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03:15<linbot>New news from community: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot not working on ubuntu 19.10 <>
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04:15<chesty>apparently mSATA and micro sata are different :(
04:37<hoapc>Now I want to send mail and am asking the linode provider to open the mailing port so that my server can connect to another mail server, but for too long, is there any other way?
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05:20<grawity>not if you're trying to connect to someone else's mail server, I don't think
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06:18<@pwoods>hoapc: The best way for us to handle that would be through a SUpport ticket.
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10:12<linbot>New news from community: How do I set up gmail to send emails? <>
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10:47<linbot>New news from community: How do I enabled legacy TLS on my NodeBalancer? <>
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11:28<Cromulent>hmm someone has suggested that I use redis as my database but it seems quite complex is there a "simple" NoSQL database out there? All I'm looking at doing is storing data in a simple manner from a Python Flask application that is a REST API for an Android client
11:39<Cromulent>I need something that has a simple frontend but that can handle a lot of data - I'm not sure sqlite is up to the task
11:40<Cromulent>anyway if I were using an SQL database I'd just use PostgreSQL
11:40<Cromulent>I was hoping to use a NoSQL database
11:40<Cromulent>I mean I know PostgreSQL can handle unstructured data as well but I don't want to shoehorn anything just to fit with the database
11:45<dwfreed>everybody discards SQLite as useless for anything beyond small hobby projects; you'd be surprised at how fast and powerful it is
11:45<dwfreed>also, all data is structured :P
11:46<dwfreed>it might be poorly structured, but it's still structured, and that's just a matter of defining a better structure for it
11:54<Meyer__>Cromulent: You could do a combination. Like sqlite for storing the data and then utilising a redis as cache
11:55<Meyer__>Cromulent: If your API is busy caching a bit might do the trick and make sqlite suprisingly scalable
11:56<Meyer__>But I do not know enough about your use case to give you proper advice
11:58<Meyer__>Cromulent: Another option if many clients request basically the same endpoint and gets the same data is to do some caching with nginx
11:58<Cromulent>ok I'll give it a shot - I'm only building a MVP so if I have to rewrite it because of problems that is not an issue
11:58<Meyer__>Cromulent: if that is possible you could get very good performance and scalability
11:59<Cromulent>yeah a cache would help I can imagine people requesting the same data a lot
11:59<Meyer__>Cromulent: even microcaching a api endpoint lets say 1 second can give a lot of added boost if you get heavily hit
11:59<Cromulent>thanks for the tip
12:00<Meyer__>Cromulent: np, but if it is a MVP keep it as simple as possible
12:00<Meyer__>Cromulent: but you probably know that already
12:00<Cromulent>will do - thanks :D
12:01<Meyer__>Cromulent: here is a post that discusses the approach with microcaching and some examples. Actually using flask aswell as far as I can tell
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13:16<chesty>I'm playing around with hugo to create a read-only api by specifying json as the output format. lots of fun, super fast, it's just text files so really easy to scale.
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13:41<chesty>^ is a little comical, like buying a hammer and hitting your thumb while hammering in a nail, so emailing the hammer maker and complaining it hurts when the hammer hits your thumb.
13:46<millisa>(I like stubby hammers)
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14:02<Manas>I'm having a website in php so I'm not sure how this lindoe work
14:02<LouWestin>Could be worse. It could be the nail going through your finger
14:02<millisa>linodes are vps; you install an OS and have root access. you set it all up. if you want php, you setup php
14:02<Manas>Can you tell me I can upload my files to this server and get a name server from you and point that to my domain panel then my website will work?
14:02<LouWestin>Hi Manas I’d go through the setup guide
14:03<millisa>Look at to start with
14:03<LouWestin>That’s the one!
14:04<millisa>Then possibly one of these guides (assuming you want to do linux-mysql-apache-php) -
14:05<Manas>Not sure If i Understood all well
14:05<@rdaniels>Team work makes the dream work!
14:05<Manas>After purchasing from linode then do i need hosting from different company like hostgator and godaddy
14:05<LouWestin>Linode is unmanaged
14:06<@rdaniels>!point millisa
14:06<linbot>rdaniels: Point given to millisa. (128)
14:06<@rdaniels>!point LouWestin
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14:06<@rdaniels>: D
14:06<Manas>or linode host all files with it's server I don't need to buy hosting from other company?
14:06<LouWestin>Manas: Godaddy and Host Gator are managed hosting.
14:07<LouWestin>Linode is un-managed hosting.
14:07<rsdehart>Manas: your files will all go on your Linode. you don't need other hosting, but you will have to manage it yourself
14:07<LouWestin>You’ll have to setup and configure the server, settings, etc
14:08<Manas>I see
14:08<Manas>So what will be the name server If i take plan from linode?
14:08<Manas>any example
14:09<LouWestin>Wait, I mean There’s 5 dns servers
14:09<LouWestin>The server name is whatever name you want to give.
14:10<Manas>issue is i can't use filezilla to upload my files right
14:10<millisa>This doc covers setting up linode to be your dns servers - . You don't have to use linode for dns in order to host sites at linode.
14:10<millisa>You could use filezilla if you set your server up to allow it. sftp is pretty common
14:10<Manas>can your team help first time to upload my php file in server?
14:11<millisa>They even have a doc on *that* -
14:11<Manas>I'm new to this so need to make sure if your team help then I can buy a plan
14:11<LouWestin>You can use FileZilla but might need to set the file/directory permissions
14:11<rsdehart>Manas: they've already done it, as millisa is telling you
14:11<millisa>Generally though, that type of help would be outside of their normal support scope (
14:11<rsdehart>there's an extensive document collection
14:12<rsdehart>that's sort of the thing about unmanaged hosting
14:12<LouWestin>Manas: the service is unmanaged meaning you have to setup everything
14:12<rsdehart>you're expected to know how to do this yourself, be willing to learn, have someone on hand who does know how
14:12<rsdehart>but they give you massive opportunity to learn all you want to learn
14:13<Manas>which plan you will suggest
14:13<rsdehart>start with the smallest. It's easy to upgrade if you need more
14:13<LouWestin>Manas: I’d look through the guides first and see if this is a service that’s right for you.
14:13<rsdehart>also what LouWestin said
14:14<Manas>Can your team install word presS?
14:14<@rdaniels>!point rsdehart
14:14<linbot>rdaniels: Point given to rsdehart. (8)
14:14<LouWestin>You have to install it yourself
14:15<rsdehart>It sounds like what you're looking for is managed hosting
14:15<Manas>I see
14:15<rsdehart>"the team" don't run your server. They only host it
14:15<rsdehart>rather, they don't administer it
14:15<Manas>If they can host word press
14:15<Manas>then I can manage evey easily
14:16<rsdehart>you can install wordpress on your linode, yes
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14:16<LouWestin>He gone!
14:17<rsdehart>he didn't quite get the concept of unmanaged
14:18<rsdehart>yeah but can your team "they don't do that" yeah but can your team
14:19<LouWestin>I wasn’t ready for unmanaged when I first started. Although I was able to install Wordpress and setup a DB via CPanel
14:19<LouWestin>I don’t think they had the one click installers yet.
14:22<rsdehart>I'd been running Linux for a few months on my home pc when I first started, so I knew enough to learn as I went
14:22<rsdehart>I think it was also pre-one click installers
14:22<rsdehart>I feel confident it was, though I don't know how long they've ha them
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15:04<linbot>New news from community: My Linode's logs mention lots of "failed password" alerts. Is someone trying to break into my Linode? <>
15:15<koenig>I'd say it's more that someone is trying to break into *a* machine.
15:16<koenig>Not *their* Linode.
15:16<virtual>koenig: semantics! ;)
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15:25<cokegen>Hi, I've just signed up to Linode and it says that my account is being reviewed ... anyone knows how much that process could take ?
15:25<dwfreed>few hours, usually
15:25<cokegen>ohhh, wasn't expecting that but ok ...
15:27<@bbigger>should be faster than that, typically within an hour
15:28<cokegen>great ...
15:28<dwfreed>bbigger: I am to minimize complaints when it takes longer than that :)
15:28<cokegen>good to know, will ping you if so
15:28<@bbigger>heheh, gotta keep ourselves accountable
15:29<cokegen>for sure
15:29<cokegen>I've signed up to Linode mainly bc I need IPv6 connectivity to test something
15:30<cokegen>is there any guide among your library on how to build an IPv6 over IPv4 OpenVPN tunnel ?
15:31<cokegen>the idea is to provide my IPv4-only internet connection with an IPv6 exit ... need to debug a couple IPv6 issues at work basically
15:31<cokegen>also, a nanode has IPv6 right ?
15:31<@bbigger>hmmm, well we have guides on each of those tasks
15:32<dwfreed>all Linodes get 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 address
15:32<@bbigger>we'll set you up with an IPv6 pool if you reach out to Support and ask for one too
15:33<cokegen>excellent ! yes ... that would be the idea
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16:42<LouWestin>rsdehart I grew up with DOS 6.2 so finding out about Linux and getting access to the command line was like reliving awesome childhood memories. lol
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19:19<frodeborli>Hi. Is there any way to forcibly shut down a linode? It seems to be hanging in the shutdown process
19:22<frodeborli>My linode seems to have crashed completely. Can't even shutdown from linode admin panel.
19:23<frodeborli>hmmm. it seems it finally shut down after several minutes with a stop-job that was not counting seconds.
19:26<chesty>yeah, sometimes rebooting from the command line takes a few minutes before lassie the watchdog detects the linode isn't running and booting it up again.
19:28<LouWestin>Strange if you're having issues even trying to shutdown from the web panel
19:30<chesty>from memory that's normal too, some jobs can't be interrupted so you have to wait until they complete or timeout
19:32<dwfreed>a shutdown job will eventually "pull the plug"
19:32<chesty>you send the reboot command from the panel and the panel tries to send your linode the three finger salute, but because your linode has shutdown it doesn't respond, so you have to wait for lassie
19:33<LouWestin>maybe he had a process that was simply stuck?
19:36<chesty>yeah, from memory and a guess, in that situation if you reboot from the panel the reboot command will timeout and your linode will get turned off and on again IT crowd style
19:39<Toba>seems like you should be able to force the thing without waiting for something to timeout
19:39<LouWestin>I think that would call for the kill commmand.
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19:50<bart416>Anyone around you can report serious breaches of privacy hosted on Linode to? (Someone wax doxxed)
19:50<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
19:51<bart416>Yeah, was already writing an e-mail to there, figured you might get a quicker response here.
19:51<millisa>They respond pretty quickly to most things
19:51<millisa>There's a form on the website too, have misplaced the link
19:52<chesty>what's the link for illegal abuse?
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19:54<millisa>er. what is 'wax doxxed'? i know the second word but not sure I know it with 'wax'
19:55<bart416>A stickier variant of doxxing, depending on the environmental temperature :D
19:55<bart416>Or a typo because it's very cold here, either works.
19:56<millisa>'was'. got it. that took me far longer than it should have
19:58<bart416>I like the stickier variant better as excuse personally.
20:06<hoapc>@pwoods : showly
20:09<@pwoods>hoapc: did you submit a ticket?
20:11<@pwoods>hoapc: can you share the ticket number? I can make sure it gets looked at.
20:11<hoapc>have to wait 24 hours or something, while I want to run the mail
20:12<hoapc>ticket number : #13374393
20:13<@pwoods>hoapc: thanks! I'll take a look
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20:29<linbot>New news from community: hỗ trợ mở tài khoản linode <>
20:32<bart416>Anyway, thanks guys!
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20:38<@pwoods>hoapc: I've updated the ticket.
20:42<hoapc>@pwoods thanks, What should I do to send a mail test now?
21:01<hoapc>@pwoods: please help me
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21:16<arby>With KVM-hosted Linodes on AMD, running linux, what kernel `reboot=` spec makes sense.
21:16<arby>Does it matter at all? I've been cleaning up boot & shutdown times, and realized ... dunno what's recommended in the Linode case.
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21:53<hoapc>does it matter at all? How to enable port 25, 465, 587 to send mail on linode server?
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23:16<Sanket>Pricing are hourly basis or monthly?
23:17<Sanket>Means we can shutdown the server when not required
23:17<millisa>It is billed for the time it is provisioned, regardless of power on state
23:19<Sanket>Can you send me one screenshot of how we can stop the server when not required
23:19<millisa>I'm not sure I understand the request. If you have a linode provisioned, you are billed for it
23:20<Sanket>thank you
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23:44<elmoco87>how do i setting up azuracast? can i http://and/ or or
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