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02:15<Zr40>rgerke: the block storage volume was indeed instant :)
02:15<Zr40>well, the resize of it
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02:42<tecuane>second time ive had a DO kubernetes node drop off the face of the earth leaving the load balancer lost and confused
03:48<linbot>New news from community: Poor Block Storage performance <>
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10:47<cews>Well done Linode -
10:51<Peng_>1.40 bits per second, nice!
10:52<cews>Very precise
10:57<chesty>I like when it's in mili bits
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11:09*mcintosh flexes
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11:32<linbot>New news from community: View Linux IMG File In Windows <>
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16:43<primitiv>how do i find out where mail mime is located
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17:01<cews>Does Bandwidth pool even if Linodes are switched off?
17:01<cews>Bandwidth / Transfer
17:02<cews>I'm thinking, yes.
17:02<millisa>(it says it's based on the creation and deletion dates, not the powered on status)
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17:03<cews>!point millisa
17:03<linbot>cews: Point given to millisa. (123) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 18)
17:04<millisa>they even mention it as a legitimate strategy for mitigating the overages a little further down
17:05<millisa>(even with the recent overage price reduction to a penny, a non-running nanode is still more cost effective)
17:06<cews>Yep, perfect! One client is deciding to host Chinese videos, opt for another nanode. Thanks!
17:07<cews>Wuhan crisis
17:07<millisa>or even a 2/4gb standard nanode. it's not until you get to the 8gb that it's less cost effective.
17:07<millisa>er, standard linode
17:08<cews>I'll make use of them and transfer via Private Network ;D
17:08<millisa>try to get your non-running nanodes on the same physical hosts as mine so I have to share less.
17:09<millisa>more cpu for me
17:09<cews>yep, I remember the days when the host load / name was given
17:11<dwfreed>the host load was a relic from the UML days; in the Xen days, it was meaningless
17:12<dwfreed>I think it regained its meaning with the switch to KVM, though
17:12<dwfreed>you can always get host name from LISH :)
17:13<cews>dwfreed: ah, never thought
17:13<cews>I would like to know how the host is doin', sometimes (to monitor and schedule backups etc to suit)
17:13<cews>Suppose, it doesn't matter, that much
17:17<dwfreed>though I think the range for the words was never adjusted, so "high" is going to still be lying because it's from an era when hosts had at most 8 cores
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17:19<cews>It'd be nice to see, server loads, rather than words
17:50<dwfreed>rgerke: fwiw, this was something that was intentionally dropped; I doubt it will be added back
17:50<dwfreed>caker wanted to axe it a long time ago, it was just never done
17:51<cews>rgerke: I did a while back " - Host server load: Here I can say that at this point this is not planned"
17:51<cews>Probably have too many tickets raised as 'high' loads
17:51<@rgerke>Ah, okay. Well, if you have any OTHER sugegstions, then. :)
17:51<cews>high is such a scary word
17:51<cews>dependent on height
17:56<dwfreed>cews: the problem with providing accurate host load is that everybody wants to be on empty hosts
17:57<dwfreed>VPS only turns a profit if at least 1 resource is oversubscribed in some way; for Linode, that is CPU
17:59<dwfreed>(I mean, the dedicated CPU Linodes still turn a profit, but that's more just on time than regular Linodes)
17:59<cews>I agree! High numbers don't scare, but I see your point
17:59<dwfreed>high numbers scare normal people
18:00<dwfreed>a host with 20 real cores could have a load of 19 and be just fine, but most people don't think that way
18:01<dwfreed>heck, in most workloads, that load could be 30 and the host would still be fine (assuming HT enabled)
18:05<cews>!point dwfreed
18:05<linbot>cews: Point given to dwfreed. (95) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 19)
18:06<@mcintosh>it wasn't all that meaningful under KVM tbh
18:06<cews>Even with higher loads, it doesn't mean "oversold" I see this as 'peak'
18:07<cews>My understanding; Nanodes are allocated specific amount of CPU, but ‘burstable’ if available.
18:09<cews>Suppose the same for, standard
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18:21<dwfreed>mcintosh: I think I covered that when I said that the meaning behind the words had never been adjusted
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18:23<primitiv>im having issues with phpmailer it doesnt like my ssl
18:23<primitiv>not sure what to look for
18:24<primitiv>SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages:error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number
18:29<LouWestin>primitiv do you have SSL properally setup?
18:30<LouWestin>if you're reffering to the domain that would be a no
18:32<primitiv>is the domain in question
18:32<primitiv>should be an LouWestin OK ssl
18:36<LouWestin>look at
18:37<@mcintosh>dwfreed: maybe ;)
18:39<primitiv>i tried that
18:39<primitiv>didnt help
18:41<LouWestin>You removed the ; from extension=php_openssl.dll in the php.ini file and restarted php and apache?
18:42<LouWestin>If so, then it might be an issue with the CPanel cert you're using
18:42<primitiv>that line is not present
18:42<dwfreed>wrong version number usually means trying to talk SSL to something that isn't
18:43<LouWestin>Ok. Wonder if it's an issue with the Cpanel cert?
18:43<primitiv>could be?
18:44<LouWestin>the other question I have is PHP mailer accepted by most email hosts now-a-days??
18:45<dwfreed>mailservers don't really care what produced the mail
18:45<dwfreed>especially since the user-agent header can be faked
18:46<LouWestin>Ok, I'm thinking about the old phpmail()
18:47<primitiv>ok i switched to pear
18:47<primitiv>and ma able to get this error now
18:47<primitiv><p> authentication failure [SMTP: STARTTLS failed (code: 220, response: TLS go ahead)]</p>{"success":"false"}
18:55<@blaboon>dwfreed: fixed the DNS issue you mentioned the other day in LMC
19:01<primitiv>whats wrong with my cert i think thats the issue trbh
19:03<nuevu>Your website SSL certificate is not involved in you sending email.
19:04<nuevu>Make sure that you're talking to the destination mailserver with the proper settings (TLS/SSL, matching port, etc).
19:04<nuevu>As dwfreed indicated, that error is often you trying to talk SSL to something that doesn't understand it.
19:06<primitiv>mailgun supports tls and sssl
19:06<primitiv>i checked
19:07<nuevu>Yes, but your specific configuration may be trying to talk SSL to their non-SSL port
19:07<LouWestin>nuevu at first I had read something about not being an OpenSSL cert or something to that regard, but I no longer think that's the case.
19:08<primitiv>2020-01-31 00:07:47 SMTP ERROR: Password command failed: 535 Incorrect authentication data<br>
19:08<nuevu>primitiv: Have you looked at the "simple example" in PHPMailer's docs?
19:08<primitiv>this is my issue now
19:08<primitiv>any ideas?
19:11<LouWestin>what nuevu says and maybe look at this since it mentions port issues and also cpanel
19:14<primitiv>regular phpmailer works
19:14<primitiv>smtp doesnt
19:16<nuevu>All the more reason to scrutinize your configuration. You're probably missing a flag, or have one set incorrectly. If you can share it (minus the user/pass of course), someone might be able to tell you more than that.
19:16<LouWestin>Might be related to WHM/cPanel setting
19:20<nuevu>primitiv: The last error message you shared, is that what you're still seeing?
19:21<nuevu>The SMTP 535 one?
19:21<primitiv>i fixed it
19:22<LouWestin>port issue?
19:23<primitiv>cpanel setting
19:23<primitiv>Restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman (FKA SMTP Tweak) [?]
19:23<primitiv>needed to be OFF
19:23<LouWestin>Ah yep
19:23<nuevu>It's always cPanel's fault >.< Should have listened to LouWestin sooner.
19:24<LouWestin>That's why I like command line or KISS
19:24<primitiv>with time i will love cpanel
19:24<primitiv>so far its amazing
19:25<LouWestin>cPanel is fine though. I would probably use it for hosting clients if I hosted clients
19:26<primitiv>pearworks too now
19:26<primitiv>that one setting lol
19:26<LouWestin>glad it fixed though!
19:37<LouWestin>On second thought, I probably wouldn't host clients and give them cPanel because someone will play with settings, break/delete something, then call me in the middle of the night to fix it. lol
19:39<LouWestin>Had one power user client who bought a cert, then revoked it the next day...
19:57<@rgerke>!point LouWestin
19:57<linbot>rgerke: Point given to louwestin. (10)
19:57<@rgerke>!point nuevu
19:57<linbot>rgerke: Point given to nuevu. (2)
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20:07<LouWestin>Thanks for the point rgerke!
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