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00:13<primitiv>this keeps giving me an error
00:13<primitiv>establishing connection to DB
00:13<primitiv>not sure where to look
00:15<primitiv>this is on my linode
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00:25<LouWestin>Primitiv plus there’s an ssl issue as well.
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00:28<LouWestin>Welcome back John
00:29<primitiv>!point john
00:29<linbot>primitiv: Point given to john. (1)
00:29<john>i want to pay but does linode have crypto payment options? asking anyone here
00:29<LouWestin>I don’t believe so
00:31<primitiv>ssl looks fine LouWestin
00:35<LouWestin>invalid cert on ipv6. ipv4 is fine though.
00:37<primitiv>my ipv6 is the issue
00:38<LouWestin>and ivalid cert on both under
00:39<LouWestin>and john no they don't take crypt currency
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00:40<primitiv>do i need to remove my ipv6 record?
00:41<primitiv>does linode offer cpanel for free?
00:41<LouWestin>That would be under the DNS setup most likely. Easier solution would probably be to fix the SSL issue instead
00:42<LouWestin>Linode offer's cPanel for free with their managed plan.
00:43<LouWestin>which is $100 per month
00:43<chesty>does linode offer SAP for free?
00:44<chesty>does linode offer $100 amazon gift cards for free?
00:45<LouWestin>Strange thing though the IP is valid on the dungon IPv4, but not the main domain
00:46<LouWestin>@ chesty maybe during Linode's birthday/aniversery? lol
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00:47<LouWestin>primitiv I'll say fix the SSL issue rather than trying to only run ipv4... He gone
01:06<chesty>he's an angry chap, he tells off people trying to help. (he or she)
01:11<LouWestin>Oh yeah I know.
01:13<LouWestin>He wants cPanel to fix some of his issues, but adding more software can introduce additonal issues
01:21<LouWestin>ontop of the fact that he already has issues that haven't been resolved yet
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02:36<zekab>Hello i need detials
02:36<zekab>any one available here ?
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04:23<Guest15021>i am trying to install streissand but i am facing errors. Permission denied (publickey,password).", "unreachable": true} and UNREACHABLE! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: Load key \"/home/user/.ssh/id_rsa\": Is a directory\
04:25<Guest15021>anyone here?
04:29<chesty>I have no idea what streissand is but the last three words seem to be the problem
04:29<chesty>I'm not reading that
04:29<chesty>what's /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa ?
04:30<chesty>it's meant to be your private ssh key, the error says it's a directory
04:30<Guest15021>i have a .ssh folder and put and abc.pem in .ssh folder and also id_rsa folder with same two files
04:31<chesty>why did you make id_rsa a folder?
04:33<Guest15021>i dont know....
04:34<Guest15021>ok. deleted that folder and created new ssh key
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04:34<thin_>fatal: []: UNREACHABLE! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: root@ Permission denied (publickey,password).", "unreachable": true}
04:34<thin_>new error
04:35<chesty>did you add the new public key to the remote hosts /root/.ssh/authorized_keys file?
04:37<thin_>.ssh does not exist in root. only in user folder
04:39<thin_>ok. so i have that in the user folder
04:39<thin_>now what
04:39<thin_>there is a known_hosts file
04:40<hawk>You have that "in the user folder"? User being what? You were trying to log in as root according to the error message that you pasted before
04:43<thin_>TASK [Install Python using a raw SSH command to enable the execution of Ansible modules]
04:43<thin_>i added my public key to linode profile
04:45<hawk>"linode profile"?
04:45<chesty>which public key? you have to use the corresponding private key, by default it's using /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa and that was a directory, and then you said you generated a new key
04:46<chesty>hawk, if you add your ssh public key to your linode profile, it will be added to all linodes you create
04:48<thin_>look. i added my public profile to linode and doing the ssh , it now says fatal: []: UNREACHABLE! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: Warning: Permanently added '' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.\r\nroot@ Permission denied (publickey,password).", "unreachable": true}
04:50<chesty>I guess the public key in your profile doesn't match the private key on your desktop
04:54<hawk>chesty: Ok, I guess that can be useful, although that is not where I would start looking if I was having trouble logging in. Does it do anything retroactively, though? Otherwise I guess the question is in which order these things were done...
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08:37<linbot>New news from community: How do I deal with this porblem? <>
09:07<FluffyFoxeh>!towel primitiv
09:07<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point taken from primitiv! (-1)
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09:08<koenig>Everybody who knows things learned at some point in their life. But as a general rule, when experts are trying to teach you something that you don't understand, try not to immediately tell them their guidance is wrong I guess.
09:12<FluffyFoxeh>I wouldn't want a website from that guy, that's for sure :p
09:14<koenig>I think he has two main problems: (1) he's trying to do too many things simultaneously (i.e., configure IPv4 and IPv6, etc.), and (2) he just wants someone to tell him an answer without gaining a deeper understanding of what's happening (i.e., "just tell me some commands to type and I'll type them once and never think about it again").
09:14<koenig>Neither of those seem like they'll lead down a path to enlightenment.
09:14<koenig>Anyway, hope he gets it sorted out.
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09:18<cews>Impressive - Live Streaming using Linode
09:18<cews>This is on a Nanode
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09:37<linbot>New news from community: How do I deal with this problem: You don't have permission to modify this Linode. Please contact an account administrator for details. <>
10:22<LouWestin>I deal with Junior High School students all day so I don’t take Primitiv’s remarks personally. Regardless, It’s not my server
10:28<Xion><koenig> I think he has two main problems: (1) he's trying to do too many things simultaneously (i.e., configure IPv4 and IPv6, etc.), and (2) he just wants someone to tell him an answer without gaining a deeper understanding of what's happening (i.e., "just tell me some commands to type and I'll type them once and never think about it again"). <-- add in some degree of XY problem as well
10:29<koenig>Yep, probably.
10:36<LouWestin>The ipv 4/6 issue should be fairly easy to fix. Most likely it’s a configuration file that wasn’t set up. Linode has a guide on that.
10:37<LouWestin>I believe it’s in the setup guide
10:37<FluffyFoxeh>No need to take it personally, he's only crippling himself by not listening
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10:38<FluffyFoxeh>He's got experienced people giving him advice and examining his setup for free. His loss if he doesn't care to learn from them :p
10:40<LouWestin>I tell my students, you don’t have to do any work, but you’re not going to get credit for it either. But I’ll help you to the end of the Earth
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10:43<LouWestin>I’m happy to help, but if you want me to login and fix it, then there’s a cost with it. Lol
10:57<linbot>New news from community: If I change plans will I stay in the same datacenter? <>
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11:12<cews>!point LouWestin
11:12<linbot>cews: Point given to louwestin. (11)
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11:21<dubidub>Is there a doc on moving a linode to another datacentre?
11:22<@bbigger>dubidub you mean like this?
11:24<dubidub>Yes, thanks :)
11:25<dubidub>I'm doing a brexit :)
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11:25<@mcintosh>!point bbigger
11:25<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to bbigger. (13)
11:28<dubidub>When this migration begins, we estimate it will take approximately 5 hours to complete.
11:29<dubidub>That's a bit steep for a nanode.
11:29<dubidub> /dev/sda 25G 3.7G 20G 16% /
11:33<jkwood>dubidub: That's EU tariffs for you
11:34<dubidub>Are there queues at the border?
11:35<dubidub>Is it file-level or block-level?
11:36<@bbigger>dubidub that estimate is calculated based on disk space vs a hard-coded 75 MBps transfer rate
11:36<dubidub>Would zerofree have mattered?
11:37<@bbigger>so, 25GB at that rate ~ 5 hours
11:38<@bbigger>wait a sec
11:38<jkwood>It will almost assuredly be faster
11:38<@bbigger>that should be 5 minutes. seems like a bug
11:38<dubidub>MBps, not Mbps?
11:38<jkwood>Assuming the ferry leaves on time, anyway
11:39<@bbigger>following our code, MBps
11:39<@bbigger>I'm also misreading things
11:39<jkwood>Line 294 has a typo, it should say inter
11:40<jkwood>But that's the right const
11:40<jkwood>1.5, not 75
11:40<@bbigger>that's right, ty jkwood
11:41<jkwood>I'm certain there's a lot of fudge in that number
11:41<@bbigger>so yea my bad, we're estimating based on 25GB at 1.5 MBps transfer rate ~ 5 hrs which is pretty conservative
11:42<@mcintosh>underpromise, overdeliver
11:42<dubidub>It's finished.
11:43<@bbigger>hope we exceeded your expectations dubidub
11:43<SleePy>1.5 mbps.. DSL speeds there.
11:44<jkwood>I assume that's worst case scenario, like maybe Sydney to London
11:44<dubidub>Does Australia have poor connectivity?
11:44<jkwood>Divided by some magic number to get a CYA estimate that's always wrong on the low side
11:45<jkwood>No more so than Australia in general, I'd guess.
11:49<cews>I'm from London, had good connectivity to Aus
11:49<cews>300ms pings, but good speeds
11:49<FluffyFoxeh>There's a bit of latency because of the physical distance
11:49<cews>Exactly ^
11:49<FluffyFoxeh>it takes 51ms for light in a vacuum to travel from the UK to Australia over the great circle distance
11:50<FluffyFoxeh>so that's a *bare* minimum
11:50<cews>less than 7ms to London Linodes
11:51<cews>AUS clients were over the moon though
11:53<dubidub>By Australia, I ment the continent, not Linode's data centre.
11:54<FluffyFoxeh>It's good if your users are in the Oceania region
11:54<FluffyFoxeh>I guess
11:54<jkwood>At this point, it's less about the connectivity and more about the sheer distance
11:55<jkwood>10 years ago it was a different story
11:58<FluffyFoxeh>long live the Empire!
12:03<FluffyFoxeh>dubidub: basically every TCP send/ACK will have to travel the distance. add that up and the conversation can take a while
12:05<jkwood>Pay the piper on every packet
12:07<FluffyFoxeh>I think Google uses some UDP-based protocol that is less latency sensitive
12:08<jkwood>The only way to do that would be to increase the packet size
12:08<FluffyFoxeh>but not so much that errors become too likely
12:09<jkwood>Well, and using UDP gives you the opportunity to reduce overhead from the start as well.
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12:10<FluffyFoxeh>that's not to say TCP is trash. There's no silver bullet for physical latency. Something has to give, whether it's reliability or throughput
12:12<FluffyFoxeh>Add that to the fact that for a variety of reasons, physically longer links tend to have higher error rates
12:18<chesty>tcp isn't as bad a send a segment wait for ack send the next segment wait for can send a bunch of segments without waiting for an ack
12:19<trippeh>in terms of long distance/high latency the only thing quic has on TCP is fewer round trips for establishing the connection
12:19<trippeh>both keep a bunch of packets in flight, otherwise they would be unusable.
12:19<FluffyFoxeh>trippeh: Is that right? I assumed they had optimized the packet size/error rate ratio or something
12:19<FluffyFoxeh>but maybe TCP does that already
12:20<trippeh>depends on the congestion control variant you use
12:20<Peng_>But userspace QUIC implementations are likely to experiment with congestion control algorithms more than your out-of-date kernel's TCP implementation.
12:20<trippeh>TCP BBR is very QUIc like
12:20<chesty>I thought quic was what hospitals and academics used to transfer terabytes of data, and it's night and day difference in speed
12:21<FluffyFoxeh>idk, rsync can saturate my gigabit link
12:21<Peng_>Don't they use expensive proprietary file transfer software?
12:21<Peng_>or UPS
12:21<chesty>Peng_, yeah, I thought it was based on quic but it might not be
12:21<trippeh>TCP can also support fewer round trip connections, but the middleboxes ruined it
12:22<FluffyFoxeh>I mean, you don't really need expensive proprietary file transfer software for it to be fast. It's not hard to chuck a stream of bytes at a socket
12:22<trippeh>(funny, quic has about the same failure rate as TCP with fast open)
12:22<FluffyFoxeh>FTP is fast :p
12:23<trippeh>google be like, we need quic in large part because middleboxes ruined TCP fast open! *gets about the same failure rate anyway* :)
12:24<trippeh>oh well.
12:25<trippeh>Peng_: funny thing about the userspace thing, there has been *a lot* of kernel churn to accommodate QUIC.
12:25<trippeh>because UDP is badly optimized in network stacks
12:25<Peng_>Great news for people like me who care about DNS and NTP :D
12:26<trippeh>so the "we dont need no stinking kernel dev!" didnt really pan out.
12:29<trippeh>virt also sucked with UDP of course
12:29<trippeh>same issues there
12:30<trippeh>how long will it take for every cloud provider to get up to date
12:33<trippeh>maybe quic will be awesome in 5 years
12:37<trippeh>Peng_: improved udp is of course a very good fallout from all of this :)
12:40<trippeh>not that I would expect DNS and NTP to improve that much, the flows are too short lived and tiny
12:41<Peng_>Every time a kernel developer makes UDP 1% faster, there's an Intel security vulnerability team there to make it 10% slower again :D
12:41<trippeh>this is true
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12:49<Mohammed>Hi i have a question for sales
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12:51<Peng_>I want half a point for typing out half of a sentence to them
13:13<Cromulent>learn to type faster :D
13:18<millisa>I forget if we round up or down on evens
13:39<cews>!poi Peng_
13:39<cews>Close enuff
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15:10<FluffyFoxeh>Would Linode be affected by this?
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15:24*Peng_ logs in to and starts posting defamatory and obscene material
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20:09<hatman>Hey guys
20:09<hatman>I need help for App Hosting
20:09<hatman>Web App
20:10<hatman>Not really sure how to do this
20:10<hatman>Anyone ready to help?
20:11<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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