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00:25<ughugh>dallas down?
00:26<jkwood>Doesn't seem to be. My IRC client is on Dallas.
00:27<ughugh>both our sites on different servers are down
00:29<ughugh>reboot scheduled? what the
00:32<ughugh>blah switching to backup *cry*
00:32<ughugh>bye linode *sob*
00:33<jkwood>I'd recommend opening a ticket.
00:34<ughugh>Already have
00:39<ughugh>Damnit it
00:39<ughugh>host machine died
00:43<ughugh>Yup, boss is officially declaring linode dead to us.
00:43<ughugh>this pissed me off
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00:43<ughugh>I love linode
00:44<elmoco87>hi all
00:44<Ikaros>Heh. Your boss doesn't understand the nature of the hosting business, it seems. You can't expect absolute perfection 100% of the time - things can happen. The key, is being prepared for such issues when they arise.
00:46<jkwood>If you're going to have a backup, have it in a different datacenter.
00:47<Ikaros>For example, a backup system that can be used if the primary goes down for any reason, probably hosted in either (a) a different datacenter or (b) with another company.
00:47<ughugh>We have one, but it's on a different provider
00:47<Ikaros>Then you have to be able to know how to utilize that backup system when something DOES happen with the primary.
00:59<ughugh>We did :)
01:00<LouWestin>Why would your boss consider Linode dead if you have a backup on another provider?
01:03<grawity>huh, so that's why some providers have "availability zones" I guess
01:04<ughugh>Now i get the joy of writing up an incident report and scheduling a meeting to discuss it.
01:04*ughugh cries even more
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01:08<ughugh>Oh well, we're up and running. Guess there's nothing more for me to do tonight.
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01:27<Ikaros>Just a thought but, if he was concerned about an outage affecting his business, maybe would have just been better to focus his energy on troubleshooting and recovery instead of joining IRC to figure it out and/or complain about it. That's my two cents, I've nothing more to say heh.
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01:46<dwfreed>Ikaros: you're talking too much sense
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01:56<LouWestin>Ikaros: Totally. If it was an outage due on his machine only, then most likely Linode would’ve emailed about it. If not he could’ve checked the system status page, or called support.
01:58<LouWestin>Considering he has a backup machine on another provider which kicked in, then I’m not sure what the drama was about to begin with
01:59<LouWestin>I knew it wasn’t a Dallas issue since my servers weren’t down
01:59<dwfreed>I'm also using a Dallas Linode
02:01<LouWestin>It’s possible in theory there could be a quick outage that I don’t catch.
02:03<LouWestin>Not sure his outage qualifies for a meeting though. lol
02:04*LouWestin ‘s report would say server went down, backup system took care of it.
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02:15<LouWestin>Reminds of an incident at school. Student tells me his friend made some gun hand gesture to him. Ok so I ask him more details about it since I wasn’t there. Then I make a report to the social worker. She’s like OMG have you reported this yet!?
02:16<LouWestin>Um I’m report it now...
02:18<LouWestin>Get asked 20 other questions. Ma’am I don’t know...I just heard about it. Im telling you now. Sigh...
02:18<LouWestin>Long story short. It turns out to be nothing more then goofing around or something.
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05:05<vibhor>Hello Need Urgent Help
05:09<vibhor>My site hosted with linode >
05:10<vibhor>site is down
05:36<linbot>New news from community: My Site is " This site can’t be reached" <>
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05:47<binaryfire>Hi. Are there any Linode support peeps online?
05:52<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
05:52<rsdehart>binaryfire: FWIW no ops have been active for a few hours
05:52<rsdehart>but often someone's lurking
05:54<chesty>vibhor, you could jump on skype and call their toll free support number
05:56<chesty>vibhor, oh, so in rescue mode you can log in via lish, your vps isn't running in rescue mode, the rescue image is running and your vpses file system is available to mount and fix
05:59<vibhor>@chesty - linode expert (jyoo) confirm it my linode in rescue mode 6hours back
05:59<vibhor>I did not re-boot it from then
06:00<chesty>i mean when your vps is in rescue mode you have to log in via lish, you can't ssh to it
06:04<chesty>you'll have to log in via lish to fix the issue. fixing it is a complicated topic, you have to work out how you got hacked and then the safest way to proceed is to build a new server with the fix and restore your data onto the new server
06:07<binaryfire>@rsdehart - No worries, thanks
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08:29<Zr40>maybe it's time to remove the last bit of the channel topic
08:32<chesty>or leave it in for the next time it happens
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12:19<LouWestin>Looks like that guys website is working.
12:22<linbot>New news from community: How Do I export a zone from Linode in a BIND format ? <>
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12:35<mrsideways>hello, how long does account verification take after signing up?
12:36<@bbigger>mrsideways typically a matter of minutes
12:36<mrsideways>okay cool thanks
12:38<@bbigger>sure thing. if you've been waiting for a while, send us an email at with your account details, including last six (and only the last six) digits of the payment card for your account, or give us a call
12:39<mrsideways>I just signed up 5 minutes ago, I was just curious how long to wait, and i need to leave soon anyways so hopefully it's approved when I get back in 4 hours
12:39<@bbigger>right on
12:41<mrsideways>can i look at pricing while I wait or do i need to be authorized first to access the page?
12:43<@bbigger>yea you can see the pricing page along with anything on our main site w/o an account:
12:44<Dragon>you signed up before checking the pricing? interesting
12:44<cews>Money is no issue to a potential customer who dabbles in fraud
12:44<cews>Just saying
12:45<cews>Just tomfoolery
12:45<mrsideways>money is no issue when you are offering $50
12:45<mrsideways>$50 credit for new clients
12:46<cews>oo, that's a good promotion
12:48<mrsideways>yeah, it is... I'm looking for a new provider for my VPS, and I decided to try linode because I heard good things. when i saw the promotion I signed up immediately
12:49<cews>Linod will serve you well!
12:52<linbot>New news from community: How do I run a One Click App on a deployed Linode? <>
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13:11<mrsideways>okay I got approved and made a nanode, I didn't get any credit, which is fine because it's like $5 a month so it's not a big deal, when is billing date?
13:17<chesty>send an email to support and ask about the coupon you used
13:17<cews> mrsideways: ping support regards to credit (if this doesn't show within 24hr) 1st of the month,
13:17<@rgerke>mrsideways: The billing date is the first of the month, where you'll get an invice for services used the prior month
13:18<@rgerke>And they beat me to it. :) But yes, open a ticket in regard to the promotion if you'd like.
13:18<mrsideways>sounds good thanks guys! I have to go now, but I will enjoy setting up my node when I get home
13:18<cews>We all answered at once
13:18<cews>mrsideways: see you soon!
13:32<Zr40>I'm planning to resize a block storage volume. How long does this typically take?
13:33<chesty>planning? depends on how thorough you are
13:34<Zr40>planning for the downtime :)
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13:52<linbot>New news from community: How do I Enable Root Login? <>
13:53<cews>Zr40: 3 minute per GB average I think
13:53<cews>(I have this written somewhere for resizing Linodes, um)
13:55<dwfreed>block storage shouldn't take that long, especially if you're resizing up
13:55<dwfreed>resizing Linodes is going to be less than that as well
13:55<Zr40>up is the only direction for block storage
13:55<dwfreed>we used to quote 1 to 2 minutes per GB, but that number is old
13:56<Zr40>so resizing is copying, just like with linodes?
13:56<cews>I reckon, yeah
13:56<cews>For worst case
13:56<Zr40>so this volume is 3 TB... :P
13:57<dwfreed>I doubt it would take very long at all for block storage
13:57<cews>Zr40: I'd like to say 5-10 minutes
13:57<cews>But I'm not sure how the resize/transfer works for Block Storage
13:58<cews>Let me know ;)
14:04<linbot>New news from community: How do I enable root login? <>
14:09<@rgerke>I just resized mine to test it out and it was very quick. Keep in mind, though, that mine has no data on it and I just use it for testing, which may have a lot to do with ahow fast it was.
14:09<Zr40>what size did you resize from and to?
14:10<@rgerke>I went from 20 to 100.
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14:24<linbot>New news from community: I Can't Log into the Ubuntu GUI Interface <>
14:26<millisa>(in case anyone cares about recent metrics - the migration I did a week ago ran at 250MB/s. 15 mins for a 215120MB disk)
14:28<Zr40>that's for a linode or for a block storage volume?
14:29<millisa>linode, not a block store.
14:30<millisa>I only played with small block storage volumes, but when i resized i dont' remember there being a transfer time...
15:55<@rgerke>I have an answer for you. Resizing a Block Storage Volume is virtually instant.
16:02<Zr40>great, thanks!
16:06<chesty>to answer your original question Zr40, 2.5 hours
16:11<Zr40>oh no, I haven't started planning yet!
16:11<Zr40>but thanks to rgerke I can :)
16:12<Zr40>hm. If I haven't started planning, would this be planning to plan?
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16:13<rsdehart>planning to plan is usually just procrastination
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18:11<mrsideways>I am very impressed with the performance of my nanode!
18:12<mrsideways>if no issues arise, I will probably stay with linode as my new vps provider
18:15<@rgerke>mrsideways: That's great to hear!
18:20<@rgerke>If you ever need help or have questions, our Support team is around 24/7.
18:21<mrsideways>cool thanks!
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21:54<FluffyFoxeh>money is no issue when you're a dog
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22:35<mrsideways>my dog costs me like $200 a week in medication... but you're right he doesn't care
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22:48<mrsideways>that's why I have a nanode and not a nice big vps:P
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23:45<LouWestin>Mrsideways: I’ve been with Linode for almost five years now. Any problems I ran into usually were something I broke. lol The backup option is really nice to have.
23:46<mrsideways>yeah, I've heard good things about linode, which is why I chose them to try after deciding my old provider started to suck
23:46<mrsideways>when I first started using that provider the performance and speeds and prices were all great, but they've over-sold their services and the performance is no longer good unless I choose an expensive package
23:47<mrsideways>so I came to linode, and today is my first day using linode. I am impressed by the performance of my $5 nanode
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