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00:00<@_brian>^ lsof is what you're looking for. Definitely recommend the link Toba provided
00:04<reve>sure sir
00:08<FluffyFoxeh>Is this a hosting company run by the government... to sell hosting to other parts of the government?
00:11<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: for the same reason AWS is a thing
00:12<dwfreed>because doing it in one place is 10,000x better than doing it in 10,000 places
00:12<dwfreed>***especially*** in government
00:12<FluffyFoxeh>except AWS sells to people other than themselves
00:12<dwfreed>Amazon runs on AWS
00:13<@_brian>its probably a lot easier for gov procurement people to tick off all the boxes that way
00:13<FluffyFoxeh>Yeah but I doubt they have a pricing page advertising to teams within Amazon. They probably just internally allocate resources like a normal company
00:15<dwfreed>I'd bet you money that AWS bills departments just like they bill outside customers
00:15<dwfreed>Why do you think AWS's pricing model is so complex
00:15<FluffyFoxeh>I haven't the faintest idea
00:15<dwfreed>it was written by an accounting person, not a salesperson
00:16<@_brian>i've read that amazon departments are actively competing against one another
00:16<dwfreed>Doesn't surprise me
00:16<FluffyFoxeh>That's either a grossly inefficient emergent property of the management structure, or it's pure genius
00:16<FluffyFoxeh>Not sure which
00:17<dwfreed>Competition, performance, and efficiency are the core values of Amazon
00:17<dwfreed>They're the biggest rat race outside of banking and stock markets
00:19<FluffyFoxeh>so they're more like a federation of smaller entities
00:26<reve>need one help
00:29<reve>how to find which process taking highest file descriptor
00:31<Peng_>Do you have multiple processes using zillions of file descriptors on purpose? If not, run "lsof -n | less" and scroll until you get bored. You'll be on whichever process is using lots of FDs. :P
00:36<FluffyFoxeh>!point Peng
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00:36<FluffyFoxeh>!point Peng_
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00:36<reve>ls -l | wc -l
00:37<reve>i used to count file descriptor across os , the result was too high than my ulimit -n
00:38<FluffyFoxeh>lsof, not ls
00:38<reve>later i checked my running process and they are taking very low number of file descriptor , then how it is possible to take that huge number of file descriptor
00:38<FluffyFoxeh>Run "lsof -n | less"
00:38<FluffyFoxeh>No quotes.
00:39<FluffyFoxeh>In what directory were you running "ls -l | wc -l"?
00:40<reve>under root diretory
00:45<dwfreed>you need to run lsof as root
00:45<reve>i have run lsof command
00:45<dwfreed>sudo lsof -n | less
00:49<reve>now what to check
00:51<dwfreed>look for the process with the most files
00:53<reve>all are from system
01:00<dwfreed>do "sudo lsof -n | curl -F 'f:1=<-'" (without the double quotes, the single quotes in the command are important) and paste the URL it gives here
01:07<reve>it doees not return anything
01:10<dwfreed>it didn't output anything?
01:10<dwfreed>did it finish running and give you a prompt again?
01:11<reve>lsof -n | curl -F 'f:1=<-'
01:17<reve>it did not return anything
01:18<reve>this is my max limit: 1000000
01:18<chesty>I think that | curl put the output of lsof on a pastebin site
01:18<dwfreed>it should have output a URL
01:19<reve>i have counted file descriptor of my application and it was: 10000 but still my application got exception due too many files
01:19<dwfreed>changing the limit in your current shell isn't going to change the limit for your application
01:19<chesty>hope there was nothing sensitive in the paste
01:20<dwfreed>chesty: file paths are highly unlikely to be sensitive
01:20<dwfreed>reve: the command didn't output something like "" ?
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02:15<chesty>what's the frequency kenneth?
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03:15<linbot>New news from community: For load balancer session persistence ... why it is recommended to use the Source IP algorithm? <>
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05:07<Guest17576>Why does my registration review always fail?
05:07<Guest17576>Has anyone encountered this problem?
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10:29<Nazar>Hey all! How is going? Can someone help with one thing? I need to know: can I choose location (country) for my node?
10:30<@jackley>Nazar: yup, it's an option when you go to deploy your Linode
10:30<Nazar>And how many locations?
10:30<@jackley>all of 'em are here!
10:31<@jackley>just note that certain services aren't available in all locations – for example, GPUs are only available in Newark, and we're still working on rolling Object Storage out to all locations
10:31<Nazar>Thanks a lot
10:32<@jackley>no problem!
10:32<Nazar>have a nice day
10:32<@jackley>you as well!
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12:37<linbot>New news from community: regional SSL problem. <>
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12:59<LouWestin>I like that community question about apt-get vs apt. I’ve used apt-get mainly out of habit.
13:55<millisa>nuevu: I have just run into the same issue with LE and a netsol based domain that you reported a few days ago. Did you ever manage to get your cert to go through?
13:58<nuevu>millisa: Yes, thankfully. I just let it retry a couple of times per day and it went through after about 48 hours.
13:59<nuevu>Although it passed for the apex domain and failed the "www" subdomain at first, but a retry later in the day went through for both.
13:59<millisa>appreciate the response. i'll just keep retrying. i've seen it say both "DNS problem: SERVFAIL looking up A for" and "DNS problem: query timed out looking up A for"
14:00<millisa>and there it goes. the magic was bugging nuevu. putting that in our official documentation.
14:01<nuevu>Ha! Well, if it works, don't knock it.
14:04<nuevu>Worth repeating, LE is aware of the issue and currently have "increasing confidence" that it's a rate limiting issue on the side:
14:05<millisa>I saw the thread from when you guys talked about it earlier (and saw people were still reporting it)
14:08<millisa>if it wasnt for the fact that the customer wouldn't want me listing the site in question in a thread like that, I'd throw a 'me too' up with some output. I doubt a report with a redacted domain is that useful for them
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17:28<bn_work>Hi, question: we have Network Helper enabled for most of our Linodes and for a few Ubuntu 16.04 LTS boxes we have I noticed it has a (stale) entry that maps its public IP to its FQDN (VS other distros like CentOS 7.X don't seem to touch/add anything like this).
17:28<bn_work>s/entry/etc\/hosts entry/
17:29<bn_work>According to folks in freenode #ubuntu, this is normal and has been like this for a while. If default Ubuntu networking is like that, shouldn't Network Helper be aware of it? (I didn't see anything mentioned about it on If not, name resolution may behave strangely?
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17:49<@_brian>bn_work are you certain that /etc/hosts entry was created by the network helper? i just checked an older ubuntu 16.04 instance and spun up a new one to test, neither have that entry.
17:49<@_brian>that looks like what we instruct new users to set up in this guide though
18:01<dwfreed>Network Helper can't touch /etc/hosts because it doesn't know your FQDN (also, if Network Helper touches a file, it puts a comment at the top letting you know it did that, and where you can find the backup of the file)
18:02<@_brian>!point dwfreed
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18:02<@_brian>saved me from further digging through these repos
18:03<dwfreed>_brian: I'm sure it's better than the old days
18:08<bn_work>_brian: Thanks for testing, I took a look at the link and it only talks about general `hosts` file usage? To answer your question: no, unfortunately I inherited these (older) Ubuntu Linodes, so it's quite possible someone may have set them. The only reason I noticed them was because the original one had been cloned twice and it retained the original's entry, and NH was enabled on one of them, so if NH is aware of it, it should
18:08<bn_work>automatically update. But I wasn't suggesting it touched it, but the opposite, ie: it's not aware of it and shouldn't it update it when enabled?
18:10<dwfreed>it can't
18:10<dwfreed>as noted
18:11<bn_work>_brian: that's interesting that Linode's Ubuntu 16.04 instance doesn't have that entry though... do you guys tweak the distros? I know the kernel used to be Linodes' for a while though and I think you guys reverted to the stock one.
18:11<@_brian>despite the name, NH is only doing a very small subset of tasks, and setting /etc/hosts isn't one of them. the link i provided has a smaller section below the bookmark that discusses setting /etc/hosts
18:12<dwfreed>There are only minor tweaks made to a fresh distro install
18:12<@_brian>we did recently change the default back to GRUB2 though
18:13<@_brian>back? to.
18:15<dwfreed>yeah, Linode kernels have existed since Xen day 1, partly due to the lack of pv_ops availability
18:15<bn_work>_brian: yes, that was done and is set correctly.
18:16<bn_work>oh wait, you're talking about below the distro specific stuff
18:20<bn_work>hmm, ok, then I think it's quite possible that may have been set as part of the initial setup process as our internal docs reference it.
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18:30<bn_work>Should we skip that section and just let DNS resolve & cache it (to avoid creating any hardcoded dependencies)? It sounds like NH's current scope is limited to just basic IP-level auto-config: What I was suggesting earlier was that it'd be nice if it *could* handle both the name-setting and /etc/hosts if you manage your DNS through Linode too (which we do), since we usually deploy from
18:31<dwfreed>if DNS is down, things break; sudo gets mad, for example
18:31<bn_work>Regardless, thanks again for testing and pointing out those sections in the docs
18:31<dwfreed>use a stackscript, or config management, to automatically adjust /etc/hosts in deployment
18:32<bn_work>yes, that was my next line of thought if NH couldn't be enhanced
18:33<@_brian>good ideas. bn_work i'm going to set up something in our internal idea tracker about that if i can't find that suggestion already and bump it
18:36<@_brian>if you go the stackscript route, you can call get_started from
18:37<bn_work>BTW, FWIW I really like Linode's documentation, it is very well written, concise and not overly verbose- which is great! VS say RedHat's lengthy manuals
18:37<bn_work>Thanks _brian!
18:37<@_brian>in some test deployments i was doing without having a real fqdn, i was using this to set up one temporarily: dnsdomainname -A | awk '{print$1}'
18:37<@_brian>np :)
18:38<@_brian>i'm gonna pass that feedback to our docs team too, they'll love to hear it
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21:34<yourname>geez i need to set a name
21:34<yourname>one sec
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22:19<@_brian>i have trouble thinking of good usernames too
22:42<@mcintosh>got 'eem
22:45<Ikaros>Bah, a nickname is a nickname
23:18<gparent>every host is localhost
23:18<Peng_>It's not just a nickname, it's a way to feel embarrassed all the time
23:32<@_brian>or at least every time you give out that old throwaway email address you came up with when you were 15
23:33<Unit193>I think I deleted my juno account.
23:33<Peng_>My ISP got sold or something and deleted my account.
23:33<Peng_>Long after I stopped using it, fortunately
23:45<Unit193>...OK, I'm surprised is still online.
23:47<chesty>it's not a big con, it's a hyper con
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