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00:04<dwfreed>the followers are gone, though
00:04<dwfreed>or it just failed to recognize them
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00:21<rsdehart>I think I've seen followers restored after a delay following a snafu before
00:23<dwfreed>if you go to the profile, it says there are 2 followers, but if you hit the follower list, you see everybody
00:24<rsdehart>oh, well that's good
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00:28<Peng_>So we've got "naming things" and "caching". Are there any off-by-one errors?
00:34<chesty>I had to search to understand the reference, "There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors."
00:35<chesty>my favourite is there are ten types of people in this world, those that understand binary and those that don't.
00:36<rsdehart>The first is one of my two favorite computer jokes. The other is "I'd tell you a UDP joke, but you might not get it"
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01:39<errr>I created a domain, and used the defaults to have records created for one of my linode instances. When I `dig` Im not getting back the A record it setup, but I do get the SOA so part of what it created seems to be working, but none of the A records work.. www mail, etc
01:39<Peng_>What's your domain
01:40<dwfreed>I get refused, so the changes probably haven't gone live yet
01:40<dwfreed>when did you create the domain?
01:41<Peng_>I also get REFUSED
01:41<errr>well first a few hours ago and it never did seem to work so I deleted it and tried again this time picking the defaults and that has been 5-10 mins Id say
01:41<dwfreed>wait about 20 more minutes
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01:50<errr>its working now. thanks.
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01:53<dwfreed>hmm, interesting splits
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08:04*rsdehart plays the Benny Hill theme
09:05<@bbigger>chonk o/
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10:18<@blaboon>dwfreed: thanks, i'll take a look at that (re: slave zones)
10:42<@mcintosh>child zones
10:42*mcintosh crosses arms
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10:57<@blaboon>i'll subscribe to that change as soon as linode does
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13:17<primitiv>anybody her used webmi before
13:17<primitiv>webmin **
13:23<primitiv>it just shows the splash page
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13:38<LouWestin>Well apache is working
13:39<LouWestin>now you just have to set the directory path to the website's files.
13:40<LouWestin>in the config file and/or create one
13:40<LouWestin>Then turn off the default one, point it to the new one, and reboot apache
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13:43<LouWestin>and primitiv this would be the guide to all that I mentioned.
13:43<primitiv>i thought i already di d that
13:43<LouWestin>Well, maybe you did and didn't restart apache?
13:46<LouWestin>or didn't point config file to the new config file and restart apache? I've made minior errors like that.
13:46<millisa>or didn't use linode. or the webmin port.
13:48<primitiv>ahhhh that loads a blank page now
13:48<primitiv>resolved thank u sir!!1
13:49<LouWestin>Ah...yes millisa he's not using Linode. I didn't think to run a tracert
13:51<primitiv>this one isnt for linode no
13:51<primitiv>i might be switching over wo webmin so im seeing how it performs the new vps with some of my current sites
13:51*LouWestin boos and hisses
13:52<primitiv>should be easier for me to use rather than my current linode with nothing on it
13:54<LouWestin>Are CGI scripts still popular or is that old tech?
13:56<millisa>nagios still uses them. whether that's old or not; how do you feel about buggy whips?
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13:58<LouWestin>If I was Amish, it would probably be parked out back.
14:00<LouWestin>should've read, I'd have one parked out back. lol
14:01<LouWestin>Reminds me of the Inmotion Hosting days when every default directory had a CGI bin
14:03<LouWestin>Personally I find those web based admin setups introducing new issues or making things more complicated than I like. So I tend to stay away from CPanel and the like
14:04<LouWestin>While you could make things easier in the long run, you'll still have to setup and maintain it or someone will have to.
14:05<DrJ>I personally use webmin (mostly the virtualmin component)
14:05<@mcintosh>i have a soft spot for cpanel and other admin guis from my days trying to make stupid little websites as a ~13 year old
14:05<millisa>cpanel does a good job of allowing you to run lots of different php's on the same server.
14:05<@mcintosh>i don't use them, but i do have a soft spot
14:05<DrJ>and although I am 100% capable of doing everything on command line, I respectivally disagre with LouWestin
14:05<LouWestin>It would be better to spend that time learning/using the command line.
14:05<millisa>but you could do similar if you liked managing php's in /opt and managing a bunch of fpm pools
14:05<@mcintosh>millisa: so does docker ;)
14:05<LouWestin>but that's me
14:06<DrJ>if configured properly, something like webmin can help you maintain an uniform configuration among sites you host
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14:06<millisa>cpanel just gives a pretty dropdown that the end user can flip back and forth between them without me having to deal with a ticket. or at least not a ticket for that. the ticket will be for 'why is this not working, i dont remember if I fiddled with the php setting'
14:06<LouWestin>I might be showing my age. I grew up with DOS and hated Windows 95.
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14:07<LouWestin>But for clients, I wouldn't hesitate to put them on CPanel or such
14:09<DrJ>for me virtualmin is perfectly set up so I can have a new site up and running exactly how I want on my server, along with everything that goes along with it (user account, groups, permissions, directories, ssh, apache, php-fpm, etc
14:09<DrJ>all of it, 100% of it, in under 1 minute
14:09<linbot>New news from community: How do I update the Plex software on my Linode? <>
14:09<DrJ>don't have to worry about missing anything or the like
14:10<DrJ>which is basically all I use it for
14:10<DrJ>in fact, generally I don't even have webmin running
14:11<DrJ>I start it up when needed then shut it down
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14:30<Esau>I have a problem
14:31<millisa>greetings. what's the problem?
14:33<Esau> I have an account that is canceled after being confirmed, I would like to know what the problem may be
14:34<millisa>they usually send you mail with that info
14:34<Esau> Yes, but I present some reasons which if I comply
14:35<Esau> How to register with my real data or not use VPN
14:35<nate>You'd need to reply to the email/ticket on it, this is a community support room, can't really get direct account support through this medium
14:37<Esau>Ok, yesterday I replied, maybe it won't take long to give me a solution
14:38<@jackley>Esau: do you have a ticket number?
14:46<Esau> Yes, it's the one that they send to the mail, right?
14:46<@rgerke>Esau: Yes, it would be in the email. Can you give us the ticket number here so we can look into it?
14:54<Esau> I don't see any code in the emails
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14:57<primitiv>when installing phpmyadmin on ubuntu
14:58<primitiv>do i need php mcrypt?
15:01<@rgerke>Esau: Is there any number in the email at all? If so, drop it in here and we'll take a look. It should be 8 digits and begin with a 1.
15:05<@bbigger>Esau we should have responded to your email response by now — it sounds like there wasn't an associated ticket number since it was a cancellation notice. I'm not sure why you haven't seen a response from us yet, but if you don't mind could you send us another email at support
15:05<@bbigger>be sure to include your account details, including the last six (and only the last six) digits of the payment card for your account
15:07<Esau> I don't see any code in the emails
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15:31<primitiv>sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin php-mbstring php-gettext
15:31<primitiv>why does this command NOT prompt me the phpmyadmin install screen?
15:32<primitiv>it did but i needed to remove and re install now it doesnt work anymore
15:32<primitiv>just installs the darn thing
15:33<@bbigger>primitiv haven't done it myself but i remember seeing this post that requires adding a ppa for installing phpmyadmin
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16:12<nate>I will forever hate package managers that package PMA
16:18<Xion>Because they always do so bady?
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17:16<primitiv>so phpmyadmin works on my ubuntu machine
17:16<primitiv>but doesnt load in the browser
17:17<primitiv>what would i check for
17:17<millisa>what do the logs say?
17:17<primitiv>not familiar with ubuntu
17:17<primitiv>which logs?
17:17<millisa>web logs? why doesn't it load in the browser?
17:18<primitiv>nothing in apache error log
17:20<millisa>are you getting an error code in the browser? is the port open in your server's firewall? is apache set to listen on the port? is phpmyadmin setup with any extra security controls (I'd assume it'd give some form of http error code)
17:20<primitiv>Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server.
17:21<millisa>that means the ports open and the server is listening. you probably have a web log that goes with it.
17:21<DrJ>primitiv: glaring issue to me there is the lack of https
17:21<DrJ>I'd fix that first and foremost
17:22<DrJ>SQL queries/logins are not exactly something you want traversing the net unencrypted
17:22<dwfreed>phpmyadmin is not something you want internet accessible, either
17:24<primitiv>i dont see any logs
17:25<DrJ>primitiv: likely a vhost and/or documentroot issue
17:25<millisa>look at your apache config. apachectl -S - it should give you a hint of where the logs are and should mention something about phpmyadmin if you dont have it in the actual webdirs
17:26<DrJ>but again, you REALLY want to get https working before you even begin to think about using that
17:26<DrJ>or make it local only, as dwfreed said
17:26<primitiv>once i get the browser to work i will fix https
17:26<primitiv>cant fix something i cant see
17:27<DrJ>you're putting the chicken (phpmyadmin) before the egg (https)
17:27<primitiv>i dont want sssl on my server ip
17:27<primitiv>im going to add a redirect to another domain
17:27<primitiv>and phpmyadmin will be accessible under a subdomain with ssl
17:27<dwfreed>so do the subdomain with ssl first
17:28<DrJ>still chicken before the egg analogy
17:28<primitiv>i need to get phpmyadmin working so i ca nredirect on the subdomain
17:29<primitiv> Main ErrorLog: "/var/log/apache2/error.log"
17:29<primitiv>i checked there already
17:30<DrJ>a 404, which is what you are getting is not an error level code in apache
17:30<DrJ>thus it will end up in the access log
17:31<DrJ>again, the issue is most likely documentroot or the public IP is not using the vhost you think it is
17:31<DrJ>but either way, it is ultimately probably documentroot
17:32<primitiv>i think the vhost might be the issue
17:32<DrJ>[17:25:03] <DrJ> primitiv: likely a vhost and/or documentroot issue
17:32<DrJ>so as I said?
17:32<primitiv>which vhost the default one?
17:33<DrJ>I would have to see your config to answer that
17:34<DrJ>may I also suggest you just scrap the idea of even using phpmyadmin?
17:35<primitiv>why, no
17:36<DrJ>because it is stupid to use it
17:36<DrJ>and there is 0 reason anyone should
17:36<primitiv>it provides a gui to use
17:36<DrJ>use something like that over ssh tunnel
17:39<Xion>That looks good
17:40<DrJ>if you say "eww" to something like dbeaver over ****ing phpmyadmin then you sir are an idiot
17:40<DrJ>sorry, but you are
17:41<primitiv> now this stopped working
17:42<primitiv>lol well you can keep your insults to yourself u wanker
17:42<primitiv>we each have our own opinion
17:43<DrJ>yes, the opinion of someone who runs a ton of sites vs one who can't even get one to work
17:43<DrJ>I'm literally trying to help you though
17:44<DrJ>Xion: it is if you've never tried it
17:44<primitiv>right, well calling me an idiot is the wrong approach so u can stop talking at this point
17:44<Xion>DrJ: tried which?
17:44<DrJ>oh, sorry... thought you were talking to me earlier
17:45<Xion>I did say that DBeaver looked good earlier
17:45<DrJ>ah, yes ... dbeaver is the "which" I was talking about :)
17:45<DrJ>if someone wants a free gui to their database ... that's my fav
17:46<Xion>As I hadn't tried that, but I have had to use phpmyadmin a few times prior, eventually though I just outgrew needing a GUI for what I was doing
17:46<dwfreed>dbeaver looks dope
17:48<Xion>But it might help me not hate pgsql
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17:49<joecool>wow yea I've never heard of it before, it looks like something I really wish I could have used years ago before I got decent with command-line syntax
17:50<DrJ>phpmyadmin to me is really just for those who have no other option for a gui and need one... basically those using shared hosting
17:50<DrJ>if you're running your own server then using phpmyadmin is, in my opinion, stupid
17:51<joecool>DrJ: I was going to say not to discount it entirely, it's convenient in a dev environment... but shouldn't be exposed in production like... ever
17:51<Xion>You could setup PMA locally, then have it connect to a remote DB, if you were really deadset on using it, it's not a whole lot of effort if you know what to do
17:52<joecool>too much of an attack surface
17:52<DrJ>you could, but in comparison to your other options when you have the ability to use something like dbeaver... just hard to justify phpmyadmin over the other options
17:53<DrJ>again, in some cases you truly have no other options... mostly in shared hosting enviroments where you have no control of the server itself
17:53<@mcintosh>> yes, the opinion of someone who runs a ton of sites vs one who can't even get one to work
17:53<DrJ>that is where I place the value in phpmyadmin
17:53<@mcintosh>savage lmao
17:54<Xion>Heh, I remember copy-pasting a many hundred MB SQL file into the bulk query field on PMA in the early 2000s... it made everything really slow for a long while for some reason :P
17:54<DrJ>mcintosh: I'll take my point
17:54<@mcintosh>!point DrJ
17:54<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to drj. (13)
17:55<tecuane>ooh phpmyadmin discussions
17:55<DrJ>I was probably a bit harsh to him, but he didn't seem open to any recommendation
17:55<@mcintosh>tbf he did call you a wanker
17:55<DrJ>and was even ignoring my answers to him about his actual problem
17:56<tecuane>ya he got u there tbh
17:56<tecuane>theres no coming back from being called a wanker online
17:56<tecuane>literally irredeemable, its a mark on you for life
17:56<@mcintosh>i got called a wanker on a phpbb forum in '09 and i've never recovered
17:56<tecuane>what was the forum about
17:57<jkwood>phpbb. It was a recursive forum
17:57<tecuane>oh no
17:57<Xion>The official phpbb forums or another one?
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18:02<tecuane>mcintosh: where is your au suite?
18:02<tecuane>im too sick to work it out myself today
18:06<tecuane>nvm its equinix sydney
18:09<@mcintosh>glad you figured it out ;)
18:11<tecuane>im on cold meds ok, thinking is hard today :^)
18:11<tecuane>you prob have it in your press release that i missed, i ended up looking at your as peering
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18:20<primitiv> loads the content for
18:20<primitiv>is this propagation issues?
18:21<millisa>they both point at the same non linode ip. if that's where they should point, it's probably something wrong with your vhosts
18:23<primitiv>i checked both configs
18:24<primitiv>it points to the primitiv folder
18:24<primitiv>which has different files etc
18:24<millisa>that's not's vhost
18:25<millisa>or the https vhost
18:25<LouWestin>primitiv, you can setup ssl in about five minutes using certbot.
18:25<primitiv>yes it is
18:25<millisa>not it isn't
18:25<millisa>because it doesn't have defined in it anywhere?
18:25<FluffyFoxeh>LouWestin: I think there are some other, more basic things to work out first :p
18:26<FluffyFoxeh>primitiv: is not the same as
18:26<primitiv>is the same issue
18:26<LouWestin>Problem is if and when the php issue gets fixed, you'll want that page to be secured.
18:26<millisa>apachectl -S tell yous what vhosts are defined where and in what order
18:26<millisa>er, tells yous whats whovsts ares defineds...
18:27<millisa>how do you know if you are having a stroke?
18:27<primitiv>seems fine to me?
18:28<millisa>you see www.primitiv in there?
18:28<primitiv>no i dont because i dont use www
18:28<millisa>if you don't have it defined in a servername/serveralias, it's going to default to the first vhost listed
18:29<FluffyFoxeh>millisa: and the default is
18:29<millisa>on port 80
18:29<tecuane>millisa: do you smell burned toast at all?
18:30<LouWestin>that domain has an error establishing a database connection.
18:30<millisa>i do...but I'm pretty sure there are people burning toast in the other room. there's also a hint of burned potroast.
18:30<primitiv>added www
18:30<primitiv>that worked
18:31<millisa>there's varnish, apache, and nginx in this?
18:32<FluffyFoxeh>Something doesn't make sense here. Before it was restarted just now, both and loaded the contents. Even though the former was clearly defined with DocumentRoot "/var/www/primitiv"
18:33<tecuane>millisa: i cant curl https at all due to lack of tls over tls
18:33<tecuane>millisa: and http returns apache only
18:33<tecuane>not sure whats going on w/ yours
18:33<FluffyFoxeh>and yeah, the https one never worked (not as https, anyway)
18:33<primitiv>that shouldnt b happeneing
18:34<LouWestin>You can fix https by using certbot
18:35<FluffyFoxeh>LouWestin: certbot won't fix the broken server stack/configs
18:35<primitiv>my other vhost
18:35<primitiv>doesnt have www defined and it loads fine
18:35<millisa>the -k ignores the cert error with curl
18:35<tecuane>millisa: its not a cert error
18:35<FluffyFoxeh>it wasn't a cert error, it was straight up not TLS
18:35<tecuane>its literally not tls at all
18:35<tecuane>this should load apache default page for you
18:35<FluffyFoxeh>does for me
18:36<tecuane>same w/ www.
18:36<FluffyFoxeh>Server: Apache/2.4.29, also
18:36<primitiv>what r we trying to figure out right now
18:37<LouWestin> gives me a 400 bad request
18:37<nuevu>Because the server's talking HTTPS and you aren't.
18:37<FluffyFoxeh>nuevu: no, the server isn't talking HTTPS
18:37<millisa>i've given up trying to figure out things. i don't see the same thing using curl from a linode as other people see and I smell burnt toast.
18:37<tecuane>millisa: ping it
18:37<tecuane>what ip
18:37<dwfreed>"The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port"
18:37<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: ^
18:37<nuevu>Bah, sorry. Didn't read all the context.
18:38<millisa>that non-linode ip.
18:38<tecuane>you should be able to then and get the default apache ubuntu page
18:38<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: Well, then the client is displaying "bad request" erroneously, because that's not what the server would have responded with to a plaintext GET on 443
18:38<tecuane>if you dont i am at a loss
18:38<primitiv>tecu i do see what u r saying
18:38<primitiv>the ubuntu page piops up
18:39<tecuane>ultimately you arent the one with the problem
18:39<LouWestin> redirects to https, but you have a cert error
18:39<tecuane>but i find that more interesting than configuring apache vhosts
18:39<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: I got a 400 with a plaintext GET on port 443
18:39<primitiv>it doesnt redirect for me?
18:39<tecuane>nor me
18:39<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: ?
18:39<primitiv>i think lou is experience personal problems
18:39<primitiv>theres no cert for that vhost
18:39<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: I don't understand why there are inconsistent results between people here
18:39<tecuane>cached dns records
18:39<FluffyFoxeh>Maybe the DNS isn't coherent
18:40<dwfreed>possibly IPv6
18:40<FluffyFoxeh>ah, indeed, there is an IPv6 address
18:40<LouWestin>primitiv: not personal problems, you have a server config problem
18:40<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: IPv6 points to Linode, IPv4 doesn't
18:40<tecuane>FluffyFoxeh: what
18:41<FluffyFoxeh>tecuane: no joke
18:41<tecuane>wait that v4 isnt linode?
18:41<primitiv>i have a AAAA with ipv6 still in there
18:41<linbot>dwfreed: 2600:3c04::f03c:91ff:fec1:903f, [AD=0]
18:41<primitiv>could that be it?
18:41<FluffyFoxeh>from here I see and 2600:3c04::f03c:91ff:fec1:903f
18:41<dwfreed>IPv4: Apache, 200; IPv6: nginx, 400
18:41<dwfreed>great way to break things
18:41<tecuane>tfw whois doesnt work for ips
18:42<FluffyFoxeh>millisa saw varnish in their somewhere before too
18:42<tecuane>vps-servers usa
18:42<FluffyFoxeh>not sure where that was sitting
18:42<millisa>it's in the headers
18:42<primitiv>so do i need to remove that
18:42<linbot>New news from community: My Linode mentioned that a new Ubuntu release is available. Is my Ubuntu Linode out of date? How does Ubuntu's update cycle work? <>
18:42<FluffyFoxeh>millisa: I meant which IP/Host it was on
18:43<FluffyFoxeh>because it has come to light that the IPv4 and IPv6 are pointing to different servers
18:43<FluffyFoxeh>primitiv: You need to have both the A and AAAA records pointing to the correct server
18:44<FluffyFoxeh>Whichever server that is. I'm assuming it's the Linode one at 2600:3c04::f03c:91ff:fec1:903f
18:44<primitiv>i have sites depndent on the AAAA to function for emails as reverse dns is happening
18:44<primitiv>i cannnot remove that
18:44<millisa>who gets the point for spotting the v4/v6 issue
18:44<millisa>i lost track
18:44<primitiv>group effot
18:44<dwfreed>millisa: me, maybe?
18:44<FluffyFoxeh>millisa: dwfreed suggested it and I checked
18:44<millisa>!point dwfreed
18:44<linbot>millisa: Point given to dwfreed. (94) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 19)
18:45<millisa>pretty sure it was one of you
18:45<FluffyFoxeh>primitiv: Your e-mail's PTR record is dependent on the A and AAAA records pointing to different places?
18:46<primitiv>email was not sending until i added reverse dns
18:46<dwfreed>then your reverse DNS is wrong
18:46<primitiv>which required the AAAA record
18:46<primitiv>millisa helped me get it working
18:46<primitiv>i dont think its wrong
18:46<millisa>you changed the A record since then
18:47<dwfreed>so your reverse DNS is wrong
18:47<dwfreed>because your Linode is no longer hosting
18:47<primitiv>i guess thats true...
18:47<dwfreed>(and you shouldn't set your reverse DNS to the base domain anyway, nor should you set a system's FQDN to that)
18:48<primitiv>reverted ip for now until i figure out things
18:48<Woet>(and you shouldn't be running your own mail server if you care about deliverability, especially with limited sysadmin knowledge)
18:48<dwfreed>!point Woet
18:48<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to woet. (28) (Biggest fan: woet, total: 18)
18:49<LouWestin>I don't even run a mail server, nor have I even considered looking at to.
18:49<tecuane>they are not
18:49<tecuane>its hosted by hover
18:49<tecuane>$ dig +short mx
18:49<dwfreed>tecuane: they're running an outbound
18:49<Woet>apparently they're sending mail
18:50<tecuane>irc needs reaction images for this
18:50<Woet>move to Discord
18:50<dwfreed>tecuane: links work
18:50<dwfreed> is a favorite of mine
18:50<tecuane>yea but then i have to find it instead of copying from my 1.4GB reaction images folder
18:50<tecuane>(1.1GB is smug anime faces)
18:51<dwfreed>irssi has autocompletion
18:51<tecuane>i use irccloud cause its the only tolerable mobile client
18:51<dwfreed>that URL I gave was subsitituted for me typing "nathanfillion"
18:51<tecuane>this one
18:51<dwfreed>irccloud functions a lot like discord in that respect
18:52<tecuane>for what it is, its pretty decent
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19:05<LouWestin>Did he fix it?
19:06<LouWestin>that's a nope
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19:35<DrJ>Okay, I understand we are all beginners at some point
19:36<DrJ>I even understand that linode should overall be welcoming to people new to linux/vps world
19:36<DrJ>but that primitiv sure does make a strong case for the opposing view
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19:54<LouWestin>DrJ here's the issue I have with him and a few of his defenders. I'm all for helping someone, but don't argue with us when you clearly don't know what you're talking about.
19:55<LouWestin>I'm not some expert like dwfreed, not even near his level. But if he says I did xyz wrong and here's how to fix it, I say hey it worked! Thanks!
19:56-!-fstd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:56<LouWestin>or I try it at least.
19:58<LouWestin>He had an issue where his firewall was clearly whitelisted on an ip address. I said that, he argued. Someone else DM'd me swearing at me that I was wrong too... Long story short I was right.
19:58<DrJ>he called me a "wanker"
19:59<DrJ>but yea, he was dead set on his ways and wasn't open to any advise... no matter how good that advise is/was
19:59<DrJ>also had his priorities out of order
20:00<DrJ>for example, trying to get phpmyadmin working on a website before that website (vhost) was even working
20:00<LouWestin>When you're telling me that you can shell access on your partner's WiFi, but not anywhere else and the connection is blocking out, that's probably a whitelist issue.
20:02<LouWestin>But, but but it works on his WiFi that i'm connected to! Right, you're using his IP address...
20:05<LouWestin>OS choice or whether to use CPanel is mostly subjective or at least a matter of opinion
20:05<LouWestin>I perfer just command line, but if you like Cpanel or Webmin what does it matter to me? Use what you like.
20:06<LouWestin>But when you're arguing about configuration errors...that's diffrent
20:19<LouWestin>However, he's also been here long enough that the issues and questions he's asked should've been solved a longtime ago.
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