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02:28<chesty>I believe a cname record has to be the only record for the name, ie you shouldn't have www as a cname and a www txt record too. cname for a base domain therefore doesn't work because the base domain needs ns records.
02:31<dwfreed>NS and SOA, yeah
02:31<dwfreed>and yes, a CNAME record cannot coexist with any other record type
02:44<chesty>which is why www is still a thing for some websites that use services like cloudflare. ie is a cname to a cloudflare record. you can't add a cname to, so has a few A records and web servers that redirects browsers to
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03:31<LautaroPiatti>Hello, cpanel has an additional cost to 1-click install in a server?
03:39<chesty>LautaroPiatti, i think it comes with linode managed at $100/month. unmanaged linodes I'm not sure what the situation is, I believe there is an extra cost but I don't know the details. cpanel does partner with linode but I don't know what the arrangement is. it might just be for managed linodes
03:46<rsdehart>LautaroPiatti: to my knowledge if you don't get it through managed linode you just have to get it through cpanel, no linode involvement
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08:54<linbot>New news from community: Rescue Mode <>
09:44<linbot>New news from community: How do I use gmail to send emails? <>
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13:25<tarq>The CNAME thing has bitten me in the past. I get why it doesn’t work but I wish there was an alternative record type that behaved like an A record with a domain
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13:39<Peng_>Don't worry, there have been two decades of efforts by web browsers to not support SRV records and try to come up with a new standard instead
13:39<Peng_>Seems to be actually going somewhere this time!
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14:22<Cromulent>I've managed to amass a whole load of SSH keys over the years and now I have no idea what most of them are for
14:23<Cromulent>Most of them are for old servers and stuff that I no longer have
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14:56<nate>that's usually why I keep my keys both usually named relative to the source (or at least w/ a comment in the file) as well as in a folder under project/client/etc's folder
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20:57<LouWestin>I like woet’s response to that community question.
20:57<LouWestin>Regarding getting gmail to work.
21:27<Woet>everyone likes my responses
21:27<Woet>because it's what Linode employees are thinking but not able to say
21:27<Woet>rgerke: why did you post a response saying exactly what I said but using way too many words?
21:27<Woet>that's rude
21:28<chesty>Woet needs to read answering questions better
21:28<Woet>just because I'm direct and don't add fluff like "We're happy to help you look into this." doesn't mean my answer is worse
21:29<Woet>in fact, it saves bandwidth and storage
21:29<tecuane>wild how people still believe that in 2020
21:31<nate>See personally I like combining the two
21:32<chesty>you could have been just as brief with less beef. (I just used beef because it rhymed)
21:32<nate>Be a little up front blunt to try and motivate them to conversate better in the future but then be nice and citing in the second paragraph. Then every one hates you equally cause you were both meanly blunt and unnecessarily nice
21:49<LouWestin>His question would’ve been acceptable for a managed hosting provider’s forum, but not Linode’s.
21:51<LouWestin>It still wouldn’t be helpful and support would still be In the dark.
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