it. And I found a nice little cheat sheet for common pipe designs.
22:16<virtual>I've had to ban myself from that game until jan 23rd or 24th though. *sigh*
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