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01:14<millisa>since it came up just a few days ago - wireguard appears to be blessed for 5.6 -
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04:15<Guest15179>Buenos días
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04:19<dwfreed>chesty: many card processors are just a percentage, rather than flat fee + percentage
04:19<dwfreed>but some have a minimum transaction amount
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05:02<chesty>dwfreed, cheers. In australia volume matters, most non chain shops have a $20 minimum, some have a 3% fee on visa. chains have none of that, you can buy something for a dollar and put it on your card.
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05:10<dwfreed>chesty: I mean, it's kind of the same in the US
05:10<Zr40>here in .nl, merchant fees for debit card payments are just a few cents, flat. However credit cards usually aren't accepted
05:10<dwfreed>local coffee shop my friend owns pays 2.75% flat on all cards
05:11<dwfreed>Zr40: that'd surprise a lot of americans, but EU has always been ahead in card security
05:14<dwfreed>US still hasn't mandated chip instead of swipe, and it's basically exclusively chip only or chip + signature; chip + pin for credit cards is basically unheard of
05:15<dwfreed>and chip + pin for debit cards only happens at the massive chains that can process as debit
05:16<chesty>we don't sign any more. all cards have a strip and a chip. a chip works for most things but sometimes you have to swipe. idkw
05:40<chesty>au also got rid of their 1 cent coin decades ago, and 5 cent coins are going soon. no date announced but the mint said they are planning for its death. $1 and $2 notes were replaced by coins decades ago too. it was weird switching over to dollar coins but we got used to them.
05:40<dwfreed>You'll never convince the average american to get rid of the penny
05:41<dwfreed>THey're too stupid
05:41<chesty>yeah, it already costs more than a cent to make a penny, the cost is going to continue rising.
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05:55<lappar>hello guys I have a question, is there anyone online?
05:56<linbot>lappar: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
05:57<lappar>linode is it possible to create ubuntu 18 cloud with one click? if I close and start a new cloud server, is pricing based on hour as same as vultr?
05:58<dwfreed>it's not 1 click, but you can deploy ubuntu 18.04 very easily
05:58<dwfreed>and yes, billing is on an hourly basis
06:00<lappar>thanks last question, when I change server, does the servers ip change also?
06:00<dwfreed>if you delete a linode and create a new one, that's likely; you can deploy a new distro without deleting the Linode, though
06:01<lappar>ok then thanks a lot
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09:16<LouWestin>When I went to visit in Canada they have a dollar coin (us too, but we still print paper dollars. No clue why...) And a three dollar coin.
09:31<rsdehart>LouWestin: NZ has 1 and 2 dollar coins
09:57<nate> well this probably isn't something you want to see on an ubuntu apt upgrade
10:04<LouWestin>We should’ve been using 1 dollar coins. Makes no sense to make both.
10:04<LouWestin>Nate: what happened?
10:04<chesty>nate, i get that message every time. but it's to do with zfs I believe.
10:05<nate>LouWestin: Not a clue, old-ish VPS, ran an apt upgrade on it just for sanity sake and it went into a loop with that
10:09<LouWestin>Are you upgrading to a version that’s skipped a prior version?
10:41<dwfreed>paste expired already?
11:03<chesty>I think if you don't have an encrypted root it's a normal to see that error. dwfreed: paste was "cryptsetup: WARNING: failed to detect canonical device of /dev/sda" and "cryptsetup: WARNING: could not determine root device from /etc/fstab"
11:05<chesty>I think it was lvm warnings I see on zfs installs. sometimes cryptsetup warnings too on hosts without encrypted / . but that's just going off memory
11:06<chesty>if you keep the old kernel installed it won't be too hard to recover if it doesn't boot
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11:33<nate>chesty: only seeing it would be one thing, upgrading failing from a seemingly infinite loop of that error is another
11:33<nate>I simply closed the putty window, seems to have terminated and rolled back the upgrade attempt so
11:33<nate>as far as I recall this wasn't an encrypted setup
11:36<mrsideways>is torrenting allowed on linode vps if it is legal and allowed to be shared content?(example, linux distro iso)
11:38<mrsideways>okay cool thanks
11:44<dwfreed>"linux distro isos"
11:44<mrsideways>yes, I am making a modified ubuntu live iso, and I was wondering if I could seed it from the vps
11:44<mrsideways>It's simply got some extra packages installed from the repos and some removed from the iso
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13:07<mrsideways>nice, I just got a friendly email from customer service thanking me for choosing linode. my old provider never thanked me for using them
13:08<mrsideways>+1 for customer service
13:10<mrsideways>I notice my nanode is on an Epyc, is there AMD Secure Memory VPS options for secure purposes? I don't need them but I know people on a darknet irc who would pay more for such a feature
13:13<tmberg>mrsideways: Old or new nanode? ( Just curious. :)
13:15<millisa>The don't guarantee which processor type you end up on or that you'll even stick on the one you have if they have to migrate you for some reason.
13:15<millisa>(though they've been nice about setting up specific migrations to specific processor types if they are available, when I've put in a support ticket)
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14:51<zifnab>uh did i miss a thing, mcintosh did you typo a clear users at some point :O
14:52<Zr40>the keys are right next to each other
14:52<zifnab>they are, its an easy mistake to make
14:52<millisa>it might still be in the topic.
14:52<millisa>a couple weeks ago
14:52<Isaac>Does anyone know if there/will be any CPUs with higher clock speeds/IPCs in the future?
14:52*zifnab goes back to doing literally anything else
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15:16<Peng_>The CPUs have been mostly the same clock speeds since 2003
15:53<joecool>LouWestin: US uses paper dollars mostly because of legacy reasons... paper money readers
15:54<joecool>dollar coins in the US are really only dispensed by some subways as change and used in schemes like the US treasury direct ship program (that was fun)
16:08<waltman>Canada has $1 and $2 coins. If you were given a $3 coind it was counterfeit.
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19:19<@mcintosh>zifnab: that was the other mcintosh
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19:32<waltman>Xion: Those are lovely, but are they legal tender?
20:10<linbot>New news from community: Encrypt function not working following linode process for mailserver setup <>
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20:37<LouWestin>Waltman: Oh it was a $2 coin
20:38<dwfreed>joecool: also some laundromats take them; they're used as change in public transit in general, not just the subway
20:52<joecool>my experience with a lot of public transit is that they don't usually like to give change (buses and such)
20:54<joecool>US does currently still produce $2 bills, I used to get them for the hell of it, would order a strap every week or two from the bank
20:54<joecool>they work well for tipping and ruining public workers' days
20:54<joecool>back when the MBTA used to be $2 in boston, I would try to pay with $2 bills and they'd often let me ride for free
20:55<joecool>cause they refused to take $2
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22:10<Cye>Cye( i)
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22:29<chesty>our public transport in NSW and Victoria possibly all states is cash free. You can use a credit card to tap on and tap off or you can use your phone or get a travel card and load it with cash. It's good in a way, but it does mean the government gets to see where you travel.
22:30<HedgeMage>chesty: And also that people without access to banking can't travel at all.
22:30<chesty>That's for government run public transport, we also have private run public transport, I don't know if they are still cash or what.
22:31<chesty>HedgeMage, no, you can get a travel card and load it with notes
22:31<chesty>at least in NSW you can
22:31<HedgeMage>chesty: Ahh, so at least you don't have to have a credit card if you plan ahead.
22:34<chesty>yeah. you can get travel cards from lots of shops, probably at the train stations too. It's the same card for all government run public transport like trains, trams, buses, ferries
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