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05:13<JamesTK>lol so i haven't checked irc in a month and now i find out i had been kicked out since the 17th of jan XD
05:39<chesty>JamesTK, yeah, you were posting lots of porn links with malware so got booted. maybe you were hacked?
07:53<nate>My brain is too tired to tell if you're messing with him or if I'm going insane and remembering an accidental mass kick that didn't actually happen, or maybe happened elsewhere...
07:54<rsdehart>fake news
07:54<rsdehart>I don't have a very good handle on the passage of time so I couldn't remember if the mass kick was then or not
07:55<@pwoods>There's been some IRC splits recently, I belive, too.
08:02<chesty>just messing with him
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11:25<FluffyFoxeh>Topic set by ChanServ ( on Thu, 16 Jan 2020 14:43:39
11:26<rsdehart>FluffyFoxeh: thanks, I don't often type /topic
11:27<FluffyFoxeh>It occurred to me that the topic was changed after it happened. So I checked
11:27<rsdehart>I join the channel even less often :)
11:27<FluffyFoxeh>Ah, I wasn't implying it should have been obvious, just quoting a data point :)
11:28<rsdehart>no no I understood
11:28<rsdehart>there are those I would have assumed were implying it should have been obvious, though >.>
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16:32<plboily>Hi guys, im trying to connect with my VNC on my linux machine. Any tricks i need to know? i can easily connect to my linode by SSH but cant get it work. VNCSERVER running smoothly on my host.
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18:20<hdb2>question about dns: I have my A and AAAA records pointing to the bare domain (no subdomain). on other hosting sites, a CNAME would point to @, but the linode manager won't take the @ symbol. any suggestions?
18:22<Peng_>If I remember correctly, leave it blank instead of using @
18:31<hdb2>hmmm...after googling around, it appears that linode doesn't support this because it breaks some RFC...some other providers allow it, but it's technically not correct therefore linode doesn't support it
18:41<millisa>you want a cname for something like 'www' to alias to the bare domain?
18:44<millisa>(that post appears to be for the other way around. if you want 'somename' to alias to the base domain, put the base domain in the 'alias to' box in the manager)
18:46<millisa>something like this -
18:55<hdb2>millisa: thank you!
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21:42<linbot>New news from community: From 4GB Standard to 4GB Dedicated plan - is it worth it? <>
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