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01:35<virtual>!point chesty
01:35<linbot>virtual: Point given to chesty. (8)
01:35<virtual>bt late, but that was a good one :)
01:43<FluffyFoxeh>I'm too dumb to get it
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02:12<chesty>con in the context of hypercon is short for connection, but con is also short for confidence man, a scam artist, or just a scam
02:26<Unit193>Or, con can be short for 'convention', as in ComicCon or Pycon.
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02:30<Unit193>Hrm, yeah Pycon is a conference rather.
02:36<linbot>New news from community: Email confirmation on Linode? <>
03:16<linbot>New news from community: How do I disable cron jobs before startup? <>
04:46<linbot>New news from community: CoreDNS configured incorrectly in LKE beta? <>
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09:47<linbot>New news from community: Need to edit Managed monitor <>
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10:41<melicaster>Server down?
10:41<millisa>You'd be the first to say something here. Generally if a physical host is down, they put a ticket in your account for it.
10:42<melicaster>I cannot go into
10:43<melicaster>I getting time out.
10:43<melicaster>I get 504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time. from the log in page.
10:43<millisa>Does do the same?
10:43<millisa>(i got logged in ok)
10:44<melicaster>I am connecting from Malaysia.
10:44<dzho> <-- another source of status information, more broadly than at the physical host level though
10:44<melicaster> doesn't load. Just blank page.
10:44<@jyoo> was down for a few minutes just now, but it should be back up.
10:45<@jyoo>You may see some latency on the site while we're working on it, though.
10:45<melicaster>Okie... It is up now. What's go on?
10:45<dzho>jyoo: what would it take to get that mentioned in the log of events on the status site?
10:45*dzho really appreciates that sort of thing, in the spirit of "ok, it wasn't just me/my computer/my network"
10:48<melicaster>The hosting itself is not affected. Just the Manager and Linode website is down just now.
10:49<dzho>mission accomplished
10:50<@jyoo>dzho: We were in the process of putting up a status page when the site came back online :) There is a page there now showing its monitoring status.
10:52<@mcintosh>sorry... that was my fault
10:52<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues -, Cloud Manager, and Linode API <>
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11:26<dzho>jyoo mcintosh hey it's all good thanks!
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13:03<bn_work>dzho: not sure if this was mentioned already but you can also subscribe to status updates via email, at the top-right of there's a button. I got an email ~10:48AM EST (GMT-5) reporting connectivity issues were being monitored with Linode Manager & API + About an hour later a resolution notification email was sent.
13:08<bn_work>Unrelated question: mentions that "Linode restricts outbound connections on ports 25, 465, and 587 on all Linodes for new accounts created after November 5th, 2019". I think our account is older than that so I'm assuming it has been "grand-fathered" but does that mean if I created a new separate personal account, things like Fail2Ban would prevented from
13:08<bn_work>auto-reporting abuse if I got attacked?
13:08<dzho>bn_work: good point
13:08<bn_work>s/prevented/be prevented/
13:08<dzho>alas, melicaster quit before that came up
13:09<millisa>bn_work: if you create a new account, it would have the restrictions and you'd need to do the couple steps they list in that section to get it so you can send mail from it
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13:18<linbot>New news from blog: New Web Development & Database One-Click Apps <>
13:24<bn_work>millisa: what sort of restrictions? and does abuse reporting fall under CAN-SPAM? Our Linode servers recently got DBruteForce SSH attacked and Fail2Ban tried to whois every IP that attacked us for the report emails it sent us. Currently Fail2Ban is just configured for action_mwl which just does a whois, lists the log lines, and (e)mails us, but I noticed there was an option to automatically report abusers via action_xarf, would this be
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13:26<millisa>It would have outbound connections on 25/465/587 blocked until you put in the ticket on the new account and get that reverse/forward setup like they ask
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13:26<Guest17701>If I want to transfer my linode account to one person, and I don't want them getting my personal info, and I don't want to get their personal info either, is there an easy way? It's just a single server.
13:27<Andrey>Today noticed that the upload to s3(Object storage) has become much slower
13:27<millisa>Guest17701 / coh: if you put a ticket in from both accounts, the linode support folks can usually do a transfer. it'd have whatever info is on the server
13:28<bn_work>millisa: oh, you're saying "restrictions" in the sense of pre-authorization not post-authorization
13:28<Guest17701>Info on the server is fine, just didn't want to trade name/address/CC ... so the way to do it is to have them create their own account and then put it in for a transfer? Will the server have to go down to do the transfer, or can it stay up? Either works, just want to have an idea of what we're talking about.
13:29<Andrey>what uploaded in 1-2 seconds is now loaded 30-40 seconds linode status said all ok
13:30<millisa>Guest17701: there was a community question on it semi recently - it shouldn't transfer any account info like CC # and such
13:31<Guest17701>Ok, that answers all my questions except for one ... if I also wanted to transfer my balance to the new account, is that doable? I paid up for the year already, and not sure I'd have another use for that cash if it just stays in my account.
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14:26<LouWestin>Guest17701: I would submit a ticket to support for your question.
14:41<Guest17701>I did. Thanks for all your help.
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18:29<linbot>New news from community: File permissions with nginx and chrooted SFTP users <>
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18:36<bn_work>so any update on when the Linode cloud FW is due to be released? I think my boss is starting to consider other providers, ex: AWS :( I've worked with both but I really like Linode's approach in keeping things very simple. succinctly summarizes my own personal experience with both as well.
18:38<@pwoods>bn_work: We're still looking to get that out by the end of the year. Our team has been working on it.
18:39<bn_work>I know one could just setup a Linode to act as one which is probably what I'll do in the meantime but was just wondering.
18:39<bn_work>pwoods: thanks
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20:45<LouWestin>FW as in firewall?
20:48<LouWestin>Ok. does that mean we can eventually do away with iptables on our systems?
20:50<Peng_>Maybe. Or you can use both in case you misconfigure one. :D
20:52<LouWestin>Or in case Linode’s one goes down. lol
20:52<LouWestin>Well, actually that wouldn’t be funny
20:53<LouWestin>I’ve had that issue in the past where for whatever reason it was, the firewall wouldn’t come back up on reboots. Since that time I got a lot better.
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23:20<linbot>New news from community: File permissions with nginx and chrooted SFTP users <> || Need to edit Managed monitor <> || CoreDNS configured incorrectly in LKE beta? <> || How do I disable cron jobs before startup? <> || Email confirmation on Linode? <http
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23:41<@_brian> Stevie Awards are going on right now if anybody is interested. Linode just won Silver for Training Program of the Year
23:45<Ikaros>Drat, if I had the time to. Sucks I have to be up for work @ 5 AM tomorrow though. Congrats on that award though.
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