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00:19<linbot>New news from community: React App on S3, domain on Linode <>
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00:53<linbot>New news from community: How do I connect to FTP using Filezilla? <>
00:57<retro|blah>^- SSH in, then use vi. FTP is not a text editor.
00:58<Peng_>but does emacs include an FTP client?
01:01<retro|blah>Dunno, wouldn't be surprised if it did.
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01:03<cowt>trying to telnet but nothing happening. It just stuck there
01:04<cowt>same happening for all other smtp providers
01:04<dwfreed>Linodes have outbound port 25 and 587 blocked by default
01:04<dwfreed>^ that
01:05<cowt>oh I see. Thanks for quick help
01:09<cowt>One more question. I have a trading application with .net core API backend. Due to high volume API calls my previous server is crashing. Which server should I choose ? like specs wise
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03:01<kenyon>of course emacs can edit over FTP, and a bunch of other protocols. this is one of my favorite and most-used features. writing code on Linux over ssh from a Windows machine (like I have to do at work) would be way more painful without emacs's transparent remote file access.
03:05<dwfreed>vim can too
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03:40<chesty>I've been using vim for decades but I learnt the basics and that was that. I watched a vim talk on youtube the other day, lots of handy commands out of the box.
03:41<chesty>ciw for example, then . to repeat
03:42<chesty>cip, ci", cit, lots of them
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03:44<frodecc>Hi all, I've noticed that linode makes new backups of linodes that have been shut down. This means that there will be a sequence of identical backups after two weeks. It seems counter intuitive and wasteful to me... any input?
03:45<dwfreed>backup system has no way of knowing if the Linode is shut down, or how long it's been shut down
03:45<dwfreed>also it's not wasteful, because like most sane backup systems, each backup is based on the changes of the last
03:46<dwfreed>so once the first backup is taken after the Linode has been shut down, subsequent backups don't take up any more space
03:47<chesty>the backup system could ask, but it's an added complexity with extra code, and each line of code is another potential bug that might mean a backup that should have ran didn't get run
03:47<dwfreed>If you want to preserve backups that exist at the time of shutdown, you can ask support to pause the backups; you'll still have to pay (they are taking space on Linode's systems, after all)
03:48<chesty>are the backups on the block layer? lvm snapshots or something?
03:53<dwfreed>backups are file-based, but also precise point-in-time
03:55<chesty>i didn't know that was a thing. there must be a snapshot, and I guess they back the files up on the snapshot, then delete it?
03:57<chesty>I'm not familiar with lvm, I'm familiar with zfs and its snapshots are at the block level, and you can transfer the snapshot to another host for backup, it only transfers the blocks that have changed since the last snapshot
03:58<dwfreed>I have intimate knowledge, and there's a limit to what I can say publicly, which is why I'm being so cagey
03:58<chesty>means you don't have to scan the file system for changed files
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04:29<branko>chesty: The first command I learned with vi/vim is ctrl-alt-f1, login, killall -9 && killall -9 vim.
04:29<branko>I'm not even kidding, that's how I used to quit vi/vim when I first accidentally ran it a couple of times :)
04:39<frodecc>dwfreed: To me it seems a waste of money, because I lose history in my backups. When a server has been shut down might be the most important time to take care of the backups. I'm sure there is a way for the backups to automatically pause when a server is shut down - or even to check the timestamp for when the disk image was last mounted.
04:42<dwfreed>frodecc: hence the note about asking for support to pause your backups
04:45<frodecc>dwfreed: Well, I just want the service to become better. I am aware that I can ask linode about anything. The easiest way to automatically pause backups seems to be to check the s_uuid of the superblock. If it hasn't changed since the last backup, there is no point in performing another backup. An easy fix for an annoying "feature".
04:46<frodecc>dwfreed: Perhaps I can automate the support request sending. Any time a linode is shut down - I can e-mail linode a request to pause backups, and when I start it - i e-mail them to resume backups :-D
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06:28<bestdesign>with a hacked VPS what is use 100% of CPU and RAM that means is blocked by default?
06:29<Woet>bestdesign: could not compute.
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06:32<bestdesign>Woet: you have linode too?
06:32<Woet>bestdesign: sometimes.
06:32<Woet>bestdesign: I understood the "hacked VPS" part
06:33<Woet>bestdesign: what do you mean by "what is use 100% of CPU and RAM" and "that means is blocked by default"?
06:34<bestdesign>Woet: like if a VPS from linode use all resources full time that will be blocked by manual or default?
06:34<Woet>bestdesign: a Linode will never be blocked for using 100% of CPU or RAM.
06:34<bestdesign>ah good to know
06:35<Woet>bestdesign: it will be blocked if it detects outgoing attacks though, which most hacked VPSs will cause.
06:35<bestdesign>Woet: understand thanks
06:35<@pwoods>bestdesign: we might restrict CPU usage if it's determined to be using excessive cpu.
06:35<rsdehart>and if it uses 100% of cpu for an extended time, it will send you an email notification by default to let you know
06:35<rsdehart>but this likely has already been established
06:36*rsdehart the unhelpful, as per usual
06:36<@pwoods>bestdesign: are you unsure why the Linode is using up all its resources?
06:37<bestdesign>pwoods: i got a similar problem with another provider before so just ask to let me know what will happen
06:37<bestdesign>for sure i not plan to use full resources :)
06:39<@pwoods>bestdesign: Cool, thanks for clarifying. I ask because we have a pretty helpful Community post that I share often for investigating causes for unexpectedly high CPU usage.
06:46<shakraw>hi guys, I'd like to create a new account on linode with different users permissions: I'd be the sysadmin, so full access for my user and I'd have another user that has only full billing permissions (i.e. set/update credit card, billing address, infos, etc). Is it possible to do this in Linode? thanks
06:47<shakraw>hi guys, I'd like to create a new account on linode with different users permissions: I'd be the sysadmin, so full access for my user and I'd have another user that has only full billing permissions (i.e. set/update credit card, billing address, infos, etc - no server access at all). Is it possible to do this in Linode? thanks
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09:09<Kylone>Hi, do you host minecraft servers? :-)
09:09<dwfreed>you can host a minecraft server on a Linode
09:09<dwfreed>I think there might even be a one-click app to help with setting one up
09:10<shakraw>pwoods, thanks ;)
09:11<@pwoods>Kylone: dwfreed is correct: here's our guide for utilizing our One-Click app option for Minecraft:
09:11<@pwoods>Kylone: we have a couple guides for Minecraft and other game servers as well:
09:12<Kylone>oh, awesome. What is a linode? The company is named after some server? do you offer support for minecraft? :-)
09:12<@pwoods>Kylone: that's what we call our servers.
09:13<Kylone>ah, thought it was some kind of server term :D
09:13<@pwoods>As an infrastructure provider, the set up of what you're running on your Linode (server) is generally outside the scope of what we support, but we'd try to at least point you in the right direction.
09:14<@pwoods>More on the scope of what we support can be found here:
09:14<Kylone>oh :(
09:15<Kylone>well, thanks for the answers
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10:13<u0_a172>hello all
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10:19<rsdehart>ah well
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10:22<hoapc>hi, I bought a vps server in Tokyo, Japan, and I am currently experiencing send mail errors, how do I send mail now?
10:24<millisa>did you see this?
10:26<bestdesign>wow nice to know this too :)
10:27<bestdesign>well documented
10:27<hoapc>millisa: Now I have to configure how to run mail, right?
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10:29<bestdesign>hoapc: if you not have any mail setup experience then you can use any tools listed there
10:29<bestdesign>like mail in a box etc
10:31<hoapc>bestdesign: can you guide me?
10:32<bestdesign>hoapc: is not clear to me with what you want to send e-mails currently you configured the mail things? or you use a tools?
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10:33<hoapc>bestdesign: I have not configured anything yet, nor do I have active port ports 25, 465, and 587
10:36<bestdesign>hoapc: and you not have any idea how to do it?
10:38<bestdesign>hoapc: then
10:38<bestdesign>download and follow the guides on article
10:39<hoapc>bestdesign: I just want to use sending mail, not sending mail, not creating mail servers
11:06<@rgerke>Hi all! I see some conversation in here about sending mail. If you're new to Linode, take a quick look at this blog post as it might answer some of your questions:
11:07<@rgerke>In particular, it references the mail ports (25,465 and 587)
11:12<millisa>(that section I linked to is the docs bit about that. it probably should have a better section title. 'sending email on linode' isn't really what that section is about as much as 'removing linode mail port restrictions')
11:19<@rdaniels>Millisa: I can see how that may be confusing. That's not a bad suggestion. I'll pass it along to the Docs team.
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11:41<@mcintosh>!point millisa
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12:00<bestdesign>what point?
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12:34<bestdesign>mcintosh: what point write that bot?
12:37<@mcintosh>bestdesign: they're just meaningless internet points
12:37<@mcintosh>it's for fun
12:38<millisa>Someday, I'll exchange them for schrute bucks when the exchange rate is favorable.
12:39<gparent>I thought those points were directly tied to your self-worth
12:39<linbot>New news from blog: We’re Hitting the Road for DeveloperWeek 2020! <>
12:42<bestdesign>!point bestdesign
12:44<@pwoods>!unpoint bestdesign
12:44<linbot>pwoods: Point taken from bestdesign! (-1)
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12:44<@pwoods>Oh, now I feel bad
12:44<@pwoods>!point bestdesign
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12:45<bestdesign>pwoods: what u give points for?
12:45<bestdesign>!point bestdesign
12:45<bestdesign>cool lol
12:46<linbot>•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
12:46<linbot>Bless you, pwoods!
12:47<linbot>•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
12:47<linbot>Bless you, bestdesign!
12:47<linbot>bestdesign: I have been running for 5 weeks, 2 days, 10 hours, 23 minutes, and 37 seconds.
12:47<linbot>bestdesign: The current (running) version of this Supybot is The newest version available online is
12:49<bestdesign>!sneeze mcintosh
12:49<linbot>Bless you, bestdesign!
12:50<@pwoods>Are you trying to sneeze on mcintosh, bestdesign ? They're very imporant, please do not do that.
12:50<bestdesign>just joke
12:50<bestdesign>you know
12:52<@mcintosh>!to bestdesign sneeze
12:52<linbot>bestdesign: Bless you, mcintosh!
12:52<bestdesign>wow smart
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13:02<Zr40>!to sneeze to sneeze to sneeze sneeze
13:02<linbot>sneeze: sneeze: sneeze: Bless you, Zr40!
13:07<dwfreed>lol, abusing my to alias
13:08<Zr40>I sneeze on your to alias
13:20<@mcintosh>!to dwfreed to
13:21<linbot>dwfreed: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
13:28<dwfreed>linbot: help to
13:28<linbot>dwfreed: (to <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "echo $1: [$*]".
13:29<dwfreed>linbot: one
13:29<linbot>An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
13:30<cews>linbot: clear logs
13:30<dwfreed>2020-02-11 18:29:58 <linbot> Error: You've attempted more nesting than is currently allowed on this bot.
13:30<Zr40>linbot: help one
13:30<linbot>Zr40: (one <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo [two]".
13:30<warewolf>linbot has become sentient
13:30<Zr40>I think I know what two is :)
13:50<bestdesign>here have matrix?
13:50<bestdesign>oftc support?
13:54<@rgerke>bestdesign: I'm with the Support team. How can I help?
13:54<bestdesign>rgerke: i mean about oftc network is support matrix?
13:55<bestdesign>i not know sorry
13:55<bestdesign>is about network
13:57<@rgerke>bestdesign: You are referring to the OFTC as in that community?
13:59<bestdesign>i connected to yes
14:05<@rgerke>bestdesign: We aren't OFTC, however we have several Linode employees that are OFTC staff. Here's a link to the OFTC FAQ:
14:06<bestdesign>rgerke: thanks
14:22<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Atlanta <>
15:50<linbot>New news from community: Postgres password authentication error <>
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16:10<sinh>we're about to move some of our services from AWS to Linode but would like to know if there's a way to do user management with our account
16:26<sinh>thanks. . however there doesn't seem to detail any methods of say. . using google's saml stuff for single sign-on and stuff
16:27<sinh>it just details how to make "local" logins and 2fa
16:34<@mcintosh>sinh: we don't have support for SSO with google accounts currently
16:34<@mcintosh>we do offer login via github
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16:42<@mcintosh>sorry - github login isn't available just yet
16:42<@mcintosh>but it is in the works
16:45<linbot>New news from community: Connecting to my Linode is very slow for some services, but just from one location. <>
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17:32<sinh>oh nice
17:32<linbot>New news from community: Does a Dedicated CPU or High Memory plan improve disk I/O performance? <>
17:32<sinh>thanks mcintosh
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17:37<millisa>that is an above average answer to that community question
17:42<LouWestin>The staff gives such great answers to questions like that.
17:44<LouWestin>I think I asked this before, but Linode did away with their kernels awhile ago right?
17:44<millisa>they are still doing them.
17:45<millisa>new linodes default to grub2/distro
17:45<millisa>they even put the kernel page back
17:46<LouWestin>Ok. I wondered why I couldn’t find it. Hence the page disappeared
17:48<LouWestin>I switched to Grub2...oh way back when I started another Server. I missed the memo some how.
17:49<LouWestin>Wait, no, actually it defaulted to Grub2. Then i switched the others over to grub2
18:03<@mcintosh>millisa: LouWestin: thanks for the positive feedback RE: community answer(s) - i passed it along :)
18:03<@mcintosh>(and I agree, they do a great job)
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18:36<LouWestin>!point mcintosh
18:36<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to mcintosh. (23) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 8)
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19:25<nate>dumb cloud manager, I can't skip the agreements anymore >.>
19:27<nate>lol are my linodes this old
19:27<nate>"Unknown image"
19:47<linbot>New news from community: Upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS <>
20:02<Peng_>I know! :(
20:02<Peng_>I'd been skipping the agreements for 18 months!
20:03<Peng_>Couldn't log into the forum anymore, since it goes through the cloud manager login page
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20:06<Nebula_W2081d>I have encountered a new issue once I began setting up my MX records on Linode. I am trying to setup my MX records so that emails written to "" are sent to "", which ultimately resolves to the server's IP address. I am confused on what the "Subdomain" section of the MX records refers to. On my other domain provider, the setup seemed simpler. I have reviewed
20:06<Nebula_W2081d>the Linode documentation and looked at appropriate community support, but they have still not solved my issue. Currently, the MX record for "" resolves to "10", which is not what I am looking for. Any help would be appreciated.
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20:23<linbot>New news from community: Creating proper MX Records <>
20:43<LouWestin>Nate what’s ya running? Debian 2?
20:44<linbot>New news from community: I forgot my Linode's user account password. How do I get back into my Linode? <>
20:44<LouWestin>Sorry nebula_W2081d didn’t mean to ignore you
20:46<LouWestin>The mail. Part Would be a sub domain
20:47<Nebula_W2081d>LouWestin: Well, I think Linode's DNS might just be slow. The tests I was running over 45 minutes ago, are just now propagating.
20:47<nate>LouWestin: Only some older-ish fedora's, nothing I would expect to have been 'lost' name-association wise lol
20:48<LouWestin>I’m not a dns expert, but if your email you resolve to then you have to set the server’s IP address to that domain or sub domain.
20:49<LouWestin>Nebula_W2081d: ok. Yeah I usually give it about 12 hours to resolve.
20:49<Nebula_W2081d>LouWestin: That long? Wow. I'll keep that in mind.
20:49<LouWestin>Nate ok lol
20:50<Nebula_W2081d>LouWestin: Thank you for the information! My mail just came though.
20:50<LouWestin>Nebula_W2081d: could be faster, but I usually give it that time frame just in case. Ok excellent!
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21:18<linbot>New news from community: How to solve Temporary failure in name resolution <>
21:24<gparent>Temporary ones? Wait.
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21:45<Peng_> botched algorithm rollover huh
21:45<Peng_>Maybe? Kind of?
21:46<Peng_>I can resolve it...
21:47<Peng_>IIRC, your DNSKEY record set and RRSIGs are required to include all algorithms included in the DS record, and theirs does not.
22:29<gparent>I don't know, I just sacrifice goats until dig reports success.
22:29<linbot>New news from community: How can I resize a node without downtime? <>
22:30<Peng_>Someone pointed out to me that .bg started this algorithm rollover a year ago.
22:30<Peng_>At least (almost) a year ago.
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