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06:17<Srdjan>Hi.I was wandering if you can tell me waht i used for? I belong to organisation called Cash Learning Partnership or CaLP and we where hoping to use as it looks unused for regular person
06:21<Peng_>Linode has lots of customers, it's unlikely the specific one you're looking for is here.
06:22<Peng_>Linode doesn't necessarily know what exactly customers are up to, and can't really divulge it if they do.
06:27<dwfreed>I can tell you right now you're not going to get the domain for less than several thousand dollars
06:29<chesty>why not change your org name to blockchain and cash learning partnership
06:32<chesty>dwfreed, i doubt money is an issue for them, they teach people how to make money to they should have millions
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09:30<Dragon>fifr[m]: having fun changing nicks over there?
09:32<koenig>It's a Matrix bridge connection. Looks like they got it sorted out eventually.
09:39<fifr[m]>Dragon: aah, sorry for that, didn't notice
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10:35<wblew>Whew, #idlelife
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13:27<Dragon>wblew: are you still hosting westeroscraft? the IRC link stopped functioning
13:33<@wblew>Dragon: yes, you mean the irc chat link thing?
13:50<@wblew>Dragon: intentional for now, discord became a thing plus they keep changing stuff on us under the hood.
13:56<Dragon>ah gotcha. good luck haha
13:57<Cromulent>this might sound like a weird request but is anyone willing to let me alpha test a web crawler on their website at all?
13:58<Cromulent>I want to test on a website I have no idea about the content with and no control over
14:02<millisa>how big a site?
14:02<gparent>spoiler alert
14:02<gparent>the crawler will find out
14:03<Dragon>wget -R
14:03<Dragon>no that's not right...
15:06<bestdesign>how connect
15:06<bestdesign>here with matrix?
15:56<Dragon>carefully and with other adverbs
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18:39<ericoc>Cromulent: lol go for it
18:39<ericoc>the whole site is like <2KB
18:40<ericoc>including the css and favicon... there are no images..
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20:17<chesty>I've got a small wiki you can crawl,
22:23<Peng_>Does Linode host any RIPE Atlas probes? If not, any interest in software probes? :D
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22:45<Tex>Hello my name is Tex, I am someone new to this service
22:45<millisa>Howdy, Tex
22:46<Tex>I have only used Siteground services before, but in this case I am somewhat lost
22:47<millisa>I'm not familiar with siteground. What is it that is causing you to be lost?
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22:49<Tex>In other words, I have only used shared hosting
22:49<Tex>It's a vps, so I'm having problems with how I can access a control panel
22:49<Woet>Tex: Linode doesn't sell shared hosting
22:49<Woet>it's an unmanaged Linux VPS
22:50<millisa>Any control panel would be one you'd have to install.
22:50<Woet>if you don't know what SSH means, and you don't want to spend quite some time getting familiar with it, it's not the right product for you
22:51<Woet>however, if you do want to learn, it's a good idea
22:52<Tex>And what is the cost for someone else to install a panel for me
22:53<Tex>Then I will have to learn, but also if Linode offers the installation service it would be great to know
22:53<millisa>They have a professional services group that will quote out something like that -
22:54<Tex>I already registered there but I didn't get any answer, that's why I came to this channel
22:55<Woet>Tex: it'll be $100 at minimum
22:55<Woet>and then they won't be maintaining it for you either
22:56<Tex>excellent is very good to know
22:56<Tex>I thank you for your time, excellent support channel
22:57<Tex>Very fast answers, thank you very much
22:58<Woet>Tex: you should really get a VPS if you want to learn (or pay a lot for managed)
22:58<Woet>but if you don't want either, just find shared hosting.
22:58<Woet>there's a million providers out ther
23:00<Tex>Well you convinced me, I will learn
23:00<Tex>I have used shared hosting for a long time
23:01<millisa>Give the getting started guide a read then -
23:01<Tex>It's time to go to the next level
23:01<Tex>I'm going to suck all the documentation I can find
23:02<millisa>They have quite a bit -
23:02<Tex>Excellent I will start with this guide
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