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07:55<linbot>New news from community: cannot create account, linode dont want to accept my card <>
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08:39<mehul-dev>hello everyone we have recently deployed a website on linode servers using nuxt and laravel as backend api we have configured everything except for the mailing service we are using mailjet as SMTP provider but the port 25 and 587 are getting blocked so no email are being sent
08:39<mehul-dev>can someone help regarding this issue ?
08:47<@pwoods>mehul-dev: Starting in November, we started blocking mailing ports for new customers by default.
08:48<@pwoods>mehul-dev: if your account was created after November 5th, those ports will be blocked on any new Linodes you create.
08:49<@pwoods>You can open a Support ticket to get the restrictions lifted. We just ask that you set up an A record and rDNS on your Linode. More info can be found on the blog post announcing this new policy:
09:04<mehul-dev>what is the ETA for this entire process ?
09:05<mehul-dev>i have created an A record but for setting rDNS record i have one confusion currently there are multiple website being hosted on single server and each one of them require mail service so how should i configure it ?
09:06<chesty>usually you want the forward and reverse to match
09:07<mehul-dev>can you suggest with any article or blog to refer ?
09:07<chesty>set the rdns to something like and have to point to the ip
09:11<chesty>not really, search for something like rdns mail, or spam rdns
09:13<mehul-dev>Okay let me check
09:14<@pwoods>mehul-dev: I believe I just responded to an email to from you. If it was you, then I provided some steps that you'll need to take for us to move forward with removing restrictions.
09:15<mehul-dev>yeah i have sent an email thanks for the reply
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09:38<mehul-dev>pwoods: how should i configure rDNS record could you please help ?
09:56<@pwoods>mehul-dev: you'll need to first set up an A record, as that is used for lookup purposes on your Linode
09:56<@pwoods>We have a guide on setting up rDNS here:
09:57<@pwoods>For setting up multiple A records for one server, you can find this set up in out "Common DNS Configurations" guide:
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11:49<Guest14151>who are is alive?
11:49<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:49<Guest14151>millisa, where are you from?
11:50<Guest14151>I am new in IRC
11:50<millisa>Earth. It is my homeworld. Did you hav a question about linode?
11:51<LouWestin>I thought men are from Mars?
11:51<Guest14151>No, i just followed instructions now use IRC on website that DuckDuckGo showed to me
11:51<millisa>We mostly talk about things related to Linode here.
11:51<Guest14151>Oh, it is good
11:52<Guest14151>What is linode?
11:52<millisa> - a vps provider
11:53<Guest14151>can you advice me IRC channels of servers where I can practice my english? I am from Ukraine, Kyiv. And It will be better to me to practice with real people?
11:53<Guest14151>I am Python programmer
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11:54<Guest14151>good evening
11:55<@rgerke>Hello! Welcome!
11:55<Guest14151>Are you new in IRC chats?
11:56<paxglobalmedia>well i havnt realy used it since the 90s lol
11:56<paxglobalmedia>i need support on resetting password
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11:58<@rgerke>I'm with the Linode Support team. What password are you looking to reset? Your account's, ypur Linode's?
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17:28<millisa>I don't suppose there's any way to do a live migration from a standard plan to the equivalent memory level dedicated cpu plan?
17:30<cews>millisa: clone, rescale, and change IPs?
17:31<millisa>it's a situation where it's easier to deal with the downtime for cold migration over resyncing the data in a clone or restore/ip swap situation
17:31<cews>ah okay, sure
17:31<cews>Linode offer a native clone, never used it though
17:32<millisa>(I've already got the approval to take the downtime, more asking if it's something that could possibly be done live+planchange since the live migrations are still kinda new-ish)
17:33<cews>I reckon if you asked support, they could do this
17:33<cews>Transferred from Intel to AMD without a hitch
17:34<millisa>load average: 49.41, 33.37, 21.99 :(
17:36<cews>millisa: definitely not AMD
17:37<millisa>heh, it is. it's a 7501
17:37<cews>I kid
17:38<cews>Ping'd support out of curiosity
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18:27<millisa>Ended up calling support since I had an unrelated accounting thing to address. Currently resizes are all cold migrations.
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18:53<Spajjie>Hi All
18:53<Spajjie>I'm trying to contact support about a Linode i have for which the credit card has expired.. but I don't know what the login is etc.
18:53<Spajjie>How do I solve this. I've sent them an inquiry but got no response
18:53<millisa>There's a recover username link on the login page
18:54<Spajjie>Yes.. problem is.. I have no idea what the username or the email address it's assocaited to.
18:54<Spajjie>All I have is an IP address
18:54<millisa>And you don't have any of the billing invoices they send every month?
18:55<millisa>But you know which credit card it is?
18:55<Spajjie>Expired credit card.. No longer have that number.
18:56<millisa>Did you throw away the card?
18:56<millisa>Usually they'd ask you for some type of id, and a pic showing the last 6 digits of the card so they could match you
18:57<millisa>Did you already write to with what you do know?
18:57<Spajjie>Yes.. No response
18:57<millisa>not even an automated response?
18:59<Spajjie>Sent 10/01 .. no response..
18:59<Spajjie>Got no return response to it either
18:59<millisa>sounds odd. they are pretty responsive. give them a call
19:00<Spajjie>I'm in Australia.
19:00<millisa>the international number works. i just accidentally used it instead of the north america number about 20 mins ago. (609) 380-7100
19:09<millisa>I wouldn't normally ask but since you're not sure about so much of the info - are you 100% it is a linode IP?
21:19<linbot>New news from community: Postfix/Dovecot Mail <>
21:21<LouWestin>How do you get billed every month and not know the credit card number, email address, and username? Not knowing one of these, sure. But all three?
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22:22<millisa>IT guy sets everything up, uses some email, who knows which one, they have lots; picked a username that reminded them of a game they played in college; and setup billing in an unknown method. then quits to make a startup based around Linode recovery processes
22:22<millisa>(the not knowing how a service is billed for you is the hard one for me; your accountant should know enough in a situation like that)
22:24<chesty>hmmm. that sounds plausible but how does linode distinguish between that situation and social engineering?
22:24<millisa>Your linode service was setup by your now exwife. The divorce was ugly, she got the dog, but you were supposed to get the nginx config. You found out she was still using your streaming account and changed the password just as you saw her finish the second to last episode of the mandalorian
22:25<chesty>who really owns the linode if you don't own the email or credit card associated with the account?
22:26<millisa>one thing leads to another, yadda yadda, that video she said she wouldn't share is online (you know, the one with the sandwich), yadda, your credit cards are all cancelled, and you've lost your linode
22:26<chesty>cancelled credit is easy, you'd know what the credit card number is
22:34<millisa>I wonder if it even matters. 20 days after billing day? how nice are they?
22:38<millisa>i guess they did say they wrote on the 10th. that'd be a week overdue since the tos says you've got 3 days to pay.
22:52<LouWestin>It sounded to phishy to me.
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22:53<Peng_>Traditionally, Linode shut you down after 10 days, and executed you after 20 days. I dunno what the terms of service say or if they changed it. :D
23:15<chesty>the account might not be overdue, whoever owns the email and cc associated with the account could be willingly paying for it still.
23:18<chesty>they did say the cc had expired but since they don't know the cc number how do they know it's expired. it's phishy to me, not even a good attempt at social engineering
23:23<chesty>actually, I shouldn't assume malice. but if it was possible to recover an account with only having the ip address and no other information I would be more than concerned about the safety of my account
23:23<LouWestin>If it was some client on a reseller plan that would better fit the story. Not entirely though.
23:23<LouWestin>But what sounds strange is, Linode didn't respond? I don't think so.
23:27<chesty>the email might have been suspicious.
23:28<millisa> is a perfectly cromulent address
23:28<LouWestin>Right right.
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