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02:07<linbot>New news from community: Any ruby tool to upload linode objects? <>
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08:39<linbot>New news from community: Load Balancer: Only 1 out of 3 node is Running (UP) <>
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09:11<luthfianafiesah>Hi.. I can't login to my account
09:12<luthfianafiesah>I send email, no reply
09:12<luthfianafiesah>forgot pass, no email, forgot username, no email
09:12<luthfianafiesah>please help
09:12<@pwoods>luthfianafiesah: when you say you sent email, was it a password reset, or something to
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09:14<luthfianafiesah>sry, disconnected and my battery was down
09:14<luthfianafiesah>is there anything i missed?
09:15<@pwoods>luthfianafiesah: no, I'll follow up in a private message
09:16<luthfianafiesah>where i can check private msg in this website?
09:17<@pwoods>luthfianafiesah: I just sent you a PM. I'm not sure what client you're using to access this channel.
09:17<@pwoods>Ahh, I see you found it
09:35<Xion>Looks like OFTC's webchat thing, whatever that happens to actually be
09:36<Xion>qwebirc for those interested
09:38<@pwoods>Xion: thanks for looking into that and letting others know. luthfianafiesah was able to locate the private message I sent them.
09:47<luthfianafiesah>Nice, linode has deleted my account, without any email or suspension of my vps first, can you reply my question on private chat / email @pwoods, this is a serious problem and can goes to the cour
09:50<luthfianafiesah>The last email was sent to me, It said update your payment info before 7 MARCH 2020, and this is 3 MARCH, I want to update my billing info, Can't login to my account, And then I ask for help, then now I know why I can't receive forgot pass email, because you delete my account, this is not cool linode
09:51<@pwoods>luthfianafiesah: I followed up with you in our private message
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10:10<cruxeternus>Session closed.
10:11<@pwoods>my IRC client is bugging right now. :/
10:11<@pwoods>ok, back.
10:11<@pwoods>lesson learned: don't ⌘+r in the wrong window.
10:12<rsdehart>no worries, my keyboard doesn't even have a ⌘
10:13<@pwoods>the way I use it, one of the two on my keyboard is about to vanish.
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10:51<LouWestin>That’s a MAC key right pwoods?
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10:57<rsdehart>no, but it is a Mac key ;)
10:58<cooking_gumdrop>Hello I am looking to use the linode Object Storage I got emailed about. I've created my bucket and access keys. I see you can access the bucket through a cli and other methods but what I'm looking for is an sdk to access my bucket inside a program. Specifically a nodejs sdk but if anyone can point me to one for a different langauge it would still be very helpful. thank you for any information on this
11:00<cooking_gumdrop>nevermind framing the question in this way was all I needed to find that you can use aws's own s3 sdk to access linode
11:00<cooking_gumdrop>here it is for anyone else
11:00<@jyoo>cooking_gumdrop Was just about to say that :) Thanks for dropping the link in here!
11:02<cooking_gumdrop>your welcome jyoo although as I read through it there does seem some hiccups, luckily I don't need to create a bucket, only access one.
11:03<LouWestin>Oh yeah, I forgot it was it called. Lol Thanks for the reminder rsdehart!
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11:56<dzho>rubber duck debugging ftw
11:58<v0lksman>cloud manager is barfing errors all over the place
11:59<@pwoods>v0lksman: I think I see the same thing
11:59<v0lksman>just random stuff...can't list the nodes...won't power on a node...reload or wait a few seconds and it works...annoying
12:01<@pwoods>yeah, I'm seeing intermitten error messages that generally clear after refreshing the page.
12:01<@pwoods>That's annoying.
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12:16<@pwoods>v0lksman: just to follow up: this has been escalated and looked into. Thanks for letting us know.
12:16<v0lksman>pwoods: np! thanks for the confirmation!
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12:21<v0lksman>a client signed up for a new account and added me as a there a way to stop the drip campaign that is sent to new users?
12:27<millisa>Something up with the cloud manager? Getting 'error retrieving your buckets' on the object storage page, An unexpected error occurred on the NodeBalancers page, and my darkmode/compact settings dont seem to be sticking around
12:27<@pwoods>millisa: yes, and it's being looked into
12:28<millisa>'Account' appears to be missing on the navbar too. I think it was there at least down near Get Help
12:29<@pwoods>millisa: yeah, I'm seeing that not appear sometimes, but it's present after reloading the page
12:29<millisa>so it is
12:30<linbot>New news from community: How do I create a public link for a file in Object Storage? <>
12:37<@pwoods>v0lksman: I'm looking into that for you, though they should be limited to just a few emails within the first couple of days
13:00<@pwoods>v0lksman or millisa: are either of you seeing those loading errors anymore?
13:04<v0lksman>not playing in the dash atm but it seems more responsive for sure
13:13<@pwoods>v0lksman: thanks.
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13:20<linbot>New news from community: Public key login locked out - linode emergency access <>
13:20<millisalib>pwoods: not seeing the cloud manager issues. still seeing some api weirdness
13:22<@pwoods>gotcha, thanks millisalib
13:23<@mcintosh>millisalib: what kind of weirdness?
13:24<millisalib>(offsite, so am a little slow). some of my checks for backup status and whether there's any maintenance are failing
13:24<millisalib>started ~80 mins ago?
13:26<@mcintosh>gotcha - ty!
13:32<millisalib>api issue appears to be recovered (was still trying to get to something that'd show the issue but I'm guessing you found it)
13:50<linbot>New news from community: Object Storage upload problem <>
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14:50<linbot>New news from community: How do I move s3 buckets to another region? <>
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18:45<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance <>
20:06<millisa>Probably of interest to a few folks here:
20:09<millisa>More info, how to identify if you are affected -
20:10<nate>Are they actually making people re-issue though?
20:10<millisa>sounds like they are revoking certs that are impacted
20:14<millisa>other info (has a Q about when they'll start the revokes -
20:19<nuevu>Had some fun with that combined with the whole NS stuff. Thankfully, my affected certificates eventually sorted themselves out.
20:21<linbot>New news from community: How Do I Search By Keyword To See Which File It's Located In? <>
20:31<linbot>New news from community: Turn on linode in the at night. <>
20:35<Ikaros>I ran a check earlier. My personal domain's wildcard cert: Not affected. The certs over on the IRC network I help administer (as used by the IRCd itself): Not affected. Aforementioned network's website certs (which use EC certs, thus separate): Not affected.
20:36<LouWestin>Yeah I read that they had to revoke some certs
20:41<Ikaros>Based on the data they gave I already knew I wouldn't have to check any of those as I operate them outside of the specific timeframes that would have been necessary to trigger the bug.
20:41<Ikaros>But it still never hurts to double-check
20:42<LouWestin>I checked my domain and it was good
20:42<LouWestin>Totally best to check then be surprised
20:43<millisa>i've found a couple domains in that big txt file they had for download, but so far none of the live serials match the ones listed there.
20:44<Ikaros>Better to check against the serials imo
20:44<Ikaros>Since those are directly impacted
21:45<LouWestin>My younger daughter might become a future Linode customer. She showed an interest in my server when I was doing some stuff in the cmd
22:05<FluffyFoxeh>KindOne: it's Super Tuesday. get your chicken nuggets ready
22:12*Ikaros pauses mid-bite and looks at the plate of chicken nuggets he is currently eating...
22:32*millisa also had chicken nuggets today...
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22:37<@mcintosh>chicky nuggies
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22:37<@jdutton>@mcintosh: when are we going?
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