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01:05<Jones>I have a question I just cloned one of my Linodes but it says my file system on the clone is read-only. Was the clone corrupt?
01:09<chesty>have a look through sudo dmesg to see if there are any errors mounting /
01:10<chesty>also see if there's a guide on for cloning a linode if you haven't followed one. there might be a procedure you have to follow
01:16<Jones>restarted seemed to fix the issue
01:38<LouWestin>For some reason on my znc server, when I try to update my LE cert using the command cat /etc/letsencrypt/live/{privkey,cert,chain}.pem > znc.pem it doesn't seem to renew to be extending the renewal date
01:39<LouWestin>It expires on April 1st
01:42<Peng_>Did it work? Does znc have to be restarted or something?
01:43<LouWestin>I could try restarting znc, but I don't recall needing too
01:45<LouWestin>Although if I run certbot certonly to create a new cert, it's saying the current cert isn't close enough to expiring, so I'm wondering if I'm a little too soon
01:47<dwfreed>what's the expiration date in the live/domain/cert.pem ?
01:47<LouWestin>It was April 1st
01:49<dwfreed>yeah, so until certbot renews it, it's not going to change
01:49<dwfreed>it does 30 days, but it's 30 exact days, so you'll have to wait until the time has past
01:49<dwfreed>or just wait until tomorrow
01:50<LouWestin>I ended up creating a new stand alone one, then ran that command again, and moved it in the .znc directory. Now it's extended till May
01:51<LouWestin>31st to be exact
01:51<Peng_>Also, i think the limit is "less than 30 days",a nd you're using a cron job or whatever, so it'll usually renew at "29 and something" days
01:52<LouWestin>I know my web server auto renews and dwfreed mentioned way back about the renewal date being exact.
01:52<Peng_>What I mean is, people don't normally have Certbot scheduled to run 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds before their certificate expires. It'll probably happen to run a few hours later.
01:53<LouWestin>for the znc interface cert i've had to renew it manually. I should fix that though
01:56<LouWestin>Basically I followed this guide a while ago,
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02:40<nate>I've noticed my automated renewal runs the past few times also seem to be not generating new certs. I asked about it in the LE channel but didn't notice ever getting a reply
02:41<nate>ie; mine run every 60 days generally but it was still just fetching the previous-one, I had to edit the cron to include a --force switch
02:42<Zr40>you're not using certbot?
02:44<nate>nah, I moved off to ages back cause it had better DNS hook stuff, I forget what issue I ran into with certbot it wouldn't work right with my personal nameservers over nsupdate or something
02:46<Zr40>I use certbot with the linode api for the $work domains, and with custom hooks that edit a bind zone for my personal domains
03:03<nate>Acme's mostly nice for me since I just run it on the local master nameserver and do a local nsupdate stuff
03:03<nate>most I gotta do is a 15~ second wait for it to push out to the rest
03:21<LouWestin>For the znc server, I had to run a standalone cert rather than the automatic method that I have on my webserver. I think it was due to the non standard port plus not having Apache/Nginx installed
03:22<Zr40>it doesn't have to be a separate cert
03:23<Zr40>you can have znc use the one used by the webserver
03:24<LouWestin>That's what tried, but couldn't get it to "certify" the ZNC admin side
03:25<LouWestin>It's been a while now, so the exact details are fuzzy
03:26<Zr40>did you use a separate hostname for that, without a webserver on port 80?
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03:29<LouWestin>If I recall correctly, what I orginally did was setup znc using a domain name. Admin backend was accessed by "". 5000 being the port.
03:29<LouWestin>Which I had a standalone cert for that part
03:29<Zr40>that would be fine if you had something listening on port 80 that could serve the validation file
03:30<Zr40>without something on port 80 you could still do it, but you'd need some method of validation that doesn't rely on http. Such as dns-01
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03:31<LouWestin>Then I tried setting up apache and having certbot certify the whole thing, but there was some issue I ran into... crap can't remember now.
03:32<LouWestin>I could always try running a setup from stratch just to test it at least
03:33<LouWestin>Run a webserver with certbot up and running, then install znc
03:34<LouWestin>That should've worked, but...wish I could remember what the issue was
03:34<Zr40>remember that znc doesn't care where the cert came for, the cert doesn't care what port is being used (only the hostname), and letsencrypt doesn't care what protocol you use the cert with
03:34<Zr40>came from*
03:35<LouWestin>It was something with certbot
03:36<LouWestin>Of course it's entirely possible that I made a mistake somewhere.
03:38<LouWestin>I just wish I could remember what the exact issue/error was instead of giving a generic "It didn't work" response. lol
03:39<LouWestin>When I get time, I'll fireup a VM and go through the setup again.
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04:31<chesty>always document for future self. for in this case you could have added a comment in the znc config file how you generated the cert and why you did it that way (ie the usual way gave error ...) and the url of any tutorial you followed.
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05:03<virtual>chesty - good advice. One that I wish I would take up myself more often!
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05:20<chesty>I'm not perfect at following it but I am getting better. I started using um too. um is handy for quick notes, urls and commands used to do something
05:24<virtual>'um' - that's gonna be a good tool to search for :P
05:24<chesty>brew install um
05:26<virtual>this looks quite interesting..!
05:26<virtual>"So if you wanted to store your um pages in your dropbox folder" - gold.
05:37<chesty>I use unison to sync it everywhere but I reckon I might switch to git-annex
05:48<virtual>I was thinking of finally setting up 'syncthing'
05:48<virtual>I used to use it at work, but then stopped bothering with two desktops, so no need.
06:28<dubidub>Is there any difference in CPU power between the 1 GB and 2 GB plans?
06:40<Peng_>If there's contention, the 1 GB plan gets a smaller fair share of CPU.
06:40<Peng_>But on a good day there's no contention!
06:42<@pwoods>dubidub: each plan comes with 1 vCPU core. The main differences in the two plans are storage and transfer. More on that can be found here:
06:45<dubidub>Are the vCPU cores the same across all plans, only differing in the number of cores assigned?
06:47<dubidub>Across the Standard Plans and Nanode Plan.
06:47<@pwoods>dubidub: yes, as in some are on intel hosts, others on AMD hosts.
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07:07<howard>CM HERE??
07:08<howard>i need help
07:10<Peng_>Hello. What's a CM?
07:10<@pwoods>howard: what's up? I'm with Linode Support. Please remember that this is a public forum.
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07:12<howard>Can my host revert to the data 4 hours ago?
07:12<rsdehart>pwoods: ^^
07:13<nate>I imagine whether or not you had backups enabled on your account is gonna matter the most critical to that
07:13<howard>My database suddenly disappeared
07:14<nate>Well databases don't generally just suddenly disappear, you sure you didn't have a vulnerability in some software that allowed someone to DROP it? That would probably be my first recommendation to look at
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07:14<nate>(mind you I'm not staff, just noting secondary opinions)
07:15<howard> Who can I contact to resolve this issue
07:15<@pwoods>howard: we can look into this for you, but nate is correct in mentioning that we won't be able to do much if you don't have Backups enabled.
07:15<@pwoods>We don't keep copies of active Linodes.
07:16<@pwoods>If you have a Support ticket open, the Support team can take a look and might be able to make some suggestions.
07:17<@pwoods>howard: this Community post might be helpful:
07:17<howard>ok thanks
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07:32<dubidub>So, theoretically, if you have one CPU-intensive thread, upgrading doesn't matter, you have to split the work between threads?
07:37<Peng_>Yes and no. Depends on whether there's contention.
07:45<dubidub>But there's no way to know whether there will be contention or not.
07:46<@pwoods>dubidub: running "iostat 1 10" would give you a good idea of how the Linode is interacting with the host
07:46<Peng_>There's no way to predict the future, but you can see what's happening now and log the past.
07:47<@pwoods>We would also look into the host for you to help determine if the contention you're seeing is host related, or possibly internal to your Linode
07:51<@pwoods>dubidub: another thing to think about is internal steal, which comes from D state processes. These are usually only cleared with a reboot. This command would help identify any D state processes:
07:51<@pwoods>for x in `seq 1 1 30`; do ps -eo state,pid,cmd | grep "^D"; echo "-"; sleep 2; done
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10:09<Zajt>I wanna buy a VPS server on Linode, but I don't specify VPS when I sign up - it comes later?
10:09<Woet>no, it uses mind-reading technology to determine which plan you want.
10:10<@pwoods>Zajt: Yup. This guide will get you started:
10:11<Zajt>ty pwoods
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10:48<LouWestin>chesty: totally! I need to do that.
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13:22<ericoc>pwoods: you were around earlier, can i bug you about a ticket perhaps
13:22<@pwoods>ericoc: bug away
13:22<ericoc>pwoods: 13392455 my junk is wacked out and i need to do reboots for y'all, but i'm down to let you guys just have at it
13:23<ericoc>going back and forth in the ticket feels slow and like a distraction for both sides
13:38<@pwoods>ericoc: looking now
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14:38<@pwoods>ericoc: I just updated your ticket
14:38<ericoc>pwoods: if i just shut down, clone the linode, and enable backups on the new one, am i good
14:40<ericoc>(besides having y'all re-route my /64)
14:57<@pwoods>ericoc: I'm looking into whether a clone would work for you, as I'm not totally confident it will.
14:57<ericoc>i did clone that linode and the clone boots
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14:58<ericoc>(also are /64 routed blocks not listed on
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15:24<LouWestin>!point pwoods
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15:28<@bbigger>ericoc an IPv6 /64 block should be listed under your Linode's Networking tab with the type "Range"
16:15<dubidub>Is there a typo here? "$44.91 for 500TB"
16:23<nuevu>I think a typo is the only way that comparison would make sense.
16:26<@mcintosh>yes something seems incorrect there - i made a note about that
16:26<@mcintosh>ty for pointing it out
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17:08<@dmonschein>Come get your free storage!
17:09<@dmonschein>And then tell me/us how you like it :)
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17:23<LouWestin>dmonschein free storage?
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17:27<nuevu>LouWestin: I think that's a reference to
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17:53<LouWestin>ah thanks nuevu
18:19<Peng_>ericoc: From what I've seen, /64s and /56es routed to SLAAC IPs are lsited, but /64s and /56es routed to /116 IPs are missing.
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18:55<ericoc>Peng_: that's what it is. it's routed to an address in my /116
18:55<ericoc>!point Peng_
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18:55<ericoc>!point Peng
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20:34<kharlan>welp. I haven't been autokicked after idling for a few weeks. ty linode.
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21:07<chesty>I think mcintosh got bored maintaining irc so he moved on to maintaining the api.
21:07<chesty>that wasn't meant to be harsh, I'm fully joking
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21:52<LouWestin>kharlan: you’ve been on since January 24th
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21:57*mcintosh is deeply offended
21:59<kharlan>LouWestin: haven't checked irc since then :(
22:01*LouWestin pleads with everyone not to offend the king
22:01<LouWestin>kharlan: well we’re glad your back
22:02<dwfreed>/cs sudo clear #linode users
22:03<LouWestin>Don’t piss off the prince either ^^
22:03*dwfreed laughs maniacally
22:03<dwfreed>LouWestin: s/prince/god/
22:03<LouWestin>Maybe the title the warden is better suited
22:03<@mcintosh>!boo dwfreed
22:03<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from dwfreed! (100)
22:04<dwfreed>!boo mcintosh
22:04<linbot>dwfreed: Point taken from mcintosh! (30)
22:04<koenig>One time ca. 1993 when I was working at an ISP and was on the main Unix server as root, I *meant* to type `kill -9 %1`.
22:04<dwfreed>and you forgot the %?
22:04<koenig>(But of course typed `kill -9 1`.)
22:04<koenig>And immediately saw the entire bank of modems go dark.
22:05<koenig>Oops. You make mistakes. Kill init, or clear the channel. It happens. :)
22:05<dwfreed>/os akill add *@*
23:12<LouWestin>Dwfreed Warden Freed
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