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00:07<virtual>or maybe his AGI managed to convince him to be a slave.
00:16<LouWestin>or hee's too busy experimenting
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01:06<FluffyFoxeh>LouWestin: he left after people called him out
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01:56<LouWestin>Oh darn
02:00<FluffyFoxeh>I may have been partially responsible, but it wasn't my intention
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03:44<chesty>I chipped in and it was my intention. The dude needs help.
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04:21<linbot>New news from community: How do i upload custom iso on Linnode? <>
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07:58<LouWestin>He needs help getting a manuscript together and sending it to a publisher for the next exciting story. ;-)
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08:58<linbot>New news from community: How do i upload custom iso on Linode? <>
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09:21<nate>Got a linode IP that just came up in the topic of another channel on another network, told them to forward their logs off to you all but from the looks of abuse databases it seems like it might be worth bringing up in here;
09:22<nate>Somewhat surprised it hasn't been reported/handled already since it's been going on since early-ish last year, from most of the reports it seems more malicious intent than security 'testing' (ie; shodan like)
09:25<@pwoods>nate: thanks for alerting us. I just checked and is assigned to a security researcher.
09:26<@pwoods>That said, if you're seeing anything that you think would be outside the scope of security research, please forward any logs or evidence to our abuse inbox:
09:26<dwfreed>why is the rDNS ''
09:27<@pwoods> shows information about their activity.
09:28<@pwoods>I admit, it's one of my favorite rDNS's of a security researcher.
09:30<FluffyFoxeh>nate: the reports there seem consistent with network scanning
09:31<nate>FluffyFoxeh: There's some intermixed in citing actual authentication attempts which I figure would go a bit beyond normal allowance, though they do seem to be more aged now that I double check the pages. Guess maybe they did get warned on that and kept to just common probing
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10:00<FluffyFoxeh>Also I'm surprised that many people actively monitor for scanning and submit reports to that website
10:00<FluffyFoxeh>Unless it's automated somehow
10:02<nate>A lot of it's automated yeah, left part of the column usually notes what tool reported it
10:02<FluffyFoxeh>I've been known to occasionally notice probing attempts in my logs and e-mail the abuse contact on the IP whois. But I thought I was just weird
10:03<FluffyFoxeh>But you know, I didn't consider that some of those might be non-malicious
10:03<FluffyFoxeh>But I guess it would be prudent to continue submitting the reports and trust that anyone legitimate has an arrangement with their provider. Correct?
10:05<FluffyFoxeh>worth noting that none of the IPs I've reported had anything legit looking on HTTP
10:06<FluffyFoxeh>Hey maybe malicious scanners should put up an index.html where they pretend to be doing "security research" :P
10:06<FluffyFoxeh>(any blackhat botters out there: ignore the above. please keep yourselves looking as sketchy as possible)
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11:28<linbot>New news from community: How do I create the '@' A/AAAA record for my domain? <>
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11:49<Mez>I have a server down, and isn't booting, won't even boot into rescue mode. This was after a live migration. Noone is responding to support tickets - we've had 3+ hours of downtime.
11:49<Mez>Could someone please tell me what's going on! ?
11:50<millisa>Why doesn't it boot into rescue mode? what does it say?
11:51<Mez>millisa: just that it "could not be rebooted"
11:51<Mez>Linode <host> could not be rebooted by <username>. (8 seconds)
11:52<millisa>And the username being used is the primary one for the linode account?
11:52<Mez>It's... one of them.
11:53<Mez>It has full access
11:53<millisa>You could dump the ticket number in here and occasionally real staff will see it but your best bet is to call
11:54<Mez>13363206 & 13372390
11:58<Mez>millisa: thanks for your help. I'm just... frustrated as I'm not getting any responses!"
12:01<millisa>generally for time critical things, get on the phone. they usually are on the phone within a few moments and the person that picks up is usually the one that's going to fix things for you
12:04<Mez>I can't - international dial
12:04<millisa>They have an international #
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12:04<millisa>skype should be able to do the calls too
12:06<Mez>The International number is still an american number ?
12:07<millisa>looks like it. apparently there's an india specific number too (doesn't help you, but that's somewhat new and haven't seen before)
12:07<rsdehart>Mez: it's distinct from the toll-free number, which wouldn't work from overseas
12:08<Mez>Yeah, doesn't help when the asterisk is setup to only allow certain numbers to dial out internationally, and I'm not one of themn
12:08<rsdehart>I think people usually suggest using Skype to call
12:08<rsdehart>I use Google Voice
12:08<rsdehart>well, I haven't needed to call Linode, but I use GV to call the USA
12:09<dwfreed>Skype allows calling US toll free numbers for free
12:10<dwfreed>also google voice is great
12:10<rsdehart>I ported my cell number to it when I left the US
12:11<rsdehart>awfully convenient
12:11<Mez>yeah, Google Voice is only available to G Suite subscribers if you're UK based
12:12<rsdehart>sounds like Skype might be a good option, then
12:12<dwfreed>I ported my google voice number into project fi; it will go back to voice if i ever cancel fi
12:32<@pwoods>Mez: We just updated your ticket, 13363206.
12:32<Mez>@pwoods thanks :)
12:33<Mez>I'm just checking now
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16:38<upibolivia>alguna ayuda, en español? gracias
16:39<virtual>I'm sure there are some that speak Spanish, but you'll likely have better luck in English, upibolivia...
16:41<upibolivia>I can't log in to linode account, blocked mail
16:43<upibolivia>previous administrator did not leave any password
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16:45<virtual>alright, that's definitely a question for proper linode support they're the ones with the @symbols in front of their name.
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16:46<virtual>but it'll likely need a support case - you might need to call in/create a new account, just for communication? They'd be able to suggest the best course of action.
16:47<upibolivia>thanks virtual
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20:41<sweeps>Curious if Linode can support nested VMs?
20:42<sweeps>maybe"support" is the wrong word. but just wondering if it was possible?
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20:48<chesty>I vaguely remember someone talking about it last year. I don't remember much about it but I think the cpu's don't have the flag turned on needed for nested VMs. But memory is fallible
20:57<@pwoods>sweeps: we do not support nested virtualization.
20:58<nuevu>Don't know if it's my Linodes, the Dallas DC, or what, but pings from Dallas to London and Frankfurt tripled about 10 minutes ago.
21:07<LouWestin>Maybe it’s rush hour on the internet?
21:08<nuevu>Ye ole traffic jam, eh?
21:16<LouWestin>One of those strange things that you can’t quite pinpoint.
21:20<@pwoods>nuevu: I'm not seeing any other reports, but that doesn't mean nothing's happening. Have you had a chance to run an mtr yet?
21:23<Peng_>I think it's going west. Hop 4 is 2600:3c01:3333:5::1.
21:24<Peng_>And going west from Dallas to Europe is a bit of a trip, obviously.
21:25<@pwoods>I spun up a couple Linodes to check this out, running mtrs now.
21:26<retro|blah>Seems to be affecting v4 as well.
21:27<nuevu>Guess I was too slow! (Thanks for the MTRs, I was trying to get some pasted together)
21:29<retro|blah>Oh, forgot I'm testing from Fremont. So it's not just Dallas...
21:31<@pwoods>My mtrs look just like Peng_'s, not seeing any packet loss.
21:31<nuevu>No loss, just massively increased latency over normal.
21:34<Peng_>Nice to know Linode has reliable fiber crossing three continents. :P
21:34<nuevu>Yeah, two of those hops (between 6 & 7 and 7 & 8) are large. Normally I'd expect one. Not knowing where those devices are actually located, I don't know if the routing's even correct.
21:35<@pwoods>I ran them from a Linode in Dallas, using "mtr -rwbzc100"
21:35<Peng_>Going by the RTT, I bet the 137 ms hop is Tokyo and the 203 ms hop is Singapore.
21:36<nuevu>Frankfurt via Tokyo and Singapore seems less than ideal.
21:37<nuevu>I guess that's what you meant earlier about it "going west"?
21:37<nuevu>A little slow at this time of night
21:47<dwfreed>Peng_: I'd agree with you, if not for the fact there's practically no connectivity between East Asia and Europe that is direct
21:48<dwfreed>but one of the OFTC Linodes is in Singapore, I can test this
21:51<dwfreed>and the route just changed
21:51<nuevu>Yep. back to normal
21:51<dwfreed>fremont now has sane latencies to Europe
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22:33<linbot>New news from community: Linode Account Cancellation <>
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23:09<tecuane>reading the community forums links that come up here sometimes make me wonder how the OPs can possibly run a box
23:11<tecuane>like that one
23:11<tecuane>cant read a cancellation email, but can somehow admin a box
23:30<chesty>I wonder if ming is Vietnamese, there seems to be a lot of people from vietnam signing up with a promo code and getting their account cancelled. Ming said he closed his account and resigned up with a promo code, if that was permissible I'd do that every month and never pay again.
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