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04:55<nate>You know if there's one PgSQL feature I really wish I'd see in mysql/mariadb already, it's the RETURNING handle :|
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06:00<chesty>is there a reason you're using mysql/mariadb?
06:01<nate>chesty: Cause it's better :P
06:01<nate>But no really it does fit better for these needs
06:01<nate>but I'm currently trying to do a hell-grade merger of different databases into a single source and the RETURNING feature for snagging ID's would be so much nicer than last_insert_id()
06:03<chesty>shots fired.
06:05<nate>honestly database layer wouldn't even matter, the integrity is a disaster
06:05<nate>there are tables cross-tied but some of them have straight up deleted rows
06:06<chesty>you've chosen the right database if integrity is a disaster
07:13<linbot>New news from community: The root password reset option doesn't work for my Linode. How can I reset my root password? <>
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10:40<Peng_>!web title
10:40<linbot>Peng_: The root password reset option doesnt work for my Linode. How can I reset my root password? | Linode Questions
10:41<Peng_>I get 502 Bad Gateway. :/
10:42<Peng_>Maybe because I logged in with my oldest account?
10:43<Peng_>And redirects to which returns a Cloudflare error page saying my IP is banned. \o/
10:44<LouWestin>Maybe your account didn’t get merged over with the change?
10:50*Peng_ clears cookies, forces refresh, logs in again \o/
10:52<LouWestin>Did that clear it?
10:52<LouWestin>Fix it I mean
10:59<FluffyFoxeh>Peng_: also redirects to wp-login.php and the "banned" error page
10:59<FluffyFoxeh>for me
11:00<FluffyFoxeh>But the question link works fine
11:01<FluffyFoxeh>Is supposed to be used?
11:01<FluffyFoxeh>The "Log In" link on the website points to
11:11<Peng_>The login link in goes to the bad place
11:12<Peng_> has a login link going to a third place (that works)
11:14<@mcintosh>Peng_: 502 issue should be resolved
11:15<@mcintosh>just a moment... fixing the other issue
11:15<Peng_>!point mcintosh
11:15<linbot>Peng_: Point given to mcintosh. (25)
11:15<Peng_>!point mcintosh
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11:18<dwfreed>!point mcintosh
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11:18<linbot>dwfreed: 1. millisa (128) 2. dwfreed (97) 3. eugene (97) 4. peng (46) 5. linbot (41)
11:18<dwfreed>!point Peng
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11:21<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
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11:21<csnxs>still works :D
11:25<FluffyFoxeh>!point mcintosh
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11:26<Dragon>!point wblew
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11:27<Dragon>dwfreed: do you still listen to Evanescense constantly?
11:28<dwfreed>I was like, "who knows me that well" and then I saw your username
11:28<dwfreed>and the answer is yes
11:29<@mcintosh>Peng_: FluffyFoxeh: login link should behave more sanely now
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11:29<FluffyFoxeh>indeed it does
11:31<schlimig>Hi. Are there are Linode staff who can help? Due to a mixup with a cancelled card, the payment was missed and now my Linode is suspended. I have made 2 payments now (so am in credit) and the system both times said payment failed and hasn't reactivated my linode... we're in the middle of selling tickets for an event this evening so I'm desperately trying to get things back online!
11:32<dwfreed>mcintosh: ^
11:35<@bbigger>schlimig could you open a Support ticket and share your ticket number here so we can take a look?
11:36<schlimig>@bbigger ticket number: 13417297
11:36<schlimig>Thanks :)
11:36<@bbigger>sure thing, taking a look now
11:36*dwfreed remembers when ticket numbers were under 1,000,000
11:37<dwfreed>and XSAs were single digit numbers
11:37<@mcintosh>!point bbigger
11:37<millisa>pepperidge farm remembers
11:37<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to bbigger. (15)
11:37<cruxeternus>You and Pepperidge Farm
11:38<cruxeternus>millisa: :o
11:38<cruxeternus>I guess some memes have reached oversaturation...
11:38<dwfreed>no such thing
11:41<rsdehart>cruxeternus: get out
11:47<schlimig>@bbigger thank you so much for your help, the other two tickets were duplicates opened by my colleague, please feel free to delete those as they are not necessary any longer.
11:47*cruxeternus cheers.
11:48<@bbigger>schlimig you got it
11:48<schlimig>Thanks again, this is why I choose Linode every time! Later.
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11:52<cruxeternus>!point linode
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11:55<csnxs>!point caker
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12:13<FluffyFoxeh>caker hasn't been here in years :(
12:14<@mcintosh>but still in our hearts <3
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12:33<arby>Is there a list of #s from which Linode status page SMS/txt notifications are sent? Bunch of Fremont users rec'd 'reminders' from unknown #s with NO identification as being Linode-related in the msg ...
12:36<linbot>New news from status: Payment Processing Issues - Linode Manager and API <>
12:37<@bbigger>arby official SMS alert # should come from 78774, which is's short code
12:40<arby>@bbigger: here, not from shortcode .... actual alert (re: Pymt Processing) came from one area-code 650 #, the immediate follow-on, 'unlabelled', on came from another/different 650 #.
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12:43<millisa>is the content like what's in ?
12:46<arby>millisa: The content of the 1st msg is: "[Linode status] investigating: Payment Processing Issues - Linode Manager and API"
12:46<arby>The 2nd is: "Reminder: you can unsubscribe from incident alerts like these at"
12:46<arby>again, neither from the stspg shortcode
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13:07<soporteysumma>is there any customer agent here?
13:10<DrJ>soporteysumma: just ask your question
13:10<DrJ>ops here are linode employees
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13:23<@bbigger>arby looks like US texts from statuspage use short-code, while other countries use various numbers from the 650 area code as depicted here
13:23<@bbigger>dang, he left
13:24<FluffyFoxeh>I don't know if my texting app can receive messages from shortcodes
13:24<FluffyFoxeh>It definitely can't send to them
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14:17<dwfreed>you know, arby really loves to bitch about the stupidest things
14:20<csnxs>looks like statuspage also gained UK-based numbers at some point
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14:51<millisa>aw man. they just had a recent community article that was perfect for riling him up.
14:51<millisa>this one -
15:44<nate>reading up, as a fremont user I didn't get any messages so
16:05<linbot>New news from community: Why is fail2ban flushlogs using 100% of my Linode's CPU? <>
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16:46<gparent>it's telling you you should ban fail2ban
16:49<LouWestin>Interestingly it was a staff post and they mentioned about compressing the log files being an issue. Makes sense.
16:52<gparent>yeah was reading through the github issues
16:53<LouWestin>I didn’t get that far. lol
16:54<gparent>you'll be quizzed later
16:56<LouWestin>On a side note. I was just looking at Debian 11 notes and they’re saying PHP will be updated from 7.0 to 7.3. I’m confused because Deb 10 already has 7.3
16:56<LouWestin>Oh crap... I better jump on it!
16:57<LouWestin>Link for reference:
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16:59<LouWestin>Also JDK 11 is on Deb 10 already.
17:02<millisa>don't see it reported. maybe it's your time to shine.
17:04<gparent>arent all of these wrong?
17:04<gparent>probably not updated yet
17:04<millisa>looks like it was just copied from the buster release notes
17:05<millisa>comparing page4 on and
17:08<LouWestin>I know JDK 8 was updated in...Deb 9
17:08<LouWestin>Right right. Probably not updated yet.
17:09<gparent>changelog: increased a lot of numbers
17:38<LouWestin>I’ll wait for the more official release notes. I don’t even think they’re anywhere near the freeze point yet.
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18:13<FluffyFoxeh>It's quite a while yet
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20:15<linbot>New news from community: Login History <>
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21:10<LouWestin>At least another year I’d guesstimate.
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