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00:56<Guest16293>my account got cancelled 2 times
00:57<Guest16293>any help?
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06:17<linbot>New news from community: No public visible flask app on centos 7/8 <>
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10:05<LouWestin>Sounds like he has the ip setup wrong...all zeros. I’m not familiar with setting up a flask server.
10:06<LouWestin>And/or he still has the default CentOS firewall on.
10:13<dwfreed> is the unspecified address, means listen on every address the server has
10:13<dwfreed>however, flask is not meant to be directly exposed to the internet
10:14<dwfreed>it should be run behind uwsgi and nginx/apache
10:20<LouWestin>Ah, k.
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10:43<@bbigger>!trout _brian
10:43*linbot slaps bbigger around a bit with a large trout for using this command
11:12<koenig>That's probably one of the fun parts about working for Linode. Namely, it's small enough that you get to know your co-workers pretty well on a joking basis, so things like the linbot get funny/quirky things added like that.
11:13<@jackley>i've never met mcintosh or bbigger in my life!
11:14<koenig>I may not be a good barometer, admittedly. The company for which I work now has 175,000 employees worldwide.
11:14<@mcintosh>he's yanking your chain
11:14<cews>London has a little outage
11:14<@mcintosh>London can have a little outage, as a treat
11:14<@mcintosh>sorry - that wasn't funny
11:15*rnowak outages mcintosh
11:15<cews>!point mcintosh
11:15<cews>I like
11:15<linbot>cews: Point given to mcintosh. (24)
11:15<cews>5 seconds
11:15<cews>Coupon code?
11:15<rnowak>I just had an sshexit, I'll hold mcintosh responsible
11:15<@jackley>cews: there was a 5 second outage? everything good now?
11:16<cews>jackley: seems to be OK, I can /msg IP if you want to look into it further
11:16<@jackley>ys pls!
11:22<@jackley>ya it looks like there was a very small blip in London, only seems to have affected a few hosts
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12:46<elmoco87>hi all how do i setting up azuracast? or http://and/ or
12:46<millisa>Can you ask that in another way?
12:54<elmoco87>i can't login azuracast
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13:10*Dragon squints
13:10<Dragon>why can't you log into it?
13:12<Dragon>it resolves to a Linode IP and it responds to ping
13:12<Dragon>server is up. is your software running??
13:33<chesty>well you better go chase it them
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13:34<jguedez>Buenas tardes
13:34<jguedez>alguien de Linode que me pueda ayudar con una consulta?
13:36<jguedez>i need some help with linode
13:36<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:36<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:37<cews>login me not worky
13:37<@_brian>elmoco87 if you installed AzuraCast via their Linode StackScript you should be able to enter your Linode's IP address into your web browser and create your Super Administrator account by entering an email address and password
13:38<@_brian>also hi all
13:38<jguedez>i 'm working right now in a department store where the old sysadmin gone away
13:38<jguedez>o need to know if my domain or dns are hosted by linode
13:38<jguedez>and how is the method to recover the access
13:39<cews>Do you have any details, such as email address used to register?
13:39<jguedez>i only want to know is and it's DNS are hosted in linode
13:40<cews>jguedez: | or email (you will need to verify who you are)
13:41<jguedez>thanks cews
13:41<cews>One of those link should be
13:41<nate>jguedez: Looking at who owns the IP address of the domain should reflect if it's hosted at linode, the nameservers to the domain to see where the DNS is
13:41<koenig>I don't think those nameservers are Linode's.
13:41<nate>hopefully the former sysadmin didn't have it all on their own account
13:42<nate>(if it is at linode)
13:42<jguedez>ok thank you very much
13:42<@_brian>the name server isnt, but the IP is on Linode
13:43<koenig>Although the netblock that resolves to is certainly Linode.
13:43<koenig>Err, yeah, what _brian said.
13:46<jguedez>ok thank you Brian
13:47<@_brian>you're welcome :)
13:47<jguedez>so i don't have any user name or mail of the registered user
13:50<cews>jguedez: email support, thy will ask you to verify with ID, if the account is company. If the account registered was personal, you will not be able to recover AFAIK. You may be best going through your company to have them contact the ex-employee to regain access or transfer the Linode to a new account.
13:50<jguedez>.i will email support , thanks
13:51<@_brian>^ Your best bet is to find out who is paying for the service. We'll need some info from them in order to authenticate you and help you gain access. See if they can provide the last 6 digits of the card on file and anything else they might know about the account.
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14:14<millisa>wonder if they only started the migration process or didn't quite do something right:
14:15<millisa>(they are handing out ns1-5 as their ns records on that nameservers)
14:17<millisa>and then this:
14:17<cews>The wonders of DNS
14:19<koenig>That was EXACTLY what I was puzzled about, although I didn't say anything because I didn't want to wade in.
14:19<millisa>The a record for '' is the same as the a record for the
14:19<koenig>Technically you could split your nameservers like that and be just fine.
14:19<koenig>But you'd need to make your updates in two places.
14:23<chesty>there's only one place though if you look at the second paste
14:26<millisa>The tend asesores name is mentioned at the bottom of their store page as the developer. There are a half dozen other sites I see that use the same IP. I'll wager a doughnut that it's the developer's system.
14:29<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - US-Central (Dallas) <>
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15:54<elmoco87>This site can’t be refused to connect. Try:
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15:55<millisa>i only see ssh open to that ip
16:06<elmoco87>azuracast is not open website
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20:17<elmoco87>azuracast website is not open
20:26<LouWestin> site seems to be working
20:55<Dragon>elmoco87: is it running??
20:56<Dragon>do you have iptables rules blocking it?
20:56<Dragon>you keep repeating yourself but are you investing any effort here??
20:57<elmoco87>how do i run azouracast
21:00<elmoco87>how do i run azuracast
21:00<millisa>did you read this?
21:02<millisa>It appears to run the same steps listed in
21:13<millisa>stackscript appeared to work when I tried it. took a couple minutes after the system was up for it to finish
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