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07:42<cews>Soon disappeared
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09:36<rsdehart>hi phuong, welcome to Linode community chat
09:36<rsdehart>I freakin' swear I'm not a bot. That's just the best greeting I know for people who come in saying just "hi"
09:36<phuong>Let me ask about the $ 50 promotional code
09:37<rsdehart>go ahead and ask
09:37<phuong>Is this program for new accounts?
09:37<rsdehart>I have to tell you, I'm not aware of any such code, so I probably won't be much help
09:38*rsdehart pings an op
09:38<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:39<phuong>ok thank
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10:13<chesty>another vietnamese gent, or the same one.
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15:38<jraleigh>hello :)
15:38<jraleigh>I was trying to find the kernel headers for my Linode version kernel
15:38<jraleigh>I don't see any where that they are referenced or linked too however
15:39<jraleigh>Linux ###### 5.4.10-x86_64-linode132 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 9 21:17:12 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
15:39<millisa>the linode kernels are from mainline source, you can grab them from
15:41<jraleigh>there's not a repo for them?
15:41<jraleigh>I see header packages for dozens of other versions of the kernel
15:42<jraleigh>e.g. linux-headers-5.3.0-26-generic
15:42<retro|blah>That depends on what your distro provides.
15:42<jraleigh>I thought I might not have the pkg-source repo
15:42<millisa>something like wget should get the kernel you are looking at
15:42<jraleigh>just generic ubuntu 18.04 lts
15:42<millisa>(there's a way to do it with git tags too)
15:44<jraleigh>Roger that
15:44<millisa>your other option is to switch to the distribution kernel
15:45<jraleigh>bit surprised but meh
15:45<millisa>if you are interested in that -
15:46<jraleigh>oh I already know how to go about it
15:46<jraleigh>was hoping to avoid it
15:46<jraleigh>classic case of "this should be quick" turning into
15:46<jraleigh>no, because of course not
15:46<jraleigh>not worth the effort overall
15:48<Zr40>even if it were possible I'd recommend against it. Because when new kernel versions inevitably get released, rebooting will make your kernel modules incompatible
15:49<jraleigh>I'm just a bit surprised and annoyed that Linode doesn't provide a headers package like _every_ other package of the kernel I've ever seen
15:49<jraleigh>of all the things to omit, kernel headers seems pretty odd.
15:50<Zr40>that wouldn't solve the rebooting issue
15:51<jraleigh>no but it would solve can't install Wireguard and get no error because dams can't compile the kernel module
15:51<Zr40>a package would make sense for when the vm provides the kernel, but then you're already using a vm-provided kernel
15:51<Zr40>let me explain differently
15:52<Zr40>you want to use wireguard. You have to reboot and now your wireguard is broken and you have no way to get in because wireguard is broken
15:52<jraleigh>yeah well currently, you can't install Wireguard because there are no kernel headers
15:52<Zr40>well, you can. Use the distro kernel :)
15:52<millisa>and this way doesn't work?
15:53<Zr40>the linode kernel is just there for convenience. It has no special benefits
15:53<retro|blah>Was gonna say, don't new Linodes default to the distro kernel now?
15:53<jraleigh>millisa: no
15:53<jraleigh>that way does not work
15:54<Zr40>and using the distro kernel removes the reboot problem. As soon as a new version is installed, DKMS will automatically rebuild your modules
15:54<jraleigh>dkms build -m wireguard -v 0.0.20200121 -k 5.4.10-x86_64-linode132
15:54<jraleigh>Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 5.4.10-x86_64-linode132 cannot be found
15:55<jraleigh>I'm going to try to manually use the kernel source from the link you provided previously
15:55<millisa>"Note The GRUB 2 kernel is required for this guide. All distributions for all new Linodes now boot with the GRUB 2 kernel by default."
15:55<jraleigh>but getting to these errors is non trivial
15:55<Zr40>have fun breaking your system
15:55<Zr40>the solution is right in front of you. You just have to use it :)
15:56<jraleigh>Wireguard isn't essential to my system
15:56<Zr40>alternatively, if you really don't want to use a distro kernel, wait until wireguard is merged into mainline
15:56<jraleigh>this vm is actually just a glorified dropbox
15:57<Zr40>last time I checked it's going to be in 5.5
15:57<Zr40>or 5.6
15:58<jraleigh>anyway, that how-to should maybe not that you shouldn't use Linode kernels if you want to follow those directions
15:58<millisa>it does...
15:59<jraleigh>I don't see that
15:59<retro|blah>jraleigh: It's the part that says "The GRUB 2 kernel is required"
15:59<jraleigh>the warning below "If the installation completes but the output does not appear, your kernel is most likely not configured correctly. "
16:03<jraleigh>I don't see the Advanced tab that references
16:04<millisa>which part?
16:05<millisa>that doc may need updating. if you go over to the 'disks/configs' tab, there's configurations listed with '...' next to them. click that ...
16:06<millisa>there's an edit option on that menu that will get the sidebar to pop out that has the 'select a kernel' dropdown
16:06<jraleigh>yeah that I see
16:07<jraleigh>the dropdown is wrong
16:07<jraleigh>it's showing one version below what's actually installed
16:08<millisa>5.4.10 linode132 shows as 'latest' for me
16:08<jraleigh>I guess it's wrong to assume that 5.4.10 is a GRUB 2 kernel?
16:09<millisa>the grub2 option is all the way down at the bottom
16:09<jraleigh>yeah, the dropdown has 5.4.10 but shows ( 5.3.11-x86_64) as the latest
16:10<millisa>i don't see that.
16:11<millisa> is what I see
16:11<jraleigh>is what I get
16:12<millisa>might be a cache thing
16:12<jraleigh>no biggie
16:12<jraleigh>not gonna mess with it any more today
16:13<jraleigh>think it's probably less effort to just spin up a fresh vm
16:13<millisa>the new vm should use the grub2 setup by default
16:13<jraleigh>this ones oversized too
16:13<jraleigh>could drop a tier or more
16:14<jraleigh>thanks again for the help
16:14<jraleigh>have a great day!
16:14<millisa>sure thing.
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18:40<Yuri>Question i'm porting my site to a new linode i was wondering if there would be an issue with me using same ssl cert on two sites for a while?
18:41<millisa>there shouldn't be
18:41<koenig>It should work.
18:42<koenig>The client will look up the DNS name you type into the browser (or whatever software is making the connection), connect to the resulting IP address, and if the certificate is for the name it looked up, it should all work.
18:43<millisa>if you've got a cron job that handles the renewal of the cert, you may only want to have it run on one system
18:50<koenig>Yeah, that's a good point.
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18:51<William_>Hi there is this Good for gaming
18:53<William_>Yes do u get a dns when u sing up
18:53<millisa>if you have a provisioned linode, you can use their dns if that is what you are asking?
18:53<millisa>if you are asking if they'll register a domain for you, no
18:54<William_>Ok whats the dns
18:54<millisa>I'm not sure what you are asking
18:55<William_>Whats linode dns
18:57<millisa>Still not sure what you are asking. Have you looked at this -
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18:58<koenig>You are a very patient person, millisa.
18:58<retro|blah>millisa: Also, do I get an internet?
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19:01<jkwood>!point millisa
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20:47<FluffyFoxeh>l'node, m'lady
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