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00:52<@mcintosh>> Point given to millisa. (122) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 18)
00:54<millisa>still more fun than the windows updates I've been babysitting all evening...
00:54<Peng_>I spent some of the day staring at mtr or ping waiting for IPv6 to go down. x_x
00:55<Peng_>Only a little, fortunately
00:56<FluffyFoxeh>most things are more fun than windows update
01:28<linbot>New news from community: Upgrade PHP version <>
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05:58<tecuane>with the movement into managed services (k8s, objstore), is there any appetite from linode for managed db?
05:58<tecuane>currently running an entire apparatus using all three of those on digitalocean but i'd prefer it to be with linode
06:03<Peng_>It's one of their 2020 plans. :)
06:07<tecuane>ty :)
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08:02<sunny>I am looking for the hosting and my website is built in the Magento 2.3.3
08:02<sunny>my minimum requirement is, PHP 7.1.33 or 7.2 RAM arond 4 GB and Disk Space is about 50 GB
08:03<sunny>so what plan would be fine
08:03<chonk>you can install PHP 7+ on any of the more up-to-date distros
08:03<sunny>i have seen the pricing tab
08:03<sunny>but there are multiple plans
08:04<sunny>i want to run Magento 2.3.3
08:04<sunny>so all plans havbe high cost
08:04<sunny>so i wan some cheper plan
08:04<chonk>you can run that on any of the plans, but you should probably pick one that meets your minimum requirements
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08:14<chesty>sunny came home
08:17<chesty>to her favorite room
08:17<chesty>Sunny sat down in the kitchen
08:17<chesty>She opened a book and a box of tools
08:17<chesty>Sunny came home with a mission
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08:24<Cromulent>I'm confused about how websites like Twitch work - I assume you get an RTMP stream to your server and then use some website backend to push it to the browser in some fashion? How does it work
08:24<Cromulent>sorry for the stupid question
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08:26<chesty>I have no idea what an rmtp stream is but it sounds good to me, fyi you don't need a browser to watch twitch, it's a video stream that can be played in vlc
08:27<Cromulent>oh I see so you just broadcast the video and then the browser can connect to the server broadcasting the footage directly?
08:28<chesty>sounds good to me. and the chat is also available via twitches irc server
08:28<Cromulent>cool thanks
08:32<chonk>an experience expert crafts each frame with the finest french oil paints and hand delivers them
08:32<chonk>at least i think that's how the RFC phrases it
08:39<chesty>what do you call a twitch streamer? i have no idea, but if they are popular enough, twitch will make the stream available in lots of resolutions, otherwise for a unpopular stream it's only available in the resolution the streamer uploads in. there are coders on twitch, not super popular compared to fortnight streamers, if they upload in 1080p
08:39<chesty>sometimes that's the only resolution available.
08:40<chonk>just gotta squint harder
08:42<chesty>for me it's more about the cpu the browser uses to display the stream and the speed of my internet. I'd rather watch it in 480 or 720, 1080 often freezes
08:43<chesty>vlc is much better at watching a 1080 stream, then it's only my internet connection that's a factor and not my cpu
08:43<Cromulent>I think you are talking about the difference between partnered streamers and non-partnered streamers
08:44<chesty>Cromulent, perhaps, but there was one coder that I watched occasionally who uploaded in 1080 and sometimes his stream was only available in 1080 and sometimes it was available in lots of resolutions.
08:44<chesty>I'm guessing he wasn't a partner
08:45<Cromulent>Twitch sometimes gives resolution options to affiliates if they have spare encoding power but if they don't they remove it
08:45<Cromulent>depends on the load of the Twitch hardware
08:46<Cromulent>there are 3 tiers of streamers - normal, affiliate and partner
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09:51<cews>Stream me like the french girls.
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11:48<linbot>New news from community: Private/Internal DNS With Ubuntu 18.04 <>
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