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00:12<FluffyFoxeh><chesty> hmmm. that sounds plausible but how does linode distinguish between that situation and social engineering?
00:13<FluffyFoxeh>I'd say if you somehow manage to lose track of every single detail about the account, you should expect to be SOL :p
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04:21<linbot>New news from community: how to test the stable of my linode? <>
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10:00<Irishdude>quick questions regarding pricing and server locations.
10:00<Irishdude>is anyone avalable to answer?
10:00<dzho>!to Irishdude ask
10:00<linbot>Irishdude: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
10:00<dzho>!to Irishdude ops
10:00<linbot>Irishdude: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:01<Irishdude>First off, if I am paying in euros, do I need to account for additional fees or do I just convert price according to the exchange rate?
10:04<dzho>I don't know about linode specifics, I just know that if I transact using a credit card my card company charges me fees over and above whatever the exchange rates are.
10:05<dzho>I think that's between you and the card company and not something linode can speak to?
10:07<Irishdude>Okay. I'll enquiry into it with my card company (the bank).
10:07<Irishdude>Looking through the page, it seems that linode is not just american servers, so my second question about latency is moot.
10:07<Irishdude>I'm not getting closer. ^_^
10:08<Irishdude>!to dzho Thanks
10:10<rsdehart>there's no thanks tip :)
10:10<@mcintosh>!point dzho
10:10<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to dzho. (10)
10:12<Irishdude>wouldn't run without me being registered anyway. '-_-
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10:57<kharlan>my irc idle rep has been damaged from that kick mcintosh :P
10:58<kharlan>oh balls, that was 5 days ago..
10:58<dzho>own goal, this time
11:06<chesty>don't think of the game
11:13<@mcintosh>kharlan: I actually did it on purpose to damage your irc idle rep ;)
11:13<hawk>you MONSTER
11:20<kharlan>:( I missed all the philosophical debates on what linode plan can run wordpress best.. knowledge I will never recover!
11:54<LouWestin>Kharlan: I just run Wordpress on a Nanode. Your web traffic might require a higher plan.
11:58<cews>Nanode easily handles 3K requests a month
11:59<cews>4-5 req per hr
12:02<cews>(Did this, help?)
12:09<chesty>hehe, you could even go to 1 request per minute, 44K requests a month. huge. just ask your guests to take a number and wait their turn before loading your page
12:12<cews>oh, deffo.
12:12<cews>Loadimpact x100 tests = stats
12:13<millisa>!point chesty
12:13<linbot>millisa: Point given to chesty. (5)
12:13<millisa>This is an idea that is nice and evil
12:14<millisa>"There are currently 2317 web site users ahead of you. Please stand by. Your request is important to us."
12:14<cews>When reloaded, you lose your place.
12:14<cews>Press 1 -> Captcha to remain in the queue
12:15<millisa>"Please have your cookie or session ID ready at time of connection."
12:17<millisa>Oh my. It exists.
12:25<chesty>is ticketek an international company? idk, they sell tickets to events in australia, every year at the same big events, like grand finals, you do literally go in a queue to load the web site, then you have no idea if the web site has crashed or it's working fine and your turn will be in the next minute, after 5 minutes of you and your friends
12:25<chesty>waiting, checking in new tabs, you get through to a screen that says it's sold out
12:26<rsdehart>chesty: FWIW ticketek operates in nz too
12:28<chesty>these major events that happen the same time every year sneak up on them out of the blue and surprise them, you can hardly blame them for not being able to handle the completely unexpected traffic /s.
12:50<Xion>Simple economics. The event sells out, therefore they have gotten the maximum amount of money they could have. Why invest money into something that won't provide a better return?
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14:05<dubidubno>Should the output of hostname be a FQDN? I'm confused sinve hostname gives 'ln8' but hostname -f says 'localhost'.
14:06<dubidubno>Debian 10.
14:11<Xion>Without args the default is just the hostname without the domain
14:17<dubidubno>hostname -f should give the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) according to the man page.
14:18<dubidubno>I have this in /etc/hosts:
14:19<dubidubno>Linode's Network helper is on, and the Linode has two IPv4's assigned.
14:21<dubidubno>ip a:
14:21<Xion>/etc/hostname is the usual configuration file
14:22<Xion>Not /etc/hosts
14:23<dubidubno> /etc/hostname:
14:25<chesty>hostname -f uses both files, /etc/hosts -> ln8 # add ln8
14:25<dubidubno>apticron is using hostname -f to construct it's from-address and i'm getting mails from root@localhost
14:26<chesty>oh, also -> ::1 localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback ln8 # this is why hostname -f resolves to localhost, remove ln8 from that line
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14:46<LouWestin>4K requests per month on a Nanode for a WP site seems very low.
14:47<LouWestin>That would equate to about 5’ish requests per hour.
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15:23<DrJ>at 4K requests per month I'm not even paying $5/month for hosting
15:23<DrJ>I'll have that sucker sitting on a raspberrypi on a residential connection :)
15:33<LouWestin>I’m probably not even getting anywhere near that traffic.
15:38<LouWestin>I wonder what the monthly cost would be for running a pi server 24/30? Obviously energy costs vary from location, but ball park range.
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15:40<DrJ>LouWestin, basically nothing
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15:43<DrJ>assuming 5W power consumptions thats 5 / 1000 = 0.005kw/h ... just say electricity is expensive at 15cents/kwh... thats $0.00075/hour * 24 * 30 = $0.54/month
15:43<DrJ>my electricity is like 9.5 cents per hour though
15:43<DrJ>that would be $0.34 per month for me
15:46<DrJ>really though the rpi, depending on usage will only be consuming 2-4watts on average
15:46<DrJ>so the actual cost could be more than half of those numbers
15:46<DrJ>*could be less than half
15:48<DrJ>in the end though doesn't matter if it's $0.50/month or $0.20 a month (I'd guess 20cents is going to be about the right amount)... it will not make a big enough dent in your monthly electric bill to even really be a factor
15:50<DrJ>that's one reason I really like the raspberrypis ... can run a nice home linux server for basically nothing
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15:53<DrJ>my recommendation though if all you have is a small site only handling a few hunred or thousand requests a day... truly consider hosting it at home on something like a raspberrypi
15:53<DrJ>use cloudflare, free plan, so the site stays available if your internet goes down and also to hide your home IP address
15:54<DrJ>in your firewall, only allow cloudflare ip ranges to access 80/443
16:01<LouWestin>Ah cool. Thanks for the math.
16:02<DrJ>If the rpi costs $0.25 a month to operate... that's $3/year... not even 1 month payment for a nanode
16:02<DrJ>just a few months of a nanode pays for the rpi
16:02<millisa>But how does it compare to the pinode?
16:04<DrJ>with the upload speeds of many residential connections these days... not even that is a real issue anymore
16:05<DrJ>of course it violates pretty much every ISP's residential TOS
16:05<DrJ>but if you're hiding behind a CDN like cloudflare... no one will ever know... then again, no one has ever really cared
16:06<LouWestin>Our upload speed is...about 10Mbps
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16:06<DrJ>yea, that's still a limiting factor for you then
16:06<DrJ>CDN will help with caching some
16:06<LouWestin>Would Comcast care about a pi server? Probably not. But then you gotta figure out back ups too
16:07<DrJ>well, backups are something to consider no matter how or where you host
16:08<DrJ>with only 10Mbps someone hitting the site hard, like a bot, could saturate your connection and cause you problems
16:08<LouWestin>I did a local Minecraft server on an old dell box. That was fun.
16:09<LouWestin>Just local network, but I did do an open port to test outside connections
16:09<DrJ>around here you can get 100Mbps residential upload
16:10<DrJ>some places even faster
16:10<@mcintosh>I think just running a webserver for personal use is okay under comcast ToS (if i understand it correctly, anyway)
16:11<DrJ>mcintosh, I'm violating my ISP's ToS just using IRC
16:11<DrJ>it states that you can't be connected to more than 2 concurrent chat networks or rooms at a time
16:12<DrJ>I'm in about 30 right now on IRC across 4 networks
16:12<DrJ>or at least it did... haven't checked it lately
16:14<DrJ>still does
16:14<DrJ>Any computer or other device connected through the Service may not maintain more than two simultaneous chat connections. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of automated programs, such as "bots" or "clones." Automated programs may not be used when the account holder is not physically present at the device.
16:14<LouWestin>I haven’t looked into the tos for Comcast. Technically it’s just easier/more convenient to run Linode and not worry about any of that
16:14<DrJ>so I guess my bot I have on one network is a ToS violation as well
16:15<millisa>Do they also only let you connect to one geocities page at a time?
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16:16<DrJ>I see your point... very antiquated policy there :)
16:16<millisa>Ask how their buggy whip side hustle is going
16:17<bitsoflogic>For object storage, do transfers between linodes count toward the "Outbound transfers"?
16:18<millisa> (the second paragraph in that section is the one you want)
16:18<bitsoflogic>you rock! thanks millisa
16:18<millisa>(use ipv6 is the short answer)
16:18<DrJ>Use or run dedicated, stand-alone equipment or servers from your premises that provide network content or any other services to anyone outside of your premises. Examples of prohibited equipment and servers include, but are not limited to, email, Web hosting, file sharing, and proxy services and servers;
16:19<DrJ>so yea... hosting a website is a violation for me
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16:19<DrJ>that is part of a "you may not:" section
16:21<DrJ>but yea... if I didn't use a VPN someone could potentially get my internet shut off by just proving to mediacom that I'm connected to a lot of irc networks/channels (if mediacom would actually enforce it)
16:22<kharlan>depending on where you live the cost of running a web server on a low-end desktop probably costs more in electricity than it would just buying a 5.00/month linode :p
16:22<DrJ>kharlan: that's why we were discussing doing so on a raspberrypi
16:22<DrJ>which, as my math showed, could be as little as $0.20/month in electricity
16:22<kharlan>ahh yeah that might be much more economical then.
16:23<DrJ>but you are right
16:23<DrJ>any desktop or laptop and you might as well get a VPS
16:23<kharlan>yeah, I was thinking a DT probably avgs at 50W, and with 6-7 cents kwh it's probably roughly 5-6 bucks a month.
16:24<DrJ>rpi is about 2-4W depending on usage
16:24<DrJ>at 9.5 cents (my rate) it's around $0.25
16:25<DrJ>again, as I said earlier, that's why I love my raspberrypi home linux server
16:25<kharlan>ehh, I have a poweredge R620 at home.
16:25<DrJ>doesn't even cost me $5 a year to operate... a desktop would be that or more a month
16:25<DrJ>how much does that use?
16:26<kharlan>between 15-20 bucks a month with a 900.00 initial payment for the server + 4 500GB ssds + new raid controller.
16:27<kharlan>it's worth it for a local hypervisor.
16:28<kharlan>it can go up to like 750W I think LOL. So... if it ever exceeds 300W.. nope!
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16:43<linbot>New news from community: Does Linode Offer Hackathon Sponsorships <>
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