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04:21<chesty>is uSATA aka micro SATA?
04:21<chesty>u is normally nano isn't it?
04:27<dwfreed>u is often used instead of the greek letter mu (which is like a j and u smooshed together, without the dot); mu in SI prefixes means micro
04:27<dwfreed>and yes, uSATA is micro SATA; meant for 1.8" drives
04:36<chesty>cheers. I'm having a hard time finding 1.8in drives. the big 2 pc places near me don't stock any and ebay doesn't have a lot either, there are a few with $80 shipping or something ridiculous.
05:02<Dragon>some fun facts for you. at one point if you typed μ into the mmorpg runescape it would crash every client that received the message.
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05:03<Dragon>2: the author of that video went to prison
05:05<chesty>I found a bunch. one on the way.
05:11<chesty>that story is terrifying. like the meme says, when I was growing up I was told not to talk to strangers on the internet or get into strangers cars. today we literally talk to strangers on the internet to order a ride in their car.
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05:50<Codieslab>I need to help
05:50<Codieslab>i how to setup database
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05:51<dung2000>Hello! Any admin here?
05:54<grawity>dung2000: there are some Linode staff around, although this is mainly a community channel
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06:54<MacMorris>Hello all
06:56<MacMorris>I have a question about linode dedicated CPU. Is it possible to run alpinelinux with Xen and install win7?
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07:04<jango>can anybody tell me fail2ban use?
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08:16<@rdaniels>Hi neal!
08:16<cews>hey neal
08:17<neal>hey @rdaniels
08:17<neal>hey @cews
08:18<neal>hey can you help me with a query?
08:21<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
08:23<cews>"neal| I just want to know do i need fail2ban if i already set PasswordAuthentication no for ssh connections."
08:23<cews>neal: You may want to read on fail2ban. This wiki link explains how fail2ban works -
08:24<cews>neal: Also you can find documentation on fail2ban, here
08:25<cews>"Fail2ban is a log-parsing application that monitors system logs for symptoms of an automated attack on your Linode. When an attempted compromise is located, using the defined parameters, Fail2ban will add a new rule to iptables to block the IP address of the attacker, either for a set amount of time or permanently."
08:26<neal>thanks for the info.
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09:49<LouWestin>Speaking of fail2ban. Is it really needed if you’re using strictly key authentication and have passwords turned off?
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10:06<Cromulent>LouWestin: I've never used it myself but I did change the SSH port to stop log spam from every automated bot trying to login to my IP address on port 22
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10:18<LouWestin>Cromulent: Ah that might be a good idea!
10:30<cews>LouWestin: or IP restrict. :)
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10:41<LouWestin>I could do IP whitelisting, but it’s a pain if I’m on my phone. Well, wait I can VPN into my router.
10:42<LouWestin>I did install a Wordpress login to change the login page. That’s helped a ton!
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11:30<FluffyFoxeh>Dragon: that's a very un-fun fact
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11:31<FluffyFoxeh>this is why dragons aren't allowed on the internet
12:13<linbot>New news from community: Trying to install Linux Mint <>
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15:06<linbot>New news from community: How to update and upgrade Finnix os? <>
15:20<LouWestin>Linux Mint? Interesting
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17:26<branko>Is "We detected a login attempt on your Linode account" referring to successful login or failed login? :)
17:27<nate>'attempt' would make me think failed, but also make sure it's not a phishing email.
17:32<branko>Well, I did login around the listed times, and the origin IP is correct, and iirc I have not entered wrong password.
17:32<branko>So that's why I'm not sure it actually means failed?
17:33<jkwood>I think it triggers both ways
17:46<virtual>I am assuming it wouldn't tell you if the attempt failed. Failed attempts are probably something for linode to keep an eye on. Successful attempts are for you to keep an eye on?
17:47<branko>Guess so, I was just curious about wording :)
17:50<virtual>yeah, understandable. I think Google says "We noticed a new sign in" - not sure if they say 'attempt'.
17:55<@jyoo>branko: These emails refer to an unusual login attempt in general, regardless of whether it was successful. Since the origin IP matches yours, you can disregard it.
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19:45<linbot>New news from community: How do I set up a private Docker registry? <>
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21:25<LouWestin>What happened to mrsideways? I kind of miss his cool stories.
21:26<virtual>LouWestin: :P
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23:53<rsdehart>LouWestin: he got abducted by aliens
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