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00:00<chesty>mozilla is ruthless to cert providers about following the rules to the letter. I was reading the exchange where a cert provider in france (from memory) was using an open source cert provider package that had a bug that meant keys were generated with one bit less than the minimum mozilla specify. so they all had to be revoked and the mozilla rules
00:00<chesty>say you have to do it within a few days. but this provider had government customers and contracts with them some certs used in places that couldn't be replaced overnight, the change request might take months to go through.
00:01<joecool>rip startcom
00:01<chesty>I used to use startcom
00:02<joecool>same, I don't miss them with LE now in existence
00:03<Peng_>StartCom almost stopped me from getting a certificate for a domain with a 0 in it because some squatter owns the equivalent o domain.
00:03<Peng_>I asked nicely and they were like "okay but just this once."
00:03<FluffyFoxeh>fuck squatters
00:04<joecool>startcom's lulziest moment was still 'oh? you want to revoke your free cert because of heartbleed? pay $25'
00:05<Peng_>That wasn't a new policy, though (I believe)
00:05<Peng_>Users bet that they would never need to revoke, and lost
00:06<Peng_>But it was also a sketchy idea from the CA
00:07<joecool>it wasn't a new policy but heartbleed wasn't a normal situation
00:07<LouWestin>Let's Encrypt Authority cert 3/17/2021, 11:40:46 AM (Central Standard Time)
00:07<Peng_>Yeah. The root expires about six months later, though.
00:07<LouWestin>and it's root 9/30/2021, 9:01:15 AM (Central Standard Time) expires
00:08<Peng_>The Internet is totally gonna be on fire that day
00:08<Peng_>Actually, I take that back
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00:08<LouWestin>you think they'll have an renewal issue?
00:09<coman3>i assume im not the only one having issues with the signup verification email not being sent?
00:10<LouWestin>coman3 new customer?
00:10<millisa>coman3: you are the first to mention it tonight
00:10<Peng_>LouWestin: I said that because some users are bound to have problems. I took it back because services will transition sooner than that, when renewing their certificates, so problems will be spread out and mostly happen sooner.
00:11<coman3>huh okay, tryna create a new account and the email never hits my mail server
00:11<coman3>testing with gmail as well, and same thing
00:11<LouWestin>Peng_ ah, k.
00:15<LouWestin>coman3 I can only guess, they might need to manually verify your account
00:16<Peng_>If so, you should still get emailed, though
00:18<coman3>yea i would have thought that id at least hit the server at all, but nothing is coming through at all
00:18<coman3>dosnt seem to lock down my username when creating an account either
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02:50<devine>Err:5 eoan Release 404 Not Found i am getting this error while updating
02:52<Meyer__>devine: you have a 3rd party apt source. In this case ondrejs apache2 packages and as far as I know ondrej only builds for LTS releases. 19.10 is not a LTS release
02:52<devine>can you tell me how to remove it?
02:53<Meyer__>devine: so, you probably need to investigate your /etc/apt/sources.list.d and remove the uncompatible files there
02:53<Meyer__>devine: after that if you run apt update you should be good to go
02:54<Meyer__>devine: With that said, if you intend this to be a server I would not recommend you to run 19.10, I prefer to stay on LTS releases for servers
02:54<Meyer__>but you might have a good reason to run 19.10
02:55<Meyer__>I would probably wait until april to run 20.04 as it is the coming LTS release. I assume you are runnig bionic now (eg 18.04 LTS)
02:59<devine>i am currently running 19.10
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06:48<primitiv>how do i find out what section in my apache config i need to edit to redirect the server IP / produce a 403 when visited
06:48<primitiv>i found the file
06:49<primitiv>im just unsure what line i need to edit as there's a bunch of stuff in it
06:53<chonk>what research have you done so far?
06:53<primitiv>apachectl -S to find the file location
06:53<primitiv>i see my virtual hosts
06:53<primitiv>i just dont know which line applies to my server IP
06:53<primitiv>that is the issue
06:55<rsdehart>usually there's something like 000-default
06:55<rsdehart>that catches anything that doesn't have a servername attached
06:55<rsdehart>a hostname
06:56<rsdehart>and usually that points at /var/www/html or so
06:57<primitiv> is a NameVirtualHost default server (/etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:310)
06:57<primitiv>would this be what I'm looking for?
07:04<chesty>you could always ask liquidweb
07:05<Woet>no, you buy the server at Liquid Web and then ask Linode for support
07:05<primitiv>!point Woet
07:05<linbot>primitiv: Point given to woet. (29) (Biggest fan: woet, total: 18)
07:05<primitiv>believe it or not their support is slower than using this chat even for simple things lmao
07:06<primitiv>anyhow the line I pasted is that what I'm looking for since it says default server?
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07:49<cews>I guess, I was right...
07:50<cews>2020-02-01 - 20:17 <cews> I'm going to chance it.. Bobby'll be back, again. If not -1 a point from me.
07:51<dwfreed>!point cews
07:51<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to cews. (4)
08:11<linbot>New news from community: How to put a root password in "One-click Wordpress" MySQL <>
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08:32<primitiv> redirecst to my
08:33<rsdehart>how often do people navigate directly to your ip address?
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08:37<DrJ>primitiv, I'd suggest you either RTFM or find an apache channel
08:37<primitiv>that's besides the point
08:37<DrJ>no, it's not
08:38<primitiv>like asking me "what is your favortie color"
08:38<primitiv>it doesnt mater if people visit the IP or not
08:38<primitiv>for me to want to do something is up to me
08:38<primitiv>just like my fav color is up to me to decide which one it is
08:38<DrJ>you should also read the manual to actually learn how to properly run a web server
08:39<primitiv>so yes, it's besides the point as regardless i still want to disallow direct ip access
08:39<DrJ>frankly, what you are asking is an extremely simple thing (beginner level) that even a basic google search would teach you how to do
08:39<primitiv>i dont think so
08:39<primitiv>but OK my dude
08:39<primitiv>i think the SSL is the issue
08:39<DrJ>also, did you seriously switch to liquidweb from linode because you can't figure things out?
08:40<primitiv>no lol that's not why I switched
08:40<primitiv>but if it makes u sleep at night think what u want to think
08:42<DrJ>anyway, coming here for help with a vps/server from a competitor (and actually making that known) is kinda silly... try google or, again, an apache channel
08:43<jkwood>!point cews
08:43<DrJ>now if you will excuse me... I need to go wank
08:43<linbot>jkwood: Point given to cews. (5)
08:43<rsdehart>a wild jkwood appears
08:43<primitiv>i mean i don't see anywhere that prevents me from coming here for help?
08:43<jkwood>He does that sometimes
08:43<primitiv>if you chose to NOT help me that;s fine
08:43<rsdehart>primitiv: perhaps not, bu... bingo
08:43<primitiv>that's YOUR choice
08:44<primitiv>i think my apache config is the issue
08:44<primitiv>port 443 default server has my domain name
08:44<primitiv>i think I need to change that
08:44<rsdehart>jkwood: how are YOU? apparently WE are randomly capitalizing WORDS
08:44<koenig>Doesn't Liquid Web just handle all of this for you?
08:44<primitiv>no their support is garbage
08:45<DrJ>koenig: at some point they probably say "f- it"
08:45<primitiv>all they do is change things without asking you
08:45<primitiv>create tickets without asking you
08:45<koenig>Sounds like a company with which I wouldn't like to do business.
08:45<primitiv>offer to end chat so they can create tickets instead of doing the work themselve
08:45<primitiv>their shupport is utterly useless
08:45<DrJ>primitiv: sounds like a pia... have you considered an alternative provider? I can recommend one to you
08:46<primitiv>like I asked buddy to help me with stopping the htaccess redirect on my main IP
08:46<primitiv>buddy edited the wrong htaccess inside a virtual host thinking it was the corect spot
08:46<primitiv>thats how bad they are
08:46<DrJ>cool story
08:47<primitiv>not cool at all, sad sad story
08:48<koenig>Sounds like there are a lot of things you need to sort out. It's possible someone will give you their time by helping you debug your Apache config. Likely not, though. So that probably means you'll need to invest your own time into learning how to do what you want.
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08:50<primitiv>i forgot i still have a second linode
08:50<primitiv>guess i'll be coming here a bit more foten
08:50<primitiv>if you weren 't such an a** towards me i wouldn't have brought it up
08:50<primitiv>sorry bud
08:51<primitiv>true though i do own another one
08:51<cews>I'm happy for you primitiv. Perhaps search the Linode docs?
08:52<cews>We all have to learn, that's what makes Linux exciting.
08:53<cews>Written by field experts for every day users :-)
08:53<DrJ>and that, besides your attitude, is honestly what is frustrating. Again, what you are asking is basic beginner level stuff for apache. People can give you answers, but if you don't read up yourself you will never learn
08:54<DrJ>if you have no desire to learn, then that's fine. There is something called "shared hosting" for those cases
08:54<DrJ>google it
08:54<cews>primitiv: If we give you the answer, you'll fail to gain experience and feel for Linux, we're all good people here, we encourage you to read and learn.
08:55<cews>I wish you well with your projects primitiv
08:57<DrJ>btw, you really should read that htaccess article I pasted above as well
08:57<DrJ>you shouldn't be using htaccess at all when you run your own server
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08:58<cews>I never used apache now, tend to use nginx.
08:58<cews>Apache feels a chore afterwards in my opinion
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09:01<DrJ>I use apache myself
09:01<DrJ>both have pros and cons
09:02<DrJ>like everything else
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09:02<cews>Yep can agree with that, benefit to having non-technical clientele
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09:16<primitiv>i think my apache c onfig is the issue
09:16<primitiv>after looking it over and over
09:17<primitiv>i cant find any other reasons my server IP should or would redirect to nicolasmontigny.,com
09:22<nate>primitiv: If going to your IP directly is doing it then it's almost certainly either your apache or whatever backend language it might be hitting. Check browser headers, see if there's any x-powered-by to imply a language
09:22<nate>At the very least also maybe to see if it's actually a redirect chain and it eventually ends up on that
09:25<rsdehart>it's not redirecting
09:25<nate>You just said should/would redirect, implying it is redirecting...?
09:26<nate>different nick
09:26<nate>ignore me
09:26*nate is a little sleepy brained :P
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09:27<rsdehart>the first vhost loaded is the one that shows when you go to the ip
09:27<rsdehart>which is why a lot of installs have a 000-default that loads first
09:28<hari>I am new to linode.. which is plan is suitable for wordpress based site with 20GB and 500 plus unique visitors daily..
09:32<rsdehart>that will tell you the space for each
09:32<rsdehart>start with the smallest that will accommodate your content and upgrade if it's not enough
09:34<rsdehart>hari: migrating to a larger instance is pretty quick and painless
09:35<hari>larger instance like ?
09:35<rsdehart>a larger plan
09:37<primitiv>curl --head curl: (51) Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server's certificate.
09:37<primitiv>is what happens]
09:37<hari>I am planning to select this 4 GB 2 Cores 80 GB SSD
09:37<primitiv>which is why i think its my apache config
09:38<dwfreed>you can't use TLS and IP addresses and expect it to work without disabling validation
09:38<dwfreed>that's literally what that message says
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09:41<rsdehart>it's what chrome says too
09:42<rsdehart>I didn't realize that was the problem. I just took it to be a known issue with ip addresses and tls
09:42<rsdehart>I figured it must have been the fact that it loaded the wrong site first
09:43<rsdehart>the certificate is for whatever domain and the ip address obviously isn't that domain
09:43<rsdehart>and the message just says that very thing
09:44<primitiv>wait so whats the issue?
09:44<primitiv>my SSL or server config
09:44<rsdehart>the fact that you're using the ip
09:45<primitiv>i dont want to use the IP at all
09:45<rsdehart>then don't
09:45<primitiv>i want to disallow\
09:45<rsdehart>problem solved
09:45<primitiv>if you visit the IP at http
09:45<primitiv>it gives a 403
09:45<primitiv>https still redirecst
09:45<primitiv>i wish for a 403 too if possible
09:45<primitiv>why what?
09:45<chonk>it doesn't redirect, it servers content
09:46<rsdehart>and that's right, as I said before it doesn't redirect
09:46<primitiv>sorry yes i keep saying redirect when it serves content
09:46<rsdehart>as evidenced by the fact that the address doesn't change
09:46<primitiv>how do i prevent it from loading my site
09:47<primitiv>i dont want it to do that i want a 403
09:47<rsdehart>you don't
09:47<chonk>if there's a *:443 somewhere in your apache config, that's likely what is causing it
09:47<primitiv> is a NameVirtualHost default server (/etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:849) port 443 namevhost (/etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:849)
09:47<primitiv>this si causing the server to laod the incorrect content, yes?
09:47<rsdehart>it loads your default site
09:47<rsdehart>so it loads the correct content
09:47<primitiv>idk how that happened i dont want that
09:48<primitiv>do i swap out my name for the vhost hostname
09:48<rsdehart>you're asking the wrong questions. If you want a different default site you need a different site loaded first
09:48<primitiv> is a NameVirtualHost default server (/etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:310)
09:48<primitiv>this is port 80 and works fine
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09:48<rsdehart>I *just * achieved that by renaming the link in sites-enabled on the site I wanted to 000-thatname.conf
09:48<rsdehart>from thatname.conf
09:48<primitiv>do i just use the same host name and remove nicolasmontigny from 44
09:49<rsdehart>apache loads vhosts in file order
09:49<rsdehart>whatever one you want loaded first needs to come first in a sorted list
09:49<primitiv>so is it the line causing the issue or not
09:49<primitiv>im still failing to understand
09:49<rsdehart>of course you are
09:50<rsdehart>you're ignoring what I'm saying and spewing this other crap
09:50<LouWestin>Welcome back. I thought your cert issues were straightened out?
09:50<primitiv>i0 dont understand what u r saying
09:50<chonk>rsdehart: no need to get heated, it's just a web server config
09:50<rsdehart>chonk: enjoy.
09:50*rsdehart just observes
09:50<primitiv>wow the effect I have in here is phenominal
09:51<primitiv>should do a study group or something
09:51<rsdehart>successful troll is successful eh
09:51<primitiv>u canadian bud?
09:51<LouWestin>So the IP and domain name doesn’t match the cert?
09:51<rsdehart>the ip doesn't
09:51<primitiv>or are u one of them peeps who just uses eh lol
09:52<rsdehart>LouWestin: since you can't assign an ip to a cert
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09:52<LouWestin>Right right. Not a commercial one anyway
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09:53<LouWestin>Sounds like you need to create a new cert with the domain name.
09:53<rsdehart>LouWestin: no one has reported a cert issue when accessing the site in the desired way
09:53<chonk>I don't think that's the issue here
09:53<rsdehart>people only have problems accessing it in the way the is explicitly unwanted
09:54<rsdehart>so as I see it there's no problem
09:54<LouWestin>Ok. If it’s the site that he mentioned, as far as I know it was working fine.
09:55<LouWestin>Ok back to work.
09:55<rsdehart>this is consistent with everything that's been said about it
09:58<primitiv>i seriosuly think its my vhost config...
09:59<jkwood>rsdehart: Doing well! Going to go pick up a new radio in a couple hours so I can fail to make contacts on it too :)
09:59<rsdehart>jkwood: every year I say I'm going to get my ticket here and every year I don't. Maybe this will be my year
10:00<jkwood>I believe in you!
10:01<primitiv>idk what to check
10:01<primitiv>i dont want it loading
10:02<linbot>New news from community: How can I create Windows .gz file to use on Linode? <>
10:02<primitiv>it still does this over my servers IP7
10:02<primitiv>i think my vhost is completely fucked
10:21<LouWestin>You switched to a managed host right?
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11:24<linbot>New news from community: Opinions on 'snort' and 'suricata' requested... <>
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11:58<nic>hi there
11:59<nic>do u know on which channel could i find thenoobguide , by anonymous?
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12:01<nic>thank you
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12:07<Peng_>Ah. Um.
12:57<nate>aw, speaking of mash from last night;
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13:07<Peng_>1.) He was still alive? 2.) Oh no :(
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13:32<Vijay>are you providing for vpn for gateways
13:33<millisa>linode is a vps provider
13:33<millisa>there are users that setup vpns on them
13:34<Vijay>any demo ?
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21:15<hoapc>configure nginx reverse proxy apache centos 7, I need help
21:15<millisa>what part do you need help with?
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21:33<hoapc>run website, I am running on the web now and there is a problem
21:34<millisa>can you be more specific?
21:37<hoapc>I have installed nginx and apache running in parallel, also configured to run port 80 running httpd, when I added https, it could not be configured.
21:38<millisa>why not
21:40<hoapc>I don't know how to configure it when configuring Nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache
21:41<millisa>It's not much different than setting up nginx to reverse proxy for anything. Apache would be on some other port, nginx listens on the web ports and proxies the request through
21:41<millisa>are you getting an error message? are you following a guide?
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21:50<hoapc>millisa: Can you help the demo field config help?
21:50<millisa>I don't understand that question
21:51<hoapc>Can you show me nginx demo field config and apache https configuration help me?
21:54<millisa>there's a sample nginx config on that gives an example of connecting to something on port 8080
21:54<millisa>mostly it's setting the proxy_pass line in the a location block in the server block
22:03<hoapc>do I need to configure port 443 in nginx or config port 443 in apache?
22:03<millisa>which one do you want people to hit for https?
22:03<millisa>(in most cases, if you are setting up an nginx reverse proxy, nginx is what is on 443 and 80)
22:03<millisa>(whatever you are reverse proxying for is on some other port)
22:10<hoapc>millisa: I don't understand that question
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22:26<ssa_>Is it a bad idea to run linode/latest-64bit kernel?
22:26<ssa_>with debian 10 (buster)
22:26<millisa>opposed to what? the distribution kernel?
22:27<ssa_>perhaps, yes
22:32<millisa>chances are good most people using the linode kernel have it set to 'latest' so they get on it anytime their system restarts
22:34<millisa>if you need things in the distribution kernel, it can be easier to stick to it (something like selinux)
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22:41<FluffyFoxeh>I switched from the Linode kernel to GRUB boot with the distro kernel, because apparently that's "the way" now
22:41<Ikaros>If only I had that option.
22:41<FluffyFoxeh>(I think Linode kernels are technically deprecated?)
22:41<FluffyFoxeh>don't see any sign of them stopping support any time soon, though
22:42<FluffyFoxeh>hmm, I can't even find where it was suggested they were deprecated. Did that actually happen or was I dreaming? :P
22:44<virtual>Ikaros: why don't you have that option?
22:44<Peng_>Well, newer Linodes use the distro kernel by default.
22:45<ssa_>I got caught in a fix with 5.4 and systemd v241 on deb stretch. Apparently mixing the two leads to a bug with systemd-networkd (it couldn't bring up custom network devices on start)
22:46*Peng_ heads to where it takes 15 clicks to figure out what the kernel versions are
22:47<ssa_>The resolution was to either upgrade to buster or drop it to a lesser kernel version to get the netdevs going up automatically again.
22:47<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
22:47<Peng_>Omg, is back!
22:48<Peng_>Never mind I am happy now!
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22:48<ssa_>Offtopic/ontopic: I have a linode that's stuck in "Provisioning: scheduled" state.
22:49<ssa_>It has been for about 15-20 minutes :/
22:49<ssa_>Terraform timed out.
22:51<ssa_>Apparently the node is going through an emergency maintenance. OK
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22:52<FluffyFoxeh>haven't seen caker in a couple years
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22:53<ssa_>when is that chat from, FluffyFoxeh?
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