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08:00<@pwoods>saad1745: Hi
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15:48<cps>hah more fake phishing emails not really from linode
16:04<nate>I've never received one yet, let alone more. I feel neglected
16:13<@rgerke>Well, if you do receive one (and I hope you don't), please forward it to us. We have a cool new abuse portal now:
16:14<dzho>> a cool new abuse portal
16:24<@mcintosh>did someone say... portal?
16:25<@mcintosh>♫ this was a triumph ♫
16:35<millisa>i got a whole bunch of fake billing notices on Saturday!
16:35<millisa>they even managed to bill through to the credit cards!
16:37<millisa>(did get one of the actual fake messages in the last hour. it's interesting and different than the last one)
16:40<millisa> if anyone wants to see to compare. the link goes to a url
16:40<nate>I think I'm mostly curious how they're associating emails to actual linode users though
16:40<millisa>mine didn't go to an address linode uses.
16:41<nate>so they're just ballparking then?
16:41<millisa>it did go to a generic type address that is on our website
16:41<nate>I guess you know your service has made it if people are ballparking phishing emails to random emails like they would bank accounts
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16:48<millisa>i used your fancy form; not sure if I chose the right dropdown. went with 'phishing' which demanded i put in a url (which isn't really on a linode)
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18:28<ericoc>"Restores for this Linode are disabled until the maintenance period has completed."
18:29<ericoc>so my dead linode is forced to stay dead until.... when now?
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18:38<cews>ericoc: Until the maintenance is complete. Check your emails, you should have received prior confirmation as to the; what, whys and duration.
18:38<ericoc>i 100% didnt
18:39<cews>ericoc: any active tickets?
18:39<cews>maybe emergency maintenance
18:40<cews>Even then, you should still have received an email - Double check your email in the Linode Manager
18:41<@jackley>we typically don't mail backup maintenance notice, it should be shown in the Cloud Manager. ericoc: can you DM me your LinodeID?
18:41<ericoc>im on the phone and opened a ticket
18:42<ericoc>annnnd i accidentally hung up
18:42<ericoc>what a shitshow
18:42<ericoc>accidentally hit rebuilt on the wrong linode, literally hell ensues
18:43<cews>We all have days like that.. sometimes
18:43<MJCS>I once chmodded / recursively
18:44<ericoc>it's sort of mind boggling that the backup service just can refuse to restore
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18:44<Toba>did rebuilding it wipe the backups or something
18:44<cews>I thought your host server was having maintenance, therefore wouldnt restore due to live migration or similar
18:45<ericoc>nowhere does it say there's any maintenance other than the moment i hit submit on the Restore
18:45<simbla>oh hai. when i submit a sales contact request on the website for linode, it tells me "Submission failed, please try again later."... I want a price for 2GB/2Core host with 2 public IP's - if this is possible with Linode.. can anyone confirm if 2 WAN IP's on same vm is viable with linode thanks
18:45<ericoc>nor does it say how long the "maintenance" is
18:46<@jackley>the classic manager would update the dashboard "Backups" row to say "-maint-"
18:46<simbla>it appears linode is suffering some problems atm... ?
18:47<@jackley>it looks like we don't show that in the Cloud Manager's dashboard. I'll bubble this up
18:47<cews>Guess, I was kinda right, then
18:47<cews>simbla: might want to ping some details to jackley regarding the submission failed error
18:48<@jackley>cews: yeah sorta – the physical host on which backups resides is undergoing maint (the host the Linode lives on is good)
18:48<simbla>hes probably pretty busy atm.. i can send the req later..
18:48<simbla>it doesnt stipulate 2 WAN ip's
18:48<@jackley>hi simbla
18:48<simbla>well hello
18:48<@jackley>simbla: do you just mean to public IPv4 addresses?
18:48<simbla>yes ipv4 sorry
18:48<@jackley>if so, yes that is possible
18:48<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
18:49<ericoc>i guess that's why my last backup took 5 hours
18:49<millisa>you just have to technically justify the second one
18:49<ericoc>instead of the usual 3 minutes
18:49<@jackley>ya – "technical justiication" – simbla: once you create an account, just open a ticket with Support and explain why you need a second public IPv4 address
18:49<@jackley>let me see if there are any other details you'll need..
18:50<@jackley>no, that should be it – just tell us what you need the second IP for, that's all
18:51<cews>jackley: maybe a good idea to send email regarding backup host maint?
18:51<simbla>oik great thanks for the help, good ol IRC still does the job. almost made me wanna go back to slack and bitchX to join this chan.. but cbf
18:51<simbla>eg slackware
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18:52<cews>One of those days for me, to, again
18:58<@jackley>cews: hmmm... maybe. we haven't sent those notices before, but that doesn't mean we can't. i can discuss it with my team
19:03<Peng_>"Don't accidentally delete your home directory from 00:00 - 06:00 next week"
19:10<ericoc>im not used to the new manager and it was all flashy and im like 75% sure i clicked on Linode2, but i ended up on the Linode1 page because fancy UI reasons
19:11<ericoc>and the rebuild button is unforgiving. even if you have backups. because your backups might just not restore!
19:11*ericoc might be frustrated
19:13<millisa>ericoc: you see this - ? I haven't tested doing a restore with it yet
19:13<Peng_>D: That's awful
19:13<Peng_>Not a response to :P
19:13<ericoc>uhhh no thanks yikes
19:13<ericoc>no that is awful lol. could be phishing, could be legit
19:13<ericoc>not trying to find out
19:13<millisa>nah, it's legit
19:14<@jackley>ericoc: it's made by a Linode employee
19:14<millisa>it's @blaboon's private project. the code is open
19:14<@jackley>very cool & legal
19:15<@jackley>ericoc: your Linode is back
19:15<ericoc>i see, ty <3
19:15<ericoc>jackley: aren't you rick's buddy from pre-linode
19:15<@jackley>that's me!
19:15<ericoc>i worked at linode 2010-2012
19:16<@jackley>i know! glad you're still around with us, very cool :)
19:16<ericoc>i only know of you cause you're like famous customer support extraordinaire i think
19:16*jackley blushes wildly
19:17<@jackley>there is another wrinkle to your problem btw: when you delete disks, we saved images automatically. that didn't happen here :/ gonna escalate that, too
19:18<ericoc>i never really have to play with disks/configs
19:18<ericoc>rebuild like exploded them, then i realized i was on the wrong linode
19:18<ericoc>so i just wanted things to STOP, so i ran destroy
19:18<ericoc>then manually cleaned out all the fresh new disks/configs, and tried to restore my backup and nope
19:20<@jackley>ya – sorry for the not-so-great experience w/r/t the cloud manager, but i'm glad we were able to get the disk back fairly quickly
19:21<ericoc>well amazon is delivering some valentines day candy to 249 arch tomorrow
20:08<Dragon>I wonder how many ex-linodians are still in here. I see 3 but that's a long list of nicks.
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22:21<LouWestin>Dragon there was one yesterday primitiv who's an ex Linodian
22:24<rsdehart>LouWestin: I think Dragon meant ex-staff
22:24<rsdehart>I think primitiv claims to still have a linode, too, fwiw
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23:37<LouWestin>Rsdehart: Ah, K.
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