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00:01<mrsideways>the engineers never work as well without me teaching them my either telling them my better and different way they should do something, or making smaller detail points about the things I know from experience and experiments that you should follow this pattern, or this ratio, or this type of algorithm to preprocess data for tasks that I have done which are similar
00:01<mrsideways>I mean normal ML is really lame
00:02<mrsideways>I mean, there is technology in ML that is both mindblowing and useful
00:03<mrsideways>I am going to write in my AGI book
00:05<mrsideways>I have over 640 pages of me explaining everything I have ever come up with in AI and my complete system of every usage across the whole system
00:06<mrsideways>I don't want it released until I perfect the final version, or published as a free ebook if I die before completing my work
00:07<mrsideways>This stuff is mine, I invented it, it makes me superior in the field over everyone else, and I am not letting other people use my work to compete with me
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00:23<mrsideways>can I get extra bandwidth for a lower cost ifI commit to pay in advanced in bulk for data usage and commit to a certain amount I will use
00:24<mrsideways>Like I want to use much much much more data transfer than I'm allowed, multiple terabytes a day every day
00:25<mrsideways>I am traffic shaping and rate limiting my network participation and tunnel commitments of participation and handling netdb reseeds through known peers, and I want to become floodfill so I can see a large amount of the tunnel lease sets to get better data on networks popularity and usage of a specific tunnel
00:26<FluffyFoxeh>why does redirect to :P
00:26<mrsideways>FluffyFoxeh, probably because that ip which I pointed it to went back into my old hosts pool and got reassigned
00:26<mrsideways>I don't run a website
00:27<LouWestin>you could go over your limit, but you'd incur extra charges
00:28<mrsideways>Well, I was just wondering if I can get the data in a better rate if I buy in bulk
00:28<mrsideways>like 1 cent per gb is a ton when you using multiple tb a day
00:30<LouWestin>totally. I'm going to say you most likely can't
00:31<mrsideways>Well, then I'm rate limiting to stay at 4tb monthly
00:31<grawity>I think the usual method is to buy an extra linode
00:31<mrsideways>Maybe I can get a bigger package to do more
00:31<grawity>it doesn't have to be up, it still adds to your monthly pool
00:32<mrsideways>Well more linodes is actually better but they need to be fast enough to become floodfill routers so they have access to and control over lease set distribution and can subvert leaseset blinded server tunnels
00:32<mrsideways>I am just trying to collact data on i2p network, because I feel like being random
00:34<mrsideways>I really have no purpose other than to make tools that will help attack i2p and invalidate it's usage... I think all the team of devs and others who work on it, have squandered most of the quarter million they had in donations and still haven't paid for an audit or hired professional qualified developers, and I have no respect for them so I enjoy causing problems for them
00:35<mrsideways>I could spin up lots of nodes, they would all be short term, so the cost wouldn't be huge
00:36<mrsideways>I mean, sometimes when I do a full scale full throttle sybil to map the whole network and data mine it for usage patterns. my last provider let me use up to 250 VPS at a time so I could do my attacks and develop the method and code to be better with more time
00:37<mrsideways>If I ever find cp on i2p, I spend as much money as it takes and effort and time as possible to get the ip and info on the server, and have the feds raid it
00:37<mrsideways>So, that's something I may do with linode
00:38<mrsideways>I am a crusader to keep i2p from turning into a kiddy porn fest like tor
00:38<FluffyFoxeh>who gives a shit
00:38<FluffyFoxeh>why waste time on it
00:38<mrsideways>FluffyFoxeh, because I enjoy doing it and I enjoy seeming people who distribute amd create child porn being arrested for their crimes
00:39<mrsideways>It really bothers me that that stuff exists, and people who host it should be jailed
00:39<mrsideways>so, sometimes I do a sybil attack to get a new cp site shut down
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01:32<MikeIvanov>Any issues with Fremont colo?
01:33<MikeIvanov>My instance status is "Running" but I can't reach it, even via Weblish
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01:38<Ruzaiq>I want to delete my private IP from my instance of linode
01:38<Ruzaiq>Are you still with me ?
01:39<MikeIvanov>Is anyone monitoring this channel?
01:46<Ruzaiq>not sure for that.
01:46<Ruzaiq>But my instance with IP
01:46<Ruzaiq>And there I have by mistake created private IP instead of new public IP so can you please delete that from your side.
01:47<Ruzaiq>Please check IP in screenshot
01:47<Ruzaiq>And please try to give response faster
01:47<Ruzaiq>One more issue there I'm not able to connect SSH through putty so can you please check that for public IP ?
01:48<MikeIvanov>Ruzaiq: I am here trying to get help, I don't work for Linode
01:48<nagchampa>this is mainly community support, although staff do show up from time to time
01:48<nagchampa>if you want help with something from staff you're better off submitting a ticket
01:49<Ruzaiq>Thanks for being here for information.
01:49<MikeIvanov>nagchampa: thx!
01:49<Ruzaiq>Thank you
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01:50<nagchampa>that's ok
02:02<MikeIvanov>30 minutes later, they opened their own ticket that physical host needs emergency maintenance.
02:02<MikeIvanov>But meanwhile shows everything is a-ok
02:04<kenyon>MikeIvanov: I don't think they report individual host problems on that status page
02:16<MikeIvanov>kenyon: you are right, I guess my point is everything showed the instance was good, including the dashboard
02:16<MikeIvanov>Somehow this happens to me every year, and I only run a website for 3 moths out of the year
02:18<Zr40>you mean you create a new one every year and delete it after 3 months?
02:19<dwfreed>MikeIvanov: the manager does not have access to Linode's internal monitoring
02:21<MikeIvanov>Zr40: no I usually keep it running, sometimes issues come up during the off-season for me so it's not as big a deal.
02:22<dwfreed>and if your host is only having issues once a year, that's honestly pretty good
02:23<MikeIvanov>dwfreed: yeah seems like a real blind spot, took 30 minutes just to get the confirmation that there is an issue
02:23<dwfreed>probably took 20 minutes to wake up the on-call admin to an awake enough state to be functional
02:28<MikeIvanov>I can relate, wish I could be sleeping also. Digging through email I see 4 emergency maintenance in the last year, though 3 of them were colo networking issues
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04:41<shashikant>we want to install whm panel for websie
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04:47<linbot>New news from community: Has the network of a recently used machine been attacked? Or has the IP become shared? <>
05:10<nagchampa>that's a very confusing question
05:11<dwfreed>hence the wut
05:11<nagchampa>very appropriate wut
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06:13<hoapc>I need help
06:13<hoapc>I have problem with server config, and my misstake is close port 22 and firmware is disabled. Currently, i can not connect to server without SSH.
06:13<hoapc>I need help!
06:15<nate>hoapc: Look at the LiSH access from the linode manager
06:16<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
06:16<linbot>Finnix --
06:16<dwfreed>finnix can be a last resort if you stupidly locked yourself out of lish too
06:16<nate>Fancy people using fancy commands while I go and google the page links >.>
06:29<hoapc>I can connect, but how to enable ssh now?
06:31<dwfreed>undo or fix whatever you broke
06:32<@rdaniels>hoapc: did you recently configure any new firewall rules?
06:33<@pwoods>hoapc: If you have the Backup Service, you can restore a backup from before you made whatever changes are causing the problems.
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06:33<hoapc>I have configured but now want to open all ports to connect ssh
06:34<@rdaniels>Here are a couple of Community site posts to help you review your firewall rules.
06:36<hoapc>i'm trying to connect to fix my error but it doesn't seem like it works
06:37<dwfreed>lish is a multi-step process to getting to your Linode's console; you should read the guide linbot linked above
06:44<dwfreed>linbot is a bot
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06:46<hoapc>ok @dwfreed, The Launch Console connect account is the root account
06:47<dwfreed>"Launch Console" is lish, but will skip some steps and put you right at the console; this will usually be a login prompt
06:47<dwfreed>you log in with the same username and password you use over SSH
06:48<dwfreed>this could be root, this could be an account you've made for yourself
06:49<hoapc>can i connect with ssh account before i have logged in?
06:52<@pwoods>hoapc: You can usually use whichever user you usually use for connecting via SSH
06:54<@pwoods>As dwfreed mentioned, it can be root, and LISH allows for logging in as root, even if you have root access disabled.
06:54<@rdaniels>You'll need to open the SSH port first which can be done from Lish. You can connect to Lish over SSH, and those instructions are in the Lish guide that was linked earlier. However, easiest to launch the console from Cloud Manager.
06:58<hoapc>pwoods: I tried to connect in but couldn't connect
06:59<hoapc>rdaniels:How to open SSH port can be done from Lish
07:01<dwfreed>depends on how you closed it
07:02<hoapc>dwfreed: How to connect from list to ssh root I have previously configured the firewall
07:09<@rdaniels>hoapc: what did you use to close the port? If it was iptables, you will add a new rule to open the port and then delete the old one.
07:10<@rdaniels>If it was ufw, then you will use the ufw command to open port 22.
07:10<@rdaniels>I included two links to a Community site post above. You can also review this one as well.
07:11<@rdaniels>It's best to review these items or the guide you used to close the port so as not to creating any conflicting issues.
07:11<hoapc>Currently I have no way to connect to the server to use the command deviation
07:11<dwfreed>that's what LISH is for
07:13<hoapc>"ssh -t [manager-username]@lish-[location] [linode-name]" I can connect with this deviation but only stopped at 1 help command
07:13<dwfreed>the lish hosts are gateway boxes; they need to know which Linode you want to access
07:14<dwfreed>which is what the help tells you
07:14<dwfreed>once you tell them the Linode you want to connect to, it'll connect to that Linode's host; if the Linode is running, you'll automatically be presented with the Linode's console
07:15<dwfreed>which is like having a keyboard and monitor directly attached to your Linode
07:16<hoapc>That means once connected to the list DC then use ssh dev to connect or stars
07:18<dwfreed>when you connect to a lish host via ssh, it'll print a list of your linodes; the prompt is expecting you to enter one from the list
07:20<hoapc>I only see this list appear
07:22<dwfreed>that's the host shell part of LISH; what happens when you press enter at that prompt?
07:25<dwfreed>one of these things is not like the other
07:26<dwfreed>do us all a favor and click the "Launch Console" link in the Manager
07:26<hoapc>Can you show me your lish
07:28<hoapc>Bed like I can't get over this
07:28<dwfreed>this is where you'd use the same credentials you'd use if you were logging into your Linode via SSH
07:28<dwfreed>eg root at that prompt, and then your root password
07:31<hoapc>ok, thanks dwfreed
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08:49<mrsideways>what kind of CPUs are used on the dedicated CPU nodes?
08:50<mrsideways>same epyc 2ghz? or something sexier
08:51<mrsideways>I have a associate who develops a fork of i2p, and I said I would pay for a vps for building and hosting and a domain to aupport the project, so if they are higher clock it might work
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09:09<@pwoods>mrsideways: It depends on the host that the Linode is on. We can try and locate a desired host, but we can't promise that the Linode will not be migrated due to emergency maintenance to a different type of host machine.
09:14<mrsideways>I only have 7th and 8th gen xeons in my research cloud platform we're building... originally i was going to run it for profit, but I decided last night that I should give resource allowances for projects that are insane and which can't be developed without high end hardware at no cost.
09:14<mrsideways>I want to allow people to use all my awesome hardware to do research that I choose to fund with the hosting
09:14<FluffyFoxeh>When are you going to stop lying, mrsideways?
09:15<FluffyFoxeh>You're just full of tall tales
09:15<mrsideways>FluffyFoxeh, 7 minutes ago
09:15<mrsideways>okay, sure
09:15<mrsideways>I love when people say that. It makes me look down on them though, i mean, it's ridiculous that people consider anything I say hard to believe
09:16<mrsideways>I don't lie, unless it's about my identity or to hide a crime
09:17<FluffyFoxeh>Forgive me if cold fusion and advanced AI sound a bit out there
09:17<FluffyFoxeh>Where's the proof?
09:17<FluffyFoxeh>And if you can't share the proof because it's "proprietary", then why discuss it at all?
09:17<mrsideways>There is none, you need to understand and function at a level where it's all very logical in such an abstract sense that you don't disbelieve it
09:18<mrsideways>no proof
09:18<mrsideways>Don't care
09:18<FluffyFoxeh>Uh huh.
09:18<nate>Advanced AI is sorta a thing, but pretty sure nobody would be able to hide a functional cold fusion so
09:18<mrsideways>nate, my reactor is a JLN mark 5 design, it's available deisng on the internet for over 10 years
09:19<mrsideways>and people do fund it, japan and some euro country have "low temperature fusion" power plants in development
09:19<nate>uh huh
09:19<FluffyFoxeh>A multi million dollar business with many employees that mysteriously has no mention of it *anywhere*
09:20<mrsideways>FluffyFoxeh, that's on purpose
09:20<mrsideways>I don't want it to be know until I decide to make it so
09:20<mrsideways>I don't want a public face, that's intentional
09:20<FluffyFoxeh>Why is it that everything you say, which you claim isn't hard to believe at all -- I disagree -- conveniently is designed such that it's unfalsifiable?
09:20<nate>You know there are probably more suitable channels on freenode that might buy into your trolling, prob should go there
09:21<mrsideways>FluffyFoxeh, there are many reasons but I'm not going to discuss them with you when you are in personal attack mode
09:21<mrsideways>well there's only 2 main reasons, not many
09:22<mrsideways>and the people who's opinions i care about have all asked me about these reasons because they suspected them
09:23<mrsideways>It's obvious, just not to someone without the ability to fully understand the situation with the information given
09:25<mrsideways>Like I'm sorry if you are not capable of understanding based on the things I say exactly what I'm doing and why I act the way i do, but that's a failure of higher cognitive functioning not of be bullshitting and trolling as a full time lifestyle
09:25<mrsideways>why would i have wasted the last 10 years of my life talking about bullshit on irc
09:25<Peng_>A lot of people do that, TBH
09:26<FluffyFoxeh>Well, you wouldn't be the first
09:26<mrsideways>Well, I don't know why
09:26<rsdehart>I love how they always flip it to a deficiency on the part of the audience
09:26<mrsideways>I do understand why people do it for a day and stop because they feel like being disruptive or messing with people but no
09:29<mrsideways>I am aware of those but aren't they super super rare?
09:29<rsdehart>It's like I was telling Warren Buffett on the golf course this morning, people will say anything to get a perceived boost to their status
09:30<mrsideways>I don't want status, hence always changing my nick
09:30<nate>There's currently a US president that has spent decades, including 4 as president literally spewing bullshit as a standard personality trait, pretty sure 10 years of trolling on IRC isn't record setting lol
09:31<mrsideways>actually i do want status, i want to be the worlds leading expert in parrots, and I am going to school for that starting september
09:31<FluffyFoxeh>mrsideways: Anyway man, I don't have any ill will toward you. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours, whatever those may be.
09:31<mrsideways>got 22 years of university planned out to cover every relevant field
09:31<mrsideways>FluffyFoxeh, thanks for not just jumping to the you're a troll
09:31<chesty>The last time Warren Buffett called me to ask advice on investing I said Warren, forget solar, cold fusion is the future, I have the plans for a reactor that will turn the energy market on it's head.
09:32<rsdehart>chesty: he told me about that, said he still thinks you're full of it
09:32<mrsideways>it's okay to not see my vision, but to discount it because you see it as unlikely without proof either way seems very foolish t me
09:33<rsdehart>none of us has anything invested in your story
09:33<mrsideways>because you should never make a decision on any action at all which assumes things you can't fully understand at the time in question
09:33<rsdehart>"can't fully understand"
09:33<rsdehart>there's that move again
09:34<@pwoods>mrsideways: It depends on the host that the Linode is on. We can try and locate a desired host, but we can't promise that the Linode will not be migrated due to emergency maintenance to a different type of host machine.
09:34<mrsideways>it's not a move, it's me getting frustrated with people who aren't able to understand and automatically move to disbelief
09:35<mrsideways>I'm clearly completely insane, so you can't expect anything normal from me, I always tell people I'm insane because without saying that I seem retarded
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09:37<rsdehart>geez guys, why don't y'all believe every unverifiable thing anyone ever volunteers?
09:37<FluffyFoxeh>there's a dragon in my garage
09:38<FluffyFoxeh>no really. his name is Todd
09:38<rsdehart>you couldn't very well say that if it weren't true. I'll stake whatever on the veracity of this
09:54<FluffyFoxeh>In a little of my own insanity, I actually searched for his company in every US state's business registry (except New Mexico because it was throwing errors). I found nothing.
09:55<FluffyFoxeh>Now maybe I just typed it wrong or it's officially called something else.
09:56<FluffyFoxeh>Or it's registered in New Mexico
09:59<rsdehart>FluffyFoxeh: you're clearly just not intelligent enough
10:00<rsdehart>you need to AmVerySmart
10:12<Dragon>I am not a Todd
10:12<FluffyFoxeh>oi, get back in the garage
10:12*Dragon sad
10:15<rsdehart>Dragon: I have all your albums
10:45*LouWestin thinks the logical explanation for mrssideways’s story is he’s clearly a evil genius running some underground organization.
10:45*LouWestin also wonders how and where people get hired for such an operation.
10:47<LouWestin>He’d be a big hit on
10:49<rsdehart>there was a lot of unsolicited detail from the start
10:49<LouWestin>Or maybe he’s like the character from the movie swordfish?
10:49<rsdehart>clearly no reason not to discount it as bs
10:50<rsdehart>"my datacenter"
10:52<chesty>I used to work with someone that would lie non stop, he fit the description in the wikipedia article on pathological lying
11:19*cews sighs of relief
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11:50<millisa>I'm still a pope.
11:57<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: I mean, you'd want to search Ontario, Canada's business registry
11:57<rsdehart>dwfreed: he claimed the business was incorporated in the US
11:58<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: I did. Wasn't there. But he said it was an LLC, which can only be registered in the US, so I checked that too
11:58<rsdehart>*registered sorry
12:00<dwfreed>where did he say the company name? I must have missed it?
12:00<FluffyFoxeh>[23:25:22] <mrsideways> Section 9 Research Group. you won't find us anywhere, because we have no public fac
12:01<FluffyFoxeh>[23:26:06] <mrsideways> I have but we have no website
12:02<rsdehart>I saw that but the company doesnt have a linkedin presence
12:02<FluffyFoxeh>it's all rather odd
12:04<chesty>I think section 7 in m*a*s*h was what klinger was trying to use to get kicked out of the army
12:04<nate>Section 8, it's still a thing too
12:05<chesty>ah, that's it
12:05<nate>Well, not by name but obviously by discharge of mental issues
12:05<FluffyFoxeh>that was a good show
12:06<nate>I wish the spinoffs would have been handled better
12:06<chesty>I wonder what section 9 was back the, assuming there was section 1, section 2, etc
12:06<nate>I've always wanted to watch the radar one even though they said it was horrible but you can't even find it online for pirating lol
12:08<chesty>I saw a really bad vhs recording of one of them, I can't remember who was in it, maybe potter and possibly a few others. it was bad.
12:09<nate>That I believe was AfterMASH, it lasted two seasons
12:09<nate>The only successful one was trapper john, MD, it went for 7 seasons but it also didn't have the original trapper actor
12:09<nate>Though understandably I guess since it was supposed to take place 'years later'
12:11<chesty>trapper wasn't my favourite. I think it turned out for the best he did 3 seasons then left. I loved henry but potter was equally good in a different way
12:13<nate>He did 3 seasons yeah, the trapper john show I think came out middle of M*A*S*H though, just a couple seasons after rogers left the show
12:13<chesty>I think both trapper and henry got too big for their boots and regretted leaving years later. (I can't remember the actors name) henry was loved by everyone and the actor left to do a variety show, but the actor soon realised people loved henry and not him
12:14<nate>I'm not sure about henry/stevenson, but I remember rogers regretted leaving yeah
12:15<nate>he didn't think the series was gonna go on as long as it did, he said had he thought it would he would have shut up and stayed
12:15<dzho>I watched the hell out of M*A*S*H in syndication
12:16<dzho>too young for a lot of it but you put it on in the afternoons kids gonna watch
12:16<nate>funny thing is it still reflects entirely on the sad reality of war and it's effects to this day
12:17<nate>I know a lot of people that complained about alan alda turning it too gloomy/serious towards the end but I mean, he wasn't wrong in the portrayal, he still tried to balance the humour in as he could but the show never meant to make war look/seem funny
12:17<chesty>I bought the whole series on DVD, all 11 of them. it wasn't too expensive either. I used to watch a few episodes a day for years. I wasn't feeling great and it was comforting.
12:19<nate>I watch it on the streaming services every couple years
12:20<dwfreed>I started watching it, and then it dropped off of Netflix
12:20<dwfreed>haven't gone hunting for it since
12:21-!-dsapikas [] has joined #linode
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12:22<chesty>It was progressive too for the 80s, too, they did episodes on racism and sexism probably other isms.
12:22<nate>It moved to hulu I believe after that
12:22<nate>still on there I think
12:23<chesty>I quite liked burns, the actor didn't want to get typecast so left, but the few things he did after the show were a similar character to burns
12:24<nate>I wish I could find a good quality run of aftermash and trapper john
12:24<nate>there's some of aftermash on youtube but the quality seems like it's re-copied 8 times over from VHS tapes
12:25<chesty>charles was a great replacement. it's probably the reason it went for 11 years, characters left and were replaced with completely different characters
12:26<chesty>I think that's the version I saw of aftermash. the sound in particular was annoyingly terrible. I can put up with bad video, but bad sound is too much
12:31-!-V-Pariah [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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12:37<chesty>damn, now I want to watch it again but I couldn't be bothered messing around with dvds
12:43<nate>go to hulu lol
12:54<Peng_>chesty: Did your DVDs let you turn the laugh track on and off?
13:06<chesty>Peng_, good question. from memory they had a few audio tracks, the main one with the laugh track and an alternative without.
13:21<linbot>New news from community: how do i clone a linode in the new manager portal? <>
13:25<chesty>Peng_, I just grabbed a disc, there's english mono, english mono without laugh track, and french
13:25<Peng_>....why French
13:27<chesty>I believe this is a region 4 disc, or whatever region australia is in. I don't know if canada is region 4 I wouldn't have thought so
13:27<chesty>can you rip dvds with multiple audio tracks?
13:29<chesty>I believe qwant says yes I can
13:50<FluffyFoxeh>Canada is region 1
13:52<FluffyFoxeh>And yes, multiple audio, video, and subtitle tracks are supported in common container formats
13:52<FluffyFoxeh>No issue remuxing a DVD
13:52<chesty>I just remembered there's 1 episode I always skipped I hated it so much. I can't remember which one though. I don't think it was a normal episode, it was kind of experimental
13:53<FluffyFoxeh>what happened in it
13:54<FluffyFoxeh>(re DVD ripping: if it weren't possible to mux it into a container, there's always ISOs/images)
13:54<FluffyFoxeh>Data is data
13:55<FluffyFoxeh>despite what the industry would have you believe
13:56<chesty>season 1 was in 72. I thought it was 80s for some reason
13:56<FluffyFoxeh>The RIAA's "High-resolution Audio" campaign is rather hilarious. Some of the codecs they've blessed are lossy
14:00<chesty>it might be the one where it's just hawkeye talking to himself
14:00<chesty>I really can't remember
14:00<FluffyFoxeh>somehow this lossy compression is claimed to be "closer to the original" than FLAC. The mind doth boggle
14:00<FluffyFoxeh>chesty: I don't remember that onr
14:02<chesty>I think he had rnr and was driving himself somewhere when his jeep rolled and he hit his head, a korean family took him in, but they don't speak english
14:11<linbot>New news from community: Why my windows Linode auto restart? <>
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14:28<Jeremy_>Hello. I'm a new Linode customer and had to make a support ticket, but it's been 3 hours with no reply. Is this normal?
14:46<@pwoods>Jeremy_: ticket response can vary depending on ticket volume. If you can share a ticket number, we'd be happy to look into it for you.
14:47<Jeremy_>Thanks for the reply. My ticket # is 13338693
14:52<@pwoods>Jeremy_: thanks. I'll make sure someone gets eyes on it shortly.
14:53<Jeremy_>thank you
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16:07<@jdutton>Jeremy_: One of our Support members just updated your ticket for you. Thanks for letting us know.
16:23<Jeremy_>All resolved now
16:43<@jdutton>Jeremy_: Sure thing! Glad everything is good to go.
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17:54<Jmizquierdo>help to mi for install pdo sql server in my linode
17:55<dzho>!to Jmizquierdo ops
17:55<linbot>Jmizquierdo: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
17:56<millisa>There are also LAMP and LEMP guides at if you are looking for how-to's on setting up more than the db
17:56<millisa>(well, and want to use mysql/mariadb)
17:58<Jmizquierdo>not found sqlserver in :(
17:58<dzho>oh, as in Windows?
17:59<dzho>it can be done, but it's not really how linode tends to be used
17:59<millisa>If you mean the MS sql server for linux - they have docs at
18:00<dzho>oh nice
18:00<dzho>(fsvo 'nice' that applies to anything having to do with ... oh, don't get me started)
18:02<Jmizquierdo>is install driver sqlsrv pdo for conected other database server
18:03-!-Ikaros [] has quit [Quit: Logging off to try and fix a stuck process...]
18:08<millisa>I'm unsure what you are asking - if you can, ask in another way? (are you trying to install php-sybase and pdo-dblib?)
18:11<millisa>(That says it is for php running on windows)
18:11-!-Ikaros [] has joined #linode
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18:12<millisa>this doc might be what you want?
18:25-!-Jmizquierdo [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:33<MJCS>ruh row
18:37-!-Ikaros [] has quit [Quit: BiglyBT fucking sucks ass, most unstable piece of garbage ever...RESTARTING because I can't kill the process. :/]
18:41<@rgerke>NJCS: What's wrong?
18:41<@rgerke>MJCS, I mean. Oops.
18:43-!-Ikaros [] has joined #linode
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19:05<MJCS>rgerke: oh my internet is being a derp and I keep timing out from my TeamSpeak server in nor cal
19:18<@rgerke>MJCS: I understand.
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20:42<linbot>New news from community: How do I access and manage my wordpress database inside my linode? <>
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21:16<jhony>Can anybody tell me nanode plan 1tb transfer is monthly or yearly?
21:16<dwfreed>transfer is montly
21:16<millisa>the transfer listed is monthly, prorated
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22:16<devine>can you tell me how to host a wordpress site in linode?
22:16<millisa>there are several guides for it at
22:17<virtual>"There's a guide for that!" ?
22:17<virtual>if I was to misuse Apple's advertising..
22:18-!-aspis [] has joined #linode
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22:18<Ikaros>Pfft, not like they can stop you
22:19<virtual>If they find me, I'll change my name... to virtual1.
22:19<virtual>they'll never realise.
22:20<Ikaros>shhhh there are eyes everywhere...
22:21<virtual>oh, in which case. I was only pretending!
22:21<virtual>Ikaros: I'm safe now, right?
22:21*Ikaros shrugs
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22:51<LouWestin>also applies to Debian
22:52<devine>thanks @ LouWestin
22:52<LouWestin>I would also get SSL setup before you run the install, makes things a weebit easier
22:53<LouWestin>you can use certbot/lets encrypt
22:53<LouWestin>and you're welcome!
22:58<Unit193>There's even python3-certbot-dns-linode !
22:59<Peng_>Which sleeps for 20 minutes...
22:59<FluffyFoxeh>Is there any reason to pay money for an SSL certificate anymore if you don't need EV?
22:59<Peng_>Does anyone need EV?
22:59<LouWestin>I'm not sure if EV is any diffrent, besides for looks
22:59<LouWestin>and it seems that browsers in my use don't show any diffrence
23:00<FluffyFoxeh>I think that was a mistake on the browser developers' part. EV is useful because it tells you that it's provided by the entity you think you're connecting to
23:01<FluffyFoxeh>and not a lookalike/fake domain
23:01<FluffyFoxeh> they fixed their DNS I see
23:01<Unit193>FluffyFoxeh: You're a company that doesn't understand TLS certs, think free ones are garbage and you get more with paid ones?
23:02<FluffyFoxeh>That's plausible :p
23:02<Unit193>You want certs that last longer than a few months due to some manual flipping.
23:02<LouWestin>who was that company that sold higher rated certs for $900+ a year?
23:04<FluffyFoxeh>mcintosh: Hmm, I see.
23:05<virtual>ah, EV. hahaha
23:05<LouWestin>The other issue with EV is I don't see the extra green bar on my phone's browser
23:16<nate>LouWestin: Pretty much all of them do, even on the "Discount" services like or comodosslstore you still look at a $100+ tag on EV certs usually
23:17<Peng_>Unit193: In other words, you haven't fixed manual flipping yet. :D
23:17<nate>EV was mostly intended for financial stuff and has pretty high 'warranty' coverage. OV's are good enough though if all you want is your actual company info in the cert details
23:17<Peng_>Warranties are a scam
23:17<nate>Peng: Not really a scam so much as there hasn't been a case where one has been needed yet, though these past 10 years alone with some of these goofups by certificate vendors, time might be different :P
23:17<Unit193>Peng_: Heeey now! Where I have to manually flip, I use my own CA! :P I quite like this wildcard stuff from Let's Encrypt though. >_>
23:18<LouWestin>I can't pull up versisign's sign's site, but I remember when they had various levels of validation
23:19<LouWestin>I just use certbot and it auto-renews
23:19<nate>They all do, those are the validation levels. DV, OV and EV
23:20<Unit193>LouWestin: That's fine, except if something hardcodes fingerprints. :)
23:20<LouWestin>I keep it simple on my end
23:21<LouWestin>nate: It was way back in the Yahoo chat days. They had a more robust validation level system
23:21<LouWestin>maybe it's the samething now, just worded diffrent
23:21<nate>LouWestin: I honestly don't remember anything other than those three levels. OV and EV are the two levels where 'manual' validation are involved
23:21<FluffyFoxeh>What's OV?
23:22<LouWestin>I don't remember, it's been..gez 20 years now
23:22<millisa>org validated
23:22<nate>organization validated/verified, basically it's where your company ends up in the certificate details instead of the authority
23:22<nate>they verify you are who you say you are and control the domain
23:23<LouWestin>Yes, that's it
23:23<FluffyFoxeh>so what does EV do on top of that?
23:23<nate>cost more
23:23<LouWestin>Nate didn't OV show some level in the browser's cert info?
23:24<nate>but really they just claim deeper levels of verification to give you the trusted 'green bar'
23:24<FluffyFoxeh>but OV will still show your company under "ownership information" (as it's called in Firefox)
23:25<nate>If you click on the padlock icon your company info would show under the "Issued to" section, if it's an OV/EV
23:26<nate>If it's an EV, in firefox for example if you click the little arrow next to that area you'll get further details
23:26<nate>if it's a basic DV you basically just get a "Verified by" thing of whoever the CA is
23:26<LouWestin>I think they used to call them class 1, 2, 3, etc. or something like that
23:27<nate>Fun note; google just uses DV certificates anymore since they are their own CA
23:28<LouWestin>Ah this what I remember.
23:28<nate>So here are three examples I believe I got accurate; is an EV, is an OV and google is basically a DV (but their details kinda look OVish since they are their own CA)
23:29<nate>Ah yeah the class stuff was (I thought) a short lived buzzword thing
23:30<LouWestin>They have (or had) class levels for certs. That was as I remember something Verisign did I believe when they were one of the only CA's at the time
23:33<LouWestin>By the time I got into certs, Godaddy was selling them for $20 a year.
23:38-!-|GIG-1 [~MYOB@] has joined #linode
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23:39<nate>and now they're only $80/yr
23:39<nate>$200 if you want to add SAN
23:40<nate>honestly if I had the money I'd buy that company just to shut it down
23:40<FluffyFoxeh>dat power vacuum
23:40<virtual>lol, no you wouldn't, you'd buy them, make the services a little cheaper, and be rolling in it.
23:40<virtual>actually affordable.
23:41<nate>virtual: I wouldn't even want to try to clean that up, every time I've had to deal with them it's made me wanna shoot myself lol. I just had a client I did a simple custom system for, they had their domain at godaddy so they went for shared hosting there too. Copied everything over to take it live and immediately for the week it was on there practically everything was broke
23:42-!-|GIG [~MYOB@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:42<virtual>oh, wait, sorry, I thought you were talking about verisign or something.
23:42<nate>we're talking a custom a simple custom system that would get a few users a day tops. But they were doing funky shit with SQL queries and basically immediately messed up integrity
23:42<virtual>clearly I misread something in the scrollback
23:42<nate>Nah, I was talking about godaddy, the $80/200 thing was their current minimum price on SSL certs
23:43<LouWestin>I know certs went up when Google started pushing every site to have SSL
23:43<virtual>ssl certs, a license to print money. There's no real server requirements once the cert is out, so it's 'easier' than a domain registrar.
23:44<nate>not everywhere, most of the discount sites dropped them, at least basic DV's.
23:44<LouWestin>Well, not everywhere.
23:44<LouWestin>right right
23:44<virtual>though I don't see why some of the newer domains are quite so expensive.
23:44<chesty>I guess the only people who would spend $20 on a cert are the people that don't know about letsencrypt and would spend $200 as easily as $20
23:44<nate>I think godaddy has their own cross-signed CA now which is probably why they can play the expensive price
23:45<nate>I'd probably spend $20 on a wildcard cert from a discount reseller if I needed something long-ish term
23:46<chesty>why not a wildcard letsencrypt cert?
23:46<nate>like I said if I needed something long-ish term. 3 months is not quite long term :P
23:47<Peng_>nate: GoDaddy has their own roots.
23:47<Peng_>Or they did?
23:48<nate>Peng: Ah they do? I figured they just ended up cross-signed with someone
23:48<chesty>can you not renew a letsencrypt cert in one place and all installed certs are renewed? I'm not sure how it works
23:49-!-internat [] has joined #linode
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23:50<nate>chesty: Sometimes there are contractual/company preferences of having longer term certificates, or limits where automation may not be simple/possible, etc. In which case unfortunately a longer term certificate is more suitable unless you make sure to update the cert yourself every 2-3 months
23:50<nate>Peng_: Yeah looks like they are their own root now
23:50<nate>I think LE is set to be as well starting next year isn't it?
23:53<Peng_>It depends.
23:53<Peng_>Let's Encrypt has always had their own root, ISRG Root X1, which is trusted by anything modern. (And, of course, much of the Internet is not modern.)
23:54<nate>Yeah but it's been there waiting for aging
23:54<Peng_>The default configuration is to rely on intermediates cross-signed by IdenTrust's DST Root CA X3.
23:54<nate>I meant for active use
23:54<Peng_>And DST Root CA X3 expires in 20201.
23:54<FluffyFoxeh>20201 :o
23:54<Peng_>So they have to do *something*. Shift to ISRG Root X1, switch to a newer IdenTrust root, get cross-signed by another CA.
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