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00:05<vibhor> start downloading, then partway through give the failure message
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00:31<chesty>what is the exact error message, word for word?
00:32<dwfreed>a screenshot would be great
00:37<dwfreed>pretty straightforward; you don't have read permission on the file
00:37<dwfreed>what user are you logging in as?
00:39<vibhor>a new user other then root, which I have created while applying the Pvt keys,
00:42<dwfreed>that file is likely only readable by root
00:42<dwfreed>you may be able to see it, but you cannot read it
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00:45<dwfreed>vibhor: the best solution is to log in via ssh and use sudo to copy the file to the home folder of the user you usually log in as, then chown it to your user
00:45<Guest17360>I have setup wordpress site in linode But i am getting "The requested URL was not found on this server." whenever i open page link. Can you fix this issue?
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00:46<Kumar_>I have setup wordpress site in linode But i am getting "The requested URL was not found on this server." whenever i open page link. Can you fix this issue?
00:47<LouWestin>You’ll have to provide more information
00:47<Kumar_>Please chek url "".
00:48<Woet>Kumar_: you probably didn't set up pretty links via .htaccess / mod_rewrite / allowoverride properly.
00:49<Kumar_>if i setup permalink with "index.php/slug" it's working fine but if i am changing it with post name then i am getting error "The requested URL was not found on this server ".
00:49<LouWestin>If you set it back to the default link and the pages show up then what woet says
00:49<Kumar_>How i can setup mod_rewrite / allowoverride please guide.
00:50<Woet>Kumar_: use one of the 10,000++ guides you can find on Google
00:50<Woet>or the official Wordpress docs
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00:54<Kumar_>How i can create sftp in linode?
00:58<LouWestin>You login just like ssh, but with an ftp application
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01:53<@jdutton>Kumar_: This Community post may point you in the right direction:
01:54<@jdutton>Oops too late
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04:00<Clyde>I wanna see if the customer service works?
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04:14<csnxs>longview broke at 07:15 UTC this morning
04:14<csnxs>seemingly no reason why
04:14<csnxs>my longview.log is filled with generic nginx 502 errors
04:16<csnxs>those errors started at 05:43:00, and longview hasn't received any data since 07:15
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06:17<@pwoods>csnxs: are you still seeing issues with Longview? Also, have you opened a ticket with Support on this yet?
06:20<csnxs>seems to be working now
06:23<csnxs>yeah, it's working now
06:23<csnxs>not sure what happened earlier
06:24<@pwoods>Hmm. It's good to know that it's working now, though I'd like to know why it wasn't to make sure it doesn't happen again.
06:24<@pwoods>Did you open a Support ticket for this?
06:25<csnxs>I didn't
06:25<csnxs>I was gonna open one if it still wasn't working when I get home
06:28<@pwoods>Gotcha. The logs would be helpful, but also we might be able to pinpoint it to a specific Longview box on our end.
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06:30<hbe1>hi Linode team, I'd like to use a VPS but I'm concerned about the potentially unlimited cost of eg a DDOS. Is there a way to cap my monthly transferrs
06:30<grawity>you're not paying for being on the receiving end of a DDOS
06:31<hbe1>but if I had an unexpected amount of traffic, lets say I configured a server incorrectly?
06:31<csnxs>I get home in about an hour, so I can get the logs then if you want. The log was mainly just "502 Bad Gateway" with the html code for a generic nginx 502 page spammed every minute
06:34<@pwoods>hbe1: You can set up notification emails to alert you if your transfer has passed a certain treshold, so you would be aware of something causing high transfer before you go beyond your network transfer
06:35<hbe1>pwoods: but if you have a mechanism to alert, you must be able to implement a mechanism to switch off? I might be on holiday for a week, I don't want a big bill on my credit card
06:36<@pwoods>csnxs: thanks for the offer. I don't want to give you a chore, so if you think of it, great. I wouldn't want this repeating on you.
06:36<@pwoods>hbe1: We don't place restrictions on traffic outside of ToS reports, and the default SMTP filters for new accounts.
06:37<hbe1>there should be some option to deactive the droplet automatically instead of going over the allocated bandwidth
06:38<grawity>hmm isn't there a certain monthly maximum for monthly bills or am I confusing that with regular server rate?
06:39<hbe1>grawity: it seems to suggest that data transfers are not included in the cap
06:42<grawity>hmm, one week at 100 Mbps would cost $80 of overages
06:43<grawity>I guess I would try to limit it on server side; I had a cronjob like that once
06:43<@pwoods>Thanks for the suggestion. As a reminder, IPv6 traffic is exempt from being included in the network transfer quota.
06:44<grawity>wait,all IPv6, or only IPv6 between linodes?
06:45<@pwoods>I thought it was all, but going to get some clarification.
06:45<@pwoods>"Our IPv6 accounting was designed so that local IPv6 traffic does not count against your network transfer quota, so you can use your default IPv6 address as if it were a private IP address."
06:45<@pwoods>That's from
06:46<grawity>yeah, so just local (between linodes)
06:54<@pwoods>grawity: yeah, you're correct. I was misreading something, think it's a case of not finshing my morning coffee yet.
06:55<hbe1>oh well, that's sad because I need to budget for what is something between a hobby and a business, and I need to control costs carefully
06:57<@pwoods>hbe1: I understand that. A cost effective way to mitigate this would be to add a Nanode to your account, as the transfer quota is calculated by a pool of transfer on the account.
06:57<@pwoods>This is explained more in our guide:
06:57<hbe1>thank you for your time. I will have a look at some other vps providers as well
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07:53<csnxs>pwoods, here's the longview.log, starting from when stuff started breaking. The longview client restart at 9am is from me when I realised it was broken
08:01<linbot>New news from community: How to disable or remove IPV6 from a Linode. <> || stop booting into GRUB <> || Multiple docker volumes on a single Block Storage Volume? <>
08:29<@pwoods>Thanks csnxs!
08:47<@pwoods>:( Too many screens open....
08:48<rsdehart>go home drunk, you're pwoods
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08:52<linbot>Bless you, pwoods!
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09:13<csnxs>!lick pwoods
09:13<linbot>csnxs: Point given to pwoods. (15)
09:14<AlexMax>Greetings from Matrix. Has anybody been having issues with Atlanta this morning?
09:15<@pwoods>AlexMax: what kind of issues?
09:16<AlexMax>I had a period of time where I was having trouble connecting to my server over SSH this morning. I decided to use lish and got in that way, but there was some weird lag still.
09:16<AlexMax>And then of course I managed to get in via SSH without any issues just now.
09:17<AlexMax>So I figured whatever was going on might be some transient network thing.
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09:18<AlexMax>Sorry, nothing concrete, just putting out a feeler to the chat.
09:19<@pwoods>Gotcha. I'm unaware of anything related to the Atlanta DC as a whole, so it's possible to be limited to the Linode's host, or something specific to your Linode.
09:20<@pwoods>We can look into this further for you. If you open a Support ticket and let us know the number, I'd be happy to dig a little further for you.
09:21<AlexMax>nod Yeah, it's still a little laggy and there's nothing obvious going on like a high steal% that would lead me to believe that it's a problem with anything I'm running. The box is used as a development box and gets almost no traffic and if anything is oversized. I'll submit a ticket after I'm done with what I need to do, since there might be other folks on this same box that might be having issues too.
09:25<@pwoods>Appreciate that you're thinking of other customers as well, AlexMax
09:27<Woet>AlexMax: run a MTR + check the load/wa%.
09:28<AlexMax>man i must not be fully awake yet, because that should've been the first thing I did. Turns out my boss is uploading stuff to B2 and that's why there's latency.
09:28<AlexMax>Sorry to be a bother folks.
10:18<FluffyFoxeh>drink your covfefe
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11:36<linbot>New news from community: Upgrade PHP to 7.3 (unmet dependencies) <>
12:26<linbot>New news from community: Does setting up two Docker containers require Kubernetes? <>
12:50<nuevu>Nice write up from Cloudflare on their selection of processor for their next generation of servers (48-core AMD EPYC 7642):
12:51<hdb2>I haven't kept up with processors, but I can't fathom a 48 core processor. wouldn't it just immediately melt from the heat?
12:53<nuevu>Sounds like the spec sheet lists that processor at ~225W TDP. That is a good chunk to have to dissipate.
12:55<hdb2>forget running the heater in your house, just run "make" on your server
12:58<chesty>I guess the horizontal surface area is also increased and the capacity to remove the heat with it
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13:56<cruxeternus>For one thing, they're now using a chiplet architecture... so the CPU is actually split into distinct units
13:59<cruxeternus>So there's 5 separate chips under a huge heatspreader
13:59<cruxeternus>Or 9 chips, etc.
14:03<LouWestin>Way too much engineering math for me to figure out. lol
14:06<LouWestin>About that post with upgrading to PHP 7.3 on Ubuntu 18.4 LTS. Strange that it doesn’t already have PHP 7.3. Unless it’s labeled differently. Also from his reply, Aptitude is not available either.
14:08<nate>Louis6321: With PHP having a somewhat stable lifecycle design now it makes sense that an Ubuntu LTS wouldn't be rolling the latests. Though odd it shipped with 7.0 I will admit, I think 7.1 or at least close to 7.2 would have been the main release at the time of 18.04's LTS release
14:13<LouWestin>Ok. Debian 10 is running 7.3 hence why I’m surprised. According to his post, he’s running 18.4, but this post shows his PHP version is for 16.4
14:13<Peng_>They posted their sources.list 24 minutes ago.
14:14<Peng_>Looks like they did an upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 and it automatically disabled most of the repositories.
14:15<LouWestin>Ah... I’m not well versed in Ubuntu hence my ignorance on it.
14:16<LouWestin>I figured it was something that wrong with the sources.
14:16<Peng_>I'm not that well versed in upgrading Ubuntu, but the file has comments. :D
14:17<LouWestin>I read through it really quick so I missed all that. lol
14:18<LouWestin>I should probably reserve my tech help to when I actually I have time to read through it rather than at work between free time.
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14:28<linbot>New news from community: What is the default MTU on the Linode network? <>
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14:48<Peng_>So it's possible to deploy jumbo frames on the LAN?
14:48<linbot>New news from community: How do I upload a public key to my new Linode? <>
14:53<Zr40>seems easy to try
14:53<Peng_>Testing bulletproof boots is easy to try, but I'd rather ask someone else. :P
14:54*dwfreed points a gun at Peng_'s foot
14:54<Zr40>I mean, if it explodes, you can just reboot
14:56<dwfreed>I wouldn't mess with it, because PMTUd still doesn't always work
14:56<dwfreed>hit the wrong peer leaving Linode's network, and then RIP your traffic
14:57<dwfreed>(though hopefully Linode's edge routers have 1500 on their edge interfaces, and don't drop Packet Too Big messages that they would generate, so it shouldn't actually be an issue)
14:57<Zr40>if that's true, why don't links with a smaller MTU don't hit problems all the time?
14:57<@pwoods>I appreciate your humoor, Zr40
14:58<dwfreed>Zr40: typically the smaller MTU side is on the customer side
14:58<dwfreed>customer to their ISP
14:58<dwfreed>and as long as the customer's router doesn't drop Packet Too Big, you're fine
15:00<Peng_>I have a worse idea: Jumbo frames for inter-Linode data center traffic!
15:00<dwfreed>and most of those kinds of links are v4 only, and the ISP allows fragmentation in their router, because they know it's an issue
15:00<dwfreed>v6 requires PMTUd, which is why accessing some sites over an HE tunnel just doesn't work
15:01<dwfreed>because some stupid content providers drop the Packet Too Big
15:01<Peng_>I never had problems, a couple years later I noticed that my router forces everything to 1280 for some damn reason. >_<
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15:59<linbot>New news from community: adding new domain to existing website <>
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16:06<@_brian>hi there
16:07<@_brian>:slowbro: also why did this client condense 1 user leave
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