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01:11<linbot>New news from community: How to view my Linode's site without DNS <>
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03:04<chesty>how many characters are there in the toy story movies? I'm just wondering when debian will have to change naming scheme
03:05<chesty>30 apparently
03:06<chesty>I guess about 20 more releases
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03:07<chesty>they'll probable keep making toy story movies, even if there's a 20 year gap.
03:08<Unit193>I still need to catch up.
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04:06<chesty>I'm not a huge fan of animations. some animated tv series were great, though, so I guess i just don't like many of the animated movies
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08:42<linbot>New news from community: nmtui gets a (permission denied) when editing ifcg-eht0 <>
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09:35<LouWestin>That’s the same question I had about Debian’s code names.
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09:50<chesty>did you ask it here? I think I must have read your question. I'm having deja vu
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10:37<LouWestin>I don’t believe it was me. It was one of those mental questions I’ve had, but never inquired on.
11:49<chonk>Not to be confused with one of those physical questions
12:03<chesty>are you mental?
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12:37<@mcintosh>let's get physical, physical
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12:43<miguel>can not access to lish
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12:44<millisa>why not?
12:46<AlexMax>Well this is bizarre. After a live migration, sysstat started reporting bogus figures.
12:46<LouWestin>Here ya go mcintosh!
12:46<AlexMax>Anybody run into this before?
12:51<@pwoods>Guest17501: We're aware of the issue with LISH, and mcintosh is already on it
12:53<linbot>New news from community: Issues with apt-get update on Ubuntu <>
12:54<Guest17501>I cannot access, it shows me an error message that the token has expired
12:55<@pwoods>Guest17501: thanks for that extra bit of info. mcintosh seems to know what the problem is and is looking to restore access ASAP.
12:57<@mcintosh>hello yes, i am fixing this
12:57<LouWestin>!point mcintosh
12:57<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to mcintosh. (30) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 9)
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13:22<@mcintosh>the issue impacting lish has been resolved
13:56*dwfreed notes a distinct lack of "New news from status: Lish issues" from linbot
13:59*mcintosh shrugs
13:59<@mcintosh>it was quite brief :p
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16:32<linbot>New news from community: Longview Apache workers and memory spike <>
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17:38<reve>anybody there
17:38<millisa>Lots of bodies.
17:38<synfinatic>and lots of nobodies
17:38<reve>i am facing issues man can anyone help
17:38<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:39<reve>linode restarted my server automatically
17:39<reve>after that i can not login the server over ssh or lish
17:40<millisa>You could reset the root password if you don't know it -
17:40<millisa>or you could use rescue mode
17:40<reve>how to login throgh rescue mod
17:41<millisa>That link covers how to boot into it, mount your disks, and chrooting into it.
17:41<millisa>But resetting the root password is usually quicker, using the first link
17:41<reve>the problem is probbly due to selinux enabled ssh not working
17:42<millisa>if you've done something that will stop root from logging in at all, rescue mode is the way to go
17:42<reve>rescue mode data will be safe?
17:43<reve>i am not linux expert
17:43<millisa>it's like booting off a rescue cd
17:43<millisa>you'd boot into the finnix environment, mount your disks from it, then chroot into them and can then fix whatever it is that is broken then reboot back into regular mode
17:44<reve>can anyone help from your core supprot team
17:45<dwfreed>Linode is not a managed provider, they won't do this for you
17:50<reve>this is unfortunate
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17:52<reve>how to disable selinux
17:52<reve>any idea
17:53<millisa>why do you think it is selinux blocking your login?
17:53<reve>it happened last thats why thinking like that
17:53<reve>but last time i could login using lish
17:53<reve>now i can not login using lish too
17:55<millisa>that's less likely to be selinux. lish is like logging in from a console. just turning on selinux shouldn't stop root logins there.
17:55<reve>i want to disable selinux
17:56<synfinatic>then pass in selinux=0 to the kernel at boot
17:56<synfinatic>alternatively, you have to login as root, edit a file and reboot
17:56<reve>you mean rescue mode
17:57<millisa>if you haven't tried resetting your root password yet, do that...
17:58<reve>Contain at least two of the following character classes: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.
17:58<reve>it is not taking my password
17:58<@rdaniels> @reve Have you created a Support ticket? Let me know the ticket number because we may need to look into this further.
17:58<millisa>is it at least 6 characters long?
17:59<millisa>is your linode powered down when you try to reset it?
17:59<reve>it was more than 6
18:00<dwfreed>your root password needs to be at least 6 characters, and contain at least 2 of those types of characters listed
18:00<@rdaniels>Thanks! I see that one of my teammates is already looking into your issue. They'll update the ticket when they have more information to share.
18:00<dwfreed>so foobar is not valid, but fooBar would be
18:01<reve>can you share some sample password
18:01<dwfreed>I just did
18:02<millisa>it should light up green check marks next to the 'Passwords must:' section if you are meeting htose requirements
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18:03<reve>something wrong
18:03<reve>it is not taking the password
18:03<reve>reveSanfort .. i tried it but it is not lighting save button
18:03<reve>"reveSanfort .. i tried it but it is not lighting save button
18:04<millisa>is the linode turned off?
18:04<reve>"reveSanfort" .. i tried it but it is not lighting save button
18:04<millisa>is the linode turned off?
18:04<reve>no it is showing running
18:04<dwfreed>the reset password function only works if the Linode is off
18:04<millisa>step4 of
18:04<dwfreed>because the host has to mount the disk and change the password, and it can't do that if the Linode is running
18:05<reve>oh i c
18:05<reve>let me do
18:05<reve>i have to press first shutdown
18:07<@_brian>reve could you respond to my pm when you get a chance please?
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18:27<@_brian>ty to everybody who helped. i had some insider info from their console and we got it all sorted out, couldn't mention it in here
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20:23<linbot>New news from community: Does Linode comply with FedRAMP? <>
20:33<linbot>New news from community: Linode DNS A record cannot add domain name @record <>
21:23<linbot>New news from community: my website can't open now <>
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22:20<reve>we are facing an issue
22:20<reve>too many open files
22:20<reve>anyone can have any guideline
22:21<Toba>close some files
22:21<Toba>this might help you though
22:21<dwfreed>Toba: see, I thought that, and decided it was too mean to say out loud
22:22<Toba>well, reve actually either needs to close some files or increase the limit
22:22<dwfreed>increasing the limit is usually not the answer, though
22:22<Toba>it would be good to know why you have so many, think about if you want to bring it down and reduce the number some how, or increase the limit
22:22<dwfreed>unless you know for certain it is
22:22<Toba>so, my advice is valid
22:22<Toba>whether it sounds mean or not :)
22:47<chesty>hitting the open file limit != too many open files, hitting the default open file limit might not be too many open files for the hardware and application
22:54<linbot>New news from community: What is a Permission Pass? <>
23:58<reve>i am little bit surprised
23:58<reve>i have set ulimit =750000
23:58<reve>but still facing too many files issues
23:58<reve>what can be the reason
23:58<reve>how can see how many files opened right now
23:59<chesty>did you read the links Toba gave you?
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