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00:29<LouWestin>You’ll be happy here.
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01:16<linbot>New news from community: Linode Kubernetes Engine not responding <>
01:19<chesty>linode has been around since 03 from memory. I don't think they have any VC investors either, so probably no exit strategy.
01:22<chesty>someone last year created 10s of micro vps providers, often sharing the same text in the web pages, same control panel, offering cheap yearly prices and after getting enough people signed up shut down with a few days notice.
01:26<nate>that was just at teh end of the year that all went down wasn't it?
01:26<nate>I remember it getting talked about a lot in here
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02:04<chesty>i think so. I wonder what happened with that, and if people know who did it.
02:07<nate>Not sure, if I recall correctly a lot of the providers had domain privacy, but if the owners were within the US it's prob not gonna help them unless they used fake registry info too
02:11<nate>I like that a digitalocean 'accidental' account-wipe disaster popped up in google results as I tried searching about the "Mass VPS provider shutdown" lol
02:19<mrsideways>why would there be a mass VPS provider shutdown?
02:19<nate>mrsideways: Scam
02:19<nate>There was a company that was running like 20 low-spec but really cheap VPS hosts for like a year, all of which mysteriously shut down in December
02:20<nate>There's a somewhat still-going topic about it on lowendtalk
02:21<mrsideways>I see
02:21<mrsideways>thank you for the info
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02:24<Peng_>How old is LowEndBox, anyway? The footer says copyright 2008-2020.
02:24<Peng_>I wonder how many of the oldest hosts featured on it are still in business :D
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02:27<cp>i followed this tutorial but did something wrong in it....and now i'm not able to login in ssh mode with username & password
02:28<cp>how can it edit sshd_config file from backend to 'PasswordAuthentication Yes'
02:28<cp>Help me out
02:28<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
02:29<nate>peng: It's apparently well maintained, and apparently also well known for hosting scam companies on it
02:29<nate>or well not 'hosting' but listing
02:32<cp>i tried that but it wont help
02:32<cp>it keep saying that incorect password
02:33<Peng_>You might be using the wrong username or password, then?
02:34<cp>no i'm using the right one
02:35<Peng_>Apparently not...
02:35<cp>in this file sshd_config i disabled 'PermitRootLogin' and 'passwordAuthentication'
02:35<cp>thats why i'm not able to login now
02:35<cp>so i want to revert this
02:36<chesty>lish doesn't use ssh
02:36<cp>so how can i revert it?
02:36<Peng_>Log in with lish and edit the files
02:36<chesty>did you open lish and get the login prompt?
02:36<chesty>do you have a non root user account?
02:37<Peng_>How did you open lish? Via your browser or via SSH?
02:38<cp>its asking for login user and password
02:38<cp>i entered but it wont work
02:38<chesty>you should be able to log in as either root or any other user
02:42<chesty>the other option is to boot into rescue, mount your file system and edit sshd_config
02:43<Peng_>You can also use the Linode cloud manager -- or rescue mode -- to reset your root password.
02:43<Peng_>Did you forget your root password?
02:43<Peng_>How were you editing the files earlier? sudo?
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04:20<kits>can any one tell me the information related linode with cpanel and plesk with fault tolerance with cost optimized infrastructure.
04:21<kits>any direct support?
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04:56<chesty>fault tolerance with cost optimized infrastructure? I've got to remember that one. I just saw a joke today, someone was selling something for $1000 and a potential buyer asked what the lowest price they'd to go, he said $700, the buy replied with will you take $200?, the sell said OK, meet me at 101 blah st in an hour. the buyer turns up and
04:56<chesty>messages the seller I'm here, it's some sort of comedy club, will I meet you inside? the seller says yeah, go inside and onto the stage and tell them how much you offered
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11:15<Cromulent>I noticed that in the email Linode sent out at the end of the year that they are going to release a database hosting service at some point in 2020 is this going to include Redis in it?
11:15<Cromulent>a Redis cluster with persistent storage attached to it would be pretty cool
11:16<Cromulent>I'm also wondering how long the LKE beta will last?
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11:50<@rdaniels>Cromulent: o/
11:52<@rdaniels>LKE-beta is estimated to end within the next two months. Then, it will become generally available to the public. You can still request to join the beta by opening a Support ticket.
11:52<Cromulent>cool thanks - I might just wait then - it'll probably take me that long to get something usable anyway
11:53<@rdaniels>As far as the details of our managed database offering, we will most def update our blog when we have more details to share. I've passed your feedback along to our team though, for their consideration.
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11:54<Cromulent>sorry I might have missed something there - IRCCloud just had a bork moment
11:55<Cromulent>ah that is better - things seem to be back to normal now
11:55<@rdaniels>Hey, no worries.
11:56<@rdaniels>I was just saying that, as far as the details of our managed database offering, we will most def update our blog when we have more details to share. I've passed your feedback along to our team though, for their consideration.
11:57<Cromulent>awesome - thank you very much :)
11:58<koenig>rdaniels: Do you know if block storage will eventually make its way to all datacenters (Atlanga)?
12:12<@mcintosh>koenig: I expect Atlanta will eventually get block storage but nothing pending yet
12:13<koenig>got it
12:13<@mcintosh>Cromulent: most likely won't support redis to start
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12:27<Cromulent>thanks for the info
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13:01<linbot>New news from community: Dovecot down often, considering iRedMail on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS <>
13:31<linbot>New news from community: Ubuntu Upgrade to 19.10 Services Broken <>
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15:52<FluffyFoxeh>If I'm getting spam e-mails from a Linode address, what information should I include in the abuse report?
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15:54<FluffyFoxeh>(I haven't actually been getting spam from a Linode address, but I'd like to know what is generally desired of abuse reports)
15:55<warewolf>FluffyFoxeh: at a minimum, a full copy of the headers set to, even better is to attach the spam to an e-mail to
15:55<@jackley>ya – full headers + the raw contents of the message are most helpful!
15:55<FluffyFoxeh>I'm hesitant to attach the spam, lest it make my message look like spam
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15:56<FluffyFoxeh>but I guess that's not an issue for the abuse mailbox?
15:56<@jackley>it's usually not an issue tbh
15:58<@jackley>we also have a portal where you can report abuse
16:42<linbot>New news from community: Finding my Linodes when I have lots and lots of them <>
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16:55<LouWestin>I was looking at a new 2fa app. Currently use Google Authenticator. Anyone use Authy?
16:56<nuevu>andOTP, here.
16:59<Cromulent>I use Authy
16:59<Cromulent>had no problems with it at all
17:01<LouWestin>It looks good and it would be nice to have to cloud backups. I forgot about that when I transferred my daughter’s iPhone data to a new one. I did have backups of the codes...whew! lol
17:08<linbot>New news from blog: Information on Intel’s Latest Vulnerabilities and Linode <>
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17:26<cews>I use Authy
17:29<FluffyFoxeh>I use FreeOTP. I like it.
17:29<FluffyFoxeh>It's on F-Droid too
17:48<dwfreed>I use a yubikey
17:51<@mcintosh>what do they say to you when you're a key?
18:05<Cromulent>I wish more things worked with my yubikey
18:07<Cromulent>do you think registering an .ai TLD is a bad idea or does it really not matter these days? I think there will be some ai of sorts mixed into the website at some point so from that point of view it makes sense
18:09<koenig>I suspect there's a bit more visibility to the traditional .com, .net, and .org domains, but I sure see a ton of the newer TLDs these days.
18:10<koenig>I wouldn't think a .ai TLD would be too bad especially if there is some kind of AI-related content on a site.
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19:08<LouWestin>Authy it is. Porkbun has a ton of domains
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19:31<Cromulent>I've never understood why mobile ISPs use NAT for IPv4 addresses and don't support IPv6 when they could give each device a dedicated IPv6 address
19:31<Cromulent>which would work much better in the long run
19:32<Cromulent>LouWestin: I signed up for Porkbun the other day but I've forgotten why :)
19:32<millisa>it's the hammiest registrar.
19:32<Cromulent>ah no idea why then - I've always used Namecheap
19:33<millisa>it's the only registrar supporting dejigamflipping
19:33<millisa>er, dejigamaflipping
19:34<millisa>(personally, I like their UI)
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20:35<William>Hey, what happened to the @linode Twitter account?
20:36<William>All of a sudden Twitter says it doesn't exist.
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20:38<dwfreed>William: they appear to be posting everything to
20:39<William>The contact page still points to the now dead account.
20:39<dwfreed>mcintosh: ^
20:39<@jackley>it was suspended because Twitter believes we're a 13 year old (no joke, they said we violated their ToS because we're not 13 years old)
20:39<@jackley>we're working to get it unsuspended
20:40<millisa>yeah, you are like 16 or 17
20:40<dwfreed>Twitter is worse than a dumpster fire
20:40<William>Is that really why it suddenly says it doesn't exist?
20:40<@jackley>William: yes
20:40<William>Usually when an account gets suspended it says that. Of course COPPA requires deletion...
20:41<dwfreed>jackley is a person who knows things, so I would suspect he's telling the truth
20:41<@jackley>eh – it says our account is "locked", I suppose that's different than a suspension
20:41<@jackley>same effect!
20:41<William>"This account doesn’t exist Try searching for another." - Hopefully you get in touch with a human instead of one of their account eating AI bots.
20:42<jkwood>jackley: They secretly believe you're a conservative
20:42<millisa>On the internet, no one knows you are a dog.
20:42<@jackley>i think this happened once before. We're verified, we run ads... not sure what bot flagged us has being under 13
20:42<dwfreed>Cromulent: the yubikey neo and newer can all do TOTP with a helper app that's available for all platforms (and now that iPhone has NFC, I believe it supports that too)
20:42<jkwood>Sounds like a DigitalOcean ploy to knock you off the internets
20:44<William>3 more days until gets the axe...
20:44<millisa>William: have you seen this
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20:47<William>If you get your Twitter account back will I have to re-follow or should it come back on its own?
20:48<@jackley>William: it should be restored to its previous state, followers and all
20:48<@jackley>William: so likely no need to re-follow
20:48<William>Good to know. Good night now.
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20:53<chesty>How long has @linode been locked? Mistakes happen, you can excuse those, but dragging your feet to fix them is less so.
20:53<@jackley>happened around 4:16pm
20:53<chesty>oh right. all good
20:53<@jackley>we've reached out via a bunch of channels
20:54<chesty>was the date of birth on the account set to 2003?
20:54<chesty>that wouldn't matter anyway
20:55<@jackley>lol that's actually a good thought – that's what happened the last time this happened, I think
20:55<@jackley>we set our anniversary date in the profile, and it was immediately locked
21:03<@jackley>just a note on the classic manager EOL -- we're going to push EOL date to Monday, 3 Feb, so it'll be around through then
21:04<@jackley>(we're pushing it because, well, Friday is the end of the week, and the end of the month/beginning of the month is always a busy time for our Support team)
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21:35<LouWestin>Dwfreed: I have to look at the yubikey too
21:55<dwfreed>blaboon: bug report: LMC DNS Manager doesn't handle slave zones correctly; it treats them just like master zones
21:57<FluffyFoxeh>That can't be a new issue for Twitter, surely. Linode probably isn't the first company to set their founding date as the profile's "birth date"
22:00<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: except Linode is >13 years old
22:00<FluffyFoxeh>yeah. that is weird
22:07<millisa>Yeah, that's what they all say. "I'm a mature VPS provider!" "You should host here". Then Chris Tucker comes out from the door on the left and say "Why don't you have a seat"
22:08<millisa>sigh. Chris *Hansen*
22:09<jkwood>I think your first story was more compelling.
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22:57<chesty>I wasn't sure I knew who chris tucker was, so I qwanted him, Ive seen some of his movies, apparently his net worth is -11 million
22:59<chesty>I mean if he left school and got a minimum rage job his net worth would only be -50k or something.
23:19<koenig>"Minimum rage". I like it. Although in my experience those jobs end up being "Maximum rage".
23:23<linbot>New news from community: How do I get DMARC records for domain in linode <>
23:33<linbot>New news from community: Configure my Hostname and FQDN? <>
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